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Someone asked me to help investigate if Kosmas Air is in anyway connected to Victor Bout, who is the former owner of Air Cess, Air Bas and now possibly IRBIS. (A dossier, about V.Bout, on my website starts here.

www.aerotransport.org offers the following info:
Kosmas Air - ICAO code: KMG - located: Serbia & Montenegro (Belgrade); dates from 2004-
Info: Formed by Russian interests.
Operates 1 Ilyushin IL-76TD YU-AMI (c/n 93499982), formerly Russian-registered RA-76822.

JP Airline Fleets 2005 has the same aircraft registered to them; also offer following (but see further down for correction):
KOSMAS AIR, e.o.o. = KMG Belgrade-Surcin
PO Box 25, YU-11180 Belgrade 59, Serbia & Montenegro +49 (2242) 917 6793 Fax: +49 (2242) 918 0473
Email: sales@kosmas-air.com
Founded: 2004
Head: Tomislav Damyanovic

Web: www.kosmas-air.com

Airliners.net has:

And on RA-76822 (a.o.):

The person who contacting me, phoned Kosmas Air; this is what he wrote:
"I spoke to the secretary of the company in Belgrade, she said the boss was not around. I said I wanted to speak to Victor Bout, and she said she had "not seen him for a long time" implying that she had seen him previously. Their operations manager told me that "in the four months I have been working for Kosmas I have never met this individual."

ATDB has following previous operators for RA-76822: Pacific Express, Ilavia AL, Titan Aero, Abakan Avia and from Tesis to Kosmas Air, reregistered to YU-AMI.

One reaction provided the following info: " Kosmas concerns mostly Russian technical crew with Yugoslav escort and most flights are ammunition transports (locally manufactured in Serbia), operating into 2 countries west and east of Iran (obviously with US approval!) .. and beyond...
They seem to be pretty busy; they have rented office floors from the Belgrade museum. No trace of links with VB network."

Another message: "... I am the general manager of Kosmas Air – no secrets – and nothing to hide.
We have the only one plane YU-AMI presently, operating SHJ-KBL on humanitarian aid flights only – contracted from Jan 02."
- Alexander Rodin

In April 2006 I noticed messages on the internet that another Ilyushin IL-76 had joined the fleet: YU-AMJ, IL76TD c/n 1013409303; it was previously UN-78734, RA-78734, UR-78734, HA-TCA and CCCP-78734.
But Alexander Rodin of Kosmas Air denied the fact that YU-AMJ was theirs: "No Sir! This is not ours. There is a new company trying to register as AOC holder - already more than two months on the ground in Belgrade."
Mr Rodin added:
"Here is the actual webiste of Kosmas Air: http://www.kosmasair.co.yu
The people in Germany have little official relations to us now. The person mentioned as Head of the company in your page (above), has been commercial manager but is no longer with our company."

In May I read the following remark:
"This a/c has nothing to do with Kosmas Air.
This aircraft is owned by new Serbian company "Air Tomisko", here are pictures from BEG:
http://images3.fotopic.net/?iid=yhfe57&noresize=1&nostamp=1&quality=100 "

In july 2006 I received following email:
"A new cargo charter airline, Air Tomisko, operated its first flight last week, its Ilyushin IL-76 flying a mission between Bulgaria and Baghdad. The company gained its operator certificate on 30 June and currently has just one aircraft, but is expected to have use of three IL-76s within the next few weeks. A spokesman for German Aviation Services, its GSA for the EU, told IFW these would initially be wet-leased, although Tomisko was likely to buy or dry lease another aircraft in the near future. “In the next couple of years, it is planning to operate western aircraft as well,” he added. With first-generation IL-76s barred from commercial flights in the EU due to noise restrictions, flights there are limited to humanitarian or military purposes, although commercial cargo from EU countries can be trucked to countries outside the EU, such as Croatia. Work is expected to be split roughly equally between commercial, military and humanitarian. The Serbian-registered freighter airline was created by Tomislav Damnjanovic, former general manager of Kosmas Air, with a number of former staff there also following him to the new company. Kosmas Air is understood to be continuing to operate, under new ownership, following a takeover by investors."
County of Registration: Serbia
Base: BEG/Belgrade
Aircraft Type: IL76TD
Registration: YU-AMJ
Area of Operation: Europe, Africa, Middle East & Asia."

Credit: International Freighting Weekly (IFW) (www.ifw-net.com)

Aerotransport Database (online)


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