England, 1983

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Another visit to Old Albion. This time we crossed the Channel on the Harwich Ferry, starting out from Hoek van Holland ('Hook of Holland'). The return trip would be from Sheerness to Vlissingen ('Flushing') as of old. We would start in East Anglia, circle around London and end in Suffolk.
A good start on a sunny day (perhaps on any day, for that matter) would be at the pub...


The Royal Estate of Sandringham... Sandringham is the country retreat of Her Majesty the Queen and has been the private home of four generations of British monarchs since 1862.
The site has been occupied since Elizabethan times. In 1771 architect Cornish Henley cleared the site to build Sandringham Hall. The hall was modified during the 19th century. [Wikipedia]

We love those Roman churches which dot the landscape; this one obviously has been 'modified' over the centuries.

Trax campsites

We enjoyed camping at the socalled 'Trax Campsites', racecourses offering limited facilities but there were toilettes and soft grassy land to pitch the tent. Mornings offered horses and jockeys making their way for some early exercise rides. We stayed at Fakenham and the above photo shows the Newmarket campsite (we'd stayed here before).

Althrop, England

We arrived Althrop, home of Count & Countess Spencer, parents of Lady Diana. In 1982 we arrived here at the wrong time for a visit, this time we were better informed.
This vast estate has been the home of the Spencer's for the past 500 years.

Inside a lot of artifacts were on display, Robert Spencer (a brilliant minister and councillor in his days) had started in the 17th century a buying spree in that respect, he acquired a lot during his travels to countries such as Italy and during his stay as ambassador in Paris and Madrid.
The original Elizabethian house was built in 1508 and has a moat around the house and formal gardens. Over the centuries a lot has been changed, the present gardens date from 1860.

These are the former stables of Althrop...
Althrop, England

Roman excavations, England
We also visited the excavations at Littlecote of a Roman villa.
The settlement may have begun life as a small short-lived military establishment guarding a crossing of the River Kennet. This was replaced by local circular farming huts around AD 70 and a Roman-style rectangular building fifty years later. Activity involved baking ovens, malting tanks and grinding stones. After another fifty years, this was replaced by a large two-storeyed winged corridor villa with integral bath suite. This building went through a number of changes over the subsequent centuries, notably a major rebuilding around AD 270. The villa had a number of mosaics and there were detached workshops, barns and a large gatehouse. [Wikipedia]
Roman excavations, England

Plane spotters
Quite a different matter... Besides camping, castles & churches we also met up with friends as well as some plane spotting. The day before the actual air show at RAF Greenham Common we went over to catch the arriving planes on camera, which were flying in from all over the world. This way we would collect the aircraft on film without getting the crowds gawking at them.
I realize that at the time of writing (July 2009) I would have needed a 3rd image to display the spotting sequence: waiting on standby - the actual photography - the looking down on the lcd screen of the digital cameras for the result. Those digital cameras were a long, long way off in 1983!

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