Log Reports from China Aviation Museum

Help solve the mysteries of (previous) identities and construction numbers

Ronald Stevelink's observations are marked as -08Jul04- and his list can be checked at: Ronald's report in a .pdf format.
John Chapman sent me his list in 2004 and this has been integrated in the list below, look for -1996-.
I also received a report for Dec.2003.
Initially I started this list in 3 parts, indicating location inside the museum, but I removed those remarks as the other reports mentioned other locations.

I have also provided links to external sources, for some visual and basic data reference on most of the non-Western produced types. Please email me if/when these links fail.

Heinz Rentmeister sent me these 2 aerial views (dated 04Dec04) of the museum, click on the thumbnails to view the larger images:

TypeReg.C/nRemarks / codesObserved
Curtiss C-46A Commando36044-no m/s 2002Nov91, 1996, Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04 (no serial, full PLAAF c/s)
transferred to Xiedao museum, more downtown (update 2019)
Curtiss C-46A Commando(36045?)-no m/s 2002Nov91, 1996, Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04 (no serial, full PLAAF c/s)
Curtiss C-46A Commando(36047?)-no m/s 2002Nov91, 1996, Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04 (no serial, full PLAAF c/s)
Douglas C-47(B) (TS-62)XT-115-- 1996 - referred to as a Li-2!, Aug02, Dec03 - grey with white cheatline, 08Jul04 SEE BELOW INFO ON C-47 / LI-2...
Douglas C-47B (TS-62)476618439903 ?-

Nov91, 1996, Feb02,Dec03 - olive green, 08Jul04

Lisunov Li-2 (Cab)
Type details
31118439703CNAC c/s on one side Nov91, 1996, Chinese Aircraft Register 1949-1999 (Ballantine/Tang) lists as cn18433707, Feb02,Dec03 - white/grey, 08Jul04,
Lisunov Li-2301818439903-Oct93,Feb02
1996, "3018" recorded by Ballantine/Tang as 118433903
Lisunov Li-2 (Cab)3029 --Sep92,1996, Feb02, Dec03 - olive green, Dec03,08Jul04
Lisunov Li-2 (Cab)4227--1996 - fuselage stored next to Tu-4 in row near C-46s, natural metal lower fuselage, white upper, no m/s. Dec03,08Jul04
Lisunov Li-2 (Cab)507018440106
-1996, "5070" recorded as 18440106 by Ballantine/Tang, Dec03,08Jul04
Lisunov Li-2 (Cab)820518439709"15" "CKOTA"1996, "8205" recorded as 18439709 by Ballantine/Tang,Dec03,08Jul04
Lisunov Li-2ZX-122
-Taiwan c/s, false marks1996 - 3049 by B&T recorded as 18440204
Convair 240XT-610131-Aug02,1996,Dec03, ex CUA?,08Jul04
Vickers Viscount 84350258453-Nov91, 1996, Feb02, Dec03 - CAAC, 08Jul04
Antonov An-12 (Cub)11518345308-Oct98, Feb02,Dec03 - CAAC,08Jul04
Antonov An-12 (Cub)
Type detail
B-10597345307-Dec03, 08Jul04
An-24 (Coke) / Xi'an Y-7
Type detail
5095467302201 ?-Nov91,1996, Feb02,Dec03,08Jul04
no Xian Y-7s there - they are An-24s: the Y-7s have winglets.
An-24 (Coke) / Xi'an Y-707104
cn17307104eqpd with cameras for bomber
pilot training
1996 - no reg, fits description, has faded 50954 on tail
May99, Feb02,Dec03 - marked '07104', training cameras,08Jul04 (b4 known as 71291)
Ilyushin Il-12 (Coach)<
Type details
351402505-Nov91, 1996, Feb02,Dec03
Ilyushin Il-12 (Coach)35141--1996,Dec03,08Jul04
Ilyushin Il-12 (Coach) 35240
-unpainted in May99, had been marked as 35046 by Feb02Nov91, 1996, May99, Feb02, Dec03 - marked as '35046', white/grey, 08Jul04 (35240, 35046 is different airframe)
Ilyushin Il-1235046--see above "35240",08Jul04
Ilyushin Il-14P (Crate)
Type details
4202c/n 6341010 (not an Avia 14)Nov93, 1996, Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04
Ilyushin Il-18 (Coot)
Type details
8345308-1996: B-224 Il-18D 184007805 CAAC; according to Ballantine & Tang, B-208 (c/n 185008701) was broken up (as B-208 and not just 208) at Xian in early 1989. I think it likely t4 that this 3rd Il-18 is really B-224 and not '208',
Aug02, Dec03 - CAAC,08Jul04
Ilyushin Il-18D (Coot)B-226187009902-1996, Aug02, Dec03 - CUA, 08Jul04 (Il-18D)
Ilyushin Il-18 (Coot) 232 -- Dec03, PLAAF. This 4th IL-18 is definitely suspect as B-232 (183006205) was ex YR-IME and returned to Tarom as YR-IME in 1988 (see Soviet Transports, Hillman, Jessup & Ottenhof: TAHS 1996)
Ilyushin Il-18V (Coot)B-23050851
-Jun94, 1996, Feb02, Dec03 - CAAC, Mao's personal plane?
Tupolev Tu-4 (AEW)/B-29
Type details
4114/2806501c/n 2806501-Nov91, 1996, Feb02, Dec03
Tupolev Tu-4/B-294134/225008c/n 225008-Nov91, 1996, Feb02, Dec03
Beriev Be-6P (Madge)
Type details
98706-In scaffolding for restoration<May99, Feb02, Dec03 (floatplane - 1 of 4 supplied by Russia), 08Jul04 (Be-6P)
Ilyushin Il-62 (Classic)
Type details
B-202411101CAAC1996, Dec03
Tupolev Tu-124 (Cookpot)
Type details
50256c/n 5351808-Jan90, 1996, Feb02, Dec03 - PLAAF/CUA,08Jul04
Tupolev Tu-124 (Cookpot)50257c/n 5351809
c/n 5351809
-1996,Mar97, Feb02, Dec03 - PLAAF, 08Jul04
HS 121-2E Trident B-2213 ?
2173?F-0157 in n/w1996: B-2213 ?, Dec03, 08Jul04 (no m/s)
HS 121-2E Trident500552188-Oct97, Feb02,Dec03,08Jul04<>
DC-8-21N220RB45280/4OrbisDec03 - flying eye hospital, 08Jul04

Following is some nov.2012 information on 'XT-115' (and 476650) as published on DC-3 and Classic-Propliners forum (Yahoo) by propliner authority Aad van der Voet:
" XT-115 is a C-47, almost certainly a C-47B. But one that was converted by the Soviets post-war.

When the stock of US-supplied Pratt & Whitney engines ran out after the war, the Soviets started to re-engine their C-47Bs with their own ASh-62IR engines. While at it, they made a few other changes to the airframe as well.
A C-47B so converted was named a TS-62...

Apart from the Soviet engines, the most distinctive feature of a TS-62 is the small extra cockpit window which a regular C-47 doesn't have. A Li-2 also has this extra window, but on both sides of the cockpit.
The TS-62 has it on the left side only, and this is the case with XT-115.

There is another TS-62 in the China Aviation Museum (aka Datangshan Museum), and that is the one currently marked as USAAF "476650" (previously marked as China AF "4766", "476", "97042" and "117").
In 2009 or 2010 this aircraft was painted in USAAF markings as "476650", to represent the C-47B which flew Chairman Mao to the Chongqing negotiations on 28-Aug-1945.

Here's a link to all Airliners.net photos of both aircraft:

No identity (c/n or msn) is known for either aircraft.
Aad van der Voet

Mikoyan MiG-15 (Fagot A)
Type details
03-N.Korean c/sNov91, Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04
Mikoyan MiG-15 (Fagot A) 08-N.Korean c/sNov91, Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04
Mikoyan MiG-15 (Fagot A) 25-N.Korean c/sNov91, Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04
Mikoyan MiG 15 (Fagot A) 32-N Korean c/sNov91, Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04
Mikoyan MiG-15 (Fagot A) 35 - N.Korean c/sDec03, 08Jul04
Mikoyan MiG-15 (Fagot A)
Shenyang F-5 (MiG-17)
0881--Nov91, 1996, Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04
Mikoyan MiG-15 (Fagot A) 40685269marked 8064 on right side (Same) 1996 - as Shenyang J-2 , Mar97, May99 Dec03, 08Jul04
Mikoyan MiG-15 (Fagot A) 4169-lizard c/s
green camo
Nov91, 1996 - as Shenyang J-2 , Feb02, Dec03 - lizard c/s, 08Jul04
Mikoyan MiG-15UTI Fagot A 63638c/n 10991703 marked 83636 on right sideNov91, 1996 - '83636' , Feb02, Dec03 - as 63638? serial partly obscured (MiG-15)
Mikoyan MiG-15
MiG-15bis (Fagot B)
"2249" - N.Korean c/s 1996 - type: ET-5 , Dec03 - MiG-15bis as ?98? 'marked 2249' no mention N.Korean c/s, 08Jul04
Mikoyan MiG-15bis (Fagot B) 63862--Nov91,Feb02
08Jul04 (MiG-15UTI)
1996 - photo shows single seater: Shenyang J-2? Dec03
Mikoyan MiG-15bis (Fagot B) 6273--Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03 - as blue camo and also blue/cream c/s 08Jul04
Shenyang F-2 (MiG-15) 6717 560108 - 1996
MiG-15UTI (Midget) 63 712170 - Dec03, inside cave. 08Jul04 (inside cave; psbly "83636" ?)
MiG-15UTI (Midget) 1991--Nov91, Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04
MiG 15UTI (Midget) 2348--Nov91, Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04
MiG 15UTI (Midget) 42741722561 -Dec03 - 42741, 08Jul04 (MiG-15UTI; =4274?)
MiG 15 4274c/n 722561-Jun94, Feb02,
Is this "42741"?
MiG-15UTI 7274 -- 1996. Is this cn722561 ??
MiG-15UTI (Midget) 63138c/n 3213-Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04
MiG-15UTI (Midget) 63364--Dec03, droptanks. 08Jul04
MiG-15UTI (Midget) 63635--Nov91, 1996 , May99, Dec03, 08Jul04
MiG-15UTI (Midget) 63833c/n 722645-May99, 1996, Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04
MiG-15UTI (Midget) 84681--Dec03, 08Jul04
J-5 Mikoyan MiG-17F (Fresco C) 2074 1507 - 1996 , Dec03, 08Jul04
J-5 Mikoyan MiG-17F (Fresco C) 2579 -- 1996 , Dec03, 08Jul04
Mikoyan MiG-17F (Fresco C)
Type details
3839--Nov91, Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04 (J-5)
Mikoyan MiG-17F (Fresco C) 6691--Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04 (J-5)
Shenyang F-5 (MiG-17)
J-5 (MiG-17F Fresco C)
0101--Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03
Shenyang F-5 J-5 (MiG-17F Fresco C)
1488--Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04 (J-5)
Shenyang F-5 J-5 MiG-17PF Fresco D 2424--Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03 - upper nose radome (yellow), 08Jul04 (J-5)
Shenyang F-5 J-5 (MiG-17F Fresco C) 3637c/n 2231 6827? -Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03, cn 2231 08Jul04 (J-5)
Shenyang F-5 J-5 (MiG-17F Fresco C) 8679c/n 58237 -Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04 (J-5)
Shenyang F-5 J-5 (MiG-17F Fresco C) 31481c/n 5706was marked 148?Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04 (J-5)
Shenyang F-5 J-5 (MiG-17F Fresco C) 31482c/n 5735top of hillNov91, 1996 , May99, Dec03 08Jul04 (J-5)
Shenyang F-5 J-5 (MiG-17F Fresco C) 31487--Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04 (J-5)
Shenyang F-5 J-5 (MiG-17F Fresco C) 31489--Nov91, May99, Dec03, 08Jul04 (J-5)
Shenyang F-5 J-5 (MiG-17F Fresco C) 31580c/n 5821-Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04 (J-5)
Shenyang F-5 J-5 (MiG-17F Fresco C) 31581c/n 5738-Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04
Shenyang F-5 (MiG-17)31582-in compound derelictNov91, Feb02
Shenyang F-5 J-5 (MiG-17F Fresco C) 31583c/n 5846-Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04 (J-5)
Shenyang F-5 J-5 (MiG-17F Fresco C) 31584c/n 5753-Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04 (J-5)
Shenyang F-5 J-5 (MiG-17F Fresco C) 31681c/n 5835- Nov91, 1996 , May99, Dec03, 08Jul04 (J-5)
Shenyang F-5 J-5 (MiG-17F Fresco C) 31682c/n 5734-Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04 (J-5)
Shenyang F-5 J-5 (MiG-17F Fresco C) 31685c/n 5713-Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04 (J-5)
Shenyang F-5 J-5 (MiG-17F Fresco C) 51230--Nov91, 1996 , Jan00, Dec03, 08Jul04 (J-5)
Shenyang F-5 3831 -- 1996
Shenyang F-5 3837 -- 1996
Shenyang F-5 13288 -- 1996
Shenyang ET-5 (MiG-17U) 63629 -- 1996
Shenyang FT-5 Chengdu JJ-5 (MiG-17U Fresco)
Type details JJ-5
507--Nov91, 1996 - type ET-5 , Jan00, Dec03 - "August 1st" Aerobatic Team m/s, 08Jul04 (JJ-5)
Shenyang FT-5 Chengdu JJ-5 (MiG-17U Fresco) 2216c/n 0216-Nov91, 1996 - '63' , Feb02, Dec03
Dong Feng 102 (MiG-19S )5619c/n 0307- Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03 - prototype design - unsuccessful, 08Jul04 (as J-6A)
Shenyang FT-6 (MiG-19U)
Shenyang/Tuanjin JJ-6 ('MiG-19U Farmer')
41483c/n 8008-Jun94, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04 (JJ-6)
MiG 15 56002--
08Jul04 (J-5). See below.
Shenyang/Tuanjin JJ-6 ('MiG-19U Farmer')
Type details MiG-19
56002 7810-Dec03, c/n 7810 ? rare.
J-6II- 0004 -08Jul04
J-6III Shenyang J-6 (MiG-19SF Farmer C) 0201 0201 - 1996, Dec03 as cn0201 (3 cannon), 08Jul04
Shenyang F-6 J-6 (MiG-19SF Farmer C) 9214--Mar97, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04 (J-6)
Shenyang F-6A J-6A (MiG-19PF Farmer D) 0001c/n 0001-Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03 - camouflaged 08Jul04 (J-6I)
Shenyang F-6B J-6B (MiG-19PM Farmer E) 14121c/n 650640-Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03 - no cannon, all-weather radar, 08Jul04 (J-6 IV)
J-6I (MiG-19SF Farmer C) 2207
0101 - 1996 , Dec03, 08Jul04
Shenyang F-6I (MiG-19PM) J-6II (MiG-19PM Farmer E) 40403--Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03 - blue/brown camo c/s, 08Jul04 (J-6II)
Shenyang F-6II J-6II (MiG-19PM Farmer E) 40404c/n 0035-Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03 - cn0035, Tiger c/s, pointed radome. 08Jul04 (J-6 II)
Shenyang F-6III (MiG-19PM Farmer E )11323--Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03 - 3 cannon, pointed radome 08Jul04 (J-6 III)
Shenyang F-6B J-6IV (MiG-19PM Farmer E) 20158c/n 6-4702-Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03 - bullet radome, large upper intake. 08Jul04 (as J-6 IV)
Shenyang J-6B JZ-6 (MiG-19R Farmer 513125905 -Dec03 - cn5905, 08Jul04
Shenyang F-6 (MiG-19PF) 20708 5614 - 1996
Chengdu J-7 (MiG-21F)
Type details
70162-Flight Test & Training Centre Mar97, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03 (J-7I), 08Jul04 (J-7I)
Chengdu J-7 (MiG-21F)3487c/n 70004Special Missile Testing Unit Nov91, 1996 , Feb02
Dec03 (J-7I), 08Jul04 (J-7I)
Chengdu J-7 (MiG-21F)11447c/n 714619-Nov91, 1996 , Feb02
Dec03, 08Jul04 (J-7)
Chengdu J-7 (MiG-21F) 11244 -- 1996
Chengdu J-7 (MiG-21F) 89119 -- 1996
Chengdu J-7 (MiG-21F)98071--Oct98, Feb02, Dec03 - seems fake reg., 08Jul04
Chengdu J-7II (MiG-21PF) 1228470705 -Dec03 (Fishbed E/J), 08Jul04 (J-71)
Chengdu J-7II (MiG-21PF) 1238170703 -Dec03 (Fishbed E/J), 08Jul04 (J-71)
Shenyang J-8 J-8 (Finback A) Type details 20255J8-0203
- Dec03, 08Jul04, got wings from 20852
Shenyang J-8A (Finback A) 72061c/n 8061 or J8-5001
-Nov91, 1996, Feb02, Dec03 - Flight Test & Traning Centre, 08Jul04
Shenyang F8-II J-8II (Finback B) 00010102 cn J-8II-0102 -Dec03, 08Jul04 (J-8B, cn8-0102)
Shenyang J-8A20852 J8-0203 -08Jul04 (no wings, in yard)
Nanchang J-12
Type details
01 - -Dec03 - Chinese 1970s design - 9 built, pylon mounted 08Jul04
Nanchang F-12
Nanchang J-12
02 --Jun94,Feb02
1996 - 2x F-12s, marked 01 + 02. Dec03 - see previous, Chinese 1970s design - 9 built
Nanchang A-5 Q-5 (Fantan)
Type details
10262--Nov91, 1996 as 10269 , Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04 (Q-5A)
Nanchang A-5 Q-5 (Fantan) 10769c/n Q5-015-Nov91, 1996 as 05-015 , Feb02, Dec03 - cn Q5-015, 08Jul04
Nanchang A-5A Q-5A (Fantan) 11264--Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04 (Q-5A)
Nanchang Q-5B Q-5 (Fantan) 31124732006 -Nov91, May99, Dec03 - cn 732006, 08Jul04
Nanchang A-5A Q-5A (Fantan) 0664 (0064) 0064--Nov91, 1996 - type A-5 , Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04 (Q-5A)
Nanchang A-5 12306 -- 1996
Harbin H-5
Type details
10198c/n H501305-Nov91, 1996 , Feb02 , Dec03
Harbin HJ-5/Il-28U 10692c/n 87211"BT-5"Nov91, 1996 - Harbin BT-5 , Feb02
Dec03 , 08Jul04
Harbin HR-544690c/n H502608 Camo, recce 'RB-5' Nov91, 1996 - Harbin BR-5 , Feb02
Dec03 - HZ-5/Il-28R , 08Jul04
Harbin H-5 (Il-28)1126454120-Jun94, Feb02
1996 - recorded as "05-015", 11264 is not correct?
Dec03 - (11264) cn54120 , 08Jul04 (no reg)
Xi'an H-6 (Tu-16A Badger A)
Type details
052408 "10794"Dec03 - 10794,
08Jul04 (H-6A)

Canard type---Dec03 - Chinese designed and built canard type light plane
Feng Ru-2 ---Replica, Dec03 - replica, similar to Wright flyer.,
Dashatou Rosamonde 1 ---Replica (of 1923), Dec03, biplane.
Nanchuan C-01010101- '0101' 1996 , Jan00, Dec03 - replica, 08Jul04
Vought 65-C1 "Lenin"---Nov91, Jan00 - replica, Dec03 - replica, biplane.
Polikarpov I-16 Ishak Type details 5806
-'5806' Jun94, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03 - replica
Polikarpov Po-2 (Mule)
Type details
---Nov91, Feb02, Dec03,
Curtiss Hawk III--code 'IV-I' Dec03 - replica
Curtiss P-40E Warhawk --code '77' Dec03
Kawasaki Ki-48
Type details
308--Jun94, 1996 - no reg, Feb02 , Dec03
Tachikawa Ki-36
Type details
102-Japanese m/s 1996 - no m/s , Jan00,Feb02
Dec03 - Japanese c/s , 08Jul04
MiG-9 (Fargo)
Type details
30--Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03 - copy of a German WW2 design, 08Jul04
N.Am. T-28B Trojan 138149-"VT-6"/"216/E" USN c/sNov91, Feb02, Dec03
Nanchang CJ-5 (Yak-18 MAX A )
Type details
7610--Nov91, 1996 , May99, Dec03 - no reg. white c/s.
Nanchang CJ-6 Yak-18A Max A
Type details
3535 -Dec03 - olive green, like a Yak-18A: similar design.
Yakovlev Yak-18 (Max A) 40--Nov91, 1996, Feb02, Dec03
Nanchang CJ-6 (Yak-18A Max A) 102-02 Nov91, Jan00, Feb02, Dec03
Nanchang CJ-5 (Yak-18)---May99,Feb02
1996: 01+02+03+04+05 all Aerobatic team scheme
Yak Nanchang CJ-5 (Yak-18)--- 1996: 1 unmarked
Nanchang CJ-6 'Yak-18A Max A' 67651--Dec03
Yakovlev Yak-17UTI (Magnet)
12--First Soviet jet trainer, Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03, early jet fighter.
Shenyang JJ-10101-- Nov91, Oct97, Dec03 - prototype light jet trainer 1958, labelled 'FT-1', 08Jul04, same as below.
Shenyang FT-10101-- 1996 - type: TF-5 , 98, Feb02 same as above.
Aero L-29 Delfin (Maya)
Type details
(102) -all white c/sNov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03 - 2 L-29 airframes: (102) white c/s ( and see 103 below)
Aero L-29 Delfin (Maya) 103 03 c/n 792639 -Dec03, 08Jul04
Canadair CL-13B-6 Sabre (F-86)
N.A. F-86
1783S6-1783 Pakistan AF 1996 , Jun94, Feb02, Dec03, >08Jul04 (CL13-Mk6)
Percival Provost T.523036c/n PAC/F/358Zimbabwe AFJun94, Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04
Lockheed F-104S4-11095 Italian AFDec03 - mm6795, 08Jul04 (mm6795)

Harbin Y-5 An-2 (Colt)
Type details
3129--Dec03 - olive green, 08Jul04
Harbin Y-5 (An-2 Colt )3139--Jan00, Feb02, Dec03 - olive green, 08Jul04
Harbin Y-5 (An-2 Colt )7225-- 1996, Mar97, Feb02, Dec03 - manufacturer labelled as 'Nanchang', 08Jul04
Harbin An-2/Y510996--Dec03 - olive green, very tatty, 08Jul04
Harbin An-2 Colt (Y-5C) 21397/10953 -floatplane.Dec03 - olive green, float plane, port 21997, stbd 10953, 08Jul04 (10953 on 1 side)
Harbin Y-5 (An-2 Colt )60066-- 1996 , Mar96, Feb02, Dec03 - olive green, 08Jul04
Yakovlev Yak-11
Harbin Y-11 (Chan)
Type detail
351c/n Y1100101"Y1100101"Jun94, Feb02, Dec03 - cn0101 (cn Y1100101 noted for Yak-11 below), 08Jul04
1996, type is Harbin Yunshuji Y11
Yunshuji Y11
Harbin Y-11 (Chan)
- 1996, Dec03, 08Jul04
Il-2 (Bark)
Type details
33-code:33 This is probably Il-10 '33', see below
Dec03 - id as Il-2 "33"
Ilyushin Il-10
Type details
1219--Nov91, 1996 , Feb02
Ilyushin Il-1023-- 1996 - but '25': misread ? May99
Il-10UTI (Beast) -10 10 wNov91,Feb02 , Dec03 - Il-10 is a development of the Il-2
Ilyushin Il-1033--Nov91, 1996 , Feb02
Ilyushin Il-1080fuselage- 1996 - poor condition , by98,May99
Ilyushin Il-1083fuselage-by98,May99 see below
Ilyushin Il-10--- 1996: 1 unmarked, 1 '10' and 1 '56' in poor condition
Yakovlev Yak-11 (Moose)
Type details
--- 1996 - unmarked, Dec03, grey - otherwise unmarked.
Yakovlev Yak-11unmarked-Y1100101 Dec03
Yakovlev Yak-11 (Moose) 4989
--Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03, red/white c/s + large red star.
Yakovlev Yak-12
Type details
---Nov91, 1996 , Jan00
N.American P-51D P-51K 03 3003 111-30591 ex 44-12458
Nov91, 1996 - P-51K , Feb02, Dec03 as captured from RoKAF, 08Jul04
Lavochkin La-9 (Fritz)
Type details
06--Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04 (as La-09)
Lavochkin La-9UTI
Type details
---Nov91, 1996 , Feb02
Lavochkin La-11 (Fang)
Type details
7504-24, N.Korean m/sNov91, 1996 - '24' , Feb02, Dec03 - as (7504)
Stinson L-5B Sentinel
Type details
15c/n 76-3524
-Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03
Tupolev Tu-2S (Bat)
Type details
20-N.Korean c/sNov91, 1996 - Tu-2S , Feb02, Dec03
Tupolev Tu-2S (Bat) 0462--Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03
Tupolev Tu-2S (Bat) 206..
-Olive green 1996 , 98, May99,Feb02, Dec03 - 206?
Tupolev Tu-2S (Bat) 4.... -Olive green 98, Feb02, Dec03 - 4???
Tu-2S 20582 -- 1996
DeHavilland DH.98 Mosquito FB.26 --- 1996 - ex KA... RCAF, poor condition, some fabricated parts
Dec03 - mock-up based around real wing
Piaggio P.149D
Type details
JWTZ-205-Tanzanian AF 1996 , Mar97, Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04
Cessna 182N5981A---
B-Mraz Sokol----
? light acft--Weedhopper-type micro Gyrocopter-
Fairchild PT-19A
Type details
---Dec03, blue/yellow c/s.
Glider-79-59in shed-
Glider10278-10in shed-
Glider10178-9in shed-
Glider-77-43-88in shed-

Mil Mi-2
Harbin Z-5 (Mil-4)
Type details
3529-white/yellow + Red Cross 1996, Dec03, 08Jul04, Z-5/Mil Mi-4
Harbin Z-5 (Mil-4 Hound)3685--Oct97, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03 (white), 08Jul04
Harbin Z-5 (Mil-4 Hound)3889--Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03 (white), 08Jul04
Harbin Z-5 (Mil-4 Hound)7272--Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03 (dark green), 08Jul04
Harbin Z-5 (Mil-4 Hound)8673--Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03 (white), 08Jul04
Harbin Z-5 (Mil-4Hound)8919--Nov91, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03 (lizard camo c/s)
Harbin Z-5 3993 -- 1996
Harbin Z-5 5361 -- 1996
Harbin Z-5 5512 -- 1996
Harbin Z-5 65567 -- 1996
Harbin Z-5 unmarked -- 1996
Harbin/Changhe Z-6 unmarked
-- 1996, Dec03 (light blue/grey; derivative of Z-5
Harbin Z-701 (Bell 47)
Type details Bell 47
701-- 1996 , Jan00, Feb02, Dec03 - type 701 prototype, not successful
Mil Mi-8 (T Hip C)
Type details
26--(Nov91), Feb02, Dec03: 1 unmarked Mi-8T present, white c/s. 08Jul04 (no m/s, can also be 50358, above; psbly one and same?),
Mil-8T (Hip C) 75620203 -
08Jul04 (Mi-8T), Dec03,
Mil-8T (Hip C) 76220206 -08Jul04 (Mi-8T), Dec03,
Mil-8T (Hip C) 770--08Jul04 (Mi-8T), Dec03,
Mil-8T (Hip C) 50358-- Dec03, 08Jul04 (Mi-8T; no reg, no m/s - can also be "26"),
Mil Mi-24D
Type details
?-unmarked, blue camoJun94, 1996 , Feb02, Dec03 (blue lizard camo c/s
Sud-Aviation SE.3160 Alouette III753-CAACNov91, Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04
Bell UH-1H95690 (69-15576) 95690 US Army, Captured 69-15576 Nov91, Feb02, Dec03, 08Jul04 (69-15576)
AH-64A Apache--replicaJan00, Feb02, Dec03

John Chapman's report of 1996 .
Alexander Duncan
Ronald Stevelink: 08Jul04
christiaan van Heijst Nov.2008

My photos, in 2002
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Michael Prophet made a brochure available to me, a souvenir from his 2012 visit, from which I have scanned the following
two image which may be helpful for a visit:

China Aviation Museum
China Aviation Museum

Grant Newman visited 'Datangshan' in Sep.2017, his photos can be seen on Flickr and here is some additional information by him:
"Some notes to add to updates you might make on the museum.
At present the two indoor halls are closed. The Tunnel has a big banner located at its exit (behind which is the Zimbabwean Canberra), which states that it is closed between 1 August and 15 November 2017.
The main hall had no such advisory note on it.
Outside the hall were parked four Chengdu-F-7s/MiG-21s behind metal fencing. Surrounding the aircraft areas are low cut bushes and wooden fencing, which provide a barrier to getting close to the aircraft; large numbers of uniformed personnel, mainly females wandered about warning people not to cross the barriers. 
There are advisory signs here and there outlining rules for viewing the aircraft.  

Many of the aircraft have received fresh coats of paint and have been cleaned, but the state of the helicopters is regrettable; most of them looking run down, with torn and missing tyres and broken windows.
At the time of my visit, access to the Be-6 was blocked off by a metal barrier, although I did sneak past this undetected to get a better look at it and the Tu-4s.
There was no explanation, but the large swarms of bees around the surrounding fruit trees was a good guess as to why! 

There is a high green fence blocking access to the aircraft dump, although during the first day I went, there were work men digging a ditch in front of some of the aircraft near the fence, which had a section down, so I jumped the ditch and went to look at the derelict aircraft.
The grass is overgrown around most of the aeroplanes, but portions have been mown. My boots got filled with grass clippings by the end of my unsolicited look around.
The next time I went, over a week later, the fence had been repaired, the ditch filled in and there was no access to the dump, but I did see someone jumping the fence, camera in hand!
While in this area I went inside one of the An-2s and noted that it had a hopper in it; I couldn’t see any opening in the belly, so supect the spray bars would have been attached to the wings. The aeroplane in particular had the number ‘9’ visible on its fin; the rest of the fin/rudder uncovered.
There was also a Shenyang J-8I fuselage with its wings removed and its nose ahead of the cockpit at a crazy angle.
There was an unusual An-24 with the number 50954 on its fin, with box like fairings over its windows, which was open. A look inside revealed pax seats. 

The days I went were characterised by good weather and lots of people; both days were packed and the lack of indoor shade meant that the tree lined areas between the helicopter and artillery parks and the airliner areas were constantly occupied by people slouching on benches in the shade."

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