ITALY, 1978

Photos © Ruud Leeuw

This photo illustrates quite clearly what the leaning tower of Pisa is all about. Trust to make the Italians something out of nothing: a mere construction error. Building started in 1173, but was stopped when they reached the 3rd floor as the 'leaning' became noticable. In 1275 building was taken up again and it was finished in a building period spanning 1350 - 1372.

Camping in Italy

We stayed at campsite 'Park Albatros' near San Vicenzo. We intended to catch a ferry to Sardegna but had omitted to make reservations. So we left that for another day.We had to change our schedules for other reasons too: Ada got ill and the car broke down at some point.... We stayed a little longer here.

It is obvious by the above photo how crowded these European campsites are when one compares them with the campsites in North America.

Camping in Italy


easy readin'
I had read the book I'd brought with me and books in English are not easily found in Italy, so I resorted to other available reading material and quite enjoyed it!

At the time one could purchase vouchers to pay gas with in Italy, it was cheaper that way.
While writing this in july 2009, I still find Italy has a considerable 'third world country' flavour to it.


Instead of going to Elba or Sardegna, we diverted to Iseo when the illness was averted and the car repaired. My parents spent (part of) most holidays with us here, so it was familiar territory with pleasant memories. During our stay here we made a trip to a monastery for a visit to their wine cellars.

Wine tasting

Venice / Venezia
We also made a daytrip to Venice (Venezia). Credit cards & atm's were things of the future, so we found ourselves on a budget as money was running out. As a result we did not hire a gondola...
But it is nice to see others enjoy themselves.

Venice / Venezia
Finding your way in Venice was never a simple matter.
It was no different when we visited Venezia again, in 2009. Click HERE...

And an extensive visit in 2015...

Venice / Venezia
Paul was with us on this trip and clearly enjoys himself.


While this trip was improvised from the start, we quite enjoyed ourselves. We had taken in some culture, enjoyed excellent weather and our stay at Camping Cave on the shore of Lago d'Iseo was particularly relaxing. In 2009 I revisited Iseo, stayed in a hotel for 1 night, but it could not bring back the atmosphere of those days. Iseo, with friends such as Sara & Marina, are definitely archived in the past.


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