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This 'Texas Roadtrip' in november was supposed to be all about Americana music, but I found the number of live gigs I was able to attend disappointing. With only two weeks available and most music played in the weekends, I had known it might be so. Fortunately there was the 'history trail' for music too, so in the end things turned out not so bad.
Here are a few things, music and other stuff, we came across.


Austin,TX (2015)
At first I found Austin an ugly place! The mood I was in was effected by a sore tooth (a visit to the dentist solved that) and getting us across town was a pain too. The I-35 cuts right across Austin, with dominating, ugly & colossal ramp on & -offs,
our motel was way up north and we found we needed to be south most of the time; that I-35 looked handy but was
often totally congested; and the weather turned to cloudy and rain. But gradually my mood changed for the better.

New Braunfels,TX (2015)


New Braunfels,TX (2015)
Willie Nelson is God here, or at least a Super Hero. I love his music.
Austin has been going through a building boom these recent years and is doing well.
When someone asked me for some money to get some breakfast, I gave him my spare change; but he threw it on the ground.

New Braunfels,TX (2015)
And still going strong!


New Braunfels,TX (2015) - LBJ Library
I love visiting libraries, large or small, I sort of 'collect them' (make a few defining pictures, see My Flickr account).
So I had put the LBJ Library on my list for things to visit in Austin. I wasn't prepared for the extensive museum!

New Braunfels,TX (2015) - LBJ Library
We spent hours in the LBJ Library, rather more for the interestings times depicted here, than for Lyndon
Baines Johnson, the person & President of the United States. I was surprised though to find LBJ was a Democrat!
Imagine, a Democrat in Texas!

New Braunfels,TX (2015) - LBJ Library

New Braunfels,TX (2015) - LBJ Library
That fateful day: 22Nov1963.

New Braunfels,TX (2015) - LBJ Library
We even got to visit The Oval Office!


New Braunfels,TX (2015) - Texas music
Like I said, with less live music there was the 'Music History Trail' for us to track.
We found a nice exhibition at the Briscoe Center, near the LBJ Library.

"A major influence was Clifford Antone and the namesake blues club he founded in 1975, at the age of 25.
Antone's located on Austin's 6th Street fostered the careers of a number of musicians, including Stevie Ray Vaughan."

New Braunfels,TX (2015) - Texas music

New Braunfels,TX (2015) - Texas music

New Braunfels,TX (2015) - Texas music
Townes van Zandt and Guy Clark, two Americana singersongwriter heroes of mine.


New Braunfels,TX (2015)
Books are a great comfort to me. It is where I did my recovery from the dentist; bought a shitload of books here.

We tried finding the Botanical Gardens in Austin , but that was poorly signposted. My satnav brought us to
a park & grounds, but we did not see any Botanical Gardens. Oh well.,_Texas
The music of Austin, Texas, USA is best known for its variety of live music acts.
Austin's official motto is the 'Live Music Capital of the World'.
Originally live music venues appeared mostly on 6th Street. Austin has several other neighborhoods and districts known for live music venues, including the Red River District, the University of Texas, the Warehouse District and Downtown, South Lamar, South Austin, East Austin and the Market District.
In 1964, the Broken Spoke, opened featuring country acts such as Bob Wills, Ernest Tubb, and the young Willie Nelson.
The late-1960s and 1970s saw the country music popularized by Willie Nelson and others being joined by a host of other music brought by the more liberal inhabitants, who migrated to Austin during these two decades.

New Braunfels,TX (2015) - Broken Spoke Saloon
Ah, The Broken Spoke Saloon! Now here we got to listen to some nice music. Whilst exploring we did a lunch
here and returned for dinner and music with Ben Rodgers. The next night we watched and enjoyed Two Tons of Steel
play here. In 1964, the Broken Spoke opened, featuring country acts such as Bob Wills,
Ernest Tubb, and the young Willie Nelson. By then this saloon was still 'out in the sticks'...

New Braunfels,TX (2015) - Texas music
More pictures by me of live entertainment at the Broken Spoke Saloon, on my website, HERE...



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