Unidentified Propliners at Chino's
Planes of Fame museum



Need some help here... part of the outside display at this museum, which seems to resemble a dump, with various aircraft showing years of neglect, contain a few mysteries... this DC-3 to start with.

Some of these are hard to identify...
Top left is a ConvairLiner, N138CA CV440 c/n 63
Top right en Below left: Martin AM-1 Mauler 122403.
Below right is an unidentified DC-3 forward fuselage.

Lawrence Safir came across it in 2006 and was able to photograph it from another angle.
Aad van der Voet of OldWings.nl suggested "..I would suggest N213MA c/n 7320.
This was reported at Chino in Aug99, Mar00 and in 2001 as a fuselage, bare metal, reportedly with MARC / Dave Tallichet. I think the cockpit section was first reported at Chino in 2003, so this appears to be a likely candidate."
"There are conficting reports about the whereabouts of this DC-3 after it disappeared from Herlong Field at Jacksonville in about 1993.
The DC-3 book (the Aug99 sighting was quoted from Air-Britain's DC-3 book) and Bob Ogden's books do indeed put it at the Mid-America Air Museum in Liberal,KS, but Joe Baugher reports it at Inyokern, CA...
I have another note (source unknown) which also says Inyokern, at one of Dave Tallichet's Specialty Restaurants!
This would tie in nicely with a later move to his compound at Chino. Perhaps it was at Inyokern for a short while only?
But it's all very vague... I would certainly appreciate some actual sightings for N213MA for the 1994-1999 period
Anyway, like I said, it still seems to be a likely candidate for your cockpit section, because it definitely was at Chino by Mar00 (with photoproof in 2001)."
Graham Robson is less hopeful: "I would doubt this DC-3 nose section is N213MA... When I photographed N213MA in Oct99 it was a complete fuselage, with nose cone and other airframe parts stored alongside, all intact, but dismantled. It was located in the back lot of Tallichet's MARC (Chino) compound, alongside the Bolingbroke airframes, Indian Ajeet jets and other bits and pieces, with the C-123 outside the hangar airside."
Graham added: "I have seen and photographed the DC-3 forward fuselage in your report in the Planes of Fame storage yard a couple of times, both times in and amongst many other airframe parts (which included the Convair and Mauler), these were at the time that N213MA was in Tallichet's yard...
These are two entirely separate and un-connected organisations."

Unfortunately the museum itself is extremely difficult to reach and proved useless in this research.
After my visit I checked the website for contact details and found their 'web form' disabled, even  3 months after my visit. The curator (Ed Malone?)  has a part time job and the switchboard (giftshop) could not tell me his email adress...
I got thrown back to the telephone menu directory a few times; very frustrating when calling from overseas.
I tried to subscribe to the museum's webforum, but whatever name I tried it said such username was already in use. Obviously they don't want new members.
I hope they take better care of their planes than with the inquiries from the public...

The above Lockheed Harpoon has no markings and I would like to know its identity...

My own notes offered for a possibility: N6012, as a 2004 report had it as being 'white-washed', all markings removed...
Is this the one: N6012 c/n 18-2256 ??? Peter Marson's excellent book The Lockheed Twins (Air-Britain, 2001) seem to support this with its remark 'Stored at Chino since Feb81, current'.

Matt Cair wrote me in July 2008:
"Those same Loadstars I have personally photographed many times at CNO. The all silver (bare metal) one, complete with stainless steel exhaust pipe covers, looks the same now as in the photo I took in 1985. Then, as now, there was no registration number on the aircraft.
Sometime in the mid to late 1990s', this particular aircraft was purchaced (or leased) by a Nazi group, or organisation, and wore a Swastika on each rudder (have slide pix!) for a short time before they were removed...
I photographed the camouflaged Loadstar (below) at LGB in the late 1980's, where it was stored before being ferried to CNO. At that time it was wearing a White with Blue & Red trim colors; and it had the remnants of a Lumber, or Lumber Supply, company name over the entry door."


Comments, sightings and/or photos would be welcomed, to help in establishing the identity of these planes.



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Created: 19-Aug-08