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On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I would like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.


Frank Garrett sent me an update 02Nov11 for the stored 'Turkey Hauler' at Arlington,WA:
Turkey Hauler DC-3 at Arlington

Frank wrote:
"I am from Arlington, WA originally and on a visit back home recently, N63440 / 315728 caught my eye at the airport. Some photos attached here.
I love planes, and flying, and some day I hope to get my private pilot’s license!
When I got around to looking up the s/n and 'Patton’s Ace In The Hole' was your website. Ejoyed reading about the plane’s history. If I read the history of the military serial numbers, this one did not actually see military duty
It was sad to see a great plane like 63440 in such weathered, run-down condition. I am not sure who currently owns the plane, but it is still in Arlington."

Josip Novak wrote me and sent some interesting images from his collections; I am grateful for him also to have included the captions.


On the afternoon of 06April1935, PH-AFL crashed in a heavy snowstorm near Brilon, between Leipzig and Essen on the Prague-Rotterdam route. The Fokker F.XII flew into a mountain slope in conditions of blinding snow, thunder and unusual darkness. According to a German investigation report, visibility at the time of the crash was less than 250 ft.

The machine was totally burnt out. Two passengers and five crew members were killed, including Captain Pier Soer well known for his Christmas flight in a Fokker F.XVIII called 'Pelikaan', in 1933.

Webmaster- following website also has an image of PH-AFL and info on the Fokker F.XII

Fokker F.XI (HB-ALO)

During the spring of 1929, the Alpar-Bern looked around for a suitable aircraft. The company found in the Netherlands the Fokker F.XI. For many this aircraft was a step back in the development of Fokker-aircraft. In a way this was a modernised Fokker F.II, capable of carrying just 4-5 passengers.
The power plant of the Alpar-Bern aircraft was a 240 hp Lorraine-Dietrich 7A air-cooled radial engine, providing the aircraft a cruising speed of 165 kmh.
The aircraft carried the name Universal, which was not to be confused with the famous American-built Fokker Universal.
The Swiss company decided to purchase one Fokker F.XI (c/n 5124) and received the aircraft on the June 8th that year. It was registered CH 188 (later HB-ALO) and was given the name Stadt Bern (City of Bern).

Fokker B.IV

Fokker B. IV was use in United States of America.
First flown in 1928 the B.IV was the final development of the Fokker flying boats and amphibians B. I, B. II and B. III.
Originally designed for the military the boat had a limited success as an airliner for seven passengers, called F.11 in the USA. Of the initially planned production of six aircraft, only two were finished. They were owned and flown by Americans Vanderbilt and Wood. The type had an all metal fuselage and wooden wing.
That’s all I know about photograph..!

Webmaster- see link Wikipedia for info on Fokker F.11 / B.IV


Simon Spoor sent me this DC-3 stored at Harare, Zimbabwe he came across in Oct.2011:

DC-3 stored Harrare
Identity: ZK-AMR (c/n 11970)?
Here are images and history of c/n 11970 in its Australian days:

And here is another image on the internet (merci Alexandre!):

When I checked for an update in Jan.2017 I found on that ZK-AMR had been scrapped at Harare.

Reinhard 'Steelhead' Zinabold made a truly excellent bushplane tour through Canada's Ontario and Manitoba and published his images on Flickr; go and visit!
Bushplanes Canada 2011

Roger Botting wrote me in Aug.2011:
"While in South America I toured Argentina in april this year and visited the Museo Nacional De Aeronautica at Moron in Buenos Aires. Attached you'll find a few images of some of the aircraft on display."
Museo Nacional Buenos Aires
  • Fokker F.27-600 T-42 (c/n 10346) ex/ PH-FLS, T-80
  • Douglas DC-3A-360 Skytrain (R4D-1) TA-05 (c/n 19965) ex/ 43-15499, NC65283, LV-ABF, T-05, TC-05
  • Junkers Ju 52/3mge 'T-158' (c/n 4043) ex/ D-3356, D-ABIS, PP-CAX, LQ-ZBD, 'T-149'
  • Avro 694 Lincoln B.2 'B-101' (c/n 1408) ex/ RE351, B-004
  • Vickers 615 Viking 1B T-9 (c/n 163) ex/ LV-XET, T-9, T-09
  • Bristol 170 Freighter 1A TC-330 (c/n 12751) ex/ G-AICH, LV-XIM, LV-AEY, T-30, T-330

Source: Aviation Museums and Collections of The Rest Of The World - Bob Ogden (Air-Britain (Historians) Ltd, 2008)
Wikipedia (English)

Stinson of Peck & Rice

Peck & Rice also operated this Stinson T (No, it's not a 'U'; MATI added many incorrect captions) under contract to Morrison-Knudson, during WWII (Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry-MATI archives via Lars Opland Collection). Interesting accounts on Jack Peck can ve read on my page about Cordova Airlines.

More early Alaska aviation from Lars Opland's collection HERE..

Mark Pomponi allowed me to use this photo on my website:
DC-3 wreck on beach in Iceland
Mark shared this and other photos on Facebook, date shows 19Sep (2011).
I've visited this located in 2007 and on my Iceland 2007 page you can read more about this Douglas DC-3

First Air HS.748 landing at Qikiqtarjuaq
C-GTLD landing on the dusty dirt strip at Qikiqtarjuaq, Nunavut (CYCY) 21Jun06

Dirk looks back on a bit of aviation he participated in:
"Between the early 1990s and 2009, First Air/Bradley Air Services operated a fleet of Hawker Siddeley HS-748s (commonly referred to as 'Hawkers') out of Iqaluit, Nunavut (CYFB ) and Yellowknife, N.W.T. (CYZF)

Continue reading and see more photos on Dirk Septer's vintage propliners in Canada

Lars Opland wrote me in August 2011:
Bill Fike's daughter, Tricia Howell, asked me to go ahead and share some photos with aviation-minded people, so here are a couple of scans from her father's slide collection."

DC-3 N25669 Cordova Airlines

DC-3-314A N25669 (c/n 2242) flew with Braniff before its career with Cordova Airlines. After that it flew with Alaska Coastal Airlines, Ellis Airlines, Alaska Marine Foods and it ended up with TALA Colombia as HK-2819X and its fate there becomes obscure, perhaps resting in the jungle somewhere in Latin America..
DC-3 Cordova Airlines


Klaus Nenn sent me this photo in sep.2011:
RCAF C-119 at Nanaimo in 1959

Klaus wrote:
"This picture is of a Canadian Forces (Royal Canadian Air Force - Transport Command) CF-119 Flying Boxcar at CFB Namao taken by my father in 1959.
I always had an interest in aviation and eventually became an Air Traffic Controller. As a controller I got around and saw a lot of aircraft and unusual situations. Unfortunately, because it was everyday work, I hardly thought to take pictures..."


An-2 at Vitebsk-Kukovtachine Airfield
An-2 'unidentified' at Vitebsk-Kukovtachine Airfield (Belarus, 2011)

More photos by BOB OGDEN

Dirk Septer's visit to Yellowknife
Dirk Septer's visit to Yellowknife 08Jul11, click on the photos for the link

Daughter presenting Dad's book!

Rich Hulina wrote me in august 2011: "I was travelling around at the beginning of August trying to sell a few of my new book "Bush Flying Captured" and have enclosed a neat shot. My daughter is seen holding a copy of my book open to a page featuring Twin Beech 'ERM on the run. As you can see we caught up with 'ERM with a not so sure future!"

See also my visit to NW Ontario (2007)

I bought this wonderful photobook in March 2012 and can recommend it unreservedly for those interested in bushplanes and wonderful photography!

Fred Barnes wrote me: "Here is another that you may like:

G.41 Goose N39FG
G-21A Goose N39FG c/n 1059 departing from the Fraser River at Vancouver 18Jun11. "
Dirk Septer sent me a 2017 update, spotted at Campbell River Airport, HERE

Stef Slavujevic sent me this image in july 2011 (no date to the photo):
P4-YSA YS-11 Restautant (closed) @Curacao
Stef wrote: "the restaurant has been closed a long time and the property is for sale".

For more info see my page on Aircraft on Off-Airport Locations (Latin Americas)

Fed Barnes wrote me the following:
"I was interested to read about PBY-5A CF-UAW on your website!
Please find attached an image of the aircraft taken at Victoria International Airport, Sidney, B.C. on the Victoria Aircraft Maintenance area. The aircraft is due for overhaul/refurbishment at V.A.M.
Taken 14.06.11."
Registered 29Dec10 for Pacific Flying Boats Ltd, North Saanich,B.C.

George sent this photo (click on the thumbnail for a larger image)
Virgil Hanson - aviation pioneer Alaska
Josephine "Lila" and Virgil Hanson at Uncle John Urban's place at 3rd & H st. in Anchorage
Virgil Hanson
Unknown & Virgil Hanson

Best regards,
George Hanson in Girdwood,AK

Interested in early aviation days, airlines and pioneers of Alaska? Go HERE..

ZS-ASN at Smithers
Dirk wrote: "I came across this unusual South African-registered DC-3 ZS-ASN at Smithers, in 1997."
More on Dirk Septer's propliner and busplanes explorations HERE...

You'll find that registration 'ZS-ASN' was previously used on a Lockheed Lodestar; more on this plus the history on this peculiar Basler BT-67 HERE... (You'll note the change of colourscheme)

The immaculate, passenger-configured, Douglas DC-6B V5-NCG is still for sale.
DC-6B V5-NCG for sale


Photos on of V5-NCG

Interested parties can make contact through the website of Namibia Commercial Aviation:

Dietmar Schreiber from Vienna sent me this glorious image of Ju.52 HB-HOY:
Ju.52 HB-HOY

Dietmar wrote (12Jul11): "In the last weeks I had again the chance to take some air to air pictures from great classic airliners and I want to share them with other propliner fans.
Li 2 HA-LIX was taken in the area of Budapest on a scenic flight out of Budaörs airfield on 2011-06-25.
The Ju52 (CASA 352) HB-HOY was taken last Saturday (09JUL2011) south of Linz (Austria) on its way to the Austrian mountains."

For the other images Dietmar refers to in his email (plus many, many more excellent propliner photos) see Dietmar's website VAP's Photo Gallery.

You may also want to check out my page of a visit in 2009 to Dubendorf where the Ju.52s are based and a fine aviation museum can be visited.

Arnold Begeman 'found' BT67 C-GEAJ at Calgary IAP 10Jul2011:

Note how square the turbine engines are on this converted-DC3.
Elsewhere on my webpage, you'll find how Dirk Septer came across C-GEAJ in Canada's Arctic North: C-GEAJ at Pond Inlet. C-GEAJ did not have the nice paintjob it has now.

Following was sent to me on 06Jul2011:
"You have older and less clearer 2009 photos on your webpage. These photos were taken last week by a pilot from Abitibi Helicopters based in Springbank, Calgary.
Avro York CF-HMX on Hall Beach

Please also change your link in the story line for the rescue operation article:,fm159york.html
Dr. Stéphane Guevremont
Aviation Historian
Mount Royal University / University of Calgary
Vice-President, CAHS YYC

See my page Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the North for more photos sent by Dr. Stéphane Guevremont.



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