China Aeronautical Museum, Datangshan
General remarks and observations

Remko van de Bunt wrote in July 2006 (translated)- I have added the photos to my website; few changes, except for some planes being moved (again). Also some buildings have been added.
A new addition may be the Italian Starfighter (code 4-1), which has been placed up front inside the mountain.
Very warm and humid, vague background music and a lonely tourist wandering around...

In August I received an email from Sergei Butcher, who was wondering what strange plane at Datangshan this was!

I did not have a clue about this plane, but Sergei researched further and provided the following information-
"This is a non-flying breadboard model F-84, made from CJ-6!
What exactly visibly altered is: a nose and + top of the fuselage behind the cockpit (which has been changed from 2-seat to single). It is also visible that the back part of a lantern of a cabin too consists of details from CJ-6 and from again made details. And pay attention to the form of the nose, which is almost a cone, that is geometry-wise simple, any double curvature, as on present F-84. Also the new nose is put to an old fuselage on an inclined line and is a typical decision of Design office Yakovlev. And it not an aviation design, there is not enough rivet of seams. By the real machine of frames and stringers should be more."
"First photo I took from,
and here are a few more (previously published on :

The substantiation is taken from competent people from a Russian forum; this topic :
I am assured, that nobody will object. You can refer to me and use these materials and a photo.
Thanks Sergei!


In Dec.2013 a discussion on Classic-Propliners (Yahoo) forum was held regarding the help for identification of the DC-3 versus the Lisunov Li-2. I copied below information by Aad van der Voet, propliner authority and webmaster of

"The lefthand door with the straight top is the Li-2T cargo door. There is often a pax door in the right half of the freight door, but not always. See here:,1992663

Many Li-2s have doors on both sides, but the Li-2P only has one pax door, on the right side:,0584828

The Li-2 has two extra cockpit windows, one on the left side above the door and one on the right side, placed a bit further aft than the left window, like here:,1998417,2306226

The TS-62 and TS-82 (Douglas-built DC-3s with Soviet engines) had ONE extra cockpit window cut in (on the left side only), like here:,2363273,2361778 "

For general information on the Lisunov L1-2 I refer to Wikipedia


Someone (anonymous by request) wrote me in Nov.2015:
"Well, I managed to solve one mystery - the true identity of the CH-47 Chinook in the tunnel.
The ID of this aircraft had been 'troubling me' since my previous visit; so this time I stepped over the rope to take a quick picture inside the cockpit - hoping to catch the Radio Call data plate!
The general internet opinion of the identity is 66-19004 (probably because there is a faded code on the nose of 'KQ.004'), but the attached picture clearly shows the true identity to be 66-19003), which is c/n B-261."

True identity of Chinook at Datangshan
The visit when this photo was taken dates from Nov.2015.


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