True identity of DC-3 PK-IAJ @Surabaya


Fred de Ruiter asked me to help identify this DC-3 he'd seen at Surabaya, Indonesia on 03Jul10. The tailnumber shows PK-IAJ but he found no mention of it on the internet.
PK-IAJ at Surabaya
I hope someone may be able to identify 'PK-IAJ' EMAIL

Could this be PK-IBA (c/n 12652) reported with faded Bouraq/Bali Air titles in early-2000 at Naval Air Base TNI-LAUT Juanda, Indonesia? Its condition was described as 'wfu, no engines'. Because this aircraft was last reported on 17Jan05 to be near end of runway at Surabaya ('wfu')!
The DC-3 book by Air-Britain (2006) 'The First Seventy Years' has c/n 12652 PK-IBA at Surabaya, reported Mar94-(Jan05).
But PK-IAJ seems clearly readable (failed preservation project?) and what signifies the large 'A' on the tail?

Alexandre Avrane responded (aug.2010):
"These are faked livery and registration. The orange ghost has been repainted in blue, reasons unknown. Compare with:

Obviously same aircraft. Painted as Aviantara Air which never existed as a virtual airline for a full-size crash exercise in 10/08, see also:


16Apr2011 Russell Legg wrote me:
Please note the following in relation to solving the mystery surrounding 'PK-IAJ' at Juanda International Airport, Surabaya Indonesia.

The DC3 at the centre of the mystery is indeed PK-IBA (please see strong evidence in relation to the continued existence of the upper wing registration letters). I photographed the remains of this airframe at Juanda International Airport Surabaya on 14Apr11.
As you can see the airframe has been cut up and is now strewn over a 10 sq m area close to the approach tollway adjacent to the airport. The airframe although very faded, still clearly shows evidence of having been painted with the orange and green colouring of the airport airport security escort confirmed that:

1. The airframe was previously used for aircraft evacuation simulations and was positioned for may years towards the eastern end of the main runway.
2. The airframe was used for the major aircraft evacuation simulation 'Exercise Alpha' held on 30Oct08 (as evidenced by the date being clearly painted on the fuselage (see pic).
3. The airframe was previously painted with 'Alpha Air' & 'Aviantara Air' titles in relation to aircraft evacuation simulation activities.
4. This airframe was replaced around two years ago with Hawker Siddeley HS748-2A PK-IHJ (also ex Bouraq/Bali Air) in time for the fourth major aircraft evacuation simulation exercise that the airport has hosted: 'Exercise Delta'. PK-IHJ was 'positioned' to the eastern end of the runway and is still on its wheels, with engines fitted but no propellors.
5. In preparation for 'Exercise Delta' PK-IHJ was painted with registration 'EX-DLT', with 'Delta Air' titles, a variation to the former Bali Air tail logo and also has Boeing 737-900ER inscriptions! See Photos by Friends & Guests 28

I noted with interest the reaction of the security escort as I dislodged a large python nesting among a pile of wing sections!

DC-3 Surabaya
PK-IAJ at Surabaya


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