Vintage Transports, photos by Friends & Guests



On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I would like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.


Graeme Mills sent me this contribution in August 2009, adding: "..just got this photo of A3-AWP, ex ZK-AWP (c/n 33135), having its first engine run after being left abandoned at Tonga for over 2 years!
The current owner is Craig Emeny's company Chathams Pacific:
Great to see this DC3 still active as it's the only ex Fieldair topdresser airworthy."

See photo by John King which shows DC-3 A3-AWP after its 2010 restoration, Photos by Friends & Guests Page 28

VH-DNA Paul Howard sent me these images years ago. I had little use for them as they were medium-format slides: I did not have a suitable projector nor a scanner to turn them into digital images. So they were put in a drawer, only to be rediscovered recently. Since about a year I have an Epson VX500 flatbed scanner, with which I now can share these images on my website.

VH-DNA is a Douglas C-47B (c/n 15685/27130), here at Cairns on 14Jun01.

<-- click on the images for a larger photo

ZK-AWP at Cairns on 04Sep01.
See above A3-AWP!
ZK-AMS (c/n 9286) at Cairns 01Aug01
This C-47A became VH-CWS, see below!

VH-CWS DC-3 Graeme Mills sent me this image on 12Jun09:
"I took photos today of DC-3/C-47 VH-CWS c/n 9286, which is coming up for auction in August.
The aircraft is parked at Rutherford Airport, 2 hours drive North of Sydney.
It was previously operated in Perth by Classic Wings, prior to that is was registered in New Zealand as ZK-AMS.
Has a current maintenance release too. The Tiger is VH-RNI a local resident. History of its registrations:

My page Guestphotos page 7 has a 2007 image, while it resided in Perth. My first page dedicated to photos by Friends & Guests has another image, by Peter Layne. A 2001 image, as ZK-AMS at Cairns, can be seen above.

Michael Clayton wrote this on 17Jun09:
"DC-3 VH-CWS, most recently of Perth's short-lived Classic Wings, was ferried back to our eastern seaboard recently. The ferry crew was led by the remarkable Capt. Jack Curtiss.
The crew departed Perth's Jandakot G A airport, on 01jun09 and proceeded easterly, encountering glorious weather. They duly arrived at Parkes/PKE, for a scheduled overnight stop, on 04June09.
But then bad weather kicked in!
Other commitments required its crew to be elsewhere over the looming weekend. So 'Charlie Whiskey Sierra' stayed put.
Jack and his F/O returned to PKE and on 11jun09 flew VH-CWS to Maitland/MEL (Russell Airport), in the Hunter Valley.
VH-CWS to be auctioned on July 23 next. As is/where is, I believe! Slatterys are to be the Auctioneers, per usual. The company is based at Raymond Terrace. That'll make it the 8th Aussie DC-3 at auction, so far this year!"
Mike wrote me an update in Oct.2012:
"C-47A VH-CWS is being advertised 'For Sale', again. Spotted this info in Otc.2012 issue of Trada-Plane. Doesn't look like it will now be going to Broome/BME!"

Update Feb.2016:
Last noted at SYD-Bankstown 02Jan2016, being dismantled, and gone by 29Jan16; VH-CWS is being shipped to a military museum in S.Korea.

DC-3's at Fremont, Ohio
Bob Reid sent me these photos in Sep.2009, which had been sent to him by Gene Novak.

Gene had written:
"Here are some photos of two 'local' DC-3's.
14G is a GA airport at Fremont, OH, southeast of Toledo.
The guy who runs the airport says that N85SA was a C-47 that was in the D-Day invasion! He plans to restore the plane to it's D-day condition, not to a fancy shiny upgraded prima donna. And he said he will keep it outdoors, in front of the airport for public viewing. He is forming a non-pofit corporation for funding the project.

2D7 is an airport at a small burgh, Beach City, OH, in east central Ohio somewhat near New Philadelphia; it's a local grass strip. Don't know why it's named Beach City, there's no water, no beach, and not even really a city!
I don't know anything about the plane; no one was around when I took these photos. N34D has been there for years."

Details on N85SA (c/n 11637) from my database: Registered to E. E. Damschröder, ex/NC45370. Reported stored at Fremont,OH (May 1994). Again reported on 17Sep04 at Fremont,OH in faded red and white livery; also present was N137PB. Again seen on 09Mar08 Fremont, photos at
It seems Gene Damschröder owns the entire airport and possibly the local flying club too. See also my page Guestphotos p.13

And details on N34D (c/n 4865): 'Owned at the time by the State of Ohio Department of Commerce. Built as C-53-DO 41-20095, tailnumbers later include OY-DCE, N9959F and N34DF.'
Images at
In 2016 I learned of new owners for N34D: Vintage Wings Inc. See my item on Photos by Friends & Guests (45).
Restoration was reported complete and ready to fly on 17Sep2018! See my Photos by Friends & Guests (55).

Avron Anson wreckage Red Deer
John Olafson wrote me this in August 2009:
"I found this Avro Anson wing center section, which has been unceremoniously dumped outside a hangar at Red Deer. I came across it when was there last June. I believe it is a Mk V Anson and wonder if you or anyone would know anything about this aircraft, or what is left of it..?
There are several pieces of control surfaces as well as other aluminum parts with it. It looks like it sat outside at its crash site for a very long time."
"I studied quite a lot of photos of Ansons and the Mk.5 version was for the RCAF and had R985 engines. The rear part of the nacelles on that centre section is consistant with those with R985's."

Tanker 45 N445NA
Tom Shinn noticed I had no photo yet on my Airtanker Identification page of Tanker 45: "This photo was sent to me today, by my brother Steve. He took it at Santa Maria, CA returning from the La Brea Fire, probably Saturday afternoon, 15Aug09."

N445NA is a Lockheed P-2H Neptune with c/n (msn) 7102. It was previously used by Hawkins and Powers (H&P). as Tanker 140. Previous to its use as an aerial fighter of forest fires, it had a military career as a patrol aircraft with the US Navy (Bu.No.140443).
It was registered to Neptune Aviation Services (Missoula,MT) on 18Apr06, having bought it from the H&P inventory after its bankruptcy. The Pride Capital Group was in charge of selling the H&P assets.

Matt James sent me an image, for the same reason, of T45 N445NA around the same time:

N445NA T45
Matt added: "Tanker 45 seen here was taken 28Aug09 at Lancaster-Fox Field,CA, they were fighting the station fire."

See my Photos by Friends & Guests #55 for preservation by the Yankee Air Museum (Sep.2018)

B-25 Mitchell bomber Dennis Fisher sent me these images, taken during an air show day on 15Aug09 at Saskatoon Airport, Saskatchewan.

The B-25J Mitchell bomber is a welcome sight anywhere! A word on its history:
USAAF Serial 44-29869 and painted as 43-27493, which completed 140 missions during WW2, but is presumed scrapped after the WW2.
The aircraft was a donation to the Minnesota Wing in the 1980's. Volunteers immediately began a complete ground-up restoration of this versatile medium bomber.
Made famous in 1942 by the famous Doolittle Raid on Tokyo, 'Miss Mitchell' made her maiden flight exactly 50 years later on April 16, 1992 and has been attending air shows and educating adults and youth equally ever since.

CASA 212 N497CA CASA CN212-200 N497CA (c/n 291) is not a common sight anywhere, but a considerable number have been built.

The EADS CASA C-212 Aviocar is a turboprop-powered STOL medium transport aircraft designed and built in Spain for civil and military use.
C-212s are also produced under licence in Indonesia by Indonesian Aerospace, formerly called IPTN but now known as IAe.
The design was initially marketed under the name of Aviocar, but EADS-CASA no longer uses that name in referring to the C-212.
A total of 478 C-212s of all variants had been delivered through the end of 2008 by EADS-CASA. EADS-CASA predicts that an additional 85 aircraft will be delivered in the 2007-2016 time period.
EADS-CASA currently builds only the C-212-400, which received Spanish certification in 1998. The C-212-200 is currently built in Indonesia, and IAe is also preparing to begin assembly of -400 models, probably in 2008 [Wikipedia]

N497CA was registered to Fayard Enterprises LLC of Louisburg,NC on 24Sep08. It was manufactured in 1983.

DHC-6 Twin Otter
C-FLXP is a DHC-6-200 Twin Otter (c/n 217) and based here in Saskatchewan. It was registered to Osprey Wings Ltd (based at Otter Lake,SAS) on 19Jun07.
Former operator ERA Aviation, who flew it as N201EH, sold it on 30Aug06 to '491549 Alberta Ltd', who had it registered C-FLXP on 04Jan07 and from there it went on to Osprey.

1924 record flight
Alexander Solovyov wrote me in Aug.2009, asking: "What Canadian pilots travelled around of the world in 1924? I include this photo of these pilots in a gulf of Petropavlovsk on Kamchatka..."

Through the forum of Air-Britain Information Exchange (members only) I received replies on this query:
On 02Aug1924 Royal Air Force Squadron Leader A. Stuart MacLaren, Flying Officer W. N. Plenderleith and Sergeant W. H. Andrews were picked up off Alaska by the Royal Canadian Navy trawler, HMCS Thiepval, after their Vickers Vulture Mk.II amphibian (G-EBGO) crashed ending a private British attempt at a round-the“world flight from Southampton, England.
They had flown via Lyons, Rome, Brindisi, Athens, Cairo, Karachi, Calcutta, Burma where their first Vulture (G-EBHO) is lost then, Hong Kong and Tokyo. They crashed while traveling across the Bearing Sea heading for Vancouver, British Columbia.
Alan H. MacDonald

This would refer to the period 25Mar1924 - 03Aug1924 when MacLaren, Plenderleith and Andrews flew a hydro-aircraft Vickers-Vulture.
On 21May the aircraft crashed on landing at Akyab. 25Jun had a re-start with second aircraft, 03Aug the aircraft crashed at Nikoski and the attempt was stopped.
Particulars: G-EBGO Vickers 7B Vulture c/n 1, 01Jun1923.
And I have it started from Calshot.
Raymond Heymans

John Washington-Smith wrote me in Sep.2009:
I am a nearly-retired Royal Air Force officer and am researching the 1924 round-the-world flight of the Vickers Vulture for a magazine article; I was thrilled to see a photo on your website, of the aircraft at Petropavlovsk.
The photo would have been taken during the week-long stay there due to bad weather and before the aircraft set off on its final flight.

DHC-6 Norontair
Ray Fread sent me this frosty image of deHavilland DHC-6 C-GQKZ (c/n 532), The picture was taken in 1986 at the Dryden terminal (Ontario).
Ray wrote: "I was once a pilot for NorOntAir. which was a government connecter airline which was closed about 20 years ago.  The idea of the paint job is something like 'flying into the rising sun with the northern lights behind you on the tail'.."

The website of Aviation Safety Network has a report of an incident involving this aircraft:
Red Lake Airport, ONT 19Mar1992: The NorOntair flight was scheduled to proceed from Red Lake to Kenora, and then to Thunder Bay. There were no passengers for the leg to Kenora, but there were passengers scheduled to fly out of Kenora to Thunder Bay.
During the taxi to the runway, the pre-take-off checks were completed and the captain conducted the briefing for a standard ten-degree flap take-off. He then decided to practice a short take-off and landing (STOL) type take-off. He informed the first officer, and selected the flaps to 30 degrees.
The captain lined up on the button of runway 08. The engines were set to take-off power and after approximately 300 feet of ground roll, the aircraft became airborne.
Initially the aircraft climbed, and then it began to descend. It then climbed again, more steeply than before. Suddenly, at approximately 150 feet agl, the aircraft stopped climbing, descended in a steep nosedown attitude, and crashed half-way down the runway.
Damage was substantial but this Twin Otter was repaired at some point.

Information from
NorOntair, based: Canada North Bay,Ontarion. operated btween 1971-1996. Had been formed by Ontario government.

NorOntair on

My Questions & Answers webpage has an item concerning the crash of a DC-3 Dakota TS436-

QUESTION: I am writing to enquire as to whether you could help me trace the history of a Dakota aircraft for a local history group. The aircraft in question is Dakota TS436, the last Dakota III delivered to the RAF on october 21st 1944.The aircraft crashed locally and we would like to put up some information along with its scant remains in the local museum.
We are based in Mere,UK.

I have been unable to get any records for the aircraft between its delivery in october and its definate service with 107 OTU squadron in January. I suspect that it was first delivered to the Heavy Glider servicing Unit (Netheravon) before operating with 107 sqdrn. If it did, then it may have taken part in operations over europe.

The aircraft crashed on the 19th Feb 1945 minutes after take off. It was heavily loaded and failed to climb, crashing into a hill 2 miles from the airfield. 21 passengers and crew died at the scene, with pilot commiting suicide many months later.
The aircraft hit beech knoll, the gap in the trees torn by it is still visible. It broke up on impact and scattered wreckage over a wide area, some of which has been pulled from hedges (dumped after getting in the way of the plow) and cleaned to make up a small display. Most of the aircraft was removed during the war and very little is left, all showing severe high-energy damage but no burning.

Yours sincerely, Robert Broughton

C-47A-75-DL Construction nbr 19349: USAAF 42-100886 Delivered 29Dec43 - 8thAF 25Feb44 AF - 9 AF - TS436 RAF 107 OTU 10Aug44 - Crashed 19feb45 2 m. NE of Zeals, Destroyed by fire.
Source: 'DC-1/2/3 the First 70 Years' by Air-Britain.

In August 2009 Dan Willink wrote me and included 2 photos: "This month I walked with one of my brothers along the Salisbury Plains and came accross the memorial of DC3 TS436. Thanks to your website, I got the background info.
I attach two photos of this memorial; what a sad story!"
Best regards,
Dan Willink

Dakota TS436 Memorial
Dakota TS436 Memorial

IL-18 as a Hotel

Roger Soupart photographed this IL-18 (ex/ DDR-STD) on 02Aug09, now judging by its exterior, fully refurbished.
It resides at Teuge airport, Netherlands and continues its career as hotel accommodation. And no longer flies.
DDR-STD left Germany on 23rd of April, arriving at Teuge in the early morning of 24th; see also Photos by Friends & Guests page 19.
By november 2009 one could book its deluxe (bath, jacuzzi, infrared sauna, 3 flatscreen tv's, minibar, etc) accommodation. At a price: € 350. That includes a breakfast.
The interior was designed by Marjolein Garritsen, using this project to end her studies at the Jan des Bouvrie Academy in Deventer.

See previous home of Ilyushin IL-18 DDR-STD (c/n 180002302) on Off Airport Europe.

There is also footage on

Dirk Septer sent me this photo in July 2009, writing: "Just back from my latest trip to the Arctic: Hay River-Yellowknife-Rankin Inlet-Iqaluit and Cape Dorset..."
C-FGET Air Inuit
Avro 748-244 series 2 C-FGET (c/n 1724) of Air Inuit on 10Jul09.

More of Dirk Septer's photos

TL-KAP, Bokassa's plane
Douglas DC-4 TL-KAP, the personal plane of Jean Bedel Bokassa, caught on camera by Ron Mak

C-54A c/n 7483 was delivered as 42-107464 to the US Army Air Force on 21Apr1944. Bought by American Air Lines in 1946, registered N90416 (named "Flagship San Antonio"). Purchased by Air France in 1949 and registered F-BBDP. Acquired by Central African Republic on 19Nov1968 and registered as TL-KAP. It became TL-CDG for Ste. Le Paysan Air when bought on 14Jun79. Reported stored in Nov79. [Piston Engined Airliner Production List, TAHS 2007]

Jean-Bédel Bokassa: 22 February 1921 – 2 November 1996, also known as Bokassa I of Central Africa and Salah Eddine Ahmed Bokassa) was the military ruler of the Central African Republic from 1 January 1966 and the Emperor of the Central African Empire from 4 December 1976 until he was overthrown on 20 September 1979. [Wikipedia, more..]

More Propliner Photography by Ron Mak

Nice neighbourhood!Phil Brooks sent me this sign, he came across it near Louisville's Bowman Field. Neat, eh?

Martin Prince Jr wrote me in August 2009: "Also shot N151 of Everts last night, 22Jul08, at the airport."
DC-6 N151
More of Martin's photos, in & around Bethel as well as on other locations in Alaska, CLICK HERE..

By the end of the 2019 season N151 was approaching the end of its useful life and check
my Photos by Friends & Guests #58 for details of its preservation in Norway!

Bryan Doty sent me an image of C-119 N15501 at its new home, Buckeye,AZ (09Aug09):
C-119 N15501

Bryan also wrote: "N15501 is now parked at Buckeye Municipal Airport (BXK). I received an email that said Hans Lauridsen was moving his planes there to set up a museum. "

Aero Union P-3 tankers on standby
Josh Zollo sent me this photo: tankers 17, 20, 21 and 22 on the ready at Chico,CA
The date was 12Jun09, two of the tankers were repositioned shortly thereafter with a third repositioned a few days later.

'Rumor network' has it that Aero Union was being taken over by Conair from Canada. A local tv broadcasted the AUC position on this, being that AUC and 'Cascade' (Conair's US subsidiary) had agreed to work together on a couple of projects.
A persistent rumor, however, is that Cascade has acquired 49 percent of Aero Union... Updates welcomed!

See also my 2008 visit to Chico

Ken Swartz sent me this photo, writing: "I went on a little road trip to Rome, New York..."
CF-TGE at Rome,NY
Bob Bogash has an extensive file on this beautifully restored Super Constellation CF-TGE (destined to the Boeing Museum of Flight after its restoration here at Rome,NY).
He hosted an honored group of aviation veterans, who came to see the TCA Super Connie in Rome, NY in July 2009. Soon CF-TGE will be dismantled to be brought out to Seattle. The project is exactly 4 years old at this point.
Bob wrote a report on the visit of this group to CF-TGE.
There is also a report on Larry Milberry's CANAV books website.

CF-TGE, former CF-RNR, is also featured on my page 'Surving Connies' while at Toronto.

Sigurjon Svalsson sent me these images in July 2009, putting the limelight on some HS.748s...
Avro 748 Bismalla S2-ADW
Dhaka, Bangladesh on the 22nd of December 2008

HS.748-347 S2-ADW (c/n 1766) of Bismallah Airlines has previously been registered to BWIA West Indies Airways (9Y-TGH), Euroair Transport (G-BGMN), was leased to FlyBE and British Airways, sold to Airfast Indonesia (PK-OCH), via Emerald Airways (G-BGMN) to Bismallah as S2-ADW. [Source:]
Indian Air Force 748s

Sigurjon wrote: "Here are a few pictures I managed to snap in Calcutta on the 21st of April this year. Actually, I'm not sure what they are. They might be civilian airframes dressed up in military markings, but could just as well be the CC.2 variant as used by the RAF. Do you have any idea? The one nearest to the camera is serial H-2181 and the other one is serial H-2375"
Indian Air Force 748s
While googling I found an excellent report and reproduce it in part (link to source below):
"The induction of the AVRO 748 aircraft type in India was the result of the drive of just one man. Having joined the Indian Air Force (IAF) as a Hawai Sepoy (Air Soldier), a rank lower than that of a Private, Harjinder Singh rose to become an Air Vice Marshal (AVM).
AVM Harjinder Singh considered only three candidate aircraft to relace the DC-3
. These were the Handley Page Herald, F-27 Fokker Friendship and the AVRO 748. The first was given up, as it did not seem to find favour anywhere. The F-27 was examined carefully. Its construction required bonding methods, which would have meant air-conditioned hangars. On that one count alone, it was also rejected. This left the AVRO 748 as the sole contender.
The AVM's keenness to start producing the aircraft within the Air Force was very great. As a result, its Operational Requirement was a virtual reproduction of its sales brochure.
After quick contractual agreements in 1959-60, major assemblies and parts began to be airlifted from Chadderton (Manchester) and Woodford Airfield (Cheshire) to a newly raised IAF unit, Aircraft Manufacturing Depot at Chakeri, Kanpur. The first AVRO 748 assembled in India was ready just a few weeks after the second prototype made its maiden flight at AV Roe & Co at Woodford. It thus became only the third AVRO 748 to take to the air. The production of a transport aircraft by a user air force for its own use must be a very rare case.
The Indian Air Force currently owns around 60 AVRO 748s. The majority of these are used for communication, carriage of freight and courier duties, especially within the areas of responsibility of various IAF Commands. Seven aircraft were specially equipped for training navigators and four for signals training. Eighteen aircraft were made into pilot trainers. The mod involved only the duplication of the nose wheel steering tiller for the instructor seated on the right. Pilots were trained on these at Yelahanka Air Force Base just north of Bangalore. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation acquired two aircraft mainly for calibration of navigation and approach facilities at civil airfields. One aircraft was used by the National Remote Sensing Agency for geological exploration and the paramilitary Border Security Force used one aircraft for communications.
Unfortunately, the 748 was never meant to be a military transport. At the request of IAF, its door was enlarged to enable larger cargo items to be loaded and to allow para dropping without hitting the tail plane. However, to load a jeep in it, a 30-ft long ramp was required. The jeep would drive in and insert its front wheels into the aircraft. Then it had to be manually lifted and turned to get it in. Unloading it was just as difficult. Para dropping of troops or cargo even from the aircraft with the enlarged door was considered too dangerous with the risk of hitting the tail plane. The aircraft's performance at hot and high airfields was hopelessly inadequate...
Eventually IAF acquired the tail-loading An-32s, which were powered specifically for IAF's need for operating in the Himalayas."
[2006 Source:, VETERANS RECOLLECT, 'AVRO 748 in India - more than four decades on..' - by GROUP CAPTAIN KAPIL BHARGAVA (RETD)

Norfly DC-3 LN-KLV

Ray Brettle wrote me in July 2009:
"The photo of Norfly's DC-3 LN-KLV was taken at Aberdeen in 1975.
The actual date of the photo, and when I flew on it, was 5th February 1975 -I recall the Captains name was actually Klev -presumably the owner (as per the reg LN-KLV?)
At the time I was station manager at Aberdeen for Air Anglia in 1975 and we handled the DC-3 each week as it brought over with Norwegian oil rig support workers on a crew change.
They would fly in from Stavanger in the morning; get taken out to their oil rig by S-61 etc and the old rig crew would come back into Aberdeen and then back on to the DC-3 to go back to Stavanger later in the afternoon.
I scrounged a ride on it on the flimsy pretence that I had some business in Stavanger, but just wanted the ride on the Dak really!. The plan was to come back the next day on one of our company's F-27s, but our agent there said that there was a Sterling Caravelle (OY-STF) going back to Aberdeen and that I could get a free ride home on that instead-which suited me fine!!
Norfly later used Convairs 440s occasionally, on the same route. But I left the company and lost track of them after that.
My own career in aviation reads as follows: nearly all in operations roles, e.g. ops manager/ops supervisor etc. Travelled all over with the various companies, including Hadj work in Indonesia, aircraft leases to Peru & Ghana etc.
Worked for Court Line aviation - BOAC (cabin crew on VC.10 and 707s) - Air Anglia - McAlpine aviation - Tempair - British Air Ferries - Britannia Airways (26 years service) - Harrods Aviation.
I have a pretty large private collection of various aircraft photos, although by today's standards the quality is pretty poor. I still like to keep an interest."

CF-CUE Buffalo Airways
John Olafson photographed these two Buffalo DC/3´s at Red Deer on 03Jun09.

John wrote me: "I thought you'd like to see these shots taken at Red Deer. I was so surprised to see two active DC-3's in matching liveries and connected to matching tugs as well!
C-GWZS is the one behind CF-CUE."

My favorite reporter from Bethel (Alaska), Martin Prince Jr, sent me some nice bushplane action again!
He wrote: "Stopped by the Lake over the Independence holiday on Friday 03Jul09. Flew to Anchorage with a buddy of mine on Thursday, in his Cessna 180 on floats, fun trip!"

DHC-2 N9877R Lake Hood
DHC-2 Mk.1 Beaver N9877R (c/n 1180) was registered to Laughlin Acquisitions LLC on 15Aug2005.
The company actually operating N9877R from Lake Hood goes by the name of Regal Air.
See also my visit to Lake Hood in 2006

Photos by Martin Prince Jr, PAGE 1 = PAGE 2

"I am writing to you with some information on the following C46: 'Super C-46C C-GIXZ msn 22453 was lost on 31oct82 near Shamattawa, Manitoba and operated by Ilford Riverton'. -LINK-
Brian Tittley on CF-CZM / Dew Line In your historical description of this aircraft the following is mentioned:
To Canadian Pacific May 1955 as CF-CZM and to Fairbanks Air Service in May 1974 as N802FA.
This is slightly incorrect. CF-CZM was operated by Nordair from 1967-1974. I know this because I flew on this aircraft many times between 1969-71 while working for Nordair on the DEW-line.
Here is a link to the Nordair listing:

I have attached some scanned photos taken during 1971, one photo clearly has the call letters while in flight with a DEW-line station in the background. The 2 other photos are of CF-CZM on the ramp at Fox Main, and in much better condition than the accident photo. I was saddened to learn of its demise."

From the 'Piston Engined Airliner Production List (TAHS, 2007) I quote part of c/n 22453's history:
Canadian Pacific Airlines bought CF-CZM 04Apr55, it was subsequently converted to Super C-46C in 1957, Pacific Western Airlines bt 7.59, Nordair bought it 31May67 and when Fairbanks Air Service bought it 28May74 it was reregistered N94593, - Webmaster.

Brian continues with his memories, working as a ramp-rat on the Nordair planes so many years ago:
"I spent 3 summers working for Nordair on the DEW-Line. I was based at FOX Main / Hall Beach. The airstrip serviced both the DEW-Line station and local/regional commercial flights.
Nordair used DC3's, a DC4, and turbo Twin Otter for the commerical flights, these were based in Iqaluat (old name Frobisher Bay) on Baffin Island. At Hall Beach, we had the C46's for the DEW-Line contract.
Each summer we had at least 2 C46's, and most of the time there were 3. This was because there were 3 land-locked DEW-Line stations in the FOX Main area that could not be re-supplied by the yearly sea-lift. Fuel oil and diesel had to be air-lifted to these stations during the summer months when flying and weather conditions were better.
We would fit 4 large tanks inside each of 2 of the C46's for the duration of the summer fuel-lift .These aircraft would then fly back-and-forth between FOX-Main and the 3 other stations until the job was done. This took about 4 months of 12 hours per day flying (08:00-20:00), 6 days per week. The other C46 (usually CF-CZM) would remain for general cargo and personnel transfers. Between 1969 and 1971, I remember working on the following C46's
CF-CZM Curtiss Super 46C c/n 22453
CF-IHV Curtiss C-46F-CU c/n 22551
CF-NAE Curtiss Super 46C c/n 27063
CF-NAO Curtiss C-46F-1-CU c/n 22600
If memory serves, Nordair had a DC3 based at PIN Main in the western Canadian DEW-Line sector for cargo and personnel transfers in that region. However, some times there were cargo shifting requirements beyond the capabilities of the DC3, and on these occasions, we would send CF-CZM to do the job.
I was a young lad (19 years old) when I spent my first summer at FOX Main.
Over the 3 summers, I built up a strong attachment to these aircraft, and the aircrews who flew them. During 1969 and 1970, I worked on the ramp - refueling the aircraft, operating the cargo fuel loading valve system, doing ramp-checks, working with the mechanics replacing tyers and brakes and helping out during major engine over-hauls and replacements. I got to know these planes inside and out, nose to tail, wing tip to wing tip.
My last summer, 1971, I worked in the air-ops building sorting flight paper-work, and making sure the aircrews were at the right plane at the right time. Not always an easy task when dealing with crazy pilots However, I was able to do more flying! The C46's had a jump-seat in the cockpit, so this was where I sat most of the time.
I don't know how well you know C46's, but there is a saying we had: The only good C-46 pilots are deaf!
I never experienced (before or since) the utter bone-shaking and deafening noise that happened inside that cockpit during a C46 take-off. Two large Pratt & Whitney R-1800 engines with 2 large 3-bladed props at full throttle just a metre or so either side of you - words cannot describe the noise and vibrations, and ear-plugs did not help! It felt like your teeth would rattle loose ...
Anyway, all this brings back many memories from a long time ago."

Frank Lamm wrote on 28Jun09:
C-119 N15501 ferried to Buckeye "I flew the "Flight of the PHOENIX" plane this week. From Wickenburg, AZ to the Buckeye Airport in Phoenix, about 35 miles.
Since the plane had not been flown but once in 3 years I decided to leave the gear down ...but removed the pins! It is a 'dog' flying with the gear down! No problems though.
The owner is determined to get it certificated to fly again for Display etc. Maybe some day we can fly it to a C-119 reunion!!! "

Matt Gunsch wrote on the WIX-forum: "Good thing he did not try to retract the gear, the gear switch is inop, it will extend the gear, but not retract it. Everytime I ferried the plane I had to retract the gear by using the emergency gear switch."


Lockheed Electra's at YIP
Ken Swartz visited the Detroit area in June 2009 and came across propliners at The Henry Ford Museum and Willow Run Airport. More on Ken Swartz' webpage on this website.

Simo Lallukka wrote me in June 2009: "The photographer's name of these photos is Martti Liesmaa, from Finland. The photographer is my uncle, but sadly he died in the year 1983.
I have the permission from the family to send you these pictures. These were taken during 1960-1961, very likely in the USA."
1960s propliners

Trans World Airlines (TWA) renamed TWA Airlines LLC in 2001 was a major United States-based airline with hubs in St. Louis, New York (JFK), and Atlanta, Georgia, with focus cities in Kansas City, Missouri; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and Los Angeles, California.
The airline operated from 1930 until it was acquired by American Airlines in 2001. Prior to the buyout, TWA was one of the largest domestic U.S. airlines operating flights to most major U.S. cities. They also had a substantial feeder operation from smaller mid-west cities.
Beyond the U.S., TWA had a highly developed European and Middle East network, served mainly from its hub at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Along with Pan American World Airways, it was considered to be a secondary unofficial flag carrier for the United States, and it was the unofficial flag carrier of the US in the 1990's. [Source: Wikipedia]

See also my page TWA Remembered

Pan Am

Pan American World Airways, commonly known as Pan Am, was the principal international airline of the United States from the 1930s until its collapse on December 4, 1991.
Founded as a seaplane service out of Key West, Florida, the airline became a major company credited with many innovations that shaped the international airline industry, including the widespread use of jet aircraft, jumbo jets, and computerized reservation systems.
Identified by its blue globe logo (widely known as "the blue ball") and the use of the word 'Clipper' in aircraft names and callsigns, the airline was a cultural icon of the 20th century and the unofficial flag carrier of the United States.
The Pan Am brand was resurrected four times after 1991, but the reincarnations were related to the original Pan Am in name only. [Source: Wikipedia]

See also my page Pan Am Remembered


Douglas DC-7C LN-MOE (c/n 44933/734) sees its passengers safely delivered to its destination during the 1960s. It has been scrapped at some point at Copenhagen.
Here is an image (1967) on and a selection

Jason, who goes by the alias 'jspitfire' on, posted a series of images of Big Dougs he found at Hay River,NWT in June 2009.
See Jason's pages

There is quite a story to this 'Arctic Distributor'..
Douglas C-54A C-GPSH has c/n 7458 and started its career as 42-107439 with the USAAF upon its delivery on 06Jan44. Full details of its history, and how it got that 'fixed nose', can be read on my page Yellowknife 2006

PH-DDY Paul van der Horst sent me this excellent shot, writing "PH-DDY seen at the time when its roaring props came rumbling to a halt, forever silent.. This was in augustus 1997."

The history of this Douglas C-54A (c/n 7488) brought it through the following identities: 42-107469 (USAAF, 16May44), NC53103 (Chicago & Southern A/L, 1946), PI-C102 (Philippine A/L, 10Nov1948), HS-POE (Pacific Overseas A/L, 05Jul51 - Thai Aws, 1951), HS-TSA (Thai Aws, Sep58), 107469 (Thai Air Force, 1958), VQ-ZEF (Botswana Nat'l Aws, 1966), A2-ZEF (Botswana Nat'l Aws, 1968), ZS-IPR (Suidwes Lugdiens, Jan72), 6906 (South African AF, 23Apr81), ZS-IPR (Aero Air, Oct95).

'PH-DDY' has been preserved at the Aviodrome Aviation Theme Park.

More on C-54A c/n 7488 can be read on my Visit to the Aviodrome - Dec.2003

I purchased a slide thru AfAvia of a DC-6; the photo was taken during 2007.

The aircraft has no tailnumber but Alxandre Avrane of (online airline database) managed to identify it:
"It is EL-WNH but from the (seldom photographed) left side, e.g.: "

More on this DC-6 c/n 43127 on my 2004 webpage propliners around Johannesburg

Another photo is on Page 3 of Photos by Friends & Guests

Last noted 13Mar11 @Lanseria, without gear & engines lying in derelict state on the ground, image on Flickr by EI-AMD, being used for fire training by rescue services.

Ron Mak sent me this vintage photo, while adding:
"Flughjalp DC-6 as seen in the Transavia hangar at Amsterdam's Schiphol-East. This was the only DC-6 with a white upper surface, the other aircraft for the Biafra Airlift all had a grey upper surface.
So I think this is PH-TRA."
Date: 17-05-1969.
DC-6 Biafra Airlift

Fernand van de Plas added: "This could indeed be PH-TRA. 'TRA & 'TRB were the only DC-6's, the other ex/ T-birds were DC-6Bs and a DC-6A."
More of Ron's Propliners on this website

John P. Stewart noticed the item on my page Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the North, featuring Interior Airways' C-82A N208M; John subsequently wrote me: "After seeing the report of the wreckage of N208M possibly being spotted in the Alaska bush, I thought everyone would be interested in a photo of the sister ship, N209M.  This was shot at Fairbanks, September, 1968."

C-82 Interior Airways

Karl E. Hayes wrote an excellent article about Interior Airways in Air Britain's quarterly magazine 'Aviation World', issue June 2009.
For a might more detail on Interior Airways I can recommend the book "Triumph over Turbulence" by Jim Magoffin (also the founder of Interior Airways), see MyBooks page. One also finds other images of (ex/ ) Interior Airways photos elswhere on my website.

See also My Dossier on the C-82 Packet & C-119 Flying Boxcar.

Twin Beech
A classic plane in a beautiful setting, that is what Dirk Septer sent me in June 2009.
The Beech 3NM C-FGNR (c/n CA-191) was taken at Campbell River, Vancouver Island, B.C.
This 'Twin Beech' was registered to Vancouver Island Air on 06Feb98. Year of Manufacture: 1952.
See my page Photos by Friends & Guests (43) and read how it ended up in a zoo in Belgium!
See also my 2017 and beyond updates on my Off-airport Europe.
C-FYSC Lake LA-4 C-FYSC as seen by Dirk at Courtenay, B.C. in 2008.
C-FYSC has been registered since 24Sep79 to Robert Swanson of Courtenay,BC.

Lake Aircraft was a manufacturer of amphibious aircraft. Their factory was in Sanford, Maine, USA, and their sales offices were located at Laconia / Gilford, New Hampshire and Kissimmee,FL.
The assets of the company were sold in 2004 to an investor who incorporated as "Sun Lake Aircraft" in Vero Beach, Florida.
The assets are now owned by Revo Inc, owned by Armand Rivard.
See Wikipedia


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