Ilyushin IL-14P c/n 7343408 on its final flight

Photos © Michal Petrykowski and Tomasz Kozakowski
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On June 26, 2005 an unexpected visitor arrived at Okecie airport in Warsaw,Poland. Claiming the engines being a bit too thirsty, the Ilyushin IL-14 made an unscheduled stop for refuelling at WAW..
For a long time this Ilyushin IL-14 was parked in a derelict condition at Moscow - Myachkovo (UUWM). For a restoration it was transferred to Zhukovsky (UUBV) and although the aircraft was restored to airworthy condition, it was (to say at least!), less than perfect.
Photo: Michal Petrykowski.


It had departed from Zhukovsky and after 4 hours of flight it landed at Brest in Belarus. On the next leg, some 300 kms, EX-1146K landed at Warsaw.
Initially the story was published that the crew had fuelled its 3200 ltr tanks with "car" petrol at Moscow due to lack of Aviation Gasoline (socalled AvGas, and high consumption forced a landing in Poland. However, this did little to explain what happened on its fuelstop at Brest. Aad van der Voet found, while researching the info for his page on this event (link at bottom page), that the crew thought the fuel at Brest was contaminated with water and decided to look elsewhere for AvGas: Warsaw!.
The IL-14P took off again from WAW at 12.20 LT and eventually landed safely in ZRH.
Photo: Michal Petrykowski.


Look at the nose wheel - it was nearly flat before taxi out.
Built in 1956, this piston-powered transport spent the last dozen years being parked in a remote area on one of Moscow's airfields. After a brief overhaul, this rare bird took to the skies in April 2005. Due to a decision of the Russian CAA this aircraft could not be registered with an RA- prefix for the ferry flight, so a Kyrghizstan registration was applied.
Photo: Michal Petrykowski.


In spite of the restoration, its cockpit and cabin were still in rather a sad state. Even for a transformation to a restaurant it will take some more work.
This particular Il-14P was built in 1957 and was one of the last (known) flying Iljushin 14's.... At some point the tailnumber on this aircraft for this flight was reported to become YL-HME, but apparently this was not taken up.
Photo: Michal Petrykowski.


During this journey the IL-14 travelled with an average speed of 290 km/h and consumed approximetely 400 kgs of fuel per hour.
The Ilyushin IL-14, upon its design, made its first flight in 1950 or 1953. The IL-14P was the passenger version (P = "Passarzhirski") and had a seating of upto 18 pax; the IL-14M (M = "Modifikatsiya") had a strengthened fuselage to seat 24 and later even 32 passengers!
Photo: Michal Petrykowski.


A look at the control column

Photo: Michal Petrykowski.


The section for the Radio Operator and Navigator.
Photo: Tomasz Kozakowski.



More photos of this section, obviously a 3- or even 4-man crew was common.
The next "crew" of this plane will have other qualities: it will serve as a restaurant at Zurich-Kloten airport. And that is probably not a bad thing for a last resting place!
Photos: Tomasz Kozakowski., homebase for Michal and Tomasz; thanks guys for the photos and the information!
Here is how it looked as RA-01146 stored Moscow-Zhukovsky, Russia 29Jun02.
Aad van der Voet has more on EX-1146K's Final Flight!
Useful link: Il-12/14 Census at

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