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On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I would like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.


Rolf Larsson sent me this in Sep.2010:
Beech 18 preserved at Cannes, France

Rolf wrote to me:
"In 2007 I sent some pictures of the Beech 18 (c/n BA-184) to you ('F-BCCI', reserved as F-BUOP). These pictures can be seen in your Off airport section.
Over the years I have seen this Beech in three different colourschemes!
In April/May 2010 it was still in the 3rd colourscheme but when I pictured it on 11 August 2010 it had been repainted yet again, this time into new Breitling colours!
This repainting must have taken place during the summer of 2010.
It is still located in the same position as earlier.
See also notes/comments by John Bennett and Bob Parmerter, regarding the history of this Beech 18, on Photos by Friends & Guests (22) "

Marco delivered this photo as evidence of his sighting of Ilyushin IL-18D UP-I1801:

Marco wrote: " I found your web page on Viktor Bout, and look what I found on 28Jan2010 at the airport of Muscat, it seems the plane is still very active!"

It does seem that UP-I1801 continues in active service with Mega Airlines.

Martin Prince Jr (commonly referred to as 'Joe Joe') of Bethel,AK sent me these, exclaiming:
"June means one thing in Bethel: return of the Beavers! "

DHC-2 N734Q Ptarmigan Air deHavilland DHC-2 Beaver N734Q of Ptarmigan Air


deHavilland DHC-2 Beaver N102SY of Ptarmigan Air
deHavilland DHC-2 Beaver N102SY of Ptarmigan Air


More photos by Martin Prince Jr on my website: PAGE 1 + PAGE 2

George Chomokovski sent me these photos taken at Gimli, Manitoba on June 14th, 2010:
Douglas DC-3 CF-QHY (c/n 14560/26005), patiently waiting for a buyer to come along...
My Photos by Friends & Guests #58 has it at Basler's Turbo Conversions plant at Oshkosh,WI.
Douglas DC-3 CF-OOW (c/n 13342), stored in less than perfect condition.
For a full history on these classic propliners and skytrucks see the page dedicated to
my visit to Gimli and FNT.
Curtiss C-46 C-GIBX (c/n 22472)
Douglas DC-3 CF-FTR (16095/32843)

Curtiss C-46 C-GTPO (c/n 22556)

See also my 2007 visit to Gimli for more on these propliners!

Lake LA-4
Lake LA-4-200 Buccaneer C-GPQV (c/n 902)
This Consolidated Aeronautics Inc. manufactured peculiar bird was registered to Alexander Graham of Gimli, in 1980. More info on the Lake Buccaneer can be found on Wikipedia.

John Olafson sent me these photos, which in turn had been sent to him by Dennis Graham, Chief Pilot Conair. John wrote:
"Dramatic shots of Conair’s Electra (Tanker 460) making a retardant drop in the Williams Lake area. Very aggressive fire behavior up there now and many fires have joined to become huge fires. No letup in the near future as the heat wave continues.."
Conair aerial firefighter
Conair airtanker T460

Arnold Begeman sent me proof that Lockheed L.188PF Electra C-FIJX (c/n 2010 - ex/ N2RK) had made it all the way from Coventry,UK to Red Deer Alberta. Buffalo Airways has acquired it, after Atlantic Airlines had not found opportunity to prepare it for operational duties and so it sat waiting for a certain end by the scrapman since 2002 at Coventry. Until Buffalo Aws came along... hurrah
Photos at Coventry

L.188 C-FIJX, ex/ N2RK @Red Deer

See my Photos by Friends & Guests (45) how it looked upon its 2016 airtanker certification !

Fred de Ruiter asked me to help identify this DC-3 he'd seen at Surabaya, Indonesia on 03Jul10. The tailnumber shows PK-IAJ but he found no mention of it on the internet.
PK-IAJ at Surabaya
I hope someone may be able to identify 'PK-IAJ' EMAIL

Could this be PK-IBA (c/n 12652) reported with faded Bouraq/Bali Air titles in early-2000 at Naval Air Base TNI-LAUT Juanda, Indonesia? Its condition was described as 'wfu, no engines'. Because this aircraft was last reported on 17Jan05 to be near end of runway at Surabaya ('wfu')!
The DC-3 book by Air-Britain (2006) 'The First Seventy Years' has c/n 12652 PK-IBA at Surabaya, reported Mar94-(Jan05).
But PK-IAJ seems clearly readable (failed preservation project?) and what signifies the large 'A' on the tail?

Alexandre Avrane responded (aug.2010):
"These are faked livery and registration. The orange ghost has been repainted in blue, reasons unknown. Compare with:

Obviously same aircraft. Painted as Aviantara Air which never existed as a virtual airline for a full-size crash exercise in 10/08, see also:

Answer is revealed HERE..
See also other Mystery Aircraft on my website

C-47B 2100847
Roger Soupart sent me this week an image of C-47B 2100847 preserved at Best (Noord-Brabant, Netherlands) including the news that it was to be put on transport for Katwijk and was to serve as a 'prop' in a musical. I expressed hope that they wouldn't take it apart to fit it on stage but it never got that far... While on transport it was damaged passing below a bridge; even with the outer wings removed it measured 7.20 meters in width while there was room for 6.80m! Result: extensive damage to engine(s?) and fuselage.
It happened during the night 12/13Aug and using blowtorches the wreckage was freed and continued to Katwijk with hopes to feature (using camouflage netting?) in the 'Soldaat van Oranje' ('Soldier of Orange') musical.
The image of the wreckage is courtesy

From the Hoofddorpse Courant:
DC-3 stuck under bridge

For the history on this C-47B Darlin Dorien see my page on a visit to the museum 'Bevrijdende Vleugels' in Best

For an Oct.2010 update see Roger Soupart's photos on Photos by Friends and Guests (27)

Bill Bailey sent a photo of Grumman Mallard N2945 (c/n J-8) to help identify one on Jacques Hémet's page
"In most cases privately owned Mallard paint schemes are pretty unique to the individual airplanes.Mallard N2945
Add the location of the antenna mounted over the cockpit and the location of where the photo was taken (Oakland, California) and it almost certainly identifies the Mallard as N2945.
Mallard N2945 is and has been based in the San Fransisco/Oakland area as long as Mr. Dennis has owned it.
I've seen the airplane in person, and been in it long ago.
It has the same paint job now as it had then, there's no other Mallard painted like it that I'm aware of and I have pictures of most of them.
It's one of the nicest Mallards around!
A search on AIRLINERS.Net will yield several photos of the airplane, inside and out."

Graham Robson also attended The Last Gathering and actually flew on July 26th with them from Rock Falls to the EAA Venture at Oshkosh:

A unique event!

DC-3 The Last Gathering, Rock Falls 2010

The Last Gathering
Graham wrote me- "I traveled in style: Paris Jet from NY to Rock Falls, then DC-3 from Rock Falls to Oshkosh, part of the formation of 25 that flew in on the Monday!"

See also other Air-to-Air images by Graham on my website!!!

John Stewart wrote me July 26th:
" I am on the way back from 'The Last Time', DC-3 gathering at Rock Falls, Illinois."
N47060 DC-3

A list of the attending aircraft at The Last Time, DC-3 gathering at Whiteside County Airport,Rock Falls IL :
REG TYPE C/N [Cvtd From]
  • N47F DC-3C 13816 [C-47A}
  • N47SJ DC-3C-R 14424 [C-47B]
  • NC33644 DC-3 4123
  • NC43XX DC-3A-S1C3G 11665
  • N47060 R4D-5 19066
  • N150D C-47 4463
  • N97H DC-3C-S1C3G 33613 [C-47B]
  • N92578 DC-3C-1830-94 9028 [C-47]
  • N737H DC-3C 6062 [R4D-1]
  • N59NA DC-3C-S1C3G 9043 [C-47]
  • C-GDAK DC-3-G202A 2141
  • N87745 DC-3 6315
  • N5106X DC-3-S1C3G 9058 [C-47]
  • N3239T DC-3-S1C3G 19054 [C-47A]
  • N18121 DC-3A 1997
  • N143D DC-3A-S4C4G 2054
  • N1XP DC-3C-S1C3G 4733
  • N25641 DC-3C-S4C4G 9059 [C-47]
  • N341A DC-3 2145 [C-41A]
  • NC41HQ DC-3A-1830-94 2053 [C-41]
  • N3006 DC-3 42961
  • N34 DC-3 33359 [R4D-7]
  • N2805J DC-3-R-1830-90C 20835 [C-47B]
  • N1934D DC-2 1368
  • "The weather on Friday and Saturday was appalling with torrential rains and high winds...
    Sunday was gorgeous!
    The cloudy shots were made on July 24th and the bright, sunny ones on July 25th."

    N18121 DC-3
    Last Time DC-3 gathering @Rock Falls
    > Click on image for a larger size compilation <
    DC-2 N1934D

    Henk Geerlings sent me some images from his archives, this time the subject is the Cessna Ce.195
    N1558D Cessna 195
    N1558D, 28Feb94, Grand Canyon Airport
    N3877V Cessna 195
    N3877V, Feb89 @ Boeing Field, WA
    N145V Ce.195
    N145V Curriers Flying Service , 05Sep97
    Moosehead Lake , Greenville,ME
    OH-CSC Ce.195
    OH-CSC (ski-equipped) , 04Apr04
    Pilot Factory, Malmi Airport, Finland

    Ron Mak sent me a March 2010 update of propliners at Manilla (MNL), Philippines.
    This is the famous 'Winky Fish Constellation' N4247L.
    (in this photo also visible An-24 RP-C7205 of Mosphil-Aero and DC-3 RP-C1354).
    More on this photo and others taken here, see Ron Mak's Propliners (page 2)
    constellation Winky's Fish at Manilla

    Dirk Septer came across BT-67 C-GEAJ at Pond Inlet in 2008; more details on this HERE..
    BT-67 C-GEAJ

    On 30May2010 Del Mitchell sent me a nice update from the desert...
    C-123 Provider 54-0683

    Del wrote me:
    " This photo I took at Edwards AFB, back in January of this year.
    I am involved with some other retired US Navy guys trying to restore a Navy A-3D (BuNo 135434). It was stored next to a C-123 and C-119.
    The A-3 we are working on will eventually be restored to its original configuration and color from the 1950's, then placed in the new Edwards AFB Museum that is currently under construction. We hope to have it completed by the 100th anniversary of Naval Aviation in Nov. 2011."
    See my C-119 Info Page (2) for the C-119 photos Del sent me.

    Here is what I have on this C-123K Provider:
    c/n 20132 54-0683, Noted on preserved list as 54-0683 at Edwards AFB,CA. (
    The website this C-123K at some point registered N4034L and during its storage at MASDC/AMARC at Davis Monthan AFB marked CP0089.

    Roger Soupart sent me these image in May 2010:
    "I stayed in a hotel, not by accident, with this Classic Propliner almost right across the street! I'd seen it for the first time in 1984 and was pleased to see it still exists. It has survived the past 26 years rather well, did not look much worse for wear and let's hope it'll survive the next 26 years as well!"

    Found the following information on about this Breguet 763:
    F-BACC (c/n 6) - One of only 3 survivors of this type, is being used as a restaurant at this small airfield near Paris, Fontenay-Tresigny (- Chaubuisson) (LFPQ). It has been decorated with the fake registration F-BACC in old Air France colours, but it is actually ex/ French Air Force 306/82-PP. It was Air France F-BASS before that.

    See also a nice selection of images at OldProps, including some interior shots

    Sahara at Toulouse
    Breguet Sahara c/n 504, 'under preservation' at Toulouse - by Roger Soupart (Oct.2007)

    Would anybody be able to identify the type of aircraft by the cabin shown below?
    Cabin of airliner

    Jean-François de Toledo sent me this image as part of a powerpoint presentation, featuring 1960s images. He asked to identify the cabin of this 'two storyes airplane cabin'. A Boeing 377 Stratocruiser?
    Comments welcomed EMAIL

    Nicolai Musante offered this (likely) suggestion: "Cabin interior looks very much like that used by UAL on their mainliner Stratocruiserss. See this page "
    One image:

    cabin Mainer stratocruiser

    Stef Bailis agreed; "A Boeing 377 Stratocruiser. Airline: UAL or NWA.
    Could also be BOAC, but the passengers look more American to me. This may be a Boeing publicity photo".
    Fernand van de Plas: "Definetely a Stratocruiser (see stairs). The rectangular windows were the ones delivered to United AL and Northwest Orient AL. In later years some of these were purchased by BOAC. Noticing the cabin attendant,:not BOAC (darker dress), more than probably American Air Lines."

    John Olafson sent me images from Air Spray's C-FZCS in a new colourscheme at Red Deer 01JUN2010.
    Tanker 487 is a Lockheed L.188AF Electra, c/n 1060, and is active in aerial fire suppression.
    Conair Aviation acquired it in April 1997 from SAHSA Honduras and had the registration changed from HR-SHN to C-FZCS.
    I think I saw it at Victoria,BC on 09aug99, as Conair Tanker 53.
    Air Spray bought it on 14mar2000 and on 16apr02 it was seen at Red Deer as tanker 87.
    More on its history has been described on my page dedicated to a 2007 visit to Red Deer, Alberta.
    C-FZCS Air Spray Tanker 487
    C-FZCS Air Spray Tanker 487
    John wrote:
    "I visited Red Deer last month and thought you would be interested to know that they are working on their spare L.188 and among other things they are bringing its paint scheme in line with their other Electras. I noted that they use rollers to apply the paint and it results in a very nice shiny coat, unlike anything I have ever achieved with a paint roller! All the other Electras were out in the field, which I had expected.

    There were only 6 Invaders left that I could see. Still the usual retired Electras, Riley Rockets and Ted Smith Aerostars.

    Buffalo still has an assortment of DC-3's and most of them are wingless, all the wings are stacked elsewhere on the field, separated by matresses. One Buffalo C-54 tanker was there and I don't know why. Maybe no contract for it. The only person I saw at the Buffalo hangar was an auto mechanic and he was working on one of Buffalo Joe's many antique cars.

    I went to Springbank airport near Calgary and found no less than 18 Twin Otters there. Included were the 4 used by the British Antarctic Survey and they were in for annual servicing. A lot of time expired ones as well. Very interesting to see them all."

    Kenneth Swartz sent me this image, taken inside a hangar at Brazoria County Airport, about 50 miles, SW of Houston.
    S-43 Sikorsky

    The Sikorsky S-43 was a twin engine amphibious aircraft manufactured in United States during the 1930s by the American firm Sikorsky Aircraft.
    The S-43 first flew in 1935 and was a smaller version of the Sikorsky S-42 "Clipper". It accommodated between 18 and 25 passengers.
    Two aircraft went to private owners: Harold Vanderbilt and Howard Hughes. Hughes' S-43 remains the last example of this aircraft type flying! [Wikipedia, more...]

    Howard Hughes purchased one for a proposed around the world flight, but it crashed at Lake Meade, Nevada in 1943.  It was repaired and stored at the Hughes Tool Company in Houston,TX until 1977.  It was then sold to Van Kregten Enterprise of San Jose, California for planned museum display.
    From (2009):
    California entrepreneur Ronald Van Kregten bought the plane after Hughes' death. Van Kregten and his wife have since passed, and the plane now is owned by their estate. It likely will be sold soon. The plane is now worth between $5 million and $24 million, depending on who's asking.
    The plane hasn't been in the air since 2001, but allegedely the Sikorsky could be made ready for its next trip on short notice.

    Ken Swartz did not mention a tailnumber but I would guess it to be N440 (c/n 4327) ? The EXIF data of the image states 20FEB2010.

    Jacques Hémet sent me these photos: DC-3 TT-EAB Tchad
    "Photo of TT-EAB taken on N'Damena airport. The plane was badly damaged during fights with Lybian troops (around 1980)."
    Douglas C-47A TT-EAB c/n 9157 was scrapped at N'Djamena at some point. (-Webmaster)
    Tchad Air Force C-47

    "Tchad air force C-47, after departure of Lybian troops from N'djamena airport, in the 1980s."

    One suggestion offered on the identity was: "Looking at the length of the Tchad AF C-47 serial number it could be either 348291/TT-LAB (c/n 25552) or 348861/TT-LAC (c/n 26122). There appears to be what looks like a '4' at the beginning of the serial number which could be the third digit of the fiscal year: 1943."
    Iain C. MacKay



    N877MG DC-3 Dirk Septer sent me these images taken on 05Jul10; he wrote;
    "Finally something interesting at Campbell River: DC-3 N877MG!
    Note the WW II 'Hump' symbol underneath the wing...
    And that nosejob...?!
    Also, interesting that serial 4193 is not mentioned in Air-Britain's "The Douglas DC-3 and its predecessors".
    The DC-3 is registered to 'Historic Flight Foundation'. "


    One can read the peculiar details on that serial and the story behind the nose, 'hump'-badge, etc. on my page More Gooney Birds.

    More photos by Dirk Septer on my website HERE and HERE

    As it turned out I visited Campbell River on 14SEP2010 and was able to take photos of N877MG's interior too: VANCOUVER ISLAND 2010

    I came across N877MG once more, see MY CALIFORNIA 2018 page 2 REPORT.

    James Gaffey sent me this photo in July 2010-
    N57123 DC-3

    "I was looking through your website and came across a section about Douglas DC-3 N57123.
    Well, I thought you would like to know that I found it! It is sitting in a field at Basler Turbo Conversions in Oshkosh WI.
    This picture was taken in June 2010."

    See my 2008 page on a visit to Mesa-Falcon Field, Phoenix,AZ where it was seen stored at the time (more or less 'whole'..)



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