For Pete's Sake

"I have recently begun looking for any information regarding my father's A-26B (see photo). The plane was named for my mom (her nickname was Pete). I have always thought this photo was taken in WWII, but now I am not sure whether is was WWII or Korea (Dad was in both). I understand the cockpit configuration is an early style. The original photo has the number 387 handwritten on the back. My parents are both deceased and my sources of information are limited. As far as I know, this is the only photo of the plane our family has.
All I know about my father's WWII service is that he flew bombing missions in Europe as part of the Army Air Corps. His name was Wayne Musgrove (no middle initial), DOB 1/21/21. I dont know the dates of his WWII service, but I believe it was sometime after the summer of 1942. Any guidance you could give me would be most appreciated."
Email: Phyllis (Musgrove) Richardson

In reply I received:
May I suggest that you refer your inquiry to the Air Force Historical Section at Maxwell Air Force Base ?
They have a website and should be able to refer her to where the U.S.A.A.F./U.S.A.F. personnel records are kept.
Once she knows her father's details, she can go back to Maxwell, and obtain information on her father's unit[s], aircraft, etc.
Hope this helps,
Clive Lynch
The url: The US Air Force Historical Research Agency

You may wish to try the book by Ralph Conte " Attack Bombers We Need You". I received a copy from Adams Avenue Bookstore in San Diego by mail just a couple of days ago. It is a history of the 416th Bomb Group. A quick look didn't reveal anything on "For Petes Sake" but Wayne Musgrove was listed with the 669 Bomb Squadron, 416 Bomb Group.
Matt Miller

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