ATL.98 Carvair N898AT in final stages of restoration

Photos © Stu Sibitzky

Stu sent me the following message:
“It Lives”! Well, It flies anyway....
The Carvair was out yesterday. We were returning from Seattle in the King Air and could hear them talking to the controllers.
By the time we landed and got our airplane fueled, secured, and the paperwork done, Roger had landed and they were working on it (again). Attached are the better photos I took yesterday.

Well, this testflight was long overdue and the message would mean Aug.31st was the big day...
Here is an impression of what the Carvair N898AT now looks like:

No doubt this Carvair has been making people at Fairbanks,AK look up and wonder about this unique plane.
Check my page Photos by Friends and Others - Page 5 for 2 photos taken by John Ford in 2006; the Carvair is doing ok!

Fate caught up with this unique bird (at this time iy is one of only two airworthy Carvairs and none are preserved at any museum)...
N898AT crashed 30May07 at Nixon Fork Mine (near McGrath,AK); initial reports reported crew escaped without serious injuries. has a report and photos of the accident.

See also how I came across this unique transport in 2003

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