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For decades I enjoyed Billy Connolly's programmes on television, for his travels, his humour & laughter. Thus I came to know about the murals in Glasgow dedicated to him, and some time later I learned that Glasgow has a unique array of murals and urban art all over the city!
A few years ago I decided a visit to Glasgow was in order, but it had to be postponed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, finally the moment had arrived!
I was pleased to find that there are many more things in Glasgow to be enjoyed, but it was great to search for the murals as a 'leitmotif'!

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Murals @Glasgow: Billy Connolly
Left: Billy Connolly on Osbourne Street (another photo one further down)
Right: Dr Connolly, I Presume? (Dixon Street), on the wall of the Hootenanny pub - from an original work by Jack Vettriano

To celebrate the approaching 75th birthday of Billy Connolly, otherwise know as 'the Big Yin', three portraits by Scottish artists were commissioned, from Jack Vettriano, John Byrne and Rachel Maclean.
The originals are in the People's Palace (which was closed for viewing during my visit to Glasgow, alas), and they have been recreated as 15m high murals on 3 buildings near the St Enoch Centre; I located two.


Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
Walking along George Street, walking toward Glasgow Cathedral.
University of Strathclyde 'WONDERWALL' Starts at North Portland Street. The Wonderwall murals, including the
Dansken equatorial telescope
, are part of an artwork on a University of Strathclyde building.
The 'Wonderwall' celebrates the people of the University of Strathclyde and their many significant achievements.

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)

Missed? 'Shadow Hand Puppets' in a tunnel as we walked towards the University of Glasgow and Ashton Lane from
Glasgow’s City Centre. Rogue-One brings life back to an otherwise dingy underpass. Hands cast shadows of animals
on the wall, while other animals look on. #NextTime!




Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
Viewed from George Street, corner High Street (A8) & Duke Street.

'Smug' has created a fantastic piece of work here, complementing the image of a modern day St. Mungo on High Sttreet, around the corner, at the other end of this housing block.
The mural is a contemporary interpretation of the city's founding story; St. Thenue/Enoch cradling her beloved St. Kentigern/Mungo.
Smug has managed to capture a level of tenderness and detail which epitomises his style.]

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)

Also by Smug, added to his growing portfolio of work, this mural was completed in February 2016.
Although officially untitled, it acquired its name ST. MUNGO during a period of massive social media interest when an image of this installation was shared approximately 1.5 million times within the first week!

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
Further up on High Street (A8), on the same housing block as St. Enoch and Child.





Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
Mitchell Lane near 'The Lighthouse'.
This is in a side entrance of this alley, that gate cannot be seen from start or end of Mitchell Lane.




Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
Renfield Lane

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
'No Barking'




Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
'This Tastes Boggin' @Beer Keg Alley
I was looking for Sauchiehall Lane (also written as 'Sauciehall Lane'), though that seems to start from
Elmbank Street and this part, which I walked in from Bath Street, first turning into an unnamed alley, is also
referred to as Beer Keg Alley... Some good finds here.

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
A little further into Beer Keg Alley, in the direction of Sauchiehall Lane, we come to Big John..

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)


'A beautiful mural has been painted at Sauchiehall's Nice N Sleazy's in celebration of bar's late legendary doorman, Big John Frazer.
A familiar, friendly face, and a mainstay at the iconic music venue for almost thirty years, John sadly passed away at the start of the year after suffering heart problems.
Tributes have since flooded in for the dad-of-two, well known and loved across the city's nightlife scene by both colleagues and punters.
And long-term friend Mark Coyle, who spent five years working on the door alongside side John, has paid his own special tribute with a stunning mural, in the most fitting place; Sleazy's.
The artwork captures John's instantly recognisable and infectious smile, which brought joy and laughs to so many Glaswegians across the decades.' /nice-n-sleazys-legendary-doorman [-13Feb21]





The gritty streets of Glasgow
I explored some grubby back alleys and carparks in search of the murals..

Renfield Lane, walking towards Renfield Street from Hope Street.

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)





Mitchell Street (viewed from Argyle Street), where we started our search for murals. By SMUG.

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)


Tucked away between corner of Argyll Street and Mitchell Street (before 'Honey... I Shrunk the Kids').
Artist Bobby McNamara, better known to art lovers in the city as Rogue-One, wanted to create a work that stood out from the brick wall on which it is painted. To do so he painstakingly added hundreds of painted bricks to add definition to the work!
If one looks closely you’ll see that the taxi’s license plate bears the artist’s name: RO6U31


Glasgow Murals, in Mitchell Lane

Continuing the eco-friendly theme, further into Mitchell Street north (passing the 'Abandon Ship' -bar), a girl blowing on a dandelion can be seen. It seems to be blocked by garbage disposal carts most of the time...
As she blows, the seeds turn to wind turbines.
This Rogue-One mural was commissioned to coincide with Doors Open Day in 2014 and focuses the attention on Scotland’s commitment to diversifying energy production.
[Same source as above]




Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
Seen from a desolate carpark (a park lost to cars parking?), on the corner of Albion Street and Ingram Street.


Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
On Ingram Street

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
Fellow Glasgow Residents & Wildlife Mural.
The fox, deer and elk are part of an enormous mural facing the Ingram Street parking lot.
The painting features wildlife living in the city parks, hence the name, 'Fellow Glasgow Residents'.
This photorealistic work of art is by Sam Bates, known on the street as Smug One.

The Merchant City has this massive mural, stretching the length of the Ingram Street car park, between John Street and Montrose Street.
The artist aimed to represent Glasgow in all seasons, depicting cute creatures in a style that’s almost as clear as a photograph.

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
Amazing, isn't it?
I missed a mural nearby (@Wilson Street), of Scottish badminton player Kieran Merrilees. Supposed to be around the
corner from the Ingram Street animals but maybe it was gone because I walked the area at last twice.. It celebrates
(or celebrated) Glasgow hosting the 2014 Commonwealth Games.




Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)

Created as part of COP26, and in collaboration with local community organisations and Indigenous people in Glasgow, this mural activity was led by Fearless Collective; a South Asia-based public art and storytelling project, founded by Indian artist Shilo Shiv Suleman in 2012.
The work embodies an emotive statement of 'power sovereignty' and stands as a monument to the self-representation of diverse communities who have been misrepresented and marginalised around the world. Containing symbolism and imagery informed by lived experiences, the mural affirms a vision of futures that are sustained, sacred, and fair for all.

The text surrounding the mural is a poem created based on the stories participants shared during the storytelling workshop leading to the creation of the mural.

The final mural features Isidro Sangama Sangama, belonging to the Kichwa people from the Waiku community of San Martin, member of the Board of the Ethnic Council of the Kichwa Peoples of the Amazon (CEPKA), and Puyr Tembé, belonging to the Tembé people of the Brazilian Amazon.
They stand along with a tapestry of trees, birds, and beasts, a clean river, a celestial sun, and moon- as a vision to a fearless future and remind us to: 'Bow Down, Honour the Roots'.]

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)




Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
Seen from Osborne Street, the railway tracks crossing Saltmarket. Artist unidentified.

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
Murals by unidentified artist(s) here, at the railway crossing Saltmarket. EMAIL

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
At more or less the same site, but on the other side of the railwaytracks, seen from Saltmarket / St. Andrews Street.
I think it reads 'Love Fresh Fish? Buy A Boat!' Acros from 'Glasgows Fish Plaice: Saltmarket'.

#NextTime: it seems I missed 'Study of a woman in Black'-mural on Saltmarket. A James Klinge mural which shows
a portrait of an anonymous subject dressed in black. This is a companion piece to his work in Bridgegate Path...




Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
Merchant Lane, along the railway tracks, an alley from Clyde Street leading to Bridgegate, on the right after passing
under the railway bridge towards Clutha & Victoria Bar.

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
Merchant Lane, artist 'Frodrik' (tag).


Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
Clutha & Victoria Bar, a mask was added for the 2021-2022 Covid-19 pandemic rules.

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)

Rogue-one, Art Pistol and Ejek worked together to create a mural on the walls of the Clutha Vaults, a pub on the north bank of the River Clyde.
The artworks pay homage to the history of the area, as well as celebrating a variety of personalities who visited this iconic location, famous for its atmosphere and live music.
Tragically, in November 2013, 10 people died when a police helicopter crashed into the Clutha.

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)




Five minutes from Castle Fine Art gallery, walking on Queen Street towards Argyle St., on the right in an
unnamed alley (between Mikaku and The Bowery Restaurant). Artist unknown, but I've seen
that head elsewhere tagged as 'T6'.

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
On the right tagged by 'TEF', "Pigeons make Glasgow", probably on Queen Street (not sure).
TEF goes by @tapentef on Instagram and Tef is brightening up the city with his bold and ballsy birds.
Hope to see more #NextTime!





Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
These portraits by James Klinge form an emerging gallery and provide bold statements of colour against the more
industrial landscape and railroad underpath. Fresh and dynamic, I think!

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)





Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
This may have been The Gallery on York Street..

On Instagram h3r34thebanter I read 'I was just in time to catch "The Gallery", as the building it is on
is in the process of demolition. GONE for sure..

And I couldn't find the Glasgow Panda @Gordon Lane (near Mitchell Street)... On I found it was painted over and no longer exists. GONE for sure..
It was located near 'The Lighthouse', which was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh (a famous Glaswegian) and is now Scotland’s Centre for Design and Architecture. But it was ('temporarily') closed.
The Lighthouse is supposedly an architectural beauty, with rooftop views of the city. #NextTime!






Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
A mural but also an upgrade from graffiti ('writings').
On Brown Street. It uses the words of Scottish poet Liz Lochead. Please note that while walking from the 'Portrait Gallery'
to this mural, previously one passed 'The Gallery'-mural, on Argyle/York Street, but by March 2020 that was gone.

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
By unidentified artist, hidden behind parked cars (on carpark below), walking down Washington Street
to Broomielaw / Anderston Quay / A814.

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
Graffiti ( 'Writings') seen across the fence from Broomielaw / A814, probably a location for future hi-rise condos.




Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
Broomielaw, under the Kingston Bridge.
One of the first murals to have been painted by Smug, this installation celebrates Glasgow’s 2014 Commonwealth Games.


Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
Also at the Anderston Quay.

A collaboration between world-renowned street artist ‘Smug’ and Scottish Power, this mural was created on the face of SP Energy Networks’ Newton Street Substation building. Titled ‘Generation Green’ to call for a greener energy future for the next generation, the mural was created to mark the legacy of 'COP26' (The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference) in the city.
The artwork depicts a child planting wind turbines in a picturesque autumnal Scottish landscape, as though planting a greener future.
Dressed for the seasonal Scottish weather, a scarf blows in the wind behind the child who has a toy spade by their side. The landscape features heather-covered mountains as well as a burn, standing stones and trees, peppered
with turbines with fresh earth at their base as if the child has just planted them.

I also tried to find the 'Glasgow Crocodile', further up on North Street, but did not succeed. Neither did I find
'Charing Cross Birds', on Sauciehall Street, probably because I explored Sauciehall Lane more. Both seem to be on M8...
Back home I found a reference: 55°52'01.2"N 4°16'17.7"W, with comments:
"..they are right next to each other. They both lie on the pillars of a pedestrian bridge across the motorway.
First you have the 'Glasgow Crocodile', and then the 'Charing Cross Birds'."





Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
From the footbridge over the A814, near Anderston Station.

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
Anderston, underneath the M8

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
Again from the footbridge over the A814, looking west, a mural of (I think) Billy Connolly, on a block of houses
on Little Street, facing the A814.





Sauchiehall Lane runs parallel to Sauchiehall Street (to the North) and Bath Street (to the South).
The area of Glasgow containing Sauchiehall Lane dates from the mid-19th Century and the surrounding area contains a mixture of commercial and residential properties from that period and later.
The Lanes area has been proposed for redevelopment, which includes an emphasis on the retention of the area’s historic features and provision of new spaces for art installations.'
There are two murals (not those displayed here in Beer Keg Alley) in the Lane, both are included in Glasgow’s City Mural Trail: ‘The Musician’ (further down, located between Wellington and Hope Streets), created by Rogue One and Art Pistol in 2016, and ‘The Lost Giant’, created by Australian artist Stormie Mills in 2017, and it is located at the corner of Sauchiehall Lane and Elmbank Street, on the wall of The Griffin pub.

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
The Lost Giant, Sauciehall Lane
Part of a collection of Lost Giants, created by Stormie Mills, who have been painted on walls in many
major cities, including Florence, Italy and Perth, Australia.

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
On Sauciehall Street by Frodrik, on the O2 ABC building.
Missed: Crazy Cat Lady, Sauciehall Street - #NextTime!




Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
On Sauchiehall Lane (a.k.a. Sauciehall Lane).

The Musician by Rogue-One, is a tribute to Glasgow’s live music scene. It’s between two popular music venues, Howlin’ Wolf and Malone’s. The nearby Sauchiehall Street has loads of entertainment in the evenings, which means this colorful work of art is precisely in the proper place.

Another Rogue-One collaboration with Art Pistol Projects, drawing upon the influences of the local live music scene, and helping add some colour and creativity to the city’s resurgent lanes.]

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
This could be another 'Study of a Woman in Black' but I missed the other 3 (two at St.Andrews Street,
one at Royal Exchange Square). EMAIL me if you know this and (and the artist).
Not officially mentioned on the 'Glasgow Mural Trail' website, another one by Frodrik, on the opposite wall
from The Musician. It shows a woman with her eyes closed in black and white.



Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
Above & Below by T6, on Bath Lane.

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
Tag T6 seems to be responsible for these heads, also seen in an alley from Queen Street.




Sir Billy Connolly by John Byrne.
One of three tributes to the 'Big Yin' for his 75th birthday, this one by John Byrne, by King Street car park (Osborne Street). The words around the edge read:- 'BILLY CONNOLLY ● FLING A CHUCKY IN THE WATTER

MISSED: 'Big Yin' by Rachel Maclean @Gallowgate. BBC Scotland commissioned 3 portraits, which have been turned
into murals. 'The Big Yin' is based on a digital print by Rachel Maclean. #NextTime!


Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
In New Wynd is the Spaceman mural (right), at the start of the small alley (walking from Trongate to Osborne Street; it
seems (partially) painted over (left)..?


Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
Seen from Osborne Street, because of the fences I couldn't get closer. Unidentified artist.




Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
On West Princess Street (On the wall of 'Mika & Me')





Glasgow, may 2022 TRAVELOGUE
Wellpark Brewery murals on Duke Street, walking away from Glasgow Cathedral.

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
Smug has been at work again, this time to create a series of murals at the home of Tennent’s lager.
The wall showcases the brand’s history, from its old school marketing through to modern-day Glaswegian banter.




On London Road, exiting The Barras.

MISSED: The Barrowlands murals @The Barras. There are a number of murals in the Barrowlands area, include the beautiful 'Barras Pirate' by Rogue-One, @Ross Street. Look out for the 'Teddy Tunnock, King of the Barras' mural, too. #NextTime!




Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)

THE CLYDESIDE EXPRESSWAY MURAL WALL, painted by 27 artists from around the world.
It was commissioned by the Clydeside Initiative for Arts, part of nearby SWG3, one of the premier arts venues in Glasgow and Scotland as a whole.
It hosts gigs by world famous bands, DJs, and artistic projects. Over three weeks in 2019, the artists transformed a long stretch of derelict railway arches along the Clydeside Expressway: more than 700 hours painting and spraying in total.
The path along the expressway connects the city center of Glasgow to its thriving West End. The murals depict a vast array of subjects, ranging from bizarre and abstract to tributes to Glasgow’s industrial and artistic past.
The murals were visited by Nicola Sturgeon, first minister for Scotland, demonstrating the importance of projects like this in the renewal of the city. [¬ - /clydeside-expressway-mural-wall]

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
I have a feeling that certain original murals were covered by graffiti and other artists since the opening.
There used to be a huge TIGER head by James Klinge here, it replaced an earlier tiger mural 'Tiger Lucky Eight' on the
same wall, but the tigers have gone, painted over: the fate of street art and murals.

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)

Glasgow Murals
The colourful murals can be viewed by car is you shoot past on the expressway but they can be better taken in on foot.
You can take the Clyde Path & Cycle Route. Very accessible walkway that runs along the river, taking anywhere
from 15 to 45 minutes from the city center.

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
Another one by 'Frodrik' (tag).




Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
Dunlop Street, between Clyde Street and Howard Street (St. Enoch Centre) by Rogue-One, a Glasgow based street artist.
Eye catching colourful murals on Dunlop Street (Clyde Street and Howard Street? Or gone? Check #NextTime!)

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)

Murals @Glasgow (May 2022)
I may have missed 'the Clyde Auditorium (the Armadillo) and Finnieston Crane Thomas Nugent Shared on
Clyde Street & Howard Street. In that area I think I only walked Dunlop Street nearby and Clyde Street.




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