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Propliner magazine was founded by Stephen Piercey (R.I.P.) and first published in Januray 1979; he felt that vintage transports, affectionately known as Propliners, deserved a magazine dedicated to them. He was right, as it was still around 30-odd years later and widely respected by fans of the 'big, round engines'.
The content is dedicated to mostly civilian, propellor-driven transports still earning their keep or preserved in some way or another, but also looks back upon events and profiles airline companies when the aviation industry largely consisted of these prop-driven airliners or freighters.
Tony Merton Jones joined Propliner from the start and continued as the driving force behind this excellent magazine.
Flight International magazine's former staff photographer Stephen Piercey (Propliner magazine was done in his own spare time) died on 20May1984 in a mid-air collision during an assignment at the Hanover Air Show. Tony Merton Jones remained the driving force of Propliner magazine until the very end in 2015.
Propliner magazine was published four times each year and largely survived by the dedication of a small team and propliner fans from around the globe, providing articles, news and photographs.
As I found no 'presence' of Propliner on the internet, I sought to remedy that with this page on my internetsite, being a fan of aviation history, propellor transports in particular and Propliner magazine covers all this expertedly.
Later on, much later, the magazine got its own website, but only to advertise subscriptions, back numbers, etc.; it never published articles or content in any other way.
This page will remain as a tribute to this wonderful magazine.

The Redcoats are coming
Lodestar lives on
30 Years ago
Ilyushin 14 "Crate
"Connie - last of many
Bolivian Aviation
Daks into the 80s
Old Timers saved
72 ton Latecoere
Props at Willow Run Airport
The Independents
Victor Fox retires and Britannia brevities

Super G Restaurant and Bar
By Stork to Schiphol
Carvair hacked to pieces
Ulster's New York connection
Star of the Tigris flies away
G-111 in service
Skyways Coach-Air
Airworks India, 1983
Malta Metropolitan
Baker's Hefty Howard
Farewell Setair
Rebel Air doubles its fleet
Shutterkings 6 / Peter March
The Independents

Prop News
Long Distance Cat - Peter Stuyvesant
Southend's Golden Wonder - Part four
Mammoth memories - Loide Aereo Nacional
Colour centre pages
Half way around he World in 120 days
Flight into oblivion - a DC-4 disappearance
A Jumbo rejuvenated - Eclair ATL-98 Carvair
The Independents

Prop News
seagoing Twin Beeches - Campbell River
Arian Afghan Airlines
Connie's Comeback - N749NL arrives in Holland
Fijian Heronry
Colour Centre Pages
A friendly way to fly - BKS Air Transport
Resolution Island - Otter & C-47 crashes
The dream of a Princess
L1-2 enters service ! - HA-LIX
The Independents

The 100th edition: CONGRATULATIONS !!!

Prop News
Prop Profile - Stephen Piercey
Britain's Last Big Biplane Airliner - G-ACZP
Highland Budgies - British Airways 748
Colour Centre Pages
The Tudor Dynasty
21st Century Connies - The Survivors
The Last Bristol Bows Out - Freighter C-GYQS
The Independents
(This year saw wider use of colour photos, an excellent development.)

Propliners magazine bound to a very nice series
By jan.2014 had this project almost done: my Propliner Magazine, complete from edition no.1 (1979), bound in a nice series.
Two last editions will be done when 2013 is complete.
Finding a good book binder is a quest these days, the old trade is hard to find.
Loogman's Boekbinderij in Amsterdam did a wonderful job. Aviation magazines apparently did them a good trade (Vliegende Hollander, World Airline Fleets, etc).


As if I felt it coming, by March 2015 the Editor wrote that the end had come with No.141.
Last issue of Propliner magazine, no.141 (2015)
Read the 'Update' below for details which led to the demise
of Propliner magazine. It had an undisputed great run!


Subscription rates (in Pounds Sterling) by late 2002 end still current by Dec.2009!:
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26,- Europe
28,- USA, Canada, Middle East
29,- Far East and Australasia
32,- Air mail worldwide
Payment may be made by credit card (Barclaycard, VISA, American Express, Diners Club, Mastercard or Eurocard), personal cheque drawn on a British bank, bank draft (in Pounds Sterling), drawn on a British bank or by International Money Order.
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Devon, England EX14 4RX
Fax: +44 1725 513857

Regrettably with No.141 the publication of Propliner magazine stopped. Publication began in 1979.
The Editor and driving force behind this magazine, Mr Tony Merton Jones wrote me the following:

"I thought that I should advise you that following publication of the next issue of 'Propliner' (number 141) next week, I will be suspending any further publication of the magazine.  It has been a hard decision, but a falling number of subscribers, soaring postage costs, the strong pound against a weak
euro, and difficulties in obtaining payment from a small number of trade customers have forced my hand.

Subscribers will receive a letter with their final copy of the magazine explaining the background to this decision and the process for receiving a refund on an outstanding subscription.

Having put more than 36 years of work into producing 'Propliner', it will probably make a significant difference to the lives of myself and my family, but I hope that readers will feel it was all worthwhile.

Many thanks for all your help and support over the years."
With kind regards,

For back issues one may still try to contact through the above contact details.

"I have now decided to go ahead and prepare a 'Propliner' annual for publication in the spring of 2016.
I envisage that it will be the same format as the magazine, but with extra pages.
In addition to the usual fare of feature articles, many of which have already been promised, I will include a 'Prop News' section covering news, events and the inevitable casualties that have taken place since the magazine was last published in March this year.
It is my intention to work on the annual during the winter with a target publication date of April 2016. I do hope that Propliner readers will be pleased to hear my decision, and I am looking forward to receiving contributions from many of our former readers.
I would be delighted to receive literary and photographic contributions for the publication, either by e-mail or post, and that the contact information in the last 'Propliner' remains up to date, except that the fax line has been withdrawn.
As the project moves forward, I intend to post further information on the 'Propliner' website at"
Tony Merton Jones

Propliner Magazine is back, this time as an annual publication!
Propliner Magazine Annual, 2016

Propliner magazine, 2016 annual publication
For further details go to

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