Fairchild C-119F "Boxcar"

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Fairchild C-119 "Packet"
TIME article: "More Trouble for K-F"
The Legend of Dead Dugan (by Ed Dugan)
Roger Wyckoff shares photos & memories of the C-119
mystery C-119 in Asmara, Eritrea
mystery C-119 in New Mexico
C-119G 53-3221, crashed at Athens
C-119 tail 'N1' at Greybull 1997
Background info on the C-119 - PAGE ONE
Background info on the C-119 - PAGE TWO
Background info on the C-119 - PAGE THREE
Background info on the C-119 - PAGE FOUR
Kaiser-Frazer C-119's
My C-119 photos at Greybull,WY in 1994
Ralph Pettersen at Greybull in 2003
Photos at Greybull by Fred de Ruiter, 1983
A C-119 mystery at Battle Mountain,NV
C-119s at Ft.Campbell,KY
RoCAF C-119 3173 in Taiwan, another mystery
Fairchild C-119F 'Boxcar' N3267U
C-119 in use by Royal Norwegian Air Force

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