Airlines Remembered

Every life sees birth and death....
Every story has a beginning and an end...
It is the same for Airlines!

Working in the aviation industry for over 25 years, I have seen airline companies come and go.
I have attempted to document some of those which have gone under, but only those which I came across myself and was able to photograph.

On the morning of 01Jan1914 Mayor A.C. Pheil of Petersburg,Florida settled into the open cockpit of the St.Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line's 26-foot-long Benoist flying boat. Beside him sat Tony Jannus, the pilot, nattily dressed in white slacks, dark blazer and bow tie. At 10 a.m. Jannus gunned his 75-horsepower engine, skimmed across the placid waters of the St.Petersburg Yacht Basin and took to the air over Tampa Bay; 23 minutes later the plane touched down offshore from Tampa, 18 miles away. The world's first regularly scheduled passenger airline had just completed its inaugural run.
The fledgling carrier was short-lived. It folded with the waning of the Florida tourist season in the spring of 1914 and was not revived. But in its brief span it carried more than 1200 passengers - at 5 dollars per flight - without mishap. An airline come and gone... with many, many more to follow.

Hopefully you will enjoy revisiting some of these operators, those that faded into the shadows of history while loosing their footing in the struggle that is commercial aviation. At least some I happen to have came across, in my own time of 'come & gone'. Please note that photography of airliners is not a regular effort for me, so the list is far from complete.

UPDATE: my airline plane spotting activities has diminished considerably since 2009, dwindled to nil by 2011 actually, and as such this gallery sees less and less activity; sorry about that.

"I always say a boy can learn more at an airport than at any school." ¬Homer Simpson


Amsterdam Airlines

MK Airlines
Skyservice Airlines
VLM Airlines

Cargo B Airlines
Macedonian Airlines
Northwest Airlines
SkyEurope Airlines
Ted Airlines

Atlantic Airlines
European Aviation Air Charter
First Choice Airways
Focus Air Cargo
Inter Airlines
Gemini Air Cargo
LTE International Airways
Sterling Airlines
West Air Europe
Zoom Airlines

Bravo Air Congo
Das Air Cargo
Harmony Airways
Vega Airlines
Virgin Express

Air Plus Comet
Channel Express
Helios Airways
Independence Air
Fly Air

Basiq Air
Custom Air Transport
Hapag-Lloyd Flug
Exel Aviation Group
Swe Fly
TMA of Lebanon

Air Littoral
Air Zena Georgian Airlines
Azzurra Air
Baron Air Cargo
Britannia Airways
Dutch Caribbean Airlines - DCA
Gandalf Airlines
Skynet Airlines

Air Anatolia
Air Bosna
ACES, Aerolineas Centrales de Colombia
Aero Lloyd
Aer Turas
Airborne Express, to continue as ABX Air
American Trans Air (renamed ATA)
Cougar Leasing
Elf Air (renamed Grizobudovoy)
Euralair Horizons
Euroceltic Airways
Go Fly
Khalifa Airways
KLM uk
Southern Air
Trans Travel Airlines
JAT - Jugoslavenski Aerotransport (renamed JAT Airways)

Air Nova (Canada)
Armenian Airlines
Airfreight Express
China Northern Airlines
China Xinhua Airlines
China Xinjiang Airlines
Deutsche BA
HeavyLift Cargo Airlines
Midway Airlines (2)
Transjet Airways (Sweden)
Vanguard Airlines
VG Airlines

Air Alfa (Alfa Airlines), restarted 2002 (failed again in 2002)
Air Liberté
Axon Airlines
Balkan Bulgarian Airlines
British World Airlines
Brussels International
Canadian Airlines International
Canada 3000
Cargo Lion
Challenge Air Cargo
Cronus Airlines
Emery Worldwide Airlines
Gill Airways
Hapag Lloyd Netherlands
Royal Aviation
Sabre Airways
Schreiner Airways Cargo
Swissair, restarted 2002 as Swiss
Trans World Airlines (TWA)
Virgin Sun

Air Belgium
Istanbul Airlines
Jet Link Holland
Tower Air
TransAer International Airlines

1999 and before

Air Toulouse Int'l (1999)
Panagra (2nd edition) (1999)
Constellation Int'l Airlines (1999)
Kiwi International Air Lines (1997 & 1999)
VIVA Air (1999)
Air UK (1998)
Braathens S.A.F.E. (1998)
Fred Olsen Air Transport (1997)
EBA Eurobelgian Airlines (1996)
EuroDirect (1995)
European Airlines (1995)
NLM Cityhopper (1992)
DAN-AIR London (1992)
Vip Air (1992)
Birmingham European Airways (1992)
Air Holland (1991)
Midway Airlines (1) (1991)
Pan Am (1991)
London City Aws (1990)
Wardair Canada (1990)
Netherlines (1990)
Tradewinds (1990)
Braniff (1989)
Flying Tiger Line
Invicta International (1975)
British Overseas Airways Corporation-BOAC (1975)

A list of Defunct Airlines since 2000:
Wikipedia - Airline_liveries_and_logos

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