(15-17feb 2010)

Photos © Ruud Leeuw

A business trip to the Middle East thankfully took me out of the uncommonly cold European winter to very benign temperatures in the United Arab Emirates.
While mostly preoccupied with busines affairs, I had plenty of opportunity to do some photography.
While my destination was Sharjah, we first landed in Doha,Qatar and the first two images were taken while landing and no.3 was taken from the aircraft while preparing for departure again.

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Doha - Qatar

Sunsets over Doha
The sun sets in these parts so incredibly quick!



Sharjah by night

We arrived at Sharjah in darkness; the temperature was so enjoyable (20+ Celsius) and the need to stretch the legs so strong, that the a good walk was quite the thing to do. None of these photos were shot on a tripod, just some random images to give one a basic idea.

Sharjah by night


Corniche Mosque - Sharjah
The Sharjah waterfront, with the Corniche Mosque and the RadissonBLU hotel nicely illuminated

Man talking at nightfall
People were loading the ships ('dhows') or relaxing on deck, enjoying a smoke or playing cards.
People were very kind, no one objected being photographed, just waved and said hello or 'Namasté'...

A little abstract work I shot in the hotel

Playing cricket
People playing cricket


Ships at the Sharjah docks

The waterfront was quite a lively affair. I visited it on several occasions as it was near the hotel.

Loading by manpower


Sharjah by night
Shops after sunset
Shops after sunset
Butcher at work




Barbershops in Sharjah - UAE

I noticed shops being grouped by profession or goods for sale. Barbershops were grouped together,
so were furniture shops.

Barbershops in Sharjah - UAE

Furniture shop in Sharjah - UAE


Al Mahatta Aviation Museum - Sharjah
For a cultural outing I went to the Al Mahatta Aviation Museum, here in Sharjah town


.Sharjah dockside
Sharjah dockside
Sharjah dockside Activity at the docks continue by day and by night

Relax in the shade


Ships on the Sharjah River / Lagoon

Sharjah waterfront
Sharjah waterfront

Sharjah waterfront


Sharjah Dhow
A modern 'dhow' sails out with lobsternets




Arab portrait
When I asked him for a photo, at first he declined. When I complimented him on his fine beard, he agreed to pose for a photo. Thank you, salaam !



A fine reality
Part of the harsh reality of my visit, but only for a few hours!



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