Douglas DC-6 in Cali, Colombia

A mystery DC-6 in Colombia

Andres Restrepo posted this photo on and added the following details:
Ex-Inair Panama Douglas DC-4 (should read DC-6 -webmaster) at Cali-Jose Pardo Llada Amusement Park, Colombia (November 2nd, 2005); "this old DC6 was donated by the Panamanian dictator Omar Torrijos to Mr. Jose Pardo Llada in 1977 or 1978; this plane wore the original livery until a few years ago when it was painted on these colors"
The photo was published with permission by Mr Restrepo, for the sake of researching its full identity.

Nils Rosengaard wrote the following:
This could be DC-6B, c/n 44112/432.
Delivered to Pan Am as 'Clipper William Clark', 14-12-1953. Later renamed "Clipper Reindeer", "Clipper Frankfurt", "Clipper Golden West" and "Clipper Bonn". WFU September 1968 and sold to Air Lease Inc. Stored Santa Monica 1969. Bought by Inair in 1971 and named "Cuidad de Panama" and registered HP-523. Stored Panama City 1978.

Alexandre of the Aerotransport database holds a different theory:
I've had in the databases HP-641 (c/n 43521, another Inair Panama and also ex-Pan American ) derelict at Cali airport (last sighting around mid-1990's) - so I would assume that the one moved downtown..

David Ruddlesden published this photo & update on Facebook in March 2020-

HP-641 on display Cali, Colombia

David wrote: "Douglas DC-6B HP-641 (ex Panama Air Force FAP401) at the Parque del Avion (!) in Cali, Colombia (GPS 3.4691, -76.5179), in reasonable condition although with work still to be done on the engines (!), taken on Aeroprints AT1817 tour, on 31 Oct 18"
And: "Listed in Bob Ogden's guide with this c.n and previous ids N6521C HP-360 N6521C LV-PXR LV-IEN N6521C."

DC-6B HP-401 by Ron Mak (1973)
DC-6B FAP 401 of Fuerza Aerea Panamena, by Ron Mak, taken at Tocumen Airport (1973)
I have 4 pages dedicated to Rob Mak's propliners: PAGE ONE | PAGE TWO | PAGE THREE | PAGE FOUR

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