Please help to solve the mysteries of their identities:



C-47 WW2 or Korean War?

Phil Brooks forwarded me a photo sent by Mike Myers, who'd written him: "..know anyone who is sharp with WW2 stuff? This photo is a picture of my grandfather in Italy next to his C-47; he just crashed landed there after loosing an engine over the mountains.
My brother is building a C-47 model and wants to paint it up like 'Praire Dog', Grandpa's plane.
He's trying to figure out what the emblem is that is circled in yellow.
Do you know, or know if anyone that might have an idea? "

I notice there are no large numbers or lettering near the cockpit. This is what I read in Air-Britain's 'DC-1, DC-2, DC-3 - The First Seventy Years' (Volume 1):
"USAAF/USAF Unit Identification Codes"
"The system used by the USAAF, which started in 1942 and evolved from that used by the US Army Air Corps, was fairly simple.
Any units attached to a particular field or basewas part of the Base Unit, coded variously as AAFBU or BAS, but here given as BU. Units which were on active duty and liable to move base had their own system, for example TS or Transport Squadrom under the USAAC became Troop Carrier Squadron in the USAAF.
Not all bases had a BU number, those in Europe had a prefix indicating the country (F for France, G for Germany, etc.) as did those in Japan. Those in Britain had no prefix, but Australian bases had nu number. Those in India and China had BU numbers.
There is no record of any in Africa or Italy."

The (Troop Carrier Squadron or Troop Carrier Group?) badge instead of the BU seems to be used here.

That large navigator radome could tell us something of the C-47 variant: C-47, -A, -B?

I am not enough 'DC-3 educated' to make sense of the above clues. And there is just the name 'Pairie Dog', no nose art, so that makes it a bit more unlikely to find reference online...
I browsed a number of books and googled on DC-3, C-47, Troop Carrier Squadron, TCG, badges, Italy, WW2, Prarie Dog - but found no website which lists WW2 Transport badges that could help identify the unit or Command here.

Suggestions welcomed EMAIL

James Binder suggested this ATC badge...
C-47 ATC bage
... but I have serious doubts..?
There seems to be 3 seperate markings in the bottom half of the badge we're looking for.
But maybe variants in size of the symbols plays a role here:



C-45 unidentidied at Needles,CA by Axel Klegien

In april 2017 Axel 'flyingaxel' Klegien posted this photo on Facebook's Beech 18/C45/AT11/SNB group. Since his posting on Flickr in 2014 it had defied identification. So I have reposted it here with hopes someone will at some point deliver the truth!

Bob Parmerter could not identify it, but responded on that Facebook request a reply with some helpful data:
"Both the location and the Braniff sticker on the right side sounded familiar but checking my files - no trace.
All I can do is narrow down the model a little: it is a WWII production aircraft (as seen by the landing gear & short over wing nacelle).
Ex USAAF C-45A, C-45B, C-45F or AT-7, and after civil certification = C18S."

Braniff never had Beech 18s in theit fleetlist, none of the companies that flew the Braniff name. Perhaps a former Braniff employee put it on his Twin Beech as a tribute?

This photo was provide by Rob 'Cmraseye' Olewinski, it shows the other side of this Twin
Beech, with the Braniff sticker:
Unidentified Beech C18S at Needles



Rolf Larsson sent me a 'mystery candidate' (MAR.2017), in the category what happened to it..?

LN-FOF, fate???
Rolf wrote:"I have a problem with the fate of another Convair, CV340 (c/n 99) SE-GTE which became N14CD.
I don´t believe that the ultimate fate of this aircraft has come to light, any offers ? I am posting two pictures of it, the picture of LN-FOF (above) when it was flying for Fred Olsen was taken by me at Oslo-Fornebu airport on
22July1976 and the picture blelow of it as SE-GTE when flying for ScanBee; it was taken by Tommy Lakmaker
at Stockholm-Arlanda on 26 September 1977."

Convar SE-GTE: fate?
When checking online I found on this Convair CV340-22 c/n 99:
'Braniff N3428 - Fred Olsen Transport LN-FOF - Scan-Bee SE-GTE - Leasco Financial Corp N14CD - ultimate fate ?'

Rolf added: "Regarding SE-GTE/N14CD, I have never learned what really happened to the aircraft.
I have seen reports of it as being stored (in Texas?), but nothing more.
However I have never seen any pictures of it in the USA, except for the pictures taken in the Miami area after arrival from Sweden. Presumably scrapped... but not in the Miami area!"

George Armstrong provided the following, including its ultimate fate-

'FRED OLSEN FLYGVESELSKAP, LN-FOF, 16Sep68. Delivered to Oslo-OSL, 31Oct68
Delivered to Fields at Castle Donington Airport, England, for overhaul
Delivered to VXO, 23 Dec 76. (Am assuming VXO is IATA code for Växjö Kronoberg, Sweden - ICAO ESMX - RL)
Sold to B.GRAFSTROM, N14CD, 11Mar80. Swedish registrationn canx 28Feb80
Delivered ex VXO-KEF-YYR-FLL 12Apr80.
Stored at Ft Lauderdale,FL-FLL
Leased to AIR PRIORITY, Feb. 1982. Ceased operations.
Returned to LEASCO FINANCIAL CORP 18May82. Curent in 1989
W.F.U & Scrapped at Ft. Lauderdale.
Canx from USCR, 4 Jun 13.'

This thread started by Rolf Larsson prompted Ron Mak (his Vintage Propliners here on my ONE - TWO - THREE) to contribute several fine photos in support of msn 99's history and fate.
CV340 LN-FOF at Schiphol, by Ron Mak
Fred Olsen LN-FOF seen at Amsterdam's Schiphol on 27Feb1970

Sightings at Fort Lauderdale by Ron Mak of CV340 N14CD:
CV340 N14CD at KFLL, by Ron Mak

These dates 1980 and 1981 may well have been the last sightings; scrapped at some point after that, alas..
Cline Newland reported: "Didn't log it on 25th September 1982. Did log it 13th October 1980."
So scrapped between 27Nov81 (below) and 25Sep82 ! Or was it really scrapped...

CV340 N14CD at KFLL, by Ron Mak

George Armstrong wrote (march 2017):
"N14CD was reg'd to Leasco Financial Corp., Reno, Nevada, on 18May82, having returned from lease to AIR PRIORITY, whom it was registered to.
It was cancelled from Register on 04Jun2013, still reg'd to L.F.C, its registration having expired.
L.F.C applied for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1985. Some big scandel, so the aircraft may have been grounded for years. Somewhere in my vast aviation information it was still current at FLL in 1989.
Just surmising from vague info on internet."

There is some (reasonable) doubt an aircraft in such state is scrapped just like that..

Alexandre Avrane: "N14CD appeared to be in perfect conditions (with propellers attached) when pictured at FLL. It was never reported on the scrap dump at FLL. Hard to believe it was broken up almost overnight and not, at a minimum, reused as a parts donor for some time...
More probably sold to some dubious new owner and became a drug runner.

One possibility (but there may be many others) is Convair CP-1764 which was noted freshly painted at FLL in 5/82, c/n unknown. N14CD was reported sold on 18/5/82. If correct this may (conditional again) have been sunk off Sonesta Island, Aruba.
While illegal use is certainly a likely scenario, N14CD becoming CP-1764 was found to be unlikely-
Stef Bailis: "N14CD has the pimple-like radome, while CP-1764 has the large radome."
And Aad van der Voet: "Also, SE-GTE/N14CD still had the original twin round Convair 340 engine exhausts, whereas CP-1764's engines have the single rectangular Convair 440 exhaust.
Nevertheless Alexandre's comment does make sense. Any other candidates...?"






In a recent posting (march 2017) on Facebook I came across a location I did not know offered vintage planes:
Lobo Wing of Commemmorative Air Force (CAF) at Moriarty, New Mexico

Lobo Wing (CAF) at Moriarty, New Mexico
Screen dump of their website

Facebook page for Beech 18/ C45/ AT11/ SNB Group had a posting (16/3/17) by David White: "Ran across this in Moriarty,NM a couple of days ago. It is behind the CAF Restoration hanger.
No one around so I was unable to learn anything about it."
A photo was included:
Unidentified Beech at Moriarty,NM (CAF)
Scott Witschger (AT-11 Project Manager, CAF Lobo Wing) wrote me in resposne to a query on 21Mar17:
"The hulk pictured was donated to us by Loren Buss in the condition you see. He used it and one other to restore N15KK back to AT11 configuration.
I have searched the hulk for any identification, but without the spar data plate I have no idea what it was.
He donated a second hulk which is mostly just a spar and center section. We have it inside because it is one of our guides for reassembling the center section. It does have a data plate on the spar but the original serial number has been restamped and now reads 65.41.16. Type is AT-11-BH and the contract number is 19608.
I don't know if these provide any help in identifying the plane.
These two hulks have already contributed to restoring one AT-11 and are now giving their last to getting another one flying. We should all have such a good ending!"

While the identity of this Twin Beech 'future project' as yet remains a mystery [EMAIL], Bob Parmerter provided the history of the Beech AT-11 with the Lobo Wing (see website screendump, top):
'This is a WWII veteran, AT-11 41-9451 (c/n 877).
It is being restored by the CAF Lobo Wing at Moriarty.
Delivered 21Jan42 to the Bombardier Training School, Albuquerque, NM. It was sold as surplus in Jan46 for $3,178 as NC52845.
Fifteen civil owners later it has been under restoration here since 2004.
Undated photo of it as N320A via MAP here below.'
Beech AT-11 N320A, Bob Parmerter collection




David Lehman reached out to the 'Beech 18' forum (Yahoo) for help and Bob Parmerter offered some; perhaps more information will be forthcoming this publication (EMAIL)

Beech 18 N8042H
Bob wrote in reply to David's email (below): "I don’t have a definitive answer as to the fate of N8042H but
some history is added (further below) and a nice color scan of it from a Larry Smalley slide.
Larry and Billl Larkins often traded images (Bill shot B&W) and Larry color slides."

David Lehman wrote: "Does anyone know where the final resting place of N8042H, c/n 6572 is/was?
There's a picture of it on The picture was taken by Bill Larkins in front of my Dad's shop in Concord,CA.

My Dad bought some surplus C-45s from Lackland AFB and I think this was one of them...
If it's the one I think it is, Dad converted it and sold it to Vern Johnson.
I think it's the only one Dad converted as the market for 18s turned out to be soft and I remember the remaining C-45s going for scrap!
N8042H was last registered to Donn Harling in Sherman Oaks, CA and the NTSB accident page shows it damaged at Van Nuys in 1967.
I'd like to think it is a survivor, but it's not very likely..?"

Bob Parmerter offered the following:
"There was a mix-up with the c/n on CAA/FAA paperwork, the correct number (ties in with the military serial on the paperwork and in Beech files) is c/n 8523.
C/n 6572 was actually 43-35834, a C-45F that suffered an accident on 11Mar49 at Bolling Field and reclamation (disposal) was completed on 06Jun49. There is no record of it ever becoming civil registered."

From Bob's files-
History of 8523
C-45F 44-87264 USAAF Delivered to 610 Base Unit, Eglin Fld 19Jun45.
Then to Air Proving Ground, Eglin. Reclamation approved at Hill AFB Oct54.
USAF Hill AFB sold to Gene Hughes Drug Co, Sacramento, CA BS 12Oct56 for $5,919.19 as C18S N8042H [with correct USAF serial but erroneous c/n 6572].
E.P. Hughes, Sacramento, CA BS 12Oct56.
Vern R. Johnson Inc, Danville, CA BS 18Oct56. CofA 23Jan57 (2,953 hrs TT).
Photographed by Bill Larkins at Buchanan Field, Concord, CA in Jun57 along with a batch of other surplus 18s.
Baker Aircraft Sales Inc, Long Beach, CA BS 4Apr58.
John W. & Mary W. Dorr, Orinda, CA BS 10Jun58.
Publishers Art Inc (Pres Edwin A. Schnepf), North Hollywood, CA BS 10Jul65.
Donn Harling & John Grimes, Sherman Oaks, CA BS 30Sep66.
Damaged when the main gear retracted on landing at Van Nuys, CA on 16Jan67. No injuries.
Repossessed by Publishers Art Inc in Feb67. Registration revoked 19Jun71.
--Bob Parmerter (Historian), Beechcraft Heritage Museum, Tullahoma,TN




David Bernshouse published this photo on Facebook group 'Beech18/C45' and it seems that this Beech 18 was a bit of a mystery!

Beech 18 mystery bird: N5606NA? David published this image in Oct.2015 with the following comment: 'June 2013, Lake City, SC. sad sight.'

I tried to find the identity of this Beech 18 (C-45?), but could not find any thing on -what I think the tailnumber could be- N5606NA. In the comments someone suggested it was a bogus registration, the aircraft may have been used for illegal activities, such as drugs trafficking; and left behind. David also wrote that on a revisit in August 2015 the aircraft seemed no longer present. It still showed at Google Maps though, Google Earth too (parked near two buildings).

John Meneely posted on Facebook's Beech 18/C45 Group (14Mar2016): The number '392' is clearly visible at the top of the fin (on the photograph of mine)". On below photograph I had noticed a number, but could not read it. A new lead!


Here's a photo dating back to Dec.2012; it seems to have lost parts rapidly. The text does not help in establishing its identity, the author/photographer also noted that N5606NA was a fake identity, but suggested it could be UC-45J N5606 (BuNo.89481). I could find no images online of Beech 18 N5606. Anyone? Beech 18 with fake registration N5606NA Marion is not that far from Lake City; so any seizure because of illegal activity must be of relative recent date. Why can't I find anything about it online?

Bob Parmerter wrote: "it was speculated that it might be UC-45J N5606 (BuNo 89481), but as we can see, this is definitely an E18S model (distinctive eyebrow window & high cabin).
The paint scheme is out of the ordinary, so I’ve looked at hundreds of my E18S scans & slides without finding any matches...
Also looked at E18S models that have been confiscated but no luck there either. There are no E18S models currently registered in South Carolina or any likely ones registered in nearby states. To be continued."

Robert Parmerter published the following on Yahoo's 'Beech18' Group in March 2016:
"It has finally been identified as 1957 E18S BA-294...
Fittingly enough, just as the registrations 'N70B' & 'N5606NA' were false, there seems to be no relevance for the number '392' on top of the fin!
History as follows and thanks to long-time Beech 18 Facebook page contributor, Trevor Kildow, who managed to crack the case!
BA-294 E18S N54S CofA 15Jul57.
Currey Sanders Aircraft Co, Shreveport, LA BS 19Jul57.
Wheless Drilling Co, Shreveport, LA BS 6Nov57.
Registration N24S reserved 02May77 but no taken up.
John R. Webster, Shreveport, LA BS 6Jul77.
Richard L. Burger BS 20Sep78 for $20,000.
Found abandoned 08Mar81 with left wheel in a ditch at Cox's Air Strip, SC by officer of the Horry County Police Dept with 1,840 lbs of marijuana on board (worth $800,000) & false regis 'N70B' applied to aircraft.
It had an extra fuel tank just aft of the cockpit.
Transferred to South Carolina Aeronautics Commission whose registration application 27Apr81 was not completed, as no court forfeiture order was submitted.
Photographed at Marion Co Arpt, SC 9Oct95 with bogus registration 'N5606NA'.
Donated to the North American Aviation Institute (NAAI), for training.
Registration N54S canx 30Jun11.
NAAI suspended operations & it was bought & taken to Lake City, SC; photograph of it there taken June 2013. Photographed near Myrtle Beach, SC in Feb16.

Update (Nov.2017) found on Facebook ('General Aviation Junkyard') by Ryan Montague: "This used to be at the North American Institute of Aviation, in Conway SC.
It was one of our maintenance airframes.
I think the DEA held the airworthiness on it. We had a picture of it when it was caught and it was green and white with 'Grasshopper' painted in foot tall lettering on the side."



Here are two Beech 18 / C-45 Gerben Groothuis found on a 2015 tour along aviation museums and other preserved vintage aircraft on the US Eastcoast; sofar they also defied identification.
Unidentified Beech 18 Unidentified Be18 (C-45): Beech D18S N51021 (ex/ N4DH, c/n A-260).
18JUL15, at Baltimore-Glenn L. Martin State Airport,MD

Unidentied Beech 18 at Virginia Beach Unidentified Beech 18 (C-45?)
22JUL15 at Virginia Beach Airport,VA

Bob Parmerter, authority on the Beech18, wrote (nov.2015): "The mystery Beech 18 shown disassembled at Virginia Beach Airport,VA could be 1953 UC-45J N67252 c/n 5494 (FAA has bogus c/n listed); reg’d to John M. Willliams, Virginia Beach.
On 08Sep2012 it went into a ditch (left gear in ditch) while taxiing at Suffolk,VA.
Photo of that accident shows it in white overall finish with a thin red mid-fuselage cheat line. Right l/g undamaged."
Please read on, as with Nigel Aylmer's information & photos it does seem we have another candidate!

And the theory that we need to look at a different airframe than Bob suggests is enforced by an email from Nigel Hitchman (submitted in Feb.2017): "I've also found a picture of the aircraft that Bob Parmerter mentions as has 'crashed' into a ditch at Suffolk, VA; this is here-
Beech N67252 ran into a ditch

I think from the picture this is clearly not the aircraft at Virginia Beach, there is no sign of any red cheatline and the painted out registraion on the Beech 18 at Virginia Beach is in a different place to where its painted on N67252...
See also
So I think this further suggests the disassembled 'mystery' Beech 18 is N6712M, painted as N67123, although it doesn't really confirm it a 100%."

Nigel Aylmer sent me the following on this unidentified Beech 18 / C-45:
"I visited Virginia Beach 24Nov15 . The Beech 18 was still on a pallet outside. Hope somebody can confirm its
identity from these pictures of L/H side. It does not seem to be the one Bob suggests. Under the paint, and
from the 3 numbers on the nose, it appears to be N67123 but can't find a Beech 18 for this N-number!
Hope this helps".
Scroll further down for further info on its identity...
Beech 18 at Virginia Beach 2015 by Nigel Aylmer

Beech 18 at Virginia Beach 2015 by Nigel Aylmer

Beech 18 at Virginia Beach 2015 by Nigel Aylmer

Beech 18 at Virginia Beach 2015 by Nigel Aylmer
About N6712(.) seems little doubt; that last one looks like a '3' and this seems confirmed by the figures on the nose..?
I stumbled on a UC-45J N6712M (US Navy BuNo.67123) on which offers on information:
BEECH UC-45J 67123 Constructed as an UC-45J. 05Dec1968 - To Mississippi State University, State College, MS
as N6712M (UC-45J, 67123). And on 25 May 1976 - Civil registration N6712M cancelled.
On Joe Baugher's website I found: "Beech SNB-2 Navigator 67123 (MSN 4301) ex AT-7 42-43498,
transferred to US Navy. Remanufactured by Beech as SNB-5 ca.1954. Redesignated UC-45J. To N6712M."
>>In spite of its registry as N6712M it seems 'N67123' was actually painted on it!





Mike Bursell sent me this image (taken 28Sept2014) as an update to my Coolidge,Az 2008 report. This cockpit of an unidentified Lockheed C-130 Hercules is a recent (2010?) addition at Coolidge.

C-130 Hercules cockpit at Coolidge

A question by Graham Robson on Facebook's AMARC INFO led to solving this little mystery, now id'd with
photos over the years and reactions by the members of the FB group!

Derelict forward fuselage C-130 at Coolidge,AZ
Graham Robson in AMARC INFO "I shot the first photo at Williams-Gateway in October 1995, and the others
at Coolidge in April this year (first time I'd seen it there). Is it the same nose section ?"
Others joined in, e.g. Martyn Swann: "C-130 58-0729 cockpit was l/n at Coolidge - so a reasonable bet!"
Examining the faded numbers closely in photos taken later and the spraylat m/s led to a positive identification.

In Oct.2017 I revisited Coolidge and you'll find this cockpit featured in MY REPORT




Ron Mak sent me these 2 images taken at Managua IAP, Nicaragua in 1980; he wrote: "I've sent you 2 images of
DC-6s which I photographed on 04Nov1980.
I am unable to find anything on these Sixes. Quite possibly the tailnumber AN-MEG was fake, but I think YN-BWZ could have been the real thing - yet I cannot find anything on it.
Perhaps one of your readers is able to shed any light on the identities, the operator, their fate..?!"

YN-BWZ DC-6 in Nicaragurua 1980 by Ron Mak
DC-6 YN-BWZ, @Managua (1980). That round badge which has been removed may hold a clue?
A good theory of that scrubbed logo can be read below, made by Alexandre Avrane.


AN-MEG DC-6 in Nicaragurua 1980 by Ron Mak
DC-6 AN-MEG, Nicaragua (1980)

The online database has a listing of both YN-BWZ & AN-MEG, but with few details.
Aeronica (=Aerolineas Nicaraguenses, based Managua and operated 1981-1992) was listed to have operated 1 Douglas DC-6A (YN-BWN c/n ?) and 3 DC-6B/F's (YN-BFO c/n 45324 - YN-CBE c/n ? - YN-BWZ c/n ? 'to Trans Dominican Airways TRADO and fate as 'disposed').

And AN-MEG does have a listing at, but c/n ? and operator 'private users in Nicaragua'; which raises suspicious thoughts about its use in my cynical mind! No 'fate' except 'disposed'; could have been ditched during an illegal transport, rotting at the bottom of the sea or at some hidden airstrip in the jungle...

Eduard Sorokin was first to reply:

1) I consider, both planes - YN-BWZ and AN-MEG - to have valid registrations.
2) Their owner is not AERONICA (which was only established in 1981), but LANICA CARGO (Líneas Aéreas de Nicaragua) airline (both DC-6s are cargo versions, almost without passenger windows).
And YN-BWZ has the 'Cargo' title on fuselage.

My conclusion is confirmed by this plane list:
Note the upper part of far left column, it mentions both these aircraft I consider, this is the list of planes, shown in videos from this DVD:
Possibly, there are more details on those planes in this videos.
(Note: the video was compiled from work both by Ron and his brother Chris Mak and the footage may well depict these images we have as subject-Webmaster)
Evidently these DC-6s belonged to LANICA CARGO.

Here is some more infirmation:
- By March 1975, LANICA's fleet consisted of two Convair 880s, three C-46s and four DC-6s that served a route network including domestic services, as well as international passenger and cargo services to Mexico City, Miami and San Salvador. See also the Wikileaks document of 19Aug1976, below.
- At May 1981, the airline had a fleet of two Boeing 727-100s, three C-46s and one DC-6 (other DC-6 was probably crashed, or written off, or sold somewhere).
This document mentions "TWO CARGO DC-6'S"; these could well be YN-BWZ and AN-MEG.

I also found 2 Ebay auctions with LANICA DC-6 aircraft (sadly, not titled 'CARGO') images today:
- DC-6B AN-BFM, February 1975
DC6 AN-BFM Lanica
Lanica DC6 AN-BFO

Based on the above reaction I checked and found for Lanica Cargo:
DC-6 N74841 (c/n 43056, leased from private users in USA - fate: destroyed)
DC-6/F AN-AMI (c/n 43058, ex/ N90894, to Hemisphere Aircraft Lsng, fate: scrapped)
DC-6B/F YN-BVI (c/n 44117, ex/ CC-CDH - fate scrapped in Panama, 1983)
DC-6B AN-BFM (c/n 45175, ex/ N93120 - rereg to N9920A, fate obscure)
DC-6B/F AN-BHB (c/n 45216, ex/N6580C - to Altas Modas, scrapped)
DC-6B/F AN-BFN (c/n 45322, ex/N93126 - to Altas Modas, destroyed)
DC-6B/F AN-BFO (c/n 45324, ex/N93127 - to Altas Modas, destroyed)

With AN-BFM and AN-BFO accounted for and in above images not resembling Ron Mak's Sixes, we have remaining as candidates:

  • DC-6 N74841
  • DC-6/F AN-AMI
  • DC-6B/F YN-BVI ((but cancel YN-BVI due to below update by Ron Mak)
  • DC-6B/F AN-BHB (but cancel AN-BHB due to below update by Ron Mak)
  • DC-6B/F AN-BFN
  • Lanica (Lineas Aéreas de Nicaragua) based Nicaragua, Managua; operated 1946-1981.

    Alexandre Avrane ( offered the following:
    "Ref DC-6 YN-BWZ, I would hazard that the scrubbed logo on tail is from Exaco, e.g.:
    Lanica Cargo DC-6 mystery

    [Source: or ]

    "Exaco used TI-ALS (45059) and TI-ALW (43530), but could have operated more: TI-AOQ (44259/475), TI-AQQ (45059/704) and TI-ARM (44652/610) are unconfirmed candidates.
    Ref DC-6 AN-MEG, can someone with better knowledge than me tell if this is a DC-6A or a C-118?"

    Some fleet information I found among my books:

    Lanica World Airline Fleets 1979

    Lanica World Airline Fleets 1981

    Ron Mak sent me two images of DC-6 AN-BHB (c/n 45216), to be discounted too as candidates for above 'mysteries':
    DC-6 AN-BHB at Antigua by Ron Mak
    DC-6 AN-BHB at Antigua Int'l Airport 04Jun1980

    DC-6 AN-BHB at Antigua by Ron Mak
    Douglas DC-6 AN-BHB at Antigua Int'l Airport, 12Nov1981; by this time AN-BHB had been seized.

    DC-6 YN-BVI aog at Panama (wfu) by Ron Mak
    YN-BVI is another Six we can cancel from the candidates, as Ron noticed it a short while later
    at Panama Tocuman Airport, 13Nov1980, showing the result of some misfortune.

    So we should now consider this shortlist:

    • DC-6 N74841 - this DC-6 was damaged beyond repair on dinsdag 24Jan1967, Oakland,CA (ASN report)
    • DC-6/F AN-AMI - image but is date unknown (@Managua airport). C/n 43058 career: N90894 - VH-INW - AN-AMI - N90894 - YS-03C (and reportedy scrapped as such in 1975 [source]). YS-03C AESA 1974 image. This image seems to lack the number of windows for c/n 43058 to be a candidate for AN-MEG.
    • DC-6B/F AN-BFN - image 1976. In 1979 c/n 45322 overran runway the runway at Charleston,WV while the aircraft was carrying about 20000lb of marijuana on board. No doubt it was seized, then what ? Two images of AN-BFN does show the (Lanica) cheatline changed from red to blue: 1976 (blue) & red (1970). Bob Garrard has an image on Flickr and wrote the following: "Douglas DC-6B(F) (cn 45322/939) Returning from an engine run up, this aircraft was destroyed in a crash in West Virginia on 6/6/79 with a later operator. Taken 5/76." So it can also be discounted as a candidate for Ron's images.

    • In short we have exhausted our candidates which are commonly known as Lanica's aircraft!

    Help if you can! EMAIL




    Phil Brooks went to South Bend and reported this nice setting!

    Barfly - South Bend

    Barfly at South Bend

    Phil wrote (27Mar15):
    "Thanks to Dave Powell’s heads-up email recently, I was prepared when I landed at SBN on Tuesday morning from Chicago O'Hare.  'Bar Fly' has two locations, one in the gate area, and one outside Security. 
    Here are some photos.

    South Bend International Airport (IATA: SBN, ICAO: KSBN) is 3 miles northwest of South Bend, in St. Joseph County, Indiana.
    Formerly South Bend Airport and South Bend Regional Airport, it is the state's second busiest airport in terms of commercial traffic after Indianapolis International Airport. [Wikipedia]

    Anyone with a suggestion to its former identity? EMAIL It seems the DC-3 / C-47 cockpit was 'found' in a desert north of Los Angeles, where it spent many years of outdoor storage.
    Perhaps it originates from the El Mirage 'Aviation Warehouse'?




    Grumman S-2 Tracker at Polk City,FL
    Grumman S-2 Tracker '6' at Polk City,FL (03NOV11).
    Need more details on its identity!
    Photos made and sent by Gerben Groothuis; help welcomed!


    Unmarked C-123 at AMARC
    An unmarked Fairchild C-123 Provider at Tucson's AMARC scrapyards in Arizona (18DEC10).

    The C-123 fuselage in the yard at Tucson is 54-0661, one of two airframes brought of storage in 1994 for potential work in Africa, the other was 54-0706. 
    Both were stripped to bare metal, but nothing came of this. 
    '706 was subsequently destroyed in the making of Con-Air, when it was blown up imitating a crash landing into a hotel lobby. 
    I know these facts to be true as, over a number of years, I spent many days crawling around the yard and spending time carefully documenting ‘clues’ on each airframe and re-checking against pictures of the frames when they had paint on and were easier to identify. 
    The story was told on a fellow Dutchman’s web site.

    Here are some photos Graham sent me (Jan.2017):
    C-123 40661
    "This C-123 is 54-0661, one of two airframes brought of storage in 1994 for potential work in Africa, the other
    was 54-0706.  Both were stripped to bare metal but nothing came of this." DMI Oct.1995 

    C-123 40661
    Allied Salvaging yard, Oct.1996

    C-123 40661
    C-123 40661 again, in Oct.1997

    C-123 40706
    "C-123 40706 was subsequently destroyed in the making of Con-Air, when it was blown up imitating
    a crash landing into a hotel lobby."

    C-123 'N709RR'
    C-123 40706 / 'N709RR' as a movie prop in Conair.
    Joe Baugher:"54-706 (MSN 20155) converted to C-123K. To MASDC as CP072 4/19/1982.
    To civilian registry as N94DT. Reg'd November 1995 to Military Aircraft Restoration of Anaheim, CA as N94DT.
    Parts of this aircraft were used in the crash scenes in the movie 'Conair'."

    Graham Robson wrote me about the C-123's all marked 'N709RR' a few years ago HERE...
    See also "C-123 N709RR of All West Freight crashed into Mount Healy (Alaska) on 01Aug10.
    All three occupants perished, including the All West Freight owner .. on USA 2014 - Alaska"



    C-47 at Tamiami 2003 requires identification
    Douglas C-47 at Kendall-Tamiami,FL (23OCT03). Its identity?

    Nicolai Musante emailed me the answer in Jan.2017:

    "This is most certainly C-117D N9663N" See:,_FLL_Fort_Lauderdale,_FL_(Fort_Lauderdale-Hollywood_International_Airport),_USA_PP1260566161.jpg

    And now I would like to know what happened to this nose section..? Surely it wasn't scrapped!!! EMAIL

    More on this C-117D c/n 43385 on Photos by Friends & Guests (42) and Questions & Answers, look for 'Gary Larkins'...
    Here is a 1991 photo, on Flickr by 'eLaReF' ; note that the tailnumber is handwritten on the aircraft.

    And here are a few images by Graham Robson (sent Jan.2017):

    C-117D N9663N, by Graham Robson
    Graham wrote: "Nicolai got to answer this one before I could, correctly identifying the C-117D noted at Tamiami. 
    I photographed it in the state you show on your site, and again in April 2006, when it had been repainted in period
    Pan Am style m/s.  It was owned by a local ex Pan Am pilot, a friend of my good buddy Charlie Clements.  Not sure where it has gone now, but I would not be surprised if it resides in the Wings over Miami air museum, outside of
    which it had been parked on the trailer for a few years."


    C-47 / Opa Locka,FL 30DEC97
    An unmarked C-47 at Opa Locka,FL on 30DEC97
    Gerben thinks this one could be N123D, a C-47A which started its career as 43-15304.

    STATUS: SOLVED? (or: 'a serious candidate'..)

    C-47 / Opa Locka,FL 30DEC97
    And another unidentified C-47 at Opa Locka,FL on 30DEC97
    Gerben noticed that the colourscheme seems similar to the DC-6 5Y-BMM, which was parked at
    Opa Locka for a long time with 'Sincereways'-titles.

    Jim Tomlinson wrote me in Oct.2014: "I visited Opa Locka on 06Feb98, a few days after the airfield was struck
    by a tornado which caused extensive damage. There was a wrecked DC-3 upside down, all white with red and green cheatlines. I presume this is the one in Gerben's photo. I have never managed to track down this DC-3.

    For completeness and perhaps elimination, I also logged this day the following (besides Gerben's unmarked
    primer DC-3): N81B N783T N8099 N688EA N15MA N123DZ N212DD N505C (the latter wrecked)

    Mark Fidler wrote me in May 2015:"This is the Sincereways color DC-3 from Opa Locka airport shortly
    after your picture was taken (see below). It was involved in a wind storm and flipped onto its back. I never did see a registration number on it."

    Jim Tomlinson sent me an update in Jan.2017: "Checking out DC-3 pics taken earlier in 1996 at Opa Locka, I found one of N4797H c/n 25623 on the following page: or, a photo by Gerard Helmer.
    The aerials and window configuration of N4797H seem to match the 'Sincereways' unknown DC-3...
    Also the last owner of N4797H was Legion Express, who also owned the DC-6 before it became 5Y-BMM.
    I also note that I did not note the previously stored N4797H as present at Opa Locka during my visit in 2/97 when I observed the wrecked 'Sincereways' DC-3.
    However, one problem is N4797H has been quoted as the gate guard at the Fantasy of Flight Museum, but so has the more likely N600RC ! Not sure if the true identity was ever established?"

    To this latest update I can add from my own records: 'N4797H is tied to c/n 25623/14178.
    The owner Legion Express was never updated from earliest info (mid-1990s), and have a note in my database: Did not see it at KOPF feb99, but did see 2 unmarked ones.
    reported at Polk City Sep98, minus engines; suggested as pos'bly rebuilt from 4 DC-3s, one c/n 2193'.
    And on N600RC (c/n 2193) I have: 'N600RC, Florida Military Aviation Museum/J R Halpin, ex/XB-MIL; at St Petersburgh,FL april 1996. Could be the DC-3 at Fantasy of Flight outside Orlando, unconfirmed, could also be a composite.
    So this all leads to the likely conclusion of N4797H & N600RC (and perhaps other bits & pieces) having made it as one non-flying restoration project at Polk City for the museum.
    Perhaps someone at the museum then or now can confirm this? EMAIL.

    This is, btw, also the theory on online database: 'Ex/ Legion Express; scrapped at Opa Locka (believed moved to Highway I-4 Exit 44 promoting Fantasy of Flight Museum, Polk City, nose in ground, probably mixed with N600RC).'
    Its display at the museum was restored with nose facing upward, somewhere after 1999 I would imagine, noting by images on

    Sincereways DC-3 - looking for its tailnumber
    I would say this one could be classified as 'beyond repair'; but parts may live on in another DC-3.


    Beech C-45, in parts
    Beech C-45H N8283H? At Detroit-Willow Run,MI on 24JUL11

    C-45 GE319 / Cambrai 12JUN83
    The cockpit remains of Beech C-45 of the GE319 at Cambrai (12JUN83)
    Bob Parmerter (author of the authoritive publication 'Beech 18: A Civil & Military History') wrote:
    "I can’t ID the Jun83 French Air Force C-45 with certainty. The only French AF number link to that would be
    C-45F '319' (44-47319 Beech c/n 7699), which operated late 1944 to 20Dec66, when writte off in an accident."

    Then 'eLaReF' explained on the Beech18 Yahoo forum:
    "GE319 is a French training unit, '319 Groupement Ecole-CEAA'. It specialised in twin-engine conversion.
    However... a minor complication is the unit (?) badge which isn't the one that I think of as being GE319's!"

    These photos by Gerben Groothuis were part of a selection which are shared on:
    Photos by Friends & Guests (40)




    Christopher Hoage shared this image in Dec.2014 of a Curtiss C-46 Commando, apparently in use as a house (at one
    time) or a shed in Riverside,CA.

    C-46 Commando as a shed in Riverside
    Its location is on the corner of Rubidoux Avenue and an old ranch road, in Riverside (California).
    It seems that this Curtiss Commando has been here for a long time (20+ years?). Note this update: "According
    to a newspaper article I found, it was placed there in 1947 and has been there ever since!"
    The article: by Hal Durian (dated 24Oct2010).

    Curtiss C-46 Commando as a shed in Riverside, California
    Riverside Fla-Bob Airport is nearby, about 4 miles to the north, across the river. But March Air Reserve Base
    is nearby too, to the south east some 14 miles. And Chino Airport to the west, about 15 miles.
    This C-46 wreck may have come from either one of them..?

    Screendumps from Google Earth to illustrate the location:
    Curtiss C-46 Commando in Riverside,CA

    In April 2018 I went there myself, see my CALIFORNIA 2018 PAGE 2

    Curtiss C-46 Commando in Riverside,CA

    Jim Qualey added: I stumbled across it on 25May87, after a visit to the March AFB museum. Here's one of the shots I took that day. Neighborhood looks different, but I assume it's the same one. How many could there be?
    C-46 Commando in Riverside, California

    This was shared on Facebook, came across it 01Dec2017:
    C-46 in a Riverside garden
    No details on date, etc. (Facebook)


    Fred Wallis returned from travelling in Alaska, july 2014. He sent me this unidentified wreck.
    Wreck at Nome, Alaska

    Taigh Ramey (of Vintage Aircraft Inc, in Stockton,CA) wrote: "It’s a B-25J or H center section. Cool!"

    Wreck at Nome, Alaska
    Fred added later: "It was out on the Tundra for years and they recently hauled it into a museum area."

    Coert Munk drew my attention to an update (june 2014) on the B-25 website
    QUOTE: "From 'B-25 Mitchell in Civil Service' history on this airplane, it is noted as:
    Built as B-25H-1-NA and delivered on Oct. 29, 1943. Assigned in Nov. 1943 to Ladd Field (Fairbanks), AK for, probably, a winter test series at the Cold Weather Experimentation Center.
    No further military record noted.
    Reports that this airframe is an Alaskan wreck and therefore claimed by the U.S. Historical Preservation Museum, Anchorage, AK.
    Registration assigned in 1985 as N58HA but further information not available.



    Paul van der Horst posted this request on Yahoo's DC-3 group and the request for identification is repeated here:
    DC-3 XB-HEW at Brownsville,TX Oct82, by Paul van der Horst
    DC-3 XB-HEW Brownsville october 1982 - anybody knows which DC-3 airframe this is?
    Paul wrote: " Back in October 1982 I visited Brownsville, Texas. One of several DC-3's present carried registration XB-HEW. I cannot find any reference of this aircraft!
    Does anybody has a lead on the construction number of this DC-3? It might of course be fake, having been used for illegal flights...".

    Martin Best wrote: "Just for the record, XB-HEW is not listed in the TAHS Mexican civil aircraft register of 1993."

    Matt Miller solved it soon after posting:
    "I'm pretty certain this is N518DW c/n 4813.
    Still on the FAA register, as a deregistered plane.
    Last with 'CANTU FEDERICO L DBA CH&L AIR SERVICE' of Brownsville , cancelled 19Apr82 as exported to Mexico.
    A photo of N518DW at Aircraft N518DW (Douglas DC-3 c/n 4813) - Photo by Peter Nicholson shows an almost identical colour scheme!"



    Unidentified DC-3
    Tom Singfield sent me this image in July2014 and requested help to identify it.
    He provided the following information: "I have this plain plastic slide, it only has a date on it: April 1977.
    The date is the Kodachrome date stamp.
    The photographer is unknown. Last letter of registration is on the nose 'O'."
    Looks like Africa? Or maybe South America? There seems to be a wingtip on the far right, so perhaps not too isolated, maybe it sits on the outskirts of an airfield.
    There is what looks like a bench too, for what it is worth, but it supports the theory it hasn't been left in a remote spot. Perhaps the mecanics rested on it when they took off the engines, the undercarriage (?) and the tailfin.

    Close up:
    Mystery DC-3

    Ferdinand sent me this in response:
    "If I look at the color of the O on the nose, green rather than the  regular black, it makes me think Saudia.
    Then O would lead to HZ-AAO.
    This DC-3 with unknown serial number crashed in Feb 1956 while taking off out of Najran, Saudi Arabia.
    A google map search for the airport shows an empty desert.
    However searching for 'Najran Old airport', a flag in the downtown area appears, which is far greener!
    On the eastern end of the old compound green bushes like in the photo show.
    In the picture the airplane has clearly been canibalized, the dry climate could have preserved the fuselage easely for the 20 years between the unfortunate take off and the picture.
    No further proof of this theory."
    Tom wrote in response: "I have two slides of Saudi Daks, neither of their very different cheat lines match the mystery plane.The dates of these two Saudia slides are Jun69 and Jul76."

    Martin Pole sent me the following in Oct.2014:"Tom Singfield and I have discussed this at length and we are both happy with its conclusion:
    This is a former Nigerian Air force C-47 that was badly damaged during the Nigerian Civil War/Biafran War at Escravos, some repairs were carried out to enable a flight back to Lagos. The aircraft was thought never to have flown again after this single flight and was left abandoned.

    The image provided gives many clues to this C-47’s identity: The ‘O’ on the nose is actually a ‘Q’, Therefore the identity is ‘AAQ’ c/n 9874 (ex 5N-AAQ).
    Above the letter ‘Q’ on the remaining lower half of the nose is the small faded green triangle that formed  the start of the cheat line, this green ‘triangle’ is underlined by a faded yellow pinstripe.
    Photographic evidence supports that the complete nose section carried this narrow stripe while in service. 

    The paint work had deteriorated and eroded  during the eight year period of abandonment revealing some markings from its  historical past.
    The three green strips that are above the main cheat line just to the rear of the cockpit windows are from civilian airline service with Cyprus Airways, as G-AKGX.




    Jürgen Scherbarth wrote me in Dec.2011, for this mystery:
    "I found this strange plane in my slide collection. Do you have any idea about the real identity of this ugly looking C-54 conversion?
    The slide must have been taken somewhere in Colombia in 1985."

    Mystery 'plane' in Colombia!
    What is the significance or meaning of the titles 'Aero Descanso'?
    'HJL-27' is probably a poor attempt for a fake registration, but perhaps also a link to the original one?

    EMAIL (please include the link of the page you refer to, thank you!)
    The first theory contibuted is:
    "Aero Descanso DC-4 - 'Descanso' translates as 'resting'
    A sighting in June 1977 at Mosquera, a suburb of Bogota, reported: DC-4 HK-1025 c/n 10432: used as restaurant "El Descazo".
    Could be a typo, possibly in an Aviation Letter from summer 1977.
    Various databases/websites report DC-4 HK-1025 still being used as a restaurant of café. Perhaps that is the plane in your photo.
    A nice touch to this theory is that this would be KLM's PH-TDM, named 'Aalsmeer'..." (-Fred Streep)

    Information in my database shows:
    C/n 10432 - Dlvd to USAAF 20oct44 42-72327; to American Airlines after WW2 registered NC90402; to KLM dec48 PH-TDM, rereg PH-DBM mar54; sold jun55 HK-521 Rutas Aéreas de Colombia (KLM started passenger services for SAM Colombia); sld'68 Taxader Colombia rereg HK-1025.
    After use by Taxader Colombia in 1970s used as restaurant "El Descazo".

    Jürgen wrote in response:
    "In my opinion it must be another DC-4 than HK-1025, because the mystery DC-4 has a bulbous nosecone for radar fitted (similar to several Satena DC-4s) and HK-1025 did not!
    See HK-1025 photo here: or with former registration HK-521:

    The question is now, how many DC-4s have been converted with a radar nose in Colombia...?

    Satena FAC 1105 ( might be one of the candidates."

    Paul van de Horst wrote:
    "On page 26 in the little book 'Air Transport Hulks 86' it is reported as HK-1025, with a somewhat similar photo (different colours, same titles) by Ricky-Dene Halliday.
    Location at that time appears to be somewhere else, reportedly just outside El Dorado airport on the road to Cundinamaica.
    If correct, this would make it an ex-KLM C-54, amongst other identities!"

    This photo, from the above mentioned book, was forwarded to me by Michael Prophet:

    HK-1025 Bogota
    'EGGOCENTRIC' DC-4 HK-1025



    Lewis Grant sent me, what looked like, a straight forward DC-6 slide, taken at Lakeland,FL on 10Nov1987.
    Except the tailnumber, N480MA (N460MA?), seems missing from the reference books...


    Lewis wrote-
    "May I ask for your help in trying to trace the identity of a DC-6/C-118, which has eluded me for many years, despite searching and asking in many places.  
    I logged an airworthy N480MA at Lakeland, Florida on 10-Nov-87 and have never been able to find a c/n for it.   It does not appear in any production lists and I can only assume that it was a false registration, or one that was never taken up."  

    Someone suggested N480MA to be an intended registration and not taken up for whatever reason, or a 'bogus' ID for a film, or smuggling, etc. The same would go for the possibility of N460MA. It does seem rather crudely painted on, there is an obvious darker patch where the N-number is painted (which suggests that the N-number wasn't tampered with for a minor change, but rather a completely different tailnumber painted on).

    Ron Mak responded to this challenge and he sent an image, taken by him at Caracas 03Nov1983, from his extensive propliner photo library:

    DC-6 YV-290C
    Ron included the following historical data:
  • C/n 44107 DC-6B
  • N6107C Pan American World Airways "Clipper Balboa" del 30-09-53
  • cvtd to DC6a/b 1960.
  • 6701 Portuguese Air Force bt 26-06-1961
  • N789TA Atlas Aircraft Corp bt 09-1978
  • YV-290C Aero B "Caracas" bt 12-11-78
  • YV-243P ??? bt 1985
  • HI-454CT Transporte Aero Dominicana bt 10-1985
  • w.f.u & stored Santo Domingo 07-1991
  • [Source: TAHS Piston Engine Airliner Production List]
  • The fleet details of Aero B Venezuela shows more Douglas DC-6's. Source ATDB

    DC-6 in Aero B Venezuela fleet

    C/n 4107 on

    C/n 44258 YV-296C shows the same livery, reregistered as N400UA, on
    C/n 43529 YV-297C shows same livery HERE, but I could not find images US-reregistered, as N873TA

    Fernand van de Plas offered his help:
    'N480MA' is a DC-6A: small cockpitdoor, only fitted on DC-6 and DC-6A; the converted DC-6B/Fs kept their wide starboard door.
    The colours identify it as a Aero B Venezuela aircraft, this airline operated in the 1970s six DC-6 Freighters, destinations included MIA.
    When ones examnines the 6 possible c/n's of this airline, 2 can be excluded (c/n 43529 en 43535), because they were written off during the 1970s. So 4 DC-6A (narrow door) remain:
    YV-290C   44107
    YV-293C   45518
    YV-295C   44108
    YV-296C   44258 <--

    'YV-290C never went back to the US, it ended its days in Santo Domingo with TRADO' -Andy Martin

    Considering the similarity of tailnumber N400UA I am inclined to think 44258 is 'N480MA'.
    But Universal Airlines bought it in July 1984, according to TAHS, and sold it to American World Airlease in Apr.92 - while Mr Grant photographed it as N480MA in 1987... So the 'WHY' of this registration remains, as yet, unresolved.

    Lewis reaches the same conclusion:
    "If you look closely at the photos of the Aero B Venezuela DC-6s, with the same basic colours as 'N480MA', both Ron Mak's photo of YV-290C and the Airliners' shot of YV-297C have small but significant differences from 'N480MA' - look closely at their nosewheel doors, and also cabin windows, whereas the photo of N400UA (ex-YV-296C) looks identical.
    None of the other 4 Aero B DC-6s appear to be candidates. YV-293C had a different livery, and from Piston Airliner Prod List, YV-294C was stored at Lajes, and YV-295C was stored in Haiti."




    Unknown Beech 18 / C-45 at Fairbanks
    Another mystery, this time offered by Udo Krause: which sad Beech 18 is this???
    Photos taken at Fairbanks 07AUG09.
    Reg ? Owner ? Cn ?

    Click on the photo for a large image or HERE...
    Suggestions welcomed, EMAIL

    Taigh Ramey wrote:
    "For what it is worth it is a C model Beech, I suspect that it is an ex military C-45F or possibly earlier.
    No visible Navigators turret/astrodome mounting, so I don’t think it was an AT-7/SNB-2.
    It looks like there was a hydraulic reservoir on the right firewall, indicating it had an A-3 autopilot.
    The black paint on the bottom of the wings looks just like the ones applied at the factory as well as the silver paint.
    Between the paint and the original antenna and other small indications it looks to me like this was a fairly stock and unmodified bird.
    There was a gentleman in Fairbanks, named George Clayton, who bought several surplus WWII Twin Beech’s, including two or three AT-11’s and several C-45’s. I wonder if this might have been one of his at one time? "

    Sean Rice responded:
    "I don't know this for sure, but I think this is one of the those that now belongs to Jeff Brooks, of Brooks Air Fuel?
    I was talking to him here in Kenai, a few months ago, about his Beech 18s; he mentioned one which had been derelict for a while and the Fire Dept cut it up because the airport admin 'got tired of it sitting there.'
    I haven't been up to see his stuff, but this bird would fit what he described."

    Unidentified Beech18, riddled with bullet holes
    John Hume wrote me on his 2014 Alaska image:
    "Unidentified Twin Beech seen on the Fairbanks Fire Training Ground.  Used for target practice by the looks of it."

    Information on its identity WELCOMED



    DC-3 cockpit at Hope NJ

    This photo was taken on September 13, 2009
    By Daniel Berek, see

    Through a replica of the manufacturer's plaque, Daniel was able to trace the history of this particular airframe at a later stage.
    "This aircraft, NC33678, was built as an actual DC-3 (not a C-47) in June 1941, with manufacturer's serial number 4133. It flew for Pennsylvania Central Airlines until being drafted into the US Army Airforce as a VIP transport, designated a C-49H (reg'd 42-38328).
    After the war, it returned to PCA (modified as a DC-3-313D), with whom it flew until being absorbed into Capital Airlines in April 1948, named Capitalliner Morgantown.
    It was not part of the United takeover of the airline, having been sold to a private company in August 1959. It flew with them and Interstate Airmotive, on lease by Bay Airways.
    It was supposedly purchased by a Chris Stoltzfus or Tracy Donald of Coatesville, PA.
    It was withdrawn for use or cancelled 7/11/84. Sometime thereafter, the forward fuselage made its way to Land of Make Believe, where pilots young and young at heart can 'fly' the plane.."

    Working on the presumption this is or was NC33678, Air-Britain's DC-3 reference books has it as c/n 4133. The following is from 'DC-3, The First Seventy Years'.
    C/n 4133 DC-3-313D NC33678 Penn Central manufactured 26Jul41, delivered to USAAF as 42-38328 C-49H on 15Mar42.
    At West Palm Beach 28Mar42. Atlanta 04Apr42. W Palm Beach 15Apr42.
    Eastern 27May42. At Camp Douglas 17Aug42. Sedalia. Bolling Nov42. Sedalia 26Nov42. Del Valle 15Dec42. Bolling 13Jan43. Del Valle 10Feb43.
    NC33678 Penn Central (named 'Bristol') delivered 02Jul44. Capital 'Morgantown' '227C' 21Apr48.
    Remmert Werner Inc. bought 07Aug50.
    Interstate A/m Inc. of St Louis, MO, (1963). To Jack Richards Aircraft Co. Inc., Oklahoma City, OK (1970).
    To Bay Airways Inc. of Cambridge, MA (1971).
    C D Stoltzfus of Coatesville, PA, reg'd 28May74.
    Registration cancelled Jul84.





    Mike Clayton sent me this photo by Russell Legg, an unidentified DC-3 at Sirkuit Hotel, Surabaya:
    Calypso DC-3 near Surabaya
    The caption read: DC-3/C-47 'Calypso' near Surabaya, Indonesia. What is its identity?

    Russell wrote to Mike on 12Apr11:
    "I continue on my gruelling trek of tracking down airframes in Indonesia...
    Found this one at the Kenn Park (north east Surabaya) yesterday, after a two day search!
    The astrodome (still intact) points to it being an ex/ military example. The airframe is complete, as you'll see, just minus props and engines and as far as I could ascertain from the 'inevitable' was moved, as a 'package', and hoisted to the roof of this now run-down hotel many years ago.
    Kenn Park is a huge (run down) race-tracky, football ovally, Chinese Temple kind of a complex...perhaps a major 'events' facility but back in it's heyday! It' well into equatorial decay.
    The fuselage writing is 'CALYPSO', both sides...
    You will laugh when you picture my driver getting bogged while positioning me for this picture. We did manage, between us, to extract his vehicle!
    I was not able to access the roof area, of the Surkuit Hotel. And believe that it was probably not safe to do - no 'mark-one eyeball' searching for c/n plates & etc etc.
    Distribute freely as you security issues here
    Bottom line is : nice to find one more C47 airframe survivor.
    But.... Which airframe is it????"

    While googling for information I came across this on a forum, not sure if the actual identity is given here:
    DC-3 TNI-AL dipajang diatas bangunan tribun di arena balap kuda dan Sirkuit KenPark di Pantai Ria Kenjeran Surabaya [Fred de Ruiter had this translated for me: "The navy DC-3 has been placed on top of a public stand at a horse racetrack KenPark, on the beach Ria Kenjeran in Surabaya"]

    Is also U-604? Any pictures?
    Marco..Here is the picture of DC-3 Ex.TNI-AL Sqn.600, but I don't know the true number is: 604 or 605?

    Calypso C-47 at Circuit Hotel KenPark

    Sedih melihat kondisi DC-3 ini sekarang[:@]..Dulu Pesawat ini dipajang sebagai identitas Calypso Discotique yang populer di Pantai Ria Kenjeran (KenPark) pada awal th-2000 (nama Calypso tertulis besar dikiri dan kanan badan pesawat). Waktu itu pesawat di gambar jilatan api dan dihisasi lampu warna-warni. Seiring waktu, Diskotiknya bubar jadi Sirkuit Hotel (yang kini juga sepi pengunjung)
    Diduga kuat saya..DC-3 inilah Ex The Rainmaker Dakota
    [Again translated by help from Fred de Ruiter: "Sad to see this DC-3 in this condition; it used to be placed as a landmark with the popular discotheque Calypso on the beach at Ria Kenjeran, early 2000.
    (the name Calypso was placed left and right on the plane with large letters). At that time the aircraft was painted with a flame and decorated with coloured lights.
    When the disco closed down the number of hotelguests at the circuit dried up.
    I think this DC-3 is the former Rainmaker Dakota."]



    Unidentified DC-3, by Rolf Larsson

    Rolf Larsson asked for help in identifying this DC-3; he wrote:

    "On 20 October 1975 I took this picture of an R4D-5 at Davis Monthan AFB , an US Army Missile Command aircraft in storage.
    Unfortunately no identity is visible.
    A number of US Army Missile Command R4D-5s were apparently in storage , a few being 43-8950 c/n 26211/14766 and 43-9095 c/n 19066, for this aircraft (43-9095) see also your section 'Vintage Transports by Friends & Guests' page eleven, page eighteen and page twentysix (N47060 and photo/story by Jürgen Scherbarth).
    For reasons of deduction I'll post this link for 43-8950, as the US Military Missile Command titles don't match (note the windows)

    Unfortunately I have been unable to identify my aircraft.
    According to Air-Britain´s big DC-3 books, 43-8950 was stored at DMAFB until 19 June 1975 and 43-9095 was registered N47060 on 19 August 1975, so probably my picture depicts another aircraft.
    Any help would be very much appreciated !"



    Alan Hayden sent me this on 07Feb13, he wrote:
    "I wonder if you can confirm this is (was) a DC-6?
    I took the photos in a field beside Addis Ababa Airport, last week, (beside the cargo area customs) and have been trying to find out what type it is..."

    DC-6? wreck at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    DC-6 wreck at Addis Ababa International Airport

    I have had suggestions that it could be ET-AGY, which is shown on my website in (1988) 'splendour': Ron Mak's Propliners.
    I've a hard time to believe ET-AGY to be reduced to this from 1988 until now, 2013!
    That same wreck seems shown in a corner of a photo here (from Chris Mak's collection, taken around the same time by someone else):
    DC-6 cockpit wreck at Addia Ababa mystery

    Nils Rosengaard quoted following text from Aeroplane Monthly, September 2000, page 10.
    A short article states: 'Douglas duo goes on show in Ethiopia':

    'AT THE ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES headquarters at Bole Airport in Addis Ababa, a pair of historic Douglas propliners is now on static display.

    Douglas DC-6A ET-AGY is parked adjacent to the airline's training fleet of Cessna 172 Hawks, giving student pilots a chance to see the sort of aeroplane their fathers may have flown. The airliner arrived in Ethiopia in July 1978, but was damaged while taxying at Dire Dawa on June 26,1980; it was taken to Addis Ababa where it was initially offered for sale before being pressed into service for training from 1985. It is now out of use, but there are no immediate plans to restore it.

    The other Douglas has been thoroughly restored, and in October 1999 it was painted up as the the first aircraft to serve the airline, C-47A ET-AAO, which was taken on in February 1946 with only 40hr flying time on the clock.
    It had previously flown with the United States Foreign Liquidation Commission in Cairo. For three months in 1949 the aeroplane was operated by Scottish Aviation, and in the early 1950s was fitted with a magnetometer and flown on surveys of the Ogaden region. Sadly,Ethiopian Airlines' first aeroplane was lost on January 13,1962, when it struck a mill building and some bystanders while taking off from a small airstrip at Tippi. Among those killed in the accident were the captain and first officer; the C-47 has been restored as a tribute to them.' END QUOTE.

    Nils added: "There are two colour pictures – one showing ET-AGY in all its glory (the picture is printed reversed) and one picture of the DC-3, unfortunately only the front end (no markings visible).

    Webmaster: from this we may assume ET-AGY still to be in some form of complete shape and livery in the year 2000. Which is less than 13 years ago...
    But we dig a little deeper and with both the Mak brothers we at least can establish there was a derelict DC-6 cockpit around in 1988... We start with an image from Chris' collection, which sees the cockpit wreck in the background, behind ET-AGY:
    DC-6 cockpit wreck at Addia Ababa mystery

    But it was Ron who actually came up with an image of the cockpit!
    DC-6 cockpit wreck at Addia Ababa mystery
    Ron had the info at hand as well: "Here's my photo taken Jan. 1988 of DC-6A ET-AER; I think it is the same one as shown in the background of ET-AGY..." (Note the fading of the white paint is more advanced than the livery of ET-AGY at this time -Webmaster)

    Some History on c/n 44916:
    'N90781 American Airlines 'Airfreighter San Francisco' delivered 28Jan56 - World Airways bought 25Feb60 -
    Air America bt 05Apr60 (Mel Lawrence on - Southern Air Transport bt 03Sep60 - ET-AER Ethiopian Airlines bt 05May72, w.f.u & stored Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Feb76 - Broken up mid 1984...'
    [Info from Piston Engine Airliner Production List, TAHS.]
    (Next to the DC-6 were the derelict remains of a Beech-18, de ET-ABM, as seen sitting behind the cockpit of ET-AER; see HERE..)
    Photo of N90781 while with Southern Air Transport at Miami in 1971 can be found on Ron Mak's gallery #4.

    Ron added: "I haven't seen this DC-6 at Addis Ababa, though I returned twice here; perhaps Alan can indicate where he'd seen it on below view from the air below..?" (Scroll for Alan's GE screendump further below).

    1988 Addis Ababa Lidetta Airport seen from the air
    Ron contemplated yet another alternative (but only briefly): "I did consider the wreck in question to be a DC-4, as I'd noticed a DC-4 during our DC-3 flight (ET-AGT, Gondar to Addis Ababa) while flying overhead Lidetta Airport...
    This was ETI-727, a C-54D of the Ethiopian Air Force.
    I think this particular airfield to be closed and I haven't seen the DC-4 again when we flew over in Catalina Z-CAT, in 1993.
    And according to the same TAHS source this particular plane had been w.f.u & stored at Lidetta since 1973; so I thought that the fuselage maybe had been transported to Bole Int'l Airport...
    But no, I really think we are dealing with the remains of ET-AER!"

    Alan sent me a Google Earth screendump of where he found the remains of the DC-6, plus he found a P&W engine cowl...
    DC-6 debris at Addis Ababa
    DC-6 engine cowl at Addis Ababa



    Colleen Rankin sent me this in Feb.2013, she wrote:
    "I live very remote, on Afognak Island, about 80 miles north of Kodiak, Alaska.
    While doing beach cleanups this summer we found something that we felt was an airplane part, wrapped up in fishing net and it had made its way to shore.
    The part has honeycomb between the inner and outer wall. A friend did some research and found out about Warm Wind Three, a C-119 that disappeared in November of 1952 on a flight from Anchorage to Kodiak...
    Do you know anyone that may be able to confirm if this could be part of that aircraft? It is of a size that might be an engine cowling."

    Plane debris washed ashore Alaska

    The Aviation Safety Network database provided details on the plane referred to:
    C-119C 51-2570 (c/n 10528) went missing 15Nov1952 during a flight from Anchorage-Elmendorf AFB, AK (EDF) to Kodiak NAS, AK. Fatalities: 20 / Occupants: 20 (5 crew and 15 passengers). ASN.

    Afognak Island
    Afognak Island, Alaska

    Colleen included the following texts which had been forwarded to her:
    b. An Alert Notice was received on AF2570, a C-119 operating under the call "Warmwind Three", which was enroute Elmendorf AFB to NS, Kodiak.
    The aircraft was last heard over Kenai at 1206AST on 15 November. The ALNOT was received at 1355AST and the first search mission departed this station at 1444AST. During the following eight days, all available aircraft searched the areas from Kodiak to Homer, the Cold Bay area, and other sectors designated by ComSAR Three, who was coordinator of the search. On 23 November all aircraft were withdrawn from this search to search for a missing Air Force C-124. On 6 December this command was relieved of all commitments on this search.

    Anchorage,Alaska (AP) -- Another big C-119 Flying Boxcar, with 20 men aboard, has disappeared in Alaska and is feared to have crashed, the Air Force announced Sunday.
    The twin-engined, double-tailed transport is the third of its type lost in eight days. They carried 83 men.
    Nineteen airmen and soldiers went down with a C-119 when it hit an Alaskan peak Nov. 7. A week later, 44 died in aKorea mountain crash.
    The latest C-119 to meet disaster vanished Saturday on a flight from Elmendorf Air Force Base,Anchorage, to Kodiak, 250 miles to the southwest.
    Aboard were five crewmen, one Air Force enlisted medic and 14 Army men stationed regularly in Alaska.
    Bad weather Saturday curtailed search operations, but clouds cleared Sunday and nine Air Force planes shuttled between here and Kodiak seeking some clue to the transport's fate.
    Dozens of other planes and paramedic crews stood by ready to take off at a moment's notice if needed.
    The missing transport was on a routine flight as part of "Exercise Warmwind," currentAlaska training maneuvers. Its sister ship that struck Mt. Silverthrone, 135 miles north of here, on Nov. 7 also was taking part in the exercise. Bodies of the 19 victims have not been recovered.
    Both C-119s were from the 435th Troop Carrier Wing, Miami,Fla., and were among more than a score flown north for the maneuvers.
    The Air Force said the missing plane last was heard from at 12:06 p.m. Saturday (5:06 p.m. EST) 25 minutes after takeoff. The flight to Kodiak should have taken only an hour and 25 minutes. The plane was posted as overdue after its fuel was known to have been exhausted at 9:40 p.m. (2:40 a.m. Sunday, EST).
    The route to Kodiak Island, in the Gulf of Alaska, is over both land and water.
    The Alaskan Air Command said the C-119 should have been over the rugged, mountain studded Kenai Peninsila[sic] when it made its last report.
    Walla Walla Union-Bulletin Washington 1952-11-17
    TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: No trace of the aircraft or its occupants has ever been located.
    Partial Listing of Missing Passengers and Crew.
    Capt. RUSSELL G. PECK, JR., instructor-pilot, Hialeah,Fla.
    Capt. EDWIN S. BOYD, pilot, Hialeah,Fla.
    AIrman 2C JOHN T. LANDIS, radio operator, Miami.
    Airman 1C JIMMIE ROBERTSON, flight engineer, son of J. S. Robinson, Perry, Fla.

    If you are interested in the C-119 Flying Boxcar you find more on my website HERE..





    Updates & comments welcomed.



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