Unidentified Canadair CL-44 survives at Brazzaville


Sigurjón Valsson wrote:
Here is the picture of the CL-44 that I took in Brazza. I flew into this place at the begining of the month for the first time, and was really surprised to find a complete CL-44 sitting there.
I did not have much of a change to look it over, however, when we were taxiing in, but I could see it was standing on its gear with all engines and props attached and looked in quiet good nick!
Interesting to know, what it is, and more importantly, who owns it."

It would seem a Canadair CL-44 survives at Brazzaville (Dem. Rep. of Congo)! This photo was taken on 08Feb08 and published on the Planetalk forum.
General consensus seems to be that this is CL-44D4-2 TN-235 (c/n 37, formerly N1001T - G-AZKJ - G-BRED - N106BB - EL-AMC - 7Q-YMS). The hinges indicate this is a Canadair Swingtail, not a Canadair Yukon.
But TN-235 was 'written off' as 'damaged beyond economic repair' by explosions on the airport of Kinshasa on 14Apr2000.
Kinshasa (formerly Léopoldville) is the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is located on the Congo River. And the city of Brazzaville is the capital of the Republic of Congo, which lies just across the Congo River from Kinshasa.
Was TN-235 flown across the border to Brazzaville for repairs?
Confirmation of its identity and details about its fate (and future) for the past years would be welcomed!
And while you're at it: that Antonov An-8 is worthy of interest and identification too!!


Dick Gilbert responded about that An-8:

"It certainly is an An-8 in the picture! Google Earth shows it from above (attached). It's on the north side of the runway."
CL44 and An-8 at Brazzaville
"Pelican Air (Alex Radionov) of Sharjah was operating a white An-8 (S9-DBC) in the Congo region in the last couple of years.

I believe that is (or maybe was!) the last flying An-8 in the world. Maybe that's it in the picture..."


Aad van der Voet (of OldWings.nl) wrote:
"I agree, it is an Antonov 8. And S9-DBC c/n 0G3410 would indeed be a very likely candidate:

Regarding the CL-44: 7Q-YMS was supposed to have become TN-235, but it is possible that that registration was never applied and that it continued to operate as 7Q-YMS."


Nick wrote on "Asanews" (Yahoo Groups.com):
"The colour scheme of the aircraft indicates that it is TN-235. It is the same scheme that goes back to the days when the aircraft was with TradeWinds and registered N106BB.
The other CL-44 belonging to Africargo Airlines (registration 3C-ZPO) involved in the Kinshasa explosion incident, wore a different scheme. The CL-44 9Q-CTS belonging to Skymaster Freight Services which had a hard landing in a jungle clearing after an in flight engine fire during a flight from Mbuji to Kinshasa on 17 Feb 2002 (exactly 6 years ago today) was also an ex Tradewinds aircraft and had the same colour scheme as TN-235.
It seems unlikely that 9Q-CTS would have made it out of a jungle clearing after a fire and a hard landing (descent rate was 1,500 ft/min prior to the incident).
Given the location and the histories of the 39 CL-44s, it is safe to assume the aircraft in your photo taken on 8 Feb 2008 at Brazzaville is in fact TN-235."

Morné Booij-Liewes wrote on the same forum:
"I saw the CL-44 in question on a visit to Brazzaville about 3 years ago. I took a few photos on take-off and while taxiing and I seem to remember being able to read the Republic of Congo AF serial TN-235 on the rear fuselage. I need to rummage through my slide collection to find these images though.
The aircraft was one of the CL-44s operated by Mike Snow in Africa. It resided at Lanseria for some time with a Malawi (7Q-YMS) registration before moving off to the DRC and surrounds. It was also seen at Sharjah at odd times along with its ill-fated sistership (the one that exploded).
It was one of several ex Tradewinds aircraft that had been stored at an airfield in the USA, if I am not mistaken, which Mike Snow had acquired. Not all of them made it to Africa.
Mike Snow was also the operator of a Carvair in the DRC in the early-1990s (9Q-CTI of ECL Air). He has more recently been linked to some ZS registered DC-3s that went to the DRC (and crashed shortly thereafter).
His one CL-44 was destroyed when it exploded in the DRC."

John Tester wrote (forwarded by Duane Delk) the following:
"N106BB was ferried around the 21May1997 from Greensboro,NC to Lanseria,South Africa (as N106BB). Made several trips to Brazzaville, but didn't leave the Airplane there, it was still in South Africa when I went back to the US.
Marvin Beier, Buzz Sawyer and I ferried N106BB to Lanseria and tried to train that crazy Mike Snow. He would not listen to anything we told him! We got fed up and returned to USA.
I remember the Omega sys were out so we went to Radio Shack and bought 2 hand held GPS...
Flew Greensboro (GSO)- Freeport,Bahamas (GBI) - Cape Verde - Lanseria."


Peter van Leeuwen, CL-44 pasionado, wrote on 17Feb08:
"I do have checked and correct records on this machine. Indeed, it is c/n 37, still wearing the registration 7Q-YMS.
I have quite recent images uploaded on my website for all of you to enjoy, see
This aircraft was bought in May 1997 by Trans Lloyd Cargo from Tradewinds USA.
It was ferried around the 21 May 1997 for Greensboro,NC to Lanseria as N106BB.
On June 14th the registration EL-AMC was applied, but the EL prefix was removed the next day and the remainder -it was still wearing AMC- was removed two weeks later.
It was registered 7Q-YMS for Professional Aviation, which was run by Mike Snow. 7Q-YMS was operated from Pointe Noir and Lanseria, nature of the missions has never been revealed.
On April 1st, 1998, the CL-44 was taken over by the Congo Brazza Government and registration TN-235 was allocated. But never applied. The machine suffered a hard landing at Brazza, hitting the runway with no.3 engine/prop which became unservicable.
Since then the CL44 has been WFU at Brazzaville, but in full pressurized and electrical condition.
The confusion with c/n 25 is understandable since this CL44 has worn the TN-AFP reg for a short while.
Detailed info on all 39 CL-44's can be found on my website www.cl44.com "

Peter added details on c/n 25:
"According to my info N103BB c/n 25 became EL-WLL in Oct.1997, full TLC livery, later impounded at Johannesburg - Starwelt TLC titles removed - became then TN-AFP (reg was carried, Red TLC c/s, no titles - then 9U-BHI, had cheatline changed to light blue - then 9Q-CTS and operated bij Enterprise World , Mike Snow again, with EWA titles and itcrashed shortly after take-off from Mbuji Mayi, Congo on 17Feb02."

And on c/n 24: ".. it also carried the registration 9U-BHI, falsely used by Mike Snow to get the
CL-44 out of Greensboro. Immediately after arrival in Sharjah this tailnumber was removed.
That is why most people mix up c/n 24 with c/n 25!"


Update! The following was read on www.cl44.com/cl44/Survivors.htm:
"A very sad confirmation was send us at 30 march (2009?) by Michel Huart:
'I went to BZV on 26th augustus 2008 and the CL-44 was already scrapped!!!
Just a few pieces of fuselage remained on the ground . In my opinion, it was scrapped mid july-begin august 2008.' Sad end!!!"

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