Unidentified Luftwaffe Ju-52 at Evsino, Siberia



Steve Kinder sent me this photo in Dec.2008; he wrote: "Found by chance at an airfield named Evinsino in Siberia: a JU-52 of the Luftwaffe---------any ideas on identity?"

Junkers transport wreck in Siberia

A reply came quickly:
"The aircraft was delivered to Novosibirsk from the Chita region employees 'Aviarestavratsiya'. The aircraft was transporting goods after the war and made a forced landing in the Sayan Mountains."
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AeroTransport Data Bank

"No further help on the identity, but two more photos here:
It is an ex-Luftwaffe machine that flew for the Soviet Air Force when it crashlanded in the Sayan Mountains.
It was brought to Evsino for restoration, but it seems that not much work has been done on it yet during the past 3.5 years."
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Aad van der Voet


Comments, sightings and/or photos would be welcomed, to help in establishing the identity of these planes.



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Created: 02-dec-2008