A mystery wreck in Venezuela


Photo from http://flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=94629892&size=o

Alexandre Avrane, of Aerotransport Data Base, kicked off in search of the identity of this DC-3:

"Approximate location is 6 05 N 62 38 W which is not far from the Salto Angel (Under cloud cover with Google-Earth).
Pictures at:

Also at:
http://www.lastrefuge.co.uk/data/articles/tepuis/Tepuis_trip1_December.html, with some geographic details

Another view at:

This is *not* YV-611C which had a blue cheatline, as can be seen on:
http://www.geocities.com/Pipeline/Dropzone/5171/dc3.gif "

Alexandre also wrote: "I spent quite some time digging further with no conclusion... Apparently the accident did not have any casualty and may not have been reported to authorities, so possibly it was not a commercial flight..? The date would apparently be around 1970 or before, ie. before the period when airliners became popular with drug cartels...?"

"A private DC-3 loss lead to only 2 possible candidates:
YV-T-JTA msn 13651 - cancelled in 1969
YV-T-MTH msn 19193 - cancelled 22/12/68"

"Any corrections or leads would be most welcome !"

Nicolai Musante had a look, blew this one up in Photoshop, tweaked the contrast on..
He reported:
"The reg under the wing looks like it ends on “LBO”… that would make it YV-C-LBO c/n 9061 !!!"

YV-C-LBO c/n 9061

The history I found on Joe Baugher's website (http://home.att.net/~jbaugher/1942_2.html ):
42-32835 (c/n 9061)
to USAAF Feb 11, 1943 - USA - RFC Jan 13, 1946.
To civil registry as NC54727 (Pan American Airways Mar 18, 1946), TI-17 (LACSA May 14, 1946).
Seized by Nicaragua govmt Apr 24, 1948), transfered to LANICA as AN-ADJ.
To N5515A Jan 21, 1958 for resale to LEBCA as YV-C-LBO Aug 30, 1960.
Cancelled 1966, wfu.


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