Miami & the Florida Keys, 1992

Photos © Ruud Leeuw Photos © Ruud Leeuw


Key West
By October the weather had turned dismal in the Dutch lowlands, unpleasant 'situations' at work for the both of us: all excellent reasons to flee the country for some 'sun and fun' in Florida and recharge the batteries. Actually, there is a festival of that name in Florida, but we took our personal 'sun & fun' to Miami and the Florida Keys!
This photo was taken at Key West.

Hurricane Andrew had been visiting Florida only weeks before us and had left a warzone in places...

. Hurrican Andrew left his mark
I cannot begin to understand what it would feel like to have your house damaged to such an extend.

This situation also effected us, in a minor way: people had to leave their houses and were staying in hotels, insurance experts came down in droves and stayed in hotels, so availability of rooms was low and the prices were up...

Keep Out!
But the flag is in top, proudly!

Devastation at the airport
A look at Tamiami-Kendall airport: the nightmare of insurance companies!



Sharks, such as this Hammerhead shark, have a certain attraction to a 7 year old kid!
This was at the fantastic Key West aquarium, I too love to go to places like these.

We also went to Ocean World in Ft.Lauderdale: more sharks!


Marine life everywhere, such as on this mural by Wyland on a K-Mart building. Brilliant!

Cars get painted too
And artistic paintings on cars too, like on this Volvo.


Vintage Car
I have no special knowledge of cars, but this one is special I can see that too.
The license plate showed 'Hoodlum', so maybe it was a gangster car a long time ago ?!


A house, a car, a plane
A house, cars, a plane... Am sure there is a boat somewhere too..


talking about planes: propliners
I looked for old propellor transports and I had found two DC-3's at Marathon. But a sure place to find these skytrucks, at the time, was in a corner of Miami Int'l Airport (nicknamed 'Corrosion Corner'). This area was later cleared for airport renovation and the operators moved to nearby airports, like Opa Locka.


One of the great comforts that make travel easy through the USA and Canada, which we started in the 1980s, are the motels. Ten years ago we started by walking into reception areas and inquiring about vacancies and prices, and those that were part of a chain often provided a booklet with adresses (which also often led to areas with multiple hotels. We used the adresses and if the first did not have vacancies, others nearby invariably had. Later this changed to online reservations, thru and this subsequently changed to

Here's a tribute to those early days!
Hotel- and motel directories

Hotel- and motel directories



the End



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