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Well-known in Dutch and international propliner circles, Ron Mak's history with classic transports go back a long way.
Ron has been particularly involved in the Consolidated PBY Catalina, at some point actually organizing tours with this fascinating flying boat, but his journeys to countries far and wide concerns all vintage propliners and I am proud to be able to share some of his images and recollections here.
Where applicable, Ron has added his comments.

Photos © Ron Mak Collection

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deHavilland Dove PH-MAC

Ron Mak sent me this photo, with which he wrote:
"I noticed the nice pictures of deHavilland Dove PH-MAD on your website and remembered my very first flight! That was in another Martin's Air Charter (MAC) deHavilland Dove (the PH-MAC) in May 1960, from Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport.
My incomplete history on PH-MAC is as follows: De Havilland DH.104 Dove (c/n 04020) was leased from T.D Keegan Ltd (ex G-AMVV ) by MAC for the period May 1958 - May 1960; it was returned to T.D Keegan, reregistered G-AMVV and sold as D-IBYC.
The scenic flight I made may well have been the last one PH-MAC made.
I'd welcome further details on the history of this Dove."

Janic Geelen wrote me the following history

  • Dove 1
  • c/n 04020
  • ZS-AWB (not taken up, 'ntu')
  • VP-YEU Central African Airways Corp.'Egret' April 19 47
  • Cert of Airworthiness issued 14Apr47, flown to S.Rhodesia
  • G-AMVV Iraq Petroleum Transport Co.Ltd, Baghdad - 20Nov52
  • G-AMVV T.D. Keegan Ltd, Southend - 17Jun57
  • G-AMVV Overseas Aviation Ltd, Jersey - 02Apr58
  • PH-MAC J.M. Schroder named 'Eroica' - 22May58
  • D-IBYC - 29Apr60

  • Martin's Air Charter became Martinair (Holland); per 01Nov2011 passenger operations ceased, after 53 years and the company continued as Martinair Cargo.
    See also my Martinair page in my gallery Changed Liveries.


    Ron Mak sent me two more photos from his fascinating collection:
    Possibly the only visit ever of a Martin 202 to Amsterdam IAP ('Schiphol')
    N93060 c/n 9149 - Schiphol 24-AUG-1970.

    Martin 202 N93060 by Ron Mak
  • N93060 Martin 202 Northwest Orient Airlines delivery 30-JUN-1948
  • Transocean Airlines leased 21-SEP-1951
  • Japan Air Lines sub lsd 03-MAR-1952
  • Transocean Airlines returned OCT-1952
  • Southwest Airways bought 15-OCT-1952
  • renamed Pacific Air Lines 06-MAR-1958
  • Trans World Airlines bt 24-JUN-1960
  • Stored San Francisco
  • Martin Air Leasing Inc bt 21-DEC-1961
  • International Aerodyne Inc bt JAN-1970
  • Major Air Transport Inc bt APR-1970
  • Greek Gvmt seized SEP-1970
  • Stored Athens, Greece, 1970 and broken up

  • [Source: Piston Engine Airliner Production List (TAHS)]
  • DC-3 F-BVJH Hemet
    DC-3 F-BVJH of Hémet Exploration,  on 29-MAY-1982 visiting Schiphol
    More photos and info about F-BVJH at bottom of my page Photos by Friends & Guests (22)

    My page on Hémet Aviation has an image of this DC-3 as F-OCKH

    Ron Mak sent me this photo:
    Among a brilliant line up we see Shannon Air DC-7C EI-AOC (c/n 45128) at Amsterdam's Schiphol-East on 15Aug1965 .
    Schiphol 1965
    Shannon Air Ltd. - Base: Shannon Airport.
    Shannon Air was a charter company founded early in 1964 to operate both passenger and freight services with a Douglas Skymaster from Shannon Airport.
    The airline was financed by an American organisation, although initially all the company's operations were confined to Europe. Late in May 1964, Shannon Air took delivery of its Skymaster, and on the morning of Saturday May 30 1964 this aircraft operated the airline's first commercial service. Early on this morning, this aircraft, callsign 'Gateway November Lima', departed from Shannon on a charter flight to Manchester. This aircraft became a regular visitor to Manchester.
    Another British airport regularly visited by the DC-4 was Birmingham, and it paid its first visit to this Midlands airport on the morning of Sunday July 12 while operating a charter flight from its base at Shannon. Subsequently, EI-ANL made regular weekend visits to Birmingham carrying passengers to and from Shannon.
    In July 1964, the airline purchased a Douglas DC-7C(F) for use on long range passenger and freight charters from Shannon Airport. Numerous trans-Atlantic charter flights were made to Canada, the United States of America, and the Caribbean, while the aircraft also visited many European airports. In March 1965, this DC-7 was joined by a second aircraft, and these two aircraft spent a busy summer season operating a wide variety of charters. The DC-4, though, was retained by Shannon Air, and during 1965 the company concluded an agreement with the Italian national airline, Alitalia, whereby the Shannon Air DC-4 would operate all of Alitalia's scheduled freight services between the United Kingdom and Italy. Consequently, the DC-4 was painted in full Alitalia colours, and operated these services for much of 1965.
    Throughout July and August 1965, one of Shannon Air's DC-7s was practically permanently based at Gatwick Airport. This aircraft 'Gateway Oscar Charlie', operated services both on Shannon Air's behalf and also on behalf of British United Airways. At the time, British United was short of suitable aircraft for use on many of its European inclusive tour charter services, and as a result the Shannon Air DC-7 found itself transporting many hundreds of British holidaymakers from Gatwick to various European airports including Le Bourget, Milan, Palma, Perpignan, Pisa and Valencia.
    The winter of 1965 though, was a comparatively quiet time for Shannon Air, and in Feb. 1966 the DC-4 was impounded at Heathrow by the British Airports Authority for non-payment of landing fees.
    This effectively brought to an end the lucrative freight contract with Alitalia and although the DC-4 was later released after the company had paid off 50 percent of the debt, Shannon Air decided to cease operations. The DC-4 remained at Heathrow for several months before returning home to Ireland to start a new life with another Irish charter company, Aer Turas, while the two DC-7s made their way across the Atlantic and were sold in North America.
    Fleet: DC-4 EI-ANL (42911) - DC-7C(F) EI-ANM (45190) - DC-7C(F) EI-AOC (45128).
    Source: British Independent Airlines 1946 - 1976, by A.C. Merton Jones (TAHS, 1976 - reprinted 2000)

    DC-3 PH-DAW

    "DC-3 PH-DAW is seen at Schiphol-Oost ('-East') on 02Dec1968. I was working at Schiphol-Centre for only 2 months and riding my Tomas motorcycle home when I passed PH-DAW. It was operating for KLM Aerocarto and I never saw it again."

    Herman Dekker has (C-47A) PH-DAW listed as involved in 2 incidents (Amsterdam, 18Jan61) & Rotterdam, 10Apr68) of which he would like to learn the details.

    This website has the following on PH-DAW: In 1965 the last DC-3 left the KLM fleet, but two DC-3 aircraft continued services at KLM Aerocarto. The last one (registration PH-DAW) was sold in 1970.

    C/n 13458 was delivered as 42-108961 on 29May44, reregistered KG646 on 06Jun44 (RAF Montreal) and transferred to the UK where it served with 575 Squadron and 24 Sqdn (14Aug44). In 1945 it was assigned to 1381 (T) CU.
    KLM Royal Dutch Airlines bought it on 20Nov46 and saw it delivered 27Feb47; it was registered PH-TDW but reregistered PH-DAW on 11May54; the registry was revised for KLM Aerocarto on 04Apr55.
    On 16Jul70 it was registered in the Surinam Registry as PZ-TLA. At some point its registration was cancelled and PZ-TLA was last seen end-1970s at Paramaribo's Int'l Aiport Zanderij (IATA: PBM) without its engines. [Source: Air-Britain's DC-3 the First Seventy Years, 2006 and Herman Dekker]

    Ron sent me this vintage DC-7C shot:
    EC-BCH at Schiphol
    EC-BCH DC-7C Trans Europa, at Amsterdam's Schiphol 20Jul1969, during engine startup.

    C/n 45092/759 was first delivered to Pan Am World Airways (N748PA "Clipper Georgia) on 26Jan57. In 1963 it was leased to Panair do Brasil and registered as PP-PEH. In 1965 it returned to Pan Am and became tailnumber N7181.
    Intercontinental Air Inc. bought it on 06Jan66 and in June of that year it was purchased by Trans Europa, becoming EC-BCH.
    A few years later it was stored at Palma de Mallorca and subsequently broken up during March 1970.
    [History by 'Piston Engined Airliner Production List', TAHS 2007]

    Colour photo on

    DC-7 of Servairwise

    Ron wrote: "Here is another nice Douglas DC-7C at Amsterdam's East ramp: N2977 of Servairwise. Its c/n is 45467, by then ex/ EC-BOZ, seen at Schiphol on 10Nov1971.
    It was delivered to Northwest Orient Airlines as N297 21-04-1958, flown with Lance Air Transport, Riddle Airlines, Liberty Air Inc., International Aerodyne, Airlift international, Standard Airways, TAE as EC-BOZ leased in 1968 and returned to Int'l Aerodyne as N2977 in august 1970.
    TR-LQC International Aerodyne reregistered on27-07-1971. N2977 Servairwise Inc bought 30Aug1971, Airwise Ltd transferred 28-09-1972, International Air Lease bt 27-07-1973; Air Management Corp. bt 15-08-1973, Ronald J Clark bt 12-1974, United Air Cargo ( Kenya ) lsd 11-1975, Ronald J Clark, ret 12-1975, Emirates Air Transport "Ality " bt 01-1976 , TZ-ARC Emirates Air Transport " Alily, rr 09-1976.
    Crashed on Mount Kenya, near Nairobi (Kenya) 04-10-1976... Sad! "

    More on this DC-7 N2977 see Terry Murphy's image when N2977 was flying for United Air Cargo Kenya.

    PH-MAM Martinair
    Martinair's DC-6A PH-MAM (c/n 44257) taxies past the end of the B-gates, which was then an extension of the terminal terrace and accessable for the public.

    C/n 44257 was delivered to KLM as PH-TGB on 13Nov53 and named "Generaal C J Snijder; it was reregistered PH-DFB for KLM on 16Feb54.
    It became N4065K for General Electric Company, which bought it on 08Jan61. Charlotte Aircraft Corporation bought it in 1965.
    Martinair bought it on 13Dec66 and registered it as PH-MAM.
    The next owner was Inex Adria Airways who acquired it in May 1971 and put tailnumber YU-AFG on it. Alyemda bought it in June 1976 and it was registered as 70-ABO; in 1979 it was reported 'wfu' and stored at Aden. Its remains may still linger at a scrapyard in Aden-Khormaksar.
    [History by 'Piston Engined Airliner Production List', TAHS 2007]

    Ron Mak sent me this vintage photo, while adding:
    "Flughjalp DC-6 as seen in the Transavia hangar at Amsterdam's Schiphol-East. This was the only DC-6 with a white upper surface, the other aircraft for the Biafra Airlift all had a grey upper surface.
    So I think this is PH-TRA."
    Date: 17-05-1969.

    DC-6 Biafra Airlift

    CL-44 N447T by Ron Mak

    "Canadair CL-44 N447T of Flying Tiger Line, caught on camera on 06Sep1965 at Amsterdam's Schiphol."

    N447T was later reconfigured to the remarkable Conroy CL-44-O Guppy. has a selection.

    Ron sent me this fine Lockheed Constellation photo:

    Ron added: "KLM L.1049H PH-LKL (c/n 4840), taken on 04Apr1959 at Keflavik,Iceland."
    "Its history show a lease to World Airways (N45516) in 1962, subsequently operating for Flying Tiger Line ( 07Jul1963 - 26Apr1966), later to Murphree Air Int'l Inc, North Slope Supply Co in August 1969 and Unum Inc. And finally to Aircraft Specialities at Mesa,AZ: scrapped in 1975.
    I saw her in overall bare metal c/s at Anchorage in March 1972."

    TL-KAP, Bokassa's plane
    Douglas DC-4 TL-KAP, the personal plane of Jean Bedel Bokassa,
    caught on camera by Ron Mak at Paris - Le Bourget 27Mar1970.

    C-54A c/n 7483 was delivered as 42-107464 to the US Army Air Force on 21Apr1944. Bought by American Air Lines in 1946, registered N90416 (named "Flagship San Antonio"). Purchased by Air France in 1949 and registered F-BBDP. Acquired by Central African Republic on 19Nov1968 and registered as TL-KAP. It became TL-CDG for Ste. Le Paysan Air when bought on 14Jun79. Reported stored in Nov79. [Piston Engined Airliner Production List, TAHS 2007]

    Jean-Bédel Bokassa: 22 February 1921 – 2 November 1996, also known as Bokassa I of Central Africa and Salah Eddine Ahmed Bokassa) was the military ruler of the Central African Republic from 1 January 1966 and the Emperor of the Central African Empire from 4 December 1976 until he was overthrown on 20 September 1979. [Wikipedia, more..]

    This seems to be a KLM Lockheed Constellation, undergoing (phase out?) maintenance. No date/location.
    KLM Constellation

    Constellation c/n 2069 was delivered to KLM PH-TAV 'Venlo' on 9 September 1946. Planned sale to Swiss Air Lines (unconfirmed). Registration cancelled 19 July 1950 and aircraft sold to Capital Airlines via Lockheed Aircraft Company (trade-in for L-749As) as N86532 'Capitaliner Liberty', FN754
    and delivered 1 October 1950. [Zoggavia]
    Herman Dekker: PH-TAV Lockheed 049 Constellation (2069) - 19Jul1950 Registration cancelled - Became N86532, (LV-PWK), (LV-PKW), N86532, CC-CAA. Scrapped Santiago de Chile, after march 1979.

    This image was made by Michel Anciaux and sent to Ron, as an update to the fate of above Lockheed L-049 Constellation
    Lockheed Constellation CC-CAA

    Following was added by Michel: "This is ex CC-CAA (c/n 2069) registered to Transportes Aereos Squellas in Aug66 and 'WFU' at Los Cerrillos in Jan70.
    Taken to Apoquindo Avenue in Santiago de Chile, to be used as a Night Club / Snackbar, but never opened. Based on the Air Britain Chilian registration from 1985, the aircraft was seemingly used as a night club, until 1976, and than broken up on site on 02Mar79. But my pictures were taken between the 10th and the 17th and the project was just starting...
    It is possible that the aircraft was first used as a night club, until 1976, and later as a snackbar in Apoquindo?
    The exact date of the aircraft being broken up is not known to me, but I am sure 02Mar79 is not correct!"

    Ron Mak sent me this 'jungle shot' in Sep. 2009:
    Catalina in Brazil

    Ron added: "Here is a Catalina in the Amazon; I came across 6509 on one of my many travels through South America.
    The photo was take at Tabatinga in Brazil on 05Nov1977.
    At this point three countries meet: Peru, Colombia and Brazil."

    [Joe Baugher's website has the following info on this Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina: part of a batch numbering
    46450/46638, serial 46456 (c/n 1820) went to Brazil in 1944 as FAB 6509; it was redesignated PA-10 in 1945 and sold in USA as N4582T; presently (Oct.2009) located at Floyd Bennett Field, NYC under restoration, on loan, from MCAS Quantico Museum. -Webmaster]

    Ron: "I departed the following day from Leticia and enjoyed a flight onboard an Aeropesca C-46 for some 4 hours, and all that time nothing but jungle below us, a remarkable experience!"
    HK-388 Aeropesca

    As explained on the first page of Ron's photos, two Curtis C-46A Commando's have flown in Colombia with tailnumber HK-388: c/n 25796 was destroyed somewhere and c/n 26796, Aeropesca's, seems to have vanished, its ultimate fate obscured...
    Source: ATDB


    Ron Mak sent me some more images from his fascinating propliner collection.

    TG-AOA F.27 Friendship

    Fokker F.27 Friendship from Guatemala TG-AOA, taken at Tikal on 29Oct1980.
    Ron compiled of this fine Dutch product;
    c/n 10261 | F-27-200 | f/f 08Oct1964
    PH-FGC to All Nippon JA8636 del 03-11-64, bought by Air Niugini P2-BNF 28-11-1974 rr P2-ANF 11-11-1975, sold to Aviateca 06-04-1978, to Guatemala A.F 01-01-1983, cvt to F27-400M march 1985, returned to Fokker as PH-FGC 16-06-1987, leased to Sudan Airways as ST-ALF october 1987, returned to Fokker 29-08-1989 as PH-FGC, sold to Air Jet as F-GHRC november 1989,
    Source: TAHS production list.

    Arrival of Aviateca F.27 TG-AOA at Tikal, Guatemala on 29Oct80.

    Notes from the Webmaster: From Air Jet it went to Lina Congo on a lease (F-GHRC), then it moved to Germany for WDL Aviation (D-BAKB) and as such it is presently stored at Köln (source

    Tailnumber TG-AOA was previously assigned to another Aviateca aircraft, a Douglas DC-4. And below registration TG-AMA was, after use on the DC-3, assigned to a Boeing 737-300 of Aviateca.

    DC-3 TG-AMA Aviateca
    C-47A TG-AMA (c/n 13484, 12435)

    C-47A TG-AMA seen here at Floris on 11Nov1980. I found TG-AMA (c/n 13484) had crashed on 17Feb1975 and has been described as 'beyond repair' in the report on Aviation Safety Network. But Ron claims to have this photo taken in 1980. supports the claim TG-AMA was destroyed at Tikal.
    When I asked Ron's comment he wrote: "... but I did in fact fly TG-AMA on 11Nov1980, from Guatemala City to Floris! That image below was made at departure from Guatemala City-La Aurora airport; possibly registration TG-AMA was used more than once?"
    So I checked Air-Britain's "DC-3, the First Seventy Years" and found TG-AMA was later applied to DC-3 c/n 12435!

    Departing on TG-AMA


    Ron Mak sent me this photo of DC-6 G-APSA in KLM livery for the film Bride Flight; seen here at the Aviodrome, Lelystad's Aviation Themepark in the Netherlands. [Date 01Sep2007]
    G-APSA in KLM livery


    Ron Mak sent me another fine image from his archives... The photo is from a book of his father, taken at Amsterdam-Schiphol 19Sep1949.
    LAPSA Constellation

    Lockheed Constellation ..-121 and visible under the wing 'LAPSA".
    Research by Ron (TAHS' referencebook on Piston Propliners) brought the following to the surface:
    Lockeed C-69/L.049 RX-121 (c/n 1968)
    Delivered as 43-10316 to the United States Air Force on 11May1945
    Stored at Burbank,CA Oct.1945. Then to War Assets Administration, transferred 31Mar1947
    Registered as N90829 for Service Airways Inc, bought 11Mar1948
    Next as RX-121 to Lineas Aereos de Panama SA, 1948.
    Returning to registration N90829 for Intercontinental Airways in 1949; stored that same year.
    Purchase by Capital Airlines not taken up
    Registered as, 4X-AKC for El Al, bought April 1951; subsequently converted to L.149
    Shot down north of Petrich, on Bulgarian - Greek border on 27Jul1955.

    Note: while Panama now has the HK- prefix, this used to be RX-.



    A March 2010 update of propliners at Manilla (MNL), Philippines; opening with the famous 'Winky Fish Constellation'
    (in this photo also visible An-24 RP-C7205 of Mosphil-Aero and DC-3 RP-C1354)
    constellation Winky's Fish at Manilla

    Impounded since early 1988 at Manila International Airport, Lockheed Constellation C-121J (R7V-1) N4247K has been slowly rotting away in the hot and humid climate.
    contrary to the oddss, the aircraft seems almost totally intact.
    This Super Connie was delivered to the US Navy in Dec1953 as R7V-1 BuNo 131643. After being retired in May 1974 it was stored at Davis Monthan AFB until May 1981 when William 'Winky' Crawford bought her at an auction.
    Registered N4247K, she was restored and ferried to Arlington,WA in June 1981.
    Restoration was completed in Nov87 and the aircraft was registered to Winky’s 'World Fish and Agriculture' company.

    The aircraft was flown across the Pacific Ocean to Palau Island during the second week of Nov87 for the purpose of flying fresh tuna from the island to Nagoya, Japan. A few flights were made hauling fish before the aircraft was impounded at Manila in early 1988...
    Winky was reportedly the victim of unscrupulous Filipino businessmen, who wanted to gain control of the aircraft and what they thought was a lucrative fish hauling business.
    The 'Winky’s Fish' -titles are still visible.
    Sofar it has been 'overlooked by the the scrapman, but for how much longer..?

    In November 2011 it was under notice to be removed or scrapped. Fortunately the QANTAS Museum stepped in and work began under way to prepare it for transport to Australia. On 19Aug2015 it was seen being partly disassembled. And in the march 2017 issue of Scramble magazine I read it had been reported in Manilla's seaport, ready for transport (unfortunalely no date of that sighting).
    See also the item on my page Photos by Friends & Guests (40). Transport by sea from Manilla to Australia was set for later in 2017 and indeed arrived at the QANTAS' Founder's Museum (Longreach,QLD) and now awaits reassembly and restoration for display!

    10267 and 10327
    F.27 10267
    F.27 10310
    DHC-4 RP-C2702
    The history of RP-C2702 has been described on Ron Mak's Page 1
    YS-11 RP-c
    F.27 derelict
    Constellation 'Winky's Fish'

    Notes to the above thumbnails,
    left to right- 1st row
    Fokker F.27s 10267 and 10327 - F.27 10267 - F.27 10310
    left to right - 2nd row
    YS-11 RP-C3338 (c/n 2142) Interisland (one of two airworthy YS-11s on de Philippines, regularly operating to Kalibo) - F.27 10327 derelict - Lockheed Constellation N4247K (c/n 4144).

    All photos taken by Ron Mak @ Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport 09Mar2010.


    Ron Mak sent me a few more images recently (2010) taken in the Philippines

    What we see here is a Chinese airliner: Xian MA60 (a.k.a. Xīnzhōu 60 or'Modern Ark' 60). It is a turboprop-powered airliner made by China's Xi'an Aircraft Industrial Corporation under the China Aviation Industry Corporation I (AVIC I). This photo was taken at Kalibo genomen on 05Mar2010.
    The MA60 is a stretched version of the Xian Y7-200A.
    The airplane received its type certificate from the Civil Aviation Administration of China in June 2000. The first aircraft was delivered to Sichuan Airlines in August 2000. As of October 2006, XAC has received over 90 MA60 orders.
    The factory had delivered 23 MA60s by the end of 2006. [Wikipedia, more...]

    RP-C8894 has c/n 710 and is seen operating for Zest Airways a.k.a. Asiawide Airways and it is on the EU Banlist as published on 30Mar10 and 05Jul10. From 1995 to 2008 it was known as Asian Spirit; in 2008 Alfredo M Yao (also main owner of SEAIR South East Asian Airlines and Zest-O Corp juice company) acquired a majority interest and the airline was renamed Zest Airways. []
    YS-11 RP-C2252

    This YS-11A-500 RP-C2252 (c/n 2079) arrived at Kalibo and brought in a full load of students of the Flight Academy. It came from Mactan-Cebu and remained here until its departure two days later to Tacloban on Leyte. Its homebase is at Manila and is known to make flights regularly.

    Ron sent an image of DC-6 YV-290C, taken by him at Caracas 03Nov1983.

    DC-6 YV-290C
    Ron included the following historical data:
  • C/n 44107 DC-6B
  • N6107C Pan American World Airways "Clipper Balboa" del 30-09-53
  • cvtd to DC6a/b 1960.
  • 6701 Portuguese Air Force bt 26-06-1961
  • N789TA Atlas Aircraft Corp bt 09-1978
  • YV-290C Aero B "Caracas" bt 12-11-78
  • YV-243P ??? bt 1985
  • HI-454CT Transporte Aero Dominicana bt 10-1985
  • w.f.u & stored Santo Domingo 07-1991
  • [Source: TAHS Piston Engine Airliner Production List]
  • The fleet details of Aero B Venezuela shows more Douglas DC-6's. Source ATDB

    DC-6 in Aero B Venezuela fleet

    C/n 4107 on

    Fleet Aero B Venezuela
    Caracas 03Nov1983: (left to right) YV-293C , YV-295C ex Sata c/s, and YV-297C.

    November 1971 at Panama Tocuman Airport:
    C-46 HC-AMV
    For more information on C-46 HC-AMV c/n 174, Ron added the following information:
  • c/n 174 C-46A-55CK
  • 43-47103 United States Army Air Force del 30-12-1944 bua 50720
  • United States Navy tfd 30-12-1944, w.f.u & stored july 1947
  • N79095 Nationwide Air Transport 10-03-1948 bt 10-03-1948.
  • CU-C145 Aerovias Q bt 1948
  • Expreso Aero Inter Americano bt 1960, Cubana mgd 07-1961
  • XH-TNG Tan Airlines by 1963 ( strange registration for a TAN plane ??? )
  • HC-AMV Andes Airlines bt 1968
  • CP-1224 North East Bolivian Airways bt 1975
  • w.f.u & broken up Cochabamba , Bolivia 1984
  • --> Info form Piston Engine Airliner Production List, TAHS (bt=bought, del=delivered)

    This photo was taken from Catalina Z-CAT, of African Safari, shortly after lifting off from Sana'a airport in Yemen, on 01Dec93. propliner graveyard at Sana'a IAP, Yemen in 1993

    Ron added the following to this photo:
    Alyemda / Yemen Airways graveyard at Sana'a Dec. 1993.
    On this photo there are DC-3 4W-ABX Yemen Airways, the DC-3 between the DC-6's is 7O-ABE of Alyemda, the two DC-6's are 4W-ABP & 4W-ABV; and the AN-2 is not identified, probably an air force aircraft..?
  • 4W-ABP c/n 45457 DC6A
  • N7818C Slick Airways del 23/04/1958
  • N660NA Overseas National Airways ` Loma D ` lsd 23-04-1958
  • N660NA Overseas National Airways ` Loma D ` bt 23-03-1961
  • VR-BBP Cunard Eagle Airways bt 23-03-1961
  • G-ARMY Cunard Eagle Airways rr 16-05-1961
  • G-ARMY British Eagle Int. Airlines nn 10-1963
  • HZ-ADB Saudi Arabian Airlines bt 26-03-1964
  • 4W-ABP Yemen Airways, donated 1971
  • 4W-ABP Yemen Airways w.f.u , stored Sana'a 1982
  • The second DC-6, 4W-ABV, I could not find in my edition of the Piston Airliner Production List by TAHS; could anyone provide such a history & fate for 4W-ABV? EMAIL

    Matt Miller and Aad van der Voet responded on the possible identity of 4W-ABV:
    "Merely an opinion. I am confident the second DC-6B has Swissair connections.
    Looking at options, I am drawn to 44088 and 44089, namely HB-IBU and HB-IBZ.
    Can we prove beyond all doubt that both 9Q-CVM and 9T-TLB were scrapped? There is a world of difference between 'withdrawn from use' and 'scrapped'..."

    "9Q-CVM seems an unlikely candidate.
    4W-ABV was first listed in the JP Airline Fleets 1978 (without a c/n), which means it must have been around in a fleetlist, or photographed, or sighted, as early as Apr1978. It is not yet mentioned in their 1977 edition.
    But 9Q-CVM was still at Basle by Jun1979, as seen here:
    This makes it unlikely for 4W-ABV to be ex/ 9Q-CVM.
    9Q-CVM was also reported to be still stored at Kinshasa-N'djili in 2005, but this was not a very reliable report and it may be incorrect.
    I can add absolutely nothing about 9T-TLB..."

    Alexandre Avrane wrote on this:
    "4W-ABV was first reported in 1983, although the sequence suggests it was imported in the early 1970's. This page (in German) suggests it was put on exhibit near the airport: " (dead link by 29Apr21).

    "Matt, Alexandre and I looked into this 4W-ABV mystery more closely, and we came to the conclusion that it must almost certainly be DC-6B c/n 43548, ex YK-AED of Syrian Arab Airlines.
    The main clue is 4W-ABV's uncommon arrangement of small skylight windows, three forward of the wing, and three aft, clearly visible in Ron's photo. This arrangement is only found on ex Swissair and ex SAS aircraft. Also, more detailed photos of 4W-ABV showed that it is a DC-6B and that it has a cheatline that very much resembles an overpainted Syrian Arab Airlines cheatline.
    This gave us a short list of possible candidates, and a process of elimination based on known fates and time frames showed that only YK-AED was a perfect match.
    There's no 100% certainty, that would require access to the aircraft's data plate or Yemen's civil aircraft register, both very unlikely to ever happen. But we are very confident that 4W-ABV is DC-6B c/n 43548.
    Also of interest is that this aircraft still survives at Sana'a today, or at least in Oct 2009 it still did.
    The sole DC-6 survivor at Sana'a is often quoted as 4W-ABP, but this is wrong. 4W-ABV is the surviving one.
    Aad van der Voet.

    Darren Clarke wrote me in April 2021:
    "I'm researching the fate of Syrian Arab Airlines' DC-4s and DC-6s, and I came across your site due to the link to DC6 4W-ABV.
    I lived and worked in Syria from 2000-2003, and on 12th August 2001 I was in a minibus that passed Qamishle airport - a remote town in NE Syria on the Turkish border.
    As the bus passed the airport, I was shocked to see 2 Douglas aircraft in classic Syrian Arab Airlines colours: one was complete and the other was minus the tail section.
    Looking back at my diary I wrote that they were DC-4s.

    However, I was in a travelling minibus and had been taken by surprise, and the Syrian cheatline obscures the shape of the windows, so I can't be sure they were DC-4s and not DC-6s!
    Frustratingly the first historical satellite images for Syria on Google Earth is from 1985 and is low definition.
    The next image is from 2004 and the 2 aircraft are not present in the photo (they were south of the terminal).
    I left this until this week, when I began trying to discover the identity of the 2 aircraft.
    Looking into to possible candidates I've come up with:
    The 3 possible DC-4's¬
    YK-ADA - there are photos of this at Magic World theme park, SW of Aleppo almost adjacent to the main Aleppo-Damascus highway. [*: c/n 3101; 'Destroyed 02/10/1966 at DAM (wreck moved to 'Magic World' amusement park, Aleppo by 2006)]
    However, I have no idea how long this park was open. I travelled this road many times and can recall something looking like a theme park, but am certain I would have spotted a DC-4...
    Unfortunately, timeline images on Google Earth show it was there in 2004, but frustratingly the prior satellite image is from 1985 and there was no park at that time. So, the question is when did the DC-4 move to the theme park?
    YK-ADB: I have only managed to find this was wfu in 1961 and then the trail dries up. [*: c/n 18359; 'Part-out, derelict at KAC-Kamishly/Al Qamishly,SY; fate tbc']
    YK-AAR: was ditched in the Congo River in 1960 and is not a candidate. [*: c/n 43097; 'Destroyed 01/09/1960 in Congo river']
    [*ATDB notes date from 29Apr21]

    Darren continues with 4 candidate DC-6s¬
    YK-AEA became HK-1706 [*: c/n 44168; 'Destroyed 19/02/1982 at BOG Cerro El Tablazo, Subachoque, Cudinamarca']
    YK-AEB was destroyed in a crash in 1963. [*: c/n 43749; 'Destroyed 07/04/1963 at Hamah (mil),SY']
    YK-AEC is a possible candidate. Old Props identifies this as a survivor and locates it at Damascus. [*: c/n 44170; 'Scrapped at Damascus Int'l']
    However, I flew from Damascus many times and was able to view the whole field, and I am 100% certain a DC-6 wasn't present.
    YK-AED, from what I have been able to research on this aircraft (and from what I've read on your website), the links are strong to 4W-ABV, but not definitive. This leads me to wonder if YK-AED was sold to Yemen or did it remain in Syria and the Yemini aircraft is a different machine? [*: c/n 43548; 'Part-out, derelict at Sana'a, El Rahaba Airport in Yemen (SAH/OYSN)']

    Darren concluding: As it stands, the possibilities are 2 of the following: DC-4s YK-ADA and YK-ADB, plus DC-6s YK-AEC and YK-AED.
    It would have been easier if I'd have jumped out of the minibus at the airport and investigated! But even then, before the war, Syria was not a place to poke around a remote border town airport and take photos! Indeed, as I learned from experience... I once went to a town on the Syrian/Iraqi border and ended up being taken to the police and having to prove I wasn't an Israeli spy!.

    If you are able or know of any books, websites or contacts, that would be able to add some details that may help clear up the research, I'd be very grateful." EMAIL

    'Survivors 2002' has for Syria only one propliner: DC-6 YK-AEC at DAM.
    'Survivors' (2012) has for Syria again only one propliner: DC-4 YK-ADA at Aleppo, derelict Feb08.
    The latest reference book I have, 'Survivors' (2017), has for Syria DC-4 YK-ADA at Aleppo, derelict Dec2015. And only 727s stored at DAM. These books have no sightings at Kamishly/Al Qamishly.

    In 'Piston Engined Airliner Production List' (TAHS, 2007) I found no further useful information.

    Darren: 'It seems I saw DC-4s and that the aircraft missing the tail was most likely DC4 YK-ADB.'

    Chris Hinchcliffe (Curator, National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm) wrote me in august 2011:
    "I’ve been researching DC-6B c/n 43548/238 in connection with an enquiry and was fascinated to see the photos from the graveyard at Sana’a. I had lost the trail with Syrian Airways. I’ve been able to piece together the following history:
    --26th may 1952: SAS, 'Torkil Viking' OY-KMA
    --18th March 1961 – 20th November 1962: Leased to Thai Airways, 'Srisuriyothai' HS-TGD
    --19th March 1964: Sold by SAS to Syrian Airways, YK-AED
    --1978?/1979?: Taken over by Yemenia, 4W-ABV
    I’ve checked Google Earth to see if there still are any signs of the wrecks: The graveyard area in Ron Mak’s 1993 shot is easy to find, beside the NW perimeter fence, adjoining the sewage works. The kink in the perimeter fence and the rectangular standing ground mark it out.
    But the four aircraft seem to have been shifted round the corner, and if two of them are indeed DC-6, then they’ve been deprived of some of their engines.

    DC-6 YK-AEC

    This is the 'twin sister' to above mentioned 4W-ABV: DC-6B YK-AEC c/n 44170.
    Took this photograph at Aviolanda (Woensdrecht, Netherlands) in october 1961.
    Here's the history I have of her:
    C/n 44170 DC-6B
    LN-LMT Scandinavian Airline System del 16-12-1953
    SU-AMC United Arab Airlines bt 02-1961
    YK-AEC Syrian Arab Airlines tfd 10-1961 - w.f.u Damascus, Syria in 1974
    [Source: Info TAHS' Piston Airliner Production List]. And YK-AEC has the same windows as its 'twin sister'!


    C-54D at Lima, Peru 1973

    Douglas C-54D 'Fuerza Aerea del Peru' registration 386.
    Here is a photo from december 1973 taken at Lima, Peru; have been trying for some time to find information (c/n, fate) on this C-54D, perhaps any of the readers can help?
    (In the background: C-46 LV-FTR, c/n 26936)
    Note: initially Ron quoted as date of photography 'nov.1973' but a check in his logbook showed '5-12-73'.

    Brian Maddison offered a suggestion:
    "I have this as c/n 10604 (source unrecorded), but google found what appears to be confirmation: as does Joe Baugher's site.
    A couple of photos exist (as OB-R-894) taken in 1972, no idea what happened since.
    Almost certainly scrapped ?"

    Serial c/no. Prev. Identity Delivered Fate/Notes
    361 10334 42-72229, N88921 1963 transferred to SATCO as OB-XAZ-710 and later OB-R-710
    362 10476 42-72371, N88897 1963 transferred to SATCO as OB-XAY-705 and later OB-R-705, wfu in1970
    363 10435 42-72330, N88898 1963 transferred to SATCO as OB-XAX-704 and later OB-R-704, wfu in 1972
    386 10604 42-72499 1966 transferred to SATCO as OB-R-894
    387 10731 42-72626 1966 transferred to SATCO as OB-R-949
    388 10830 42-72725 1966 transferred to SATCO as OB-R-862
    393 35999 45-0546 1966 transferred to SATCO as OB-R-955, preserved at Lima-Callao
    394 n/a n/a n/a n/a
    395 n/a n/a n/a n/a

    Aad van der Voet noticed the anomaly of dates here:
    "The date of the photo taken is noted as Dec 1973, but OB-R-894 already flew in Dec. 1972 with SATCO! And by Dec. 1973 SATCO no longer operated under that name but had changed to AeroPeru!"

    John Davis volunteered on Air-Britain's (members) AB-IX forum:
    "There has never been any question as to the identity of the Fuerza Aerea del Peru's C-54 386. It was C-54D 42-72499, c/n 10604, supplied to Peru under MAP on 27Jul66.
    As noted, ultimate fate is unknown, but undoubtably broken up for spares or scrap."

    Aad & John discussed things further and concluded:
    "It's a fact that the aircraft was registered for SATCO as OB-R-894 in apr72.
    Two photos on the internet show it in full SATCO livery by Dec72. The following link shows an image on which the aircraft still has the FAP serial 66-386 on the rudder:
    (Assuming the date published with the photo is correct).

    Quite possibly the aircraft was retourned to FAP in may73, when SATCO was merged into the newly formed AeroPeru. It wasn't unusual for aircraft to be returned to FAP.
    So the history would be:
    42-72499, FAP 66-386, OB-R-894, FAP 66-386, fate unknown."


    DC-4 OB-R-247
    Peruvean C-54 OB-R-247, seen here at Lima - Jorge Chavez Airport, on 05DEC1973.

  • c/n 7462, C-54A-1-DO
  • 42-107443 United States Army Air Force, delivered 21-01-1944
  • N42987 South American Trading Corporation bought 1946
  • LV-ABM Flota Aerea Mercante Argentina bt 1946
  • OB-PBB Faucett bt 04-08-1950
  • OB-R247 Faucett re-registered 1964
  • OB-R247 Faucett crashed in Andes foothills shorthly after take off from Trujillo Airport,Peru on 30DEC1976
  • Info 'Piston Engine Airliner Production List', TAHS.

    Ron Mak wrote me: "My compliments for those last two Canada uploads on your site!
    It did made me stumble on something: the Canso in the Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum (Halifax), CF-HFL, I had seen it on Goose Bay! This was on 14May1987; it took special permission through Mike Whitehead of the museum at Halifax to visit this derelict Canso.
    CF-HFL had been transported on 27Oct1986 by Chinook helicopter to Goose Bay and was transported later to the museum in Halifax - by ship or barge I think."
    Canso CF-HFL derelict at Goose Bay
    "On the close up with me in it, you'll see a huge hole in the fuselage: the badge of the Eastern Provincial Airways (EPA) had been taken out quite savagely, by vandals or souvenir hunters."

    Transavia DC-6B see at Amsterdam's Schiphol on 23Aug1968.
    DC-6 PH-TRE Transavia 1968
    Ron compiled its history:
    N5118V DC-6B c/n 44118 Pan American delivered on 03Apr1954, 'Clipper John Alden'.
    TF-LLB Loftleider bought it 09Mar1961.
    PH-TRE Transavia (leased) 24Apr1968.
    TF-LLB Transavia rereg'd in 1969 as PH-TRE for Transavia.
    Rereg'd Feb.1969 asTF-AAH for Flughjalp, bought Oct.1969.
    TF-AAH to Joint Church Aid, leased Oct.1969.
    FAP-379 for Fuerza Aerea, delivered to Peru, donated July 1970.
    Declared 'w.f.u.' and stored in Aug.1970
    [Info from Piston Engine Airliner Production List, TAHS]


    Ron Mak sent me these in Sep.2012, he wrote:
    "These were all taken at La Aurora Airport, Guatemala City, in oct. 1980."

    DC-3 Guatamala
    This DC-3 held no identifying markings, help appreciated! It had just been painted.
    I've noticed that Aero Express, checking old JP publications, also had TG-PAW, TG-GER, and N49454 but I did not see those upon my visit. Perhaps it is one of those three..?

    TG-BAC DC-3 Guatamala
    C-47B TG-BAC (c/n 14330/25775) of Aero Express, destroyed Flores-Santa Elena el Peten (FRS, MGFL).
    Air-Britain's book 'DC-3, the First Seventy Years', quotes the date 03Nov80
    of a crash at Yaxchibal, Flores Peten, Guatamala.
    previous identities held by this aircraft were 17272 (USN), N7633C (FAA), N44 (FAA), LV-PDJ, LQ-INL (Sec de Aeron), VR-11 (Argentine air force) and reg'd TG-BAC 12Nov75 for Aero Express.

    DC-3 TG-CAH  Guatamala
    C-47 TG-CAH ( c/n 4477) of Aero Express; reportedly stored since Nov83 at Port-au-Prince, Haiti (PAP, MTPP)
    Update on its fate would be appreciated.

    Beech 18 Guatamala
    This Beech 18 TG-BAW I was told also belonged to Aero Express; anyone with confirmation?

    John Bennett wrote:
    "The Beech 18 is c/n AF-355 (remanufactured from c/n 3539 42-37159).
    52-11798 following re-manufacture, then N9836Z, TI-1027C and TG-BAW."

    Bob Parmerter, author of the authorative 'Beech 18, A Civil & Military History', wrote:
    "I have TG-BAW as C-45H AF-355 ex 51-11798.
    N9836Z to TI-1027C Costa Rica then TG-BAW.
    I have a 1970 photo of TI-1027C with Aerovias Cariari SA titles. It is also listed in Air-Britain Digest Aug71, 'Fleet Operators '75' and Air-Britain's 'Central American Registers'.
    Reportedly until '78.
    I have two shots of TG-BAW in 1980 and a Karl Karmer slide at Opa Locka,FL on 15Mar82.
    The finish is the same as on Ron Mak's 1980 picture and different from the earlier colorful Cariari picture but the airplane features (antenna, window pattern, cowls, etc) are the same.
    I don't have any fate...
    I believe that my c/n tie-in came from Dan Hagedorn after my book came out. "


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