England, 1985

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Townsend Thoresen

Another visit to the United Kingdom. This time we crossed the Channel on the Townsend Thoresen Ferry, starting out from Zeebrugge in Belgium to Dover. The return trip would see the same routing.
Townsend Thoresen was a ferry operator based in the United Kingdom formed by the merger of Townsend Brothers Ferries with Thoresen Car Ferries in 1968. It was taken over by P&O Ferries and its operations renamed P&O European Ferries in 1987.

The family on a break
Life had seen a considerable change for us: a 3rd member had joined this small, merry band of travellers. Alexander was not yet 8 months old when he undertook this journey (it wasn't his first: when he was 2 months old he flew with us to Munich for our yearly skitrip).


We stayed with friends who lived nearby Oxford (they had their first-born only 1 month after we had ours, so we could compare notes..), so a visit to this sublime city was inevitable.

The prestige of Oxford is seen in the fact that it received a charter from King Henry II, granting its citizens the same privileges and exemptions as those enjoyed by the capital of the kingdom; and various important religious houses were founded in or near the city. A grandson of King John established Rewley Abbey for the Cistercian Order; and friars of various orders (Dominicans, Franciscans, Carmelites, Augustinians, and Trinitarians), all had houses at Oxford of varying importance. Parliaments were often held in the city during the thirteenth century. The Provisions of Oxford were installed by a group of barons led by Simon de Montfort; these documents are often regarded as England's first written constitution. [Wikipedia]


You may recognize this gate from scenes in the tv-series Inspector Morse...

Detective Chief Inspector Endeavour Morse is a fictional character in a series of thirteen detective novels by British author Colin Dexter, as well as the 33 episode television series produced by Central Independent Television from 1987–2000, in which he was portrayed by John Thaw. Morse is a senior CID (Criminal Investigation Department) officer with the Thames Valley Police in Oxford, England.
The Inspector Morse novels have been successful in both book and television serial form. The stories are set primarily in Oxford. With an old Mark 2 Jaguar car (originally a Lancia), a thirst for beer, intellectual snobbery and a penchant for Wagner, Morse presents a likeable persona, despite his sullen temperament. [Wikipedia]
How we enjoyed that series (or for that matter, the series which followed; Lewis, which was also situated in Oxford).

Here we find ourselves waiting to board the ferry back to Zeebrugge. It had been fun to meet our friends again in this new 'situation', with kids, plus it is always good to visit England -and Oxford in particular- and I had learned about Douglas Adams' the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (my life would never be the same..)

the End



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