Douglas C-47 (1967): unknown identity


Rolf Larsson sent me this photo in Jan.2008
US Naval Attache to Senegal and Mauretania
Rolf wrote :
"In 1967 I flew a Swedish registered Cessna 182 around Western Africa.
In February 1967 I took this picture of a US Navy C-47B at Dakar, however there is no visible BuA-number and I have not been able to identify it.
The text on the nosesection reads "United States Naval Attache to Senegal and Mauretania".

Perhaps anyone has the info to positively identify this C-47B for me?"


Nils Rosengaard offered the following possibilty:
This could be-
c/n 15168/26613
US Navy 50799
It was Attache aircraft Senegal/Mauritania/Athens from 16-09-1964
Source: Douglas DC-3, "The First Seventy Years" (Air-Britain, 2006).

But there is also another candidate (through Air-Britain's meber forum on Yahoo (AB-IX):

C-47L, 50837, was assigned to the Naval Attache Dakar, Senegal, from December
1966 and so is presumably the aircraft in the photo.
50799 was the Naval Attache's aircraft until January 1967, when it was replaced by 50837. As the photo was taken in February 1967 the latter is the most likely subject.
George Kernahan
US Navy specialist



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