Looking for the indentity of TAM-37

We seek help to inditify the construction number (c/n) of this DC-3 / C-47 TAM-37, lying derelict at Trinidad (Beni), Bolivia...
TAM-37 c/n ???

TAM-37 and CP-583 Jonathan Olguin of http://aviaciónboliviana.net made a visit to Trinidad, photographed the surviving hulks of a number of propliners here.
DC-3 TAM-37 (seen here next to CP-583 c/n 9668, facing) has sofar defied identification.
TAM is an abbreviation for Transporte Aéreo Militar. The website www.tam.bo seems to be dead, but here is information on Wikipedia.

Click the above link for Jonathan's report. He wrote about TAM-37: "This was the last C-47 brought to Bolivia, arriving in the mid 60's, the next unit (TAM-38(2) was actually a Basler BT67 conversion, which arrived in 1991!)"



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Created 17-Dec-2008,
Updated 04-Aug-2012