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London Wapping by night
After we'd checked in at the Tower Hotel, we soon left to explore the area. We walked the Thames Path, which often coincides with St. Katharine's Way and the Wapping High Street.

London Wapping by night
While walking around I took some photos; quite as a coincidence I ran into a fellow countryman, also taking pictures, also using Canon camera equipment including the 10-22/3.5-4.5 EF-S lens... Except he was using a tripod, which is quite a sensable thing to do at night, but I'm a lazy sod and instead used walls & lamppost to lean against, shot at 1/15 and put the ISO to 1600...
For size & use here, I am quite satisfied with the results: just a happy snapper on an evening stroll !

London Wapping by night

London Wapping by night

London Wapping by night

London Wapping by night






London Wapping by night

London Wapping by night
I trust you believe me that the camera shake here was on purpose..?!





He was jogging and I wasn't



London Wapping by night

London Wapping by night

London Wapping by night
This was on a sign, outside this pub, marked 'The Hanging Judge';
strangely enough I found the same information on Wikipedia in relation
to the Prospect of Whidby pub, which is further down the street.

London Wapping by night
Meeting a ghost crossing the street



Open all hours

Pizza Express in Wapping
The name PizzaExpress (on Wapping Lane) did not appeal to me, thought it referred to a take-out restaurant, but it came highly recommended by a nearby shopkeeper and indeed, I was wrong and we enjoyed an excellent meal here.



London Wapping by night

Thames Path




The Prospect of Whitby pub, London's oldest riverside inn!

This was the goal of our evening's ramblings.

Prospect of Whitby pub

The Prospect of Whitby is a historic public house on the banks of the Thames at Wapping in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.
It lays claim to being the site of the oldest riverside tavern, dating from around 1520.
It was formerly known as the Devil’s Tavern, on account of its dubious reputation. Before that it was officially called 'The Pelican'. All that remains from the building’s earliest period is the 400 year old stone floor.
In former times it was a meeting place for sailors, smugglers, cut-throats and footpads.
Sir Hugh Willoughby sailed from here in 1533 in a disastrous attempt to discover the North-East Passage to China.

At the bar - Prospect of Whitby pub

Prospect of Whitby pub, outside
The beergarden, quiet and secluded.

We got in a bit of a pickle here, since by closing the door we found it had locked and could not be opened from the outside.. We had locked ourselves out! Of course there is no way to climb out, the proprietor had taken measures to prevent that. Knocking on the door did not help since inside the telly was turned up load for an important rugby match. I finally managed to attract attention by using my camera flash repeatedly...

Prospect of Whitby pub, beergarden




Brick Lane
On a different night we walked to Brick Lane, for a curry meal. More about that elsewhere...

Brick Lane



Whitechappel - historic grounds: Jack the Ripper!


Tower of London
We passed this point each night, our path dwarfed by the ramp leading to the Tower Bridge, and behind it the Tower of London.



Tower Bridge, by night
Tower Bridge, up close.
Next would be the hotel lobby and bright lights, so we end it here.


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