New York City, 1993

Copyright Photos © Ruud Leeuw


Lady Liberty
The Big Apple revisited!

New York is smoking hot!
Another 'quintessential New York' image: the warm air vents in the New York City streets.

On the right you can barely see the sign of Tri-State cameras, one of three favourite places of mine in NYC to shop for camera equipment and film. The others are Adorama and B&H. With the latter I have bought the most by far, have been a regular client since 1982 and still am at the time of writing (August 2009).
On this trip I bought an Olympus OM-4Ti and plenty of film.

I think both of these photos were made from the Twin Towers.
Those mighty Twin Towers aren't there anymore, nor does the airline I flew on exist anymore: TWA.
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Great music!
This is one of the images I was most pleased with, of a singer in the streets of NYC. He had himself positioned at a subway entrance and many paused to listen to his music. He had an excellent voice and played some good country-rock songs.
With the weather, the music and a new camera in my hands, I felt sooooooo good

Swinging in Central Park
Another 'performer', or in fact just someone showing off..
Central Park is a good place to do that and we were happy just gawking..

Poet O
Poet O walked the periphery of a wedding, in Central Park. He came up to me and introduced himself. He claimed to be famous and showed me a clipping of an article in the N.Y.Times.

I was a little hesitant, aware of a possible scam coming up. He had probably sensed I had spotted his photogenic looks and he offered to declare his poetry and/or have his picture taken. When I asked him 'how much', he replied that was up to me. Poetry isn't in my daily diet, so I thankfully took this picture. He rang his little bell and declared a few lines, which were lost to me. But the picture stayed and I was mighty pleased with it. Considering the pleasure I have of it, after so many years, the few dollars I dropped in his basket were indeed a small price to pay.
Googling for 'Poet O' I found a reference to him, written by Marc Fisher (Miami Herald, 1986) and saved it here. So now Poet O is even more famous..

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