Paris, 1978

Photos © Ruud Leeuw


In April 1978 we drove to Paris, France to meet with friends.
One of the main highlights of this brief visit was a trip to Versailles.

Versailles, formerly de facto capital of the kingdom of France, is now a wealthy suburb of Paris and is still an important administrative and judicial center. Versailles is made world famous by the Château de Versailles, from the forecourt of which the city has grown. [Wikipedia]

. Le Petit Trianon
Le Petit Trianon, a part of the Versailles palace, has plenty of romantic places. Queen Marie-Antoinette loved to spend time here and we could understand why!

Le Petit Trianon
We were caught by a tremendous rainshower. In spite of the rain I think this photo came out well (esspecially when you consider I scanned the photo 31 years after it was printed!)

Our friends lived near a wooded area, with some crumbling ruins hidden in them. These ruins were locally known as Temple d'Amour...
How fitting!

Among the ruins was also this pyramid...
It, of course, needed climbing.

A lovely area for a stroll or to walk the dog. A very nice area to live and not very far from Paris.



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