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Taking my chances on the autumn weather I decided to do a roadtrip in the US Northwest in october. The route started and ended in Portland,OR with relatively obscure Greybull,WY at the far end.
Ada and I were going on a roadtrip, looking for the wide open spaces, endless roads, sights or activities such as whale watching, some vintage aeroplanes, ghost towns, impressive landscapes and, definitely a highlight, Yellowstone National Park.
The weather cooperated beyond all expectations and I had overwhelming opportunity to use my camera.


Portland,OR 2014
The Willamette River and this area has a rich history. I have read countless books
on (and by) mountain men who trapped the Willamette Valley for beaver pelts.
Nice to see that link to history here displayed by the beavers in bronze and that
tramline to Beaverton. - Portland,_Oregon

Portland,OR 2014

Portland,OR 2014
The city is known for its climate, ideal for growing roses; and also known for its 'abundant outdoor activities',
liberal political values, and coffee and beer enthusiasm. Sorry, but none of these items were high on our list!
Portland is home to the most total breweries and independent microbreweries of any city in the world (source: Wikipedia),
with 58 active breweries within city limits, as well as 600+ food carts and food trucks which contribute to the
unofficial slogan 'Keep Portland Weird'. But I had to drive into and out of the city for our hotel, so
there was very limited beer tasting for us. The streetlife was fun to explore.

Portland,OR 2014
This is more our thing: books! I had made the occasional online order here, but never recorded its location. We came
here because we saw no bookstores while walking and asked people for a good quality bookstore. Books galore!

Portland,OR 2014
An abundance of books here at Powell's Books, both new and secondhand. Powell's City of Books claims to be the largest independent new and used bookstore in the world, occupying this multistory building on an entire city block in the Pearl District.We left with a good selection, even though this was only our first day and we had to carry them along
for the next few weeks. I vowed to return for more!

Portland,OR 2014
The Portland Saturday Market is an outdoor arts and crafts market in Portland, Oregon. It is held every Saturday and Sunday from the beginning of March through December 24, in Tom McCall Waterfront Park underneath and also south of the Burnside Bridge, as well as within an adjacent plaza just across Naito Parkway, extending west to the Skidmore Fountain. (Wikipedia)
It was here that I was first confronted by the amount of people living rough and sleeping in the streets, quite astounding.

Portland,OR 2014

Portland,OR 2014

Portland,OR 2014
Street artists trying to make a buck.

Portland,OR 2014
Skidmore Fountain. The market extended across the street.

Portland,OR 2014
Now this is a streetphoto I am very pleased with! The street artist was playing a lively tune and this girl picked up
the tambourine, and while her mother cheered her along, she kept running circles and banging that tambourine!


Portland,OR 2014
Steel Bridge across the Willamette River.

The Steel Bridge is a through truss, double-deck vertical-lift bridge across the Willamette River and opened in 1912.
Its lower deck carries railroad and bicycle/pedestrian traffic, while the upper deck carries road traffic (on the Pacific Highway West No. 1W, former Oregon Route 99W) and light rail (MAX), making the bridge one of the most multimodal in the world.
It is the only double-deck bridge with independent lifts in the world and the second oldest vertical-lift bridge in North America, after the nearby Hawthorne Bridge.
The bridge links the Rose Quarter and Lloyd District in the east to Old Town Chinatown neighborhood in the west.
Wikipedia, more..


Portland,OR 2014
Proud to be American!

Portland,OR 2014
This was on our list to visit: the Lan Su Chinese Garden (formerly the Portland Classical Chinese Garden),
an authentic representation of a Suzhou-style walled garden. We had visited Suzhou in 1992.

Portland,OR 2014



Portland,OR 2014
I love grafitti art if it is as good as this! 'Capax Infiniti Faith' brought me to the
Facebook page of the artist, Faith47. See also

Portland,OR 2014
This was also on my list for a visit: Blue Sky Gallery, Oregon center for the photographic arts.
I always feel privileged to be allowed to view and take in such work by inspired artists.

Portland,OR 2014

Portland,OR 2014
Photography by Carol Yarrow.

Portland,OR 2014
Work by Sage Sohier.

Portland,OR 2014

Portland,OR 2014
The 'Nine Gallery'

Portland,OR 2014
This is an initiative I have seldom come across, to be able to browse work and purchase it at the counter. Great!

Portland,OR 2014
Stan Raucher is a name I want to follow up on as I particularly loved his work. Visit and you will see why!

Portland,OR 2014
Such wonderful work, but alas I was on a budget (spent some of it at CameraWorld too)
and had the full vacation still in front of me! Next time!

Portland,OR 2014
More grafitti art, alas I could not put a name to it. It was close to the Blue Sky gallery ( 122 NW 8th Ave).



Portland,OR 2014
I was quite shocked to see so many homeless people around. One could not turn a street corner without hearing
"can you spare a dime?". I knew the economy in the US was in bad shape and it does not have a social structure such
as in most European countries, but this was worse than I had ever experienced on my many visits to the USA.

I found this on the website
"On any given night, about 4.000 people sleep on the streets or in shelters across Portland.
Homeless people can be adults, young people, couples or families with children. They are living on the streets, either temporarily or for the long term, for a variety of reasons. They may be homeless because of an untreated mental illness, a physical disability, domestic violence, the loss of a job, or a drug addiction. They may be experiencing a financial crisis and have been evicted from their home for the first time; they may cycle from homelessness to housing and back to homelessness again; or they may be chronically homeless, having lived on the streets for many months or years."

Like I said, both in Portland as well as Seattle I never saw so many people begging and living rough. Shocking.




Portland,OR 2014

I had brought my long lens for wildlife photography on this trip; when I read about nearby Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge
I found it a good opportunity, considering the weather, to walk a trail there. We must have taken a wrong turn, because we
never ended up at the spot rich of birdlife. But we did walk a trail along the river, which brought me this image full of
rich colours. It was a nice walk, good to shake off the jet lag.

Portland,OR 2014
Handheld with a 600mm lens, not bad eh?
I was advised that this is the Northern flicker (Colaptes auratus); it is a medium-sized bird of the woodpecker family.
Dutch: 'gouden grondspecht'. ¬






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