Shaun Lunt - In Memoriam

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I stumbled upon Shaun Lunts' photography because I too am under the spell of Alaska's fantastic scenery.
Shaun took his photography to the Last Frontier in a unique way, visiting the most exotic places in his Piper Super Cub, places I (and most people) likely will never get to. He landed his bushplane on the most rugged spots and got to otherwise very inaccessable locations. His photography is superb.

Shaun Lunt R.I.P.
It is no comfort to learn that he died doing what he loved doing best... R.I.P.
My sincere condolences to his loved ones.


This is from (link no longer valid, nov.2011):
"Friday night (june 06th, 2008) ) at approximately 7:30 p.m. (ADT), Alaska State Troopers in Bethel were notified a Piper Super Cub aircraft had crashed approximately 17.3 miles south of the village of Quinhagak, near Jack Smiths Bay."

I have copied a few photos in tribute to Shaun, to show his exemplary photography, but would invite all to visit his website and share the full bounty of his photographic heritage:
Long may he be remembered.

Shaun Lunt


Shaun Lunt





Shaun Lunt



Shaun Lunt



Shaun Lunt



Shaun Lunt Shaun's photos: Due Up
God's Peace.



The wonder world of the internet: over 3 years ago a young bushpilot in Alaska crashed and died, Shaun Lunt. Previous to his death I'd been admiring his photography for a number of years.

Today I received this email:
"My name is Elias Wakefield. 2 Days ago I was going through the glove box of my car and found this CD, hidden under a lot of papers that I had not gone through since I purchased the car. The CD was labeled Alaska and each picture had 2007 Shaun Lunt on it.
After googling 'Shaun Lunt' and learning of his tragic loss, I was curious if you knew of a way to give this CD back to his family?"
In response, due lack of ever having had dorect contact with teh family, I suggested
to attempt contact through website of the Shaun Lunt Memorial Fund"

I hope this Tribute Page will have helped to get the CD to the family.