Southwest USA, 1980

In the summer of 1980 we travelled to the hot desert climate of the Southwest of the USA.
Much of Hollywood's "Cowboys and Indians" history is located here and as I grew up with series on tv such as "Rawhide" and "High Chaparral", I found it exactly as I had imagined it !
But there is much beauty in the desert of Arizona, culminating in a visit to the Grand Canyon.
From there we returned to less rugged environment of Southern California, via Las Vegas where we saw some excellent entertainment.
First we start in the 19th Century...

We ended up in the "Wild West", a shooting duel performed in "Old Tucson"; this was once used to shoot movies and tv-series. Now tourists have a chance to experience those wild, lawless days of the late-1800s.

"Old Tucson" is located near Tucson, in the hot south of Arizona.
John Wayne, Kirk Douglas and Clint Eastwood feature on this poster.
This street featured in movies such as "Gunfight at the OK Corral".

A few more photos for I thoroughly enjoyed this visit.

This train featured in movies like: "Anni Get Your Gun", How the West was won", "Union Pacific" and "The Return of Jesse James".
But that was all a long time ago, of course !

With the photo on the left, I thought the Apache indians could appear on the horizon any minute ! So heavily influenced I was by the tv series I had seen as a kid.
There are so many beautiful sights in the desert ! The photo on the right was taken in Saguaro National Park, gigantic cactus left and right... amazing !

This photo was taken on the "Apache Trail", north of Tucson; beautiful, quiet scenery.

The Grand Canyon of course, tops it all; after we had left the crowds of German and Japanese tourists behind us, we quietly enjoyed the changing colours before us, while the sun set...

A storm blew on the northern rim and we saw rainshowers pass. On the spots where the sun still managed to reach, the colours deepened.

After the rich scenery in Arizona, we flew to Las Vegas and enjoyed the excellent entertainment there. A good place to enjoy a few days at the pool !

From Las Vegas we went to Los Angeles and indulged in the inevitable visits to Universal Studio and Disneyland. Something you have to do if it is your first visit to these parts and we enjoyed it a lot.

We ended this trip with a visit to San Diego's Sea World.
While we enjoyed Southern Califiornia a lot, all these man-made entertainment could not hold a candle to the spectacular scenery of Arizona. Plenty of reasons to return there, which in later years, we did.

This trip was the start of decades of travels ('roadtrips') through the USA and Canada. One of the great comforts that make travel easy are the motels. We started by walking into reception areas and inquiring about vacancies and prices, those that were part of a chain often provided a booklet with adresses (which also often led to areas with multiple hotels, so if the first did not have vacancies, others invariably had). Later this changed to online reservations, thru and this changed to

Here's a tribute to those early days!
Hotel- and motel directories

Hotel- and motel directories



And That's All Folks !