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Visiting Texas in november 2015 for music, aviation- and 'Old West Frontier' history, I had included several air museums in my itinerary.
First port of call (for the night) was Galveston, where I visited The Lone Star Flight Museum the next day, on Nov.11th. Just in time to get some pictures, in stages of undress, of the PB4Y-2 Privateer soon to head for a new owner.

The collection was listed in a 2011 publication, 'Aviation Museums and Collection of North America' (by Bob Ogden, published by Air-Britain Historians), but what I saw upon my visit, and was able to photograph, lacked quite an amount of listed aircraft!
Among the aircraft I did not see was the L-29 Delfin, P-51 Mustang, Grumman 'Cats, B-58 Hustler, Tiger Moth, Hawker Hurricane, Noorduyn Norseman and a Supermarine Spitfire. See information provided by Terry Fletcher at bottom page. (And don't miss the information on its 2016 move to Ellington Field!)
Still, there remained plenty to enjoy.


The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
North American B-25J Mitchell bomber, serial 02344 (N333RW).

The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX

The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
The Doolittle Raiders. I would come across more displays on this daring WWII raid in other Texas air museums.

The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
The famous Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress, serial 238050/U/2.
This B-17G was purchased in England, but the aircraft had served many years in France on survey work, before it was
acquired by Warbirds of Great Britain. The bomber flew across the North Atlantic in 1987, a noteworthy feat!
The aircraft then underwent a restoration for a period of three years and sits here proudly in pristine condition.

The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
Boeing B-17G Fortress, 'Thunder Bird'.
Ron Mak shared a 1987 photo of this very same B-17, while at Duxford Airfield in England. Ron's Gallery #3

The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
WW2 adversaries...



The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
Douglas A-26 Invader, serial 41-39359. This 'Miss Million Airess' was not mentioned in my guidebook, and I found it was
registered to Marine Aviation Museum (a Delaware reg'd owner), same as N4818E I'd seen the day previous, next to
The 1940 Air Terminal Museum. Another common factor is both are attributed to the Vietnam War Flight Museum!
The Marine Aviation Museum was founded in 2002 by Houston,TX aviator Rick Sharpe and is dedicated to
educating the public about the service and sacrifice to the United States by the veterans of the Vietnam War.

The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
39359 has been converted to an A-26C with the installation of a glass nose; it has not been determined when this was done.
Gerben Groothuis sent me a 2012 image (it already has that glass nose); check it out!

Warbird Registry has a history upto 2002:
Serial: 41-39359 / Construction number: 7072 / Civil Registrations: N91281 CF-BMR C-FBMR N26BP.
Delivered to USAAF as 41-39359 on unknown date
Stored, Davis Monthan AFB, AZ (again no date)
Put up for disposal in Nov. 1956.
To Aero Union Corp of Chico,CA 1966-1970 - Registered as N91281.
To Conair Aviation Ltd of Abbotsford, BC Mar 1970-1986 - Registered as CF-BMR, flew as tanker #21 Reregistered as C-FBMR in 1979.
Reg'd to Jerry C. Janes of Rockford, IL in 24Jan1987
To Robert J. Pond of 'Planes Of Fame East' (Minneapolis, MN) Nov. 1987-1998. - Registered as N26BP
Flew as 39386/21.
Registry to 'Bob Pond/Pond Warbirds LLC/Palm Springs Air Museum of Palm Springs,CA 1998-2002
Flown as 39359/21 'Invader'

FAA Registry website: N26BP was reg'd to Marine Aviation Museum 13Jun08.

The Vietnam War Flight Museum has several more aircraft on display here: the Huey UH-1 helo and the Douglas A-1D
Skyraider; a C-47 was acquired in December 2006 and has since been undergoing maintenance and reconfiguration from
C-47 'Skytrain' to AC-47 'Spooky' gunship, this C-47 44-26558 is not yet on public display. N514AC c/n 26558 is
a likely candidate here, previously reg'd to Marine Aviation Museum (as are the A-26s), it was reg'd to the Collings
Foundation of Stow,Mass 28Jul2014. On Flickr.com I came across an image of 'Spooky' 927/EN, dated 22Oct2010.
Note there are more AC-47 'Spooky' gunships around, e.g. N2805J (also in a camo livery), coded '43-770/EN.
N514AC 'Spooky' at Hobby,TX by Nigel Hitchman
For illustration purposes Nigel Hitchman sent me this photo of N514AC 'Spooky' at Hobby Field in 2011.
The blurring was caused by shooting the photo through the fence.
The spot 'Spooky' is seen parked in, is where I came across Invader N4818E at William P. Hobby Airport.

In Jan.2017 I came across a similar clad C-47 on Google Maps. This led to some research of which the fruits
are published on Photos by Friends & Guests (47). At this time, and in recent years, N514AC (c/n 26558,
coded 45-927/EN) has its home at Mallards Landing, Locust Grove in Georgia.


The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
Douglas DC-3-227B NC25673 (c/n 2213) is one smart looking vintage airliner!
I have the previous identities for her: NC25673, N130PB, N30PB and N130PB again.
Originally it had Wright Cyclone engines but they were replaced with P&W radials when operated by Trans-Texas Airways.
The museum is home to the Texas Hall of Fame and most of the aircraft, including this DC-3, are registered to this organisation.

UPDATE: on Facebook a video was posted dated 28Mar2017 with the remark: "Today the Lone Star Flight Museum
started our DC-3 for the first time in several years. The rh-engine had an electrical glitsch, but the left hand R1830
engine did come to life and produced some beautiful round-engine music." Posted by Stewart Bailey.
(Screendumps of this event on Photos by Friends & Guests Page 49)

The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX



The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
Consolidated 28-5A Canso A, N68740 (c/n 407). Obviously space is at a premium here.
Previous identities I have for this 'pig boat': 9742 (Canada), N68740, (N6208H).
Registration N6208H had been reserved but not taken up and subsequently cancelled 25May11.
I have read the news that this Canso has been acquired by the Pima Air Museum this year, for static display.
Canso A N68740 at Pima Air Museum, mar2016, by Luis Drummond
As we see here on this photo by Luis Drummond: Canso A N68740 has found a new home at Pima's Air & Space Museum!
In Oct.2017 I revisited the Pima Air & Space Museum and found N68740 in a splendid display!

The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
That Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon Navy BuNo. 37634 has a barely readible N-number: N6655D.
N6655D (c/n 15-1600) was reg'd to The Texas Hall of Fame on 14Jun1991.
The reference book 'Survivors' by Roy Blewett (Gatwick Aviation Society, 2005) showed N6655D at
Tucson,AZ but c/n 15-1600 (same aircraft!) in the index at Galveston,TX - maybe it changed home around that time.

Once more we turn to Warbird Registry for history details:
Bureaunumber: 37634 / Construction nbr: 15-1600 / Civil Registration: N6655D Model: PV-2D
History: Delivered to USN as BuNo. 37634 - BOC: Feb. 12, 1946 - SOC: 1957
Stored NAS Litchfield Park, AZ. -- Only 29 hours total time on airframe!
Trade Ayer Inc. of Linden, NJ 12Aug57-1959.
Hamilton Aircraft Co. of Tucson,AZ, 14Jun60.
Stahmann Farms of Las Cruces,NM June-1984 - Flew as sprayer.
To Jerrold Wannamaker & Thomas J.Newell of Colorado Springs,CO 25apr1987-1990
Restored to military configuration; flew as USN/37634
To Robert L.Waltrip/Air-Srv Inc/Lone Star Flight Museum, Galveston,TX 17Feb1990-2004.
Reg'd as N6655D.


The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX

The museum was set up in 1985 and obtained premises at Hobby Airport in Houston. All of the aircraft then came from
the private collection of Robert Waltrip. After a long search for a suitable exhibition site the museum openened in 1990
in a purpose-built facility at Galveston-Scholes airport, formerly Galveston Army Air Field.



The collection is displayed in two halls, connected and open to each other. I took the liberty to deal
with the multi-engined transport first. Now we turn to these warbirds.

The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
Vought F4U-5N Corsair, 121881/RW (N43RW), named 'Annie-Mo'; previously Bu.121823 and 0434 in Argentina!

The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
Vought F4U-5N 'RW/21' 'Annie-Mo'; it must be a feast to see it fly, but hell to taxi!

The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
Consolidated Vultee BT-13A, BI-78 (N56478; serial 7356, manufactured 1941). FAA's N-inquiry shows at time
of writing N56478 was, and still is, reg'd to the American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum (Dallas,TX) - since 08Nov2000.

The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
This one has in (very) small white letters the registration N17VF.
The Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat looks great in the Gloss Sea Blue colors of VF-17.
By June 2005 it was registered N17VF, but this seems to have lapsed?

But where are the Thunderbolt and the Bearcat which I had listed too as part of this collection?

The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
Douglas A-24B Dauntless 42-54682 (N93RW, mfr 1943) - flew with the Mexican Air Force at one time!

The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
Now this one did not appear in my Air-Britain reference guide, so it may well have been swapped with some I now
found missing. It is a Messerschmitt 262 replica, built in 2002 by Classic Fighter Industries. It is reg'd N262AZ,
18Jul08 to The Collings Foundation; it shows serial 501241. The DC-3 is also registered to the Collings Foundation.
en.wikipedia.org: Messerschmitt_Me_262

Nigel Hitchman wrote me in Dec.2015:
" I've not seen the Collings Me.262 at Galverston before, that is usually at Ellington.
I see Collings and Lone Star seem to perhaps be building their museum together at Ellington, according to one source..?"

Nigel on the Collings Foundation, where they are based or to be found:
"Collings is based in Stow, MA, where they have their museum with some of the aircraft. But others are based elsewhere- the jets in Ellington, Houston, TX and the bombers and some of the others at New Smyrna Beach in Florida, or at least that is where they have their maintenance done and return to each winter; and where the Corsair, A-36, P-51D were restored and the Hellcat currently is being restored.
The P-38, bought from Evergreen, is supposed to go to New Smyrna Beach as well.
Whether the recently bought (march 2017) Canso PBY C-FPQK goes there for restoration remains to be seen. N287 is there currently for survey and awaiting a decision on what to do with it by the Cavanaugh museum and the wing of the PBY from the collection at Republic airport on Long Island has been at New Smyrna Beach on slow rebuild for 10 years, currently nothing happening with it for the past few years."




The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
The Bell UH-1H 'Iroquois' or simply 'Huey' 74-22490. I have no details of the Bell Cobra, but expect this
Bell TAH-1P 'Huey Cobra' 76-22599, reportedly also part of the Vietnam War Flight Museum collection.

The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
One of my favourite warbirds: Douglas A-1D Skyraider, '126-822/TT' "Uncle Ho's Nightmare" (NX91945).
This Skyraider belongs to the Marine Aviation Museum / Vietnam War Flight Museum.

The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX

The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
North American AT-6D Texan, 'ANG 04566' (N566TX).
It seems it can be made available for pleasure flights, now that would be something, eh?

The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
Boeing-Stearman N2S-3 Kaydet, BuNo.07718 (N84LK)

The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
Boeing-Stearman N2S-5 / PT13D Kaydet, N75272

The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
Cessna UC-78B Bobcat N51469 (c/n 6644), previously 43-32706; under restoration.

The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
Shrunk in the dryer? N427EK I found to be a Renegade Spirit Biplane. Wikipedia

The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
While I could not find the Grumman Cats that were supposed to be in this collection, I did find the Grumman TBM-3
Avenger somewhat hidden in the back. N700RW was previously BuNo.69329 and N73642.



The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
Found this to be created by artist and metal craftsman Jason Barnett; he wrote on the WIX forum:
"I used a section of the roof from the badly damaged Lockheed Lodestar that I once had. It has yielded a LOT of art pieces!"
This must be the former N43WT Lodestar (c/n 18-2565) see on Gerben's Propliners & Warbirds

The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX

The following picture was published by Robbie Stuart on the WIX (Warbirds) forum in Feb.2016:
B-29 Waddy's Wagon
On that WIX post the following info was included:

"The crew of the USAAF Boeing B-29-40-BW Superfortress (s/n 42-24598) 'Waddy's Wagon', 20th Air Force, 73rd Bomb Wing, 497th Bomb Group, 869th Bomb Squadron, the fifth B-29 to take off on the first Tokyo mission from Saipan on 24 November 1944, and first to land back at Isley Field after bombing the target.
The crew is posing to duplicate their caricatures in the nose art.
The crew (l-r): Capt. Walter 'Waddy' Young/pilot, Lt. Jack Vetters/copilot, Lt. John F. Ellis/bombardier , Lt. Paul Garrison/navigator, Sgt. George Avon/radio operator, Lt. Bernard Black/flight engineer, Sgt. Kenneth Mansie/flight technican, Sgt. Lawrence Lee/gunner, Sgt. Wilbur Chapman/gunner, Sgt. Corbett Carnegie/gunner, Sgt. Joseph Gatto/gunner. This aircraft was lost on 9 January 1945. Date 1944"




The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
It gave me great pleasure to find the Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer still at the museum; but only just!
N3739G (c/n 59819) was sold to the Pima Air Museum this year, like that Canso A above, and is in final disassembly
for its transport. This specialised project was being carried out by 'Worldwide Aircraft Recovery Ltd' (website).
In august 2017 I noticed they were involved in the transport of a C-121 for many years stored at Helena,MT.

The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
Since the 1990s this PB4Y-2 N3739G has been with the Lone Star Museum, but Pima Air Museum is a good home too!
As Tanker 30 it flew with T&G Aviation, in the aerial firefighting role.

From the Warbird Registry website I copied the following information-
Delivered to U.S. Navy as BuNo. 59819 in 19??
Carson Shade/Flight Enterprises Inc, Prescott,AZ 1960-1964, reg'd as N3739G.
Sergio A. Tomassoni/SS&T Aerial Contractors of Phoenix,AZ ca. 1965-1973
Purchased as stripped airframe, Prescott,AZ
Fitted with Wright R-2600 Cyclone Engines and fitted with nose from B-24D, from a Tucson junkyard
Completed as a tanker; flew as #C30
Sergio A. Tomassoni of Air Tankers Inc. ( Buckeye,AZ) 1970s
Flew as tanker #C30
Sergio A. Tomassoni of T&G Aviation (Buckeye,AZ) 1977-1990
Later based in Chandler,AZ
Flew as taker #30
To Lone Star Flight Museum of Galveston,TX: 17Jan91-2015
Was under restoration to military configuration, fitted with nose and top turret as well as side blisters.


The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
Truly a dinosaur of a bygone era and worthy of preservation.
By Dec.10th I was assured: "The Privateer is now at Pima, and already repainted in a full 3 tone WW2 Navy camo."

The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
Careful disassembly if such a warbird is indeed a specialised project.

Luis Drummond was able to document in March 2016 how PB4Y-2 N3739G was being pieced together at Pima's Air Museum:
PB4Y-2 N3739G at Pima
In Oct.2017 I revisited Pima Air & Space Museum and noted 59819 in a fine display!



The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
27 April 2000 Certificate of airworthiness for N81Y (AT-11, 42-37240) issued.
This website www.aerialvisuals.ca provided the following details: "Ca.1942 taken on Strength/Charge with the United States
Army Air Force with s/n 42-37240. 29Apr91 to Texas Aviation Hall of Fame, Galveston, TX with tailnbr N81Y. 27Apr2000: Certificate of Airworthiness issued for N81Y (AT-11, 42-37240)." FAA's N-inquiry has a different aircraft reg'd as such.
I would welcome details! I had listed a Beech H18S N954 (BA-670) here, did not see it..

The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX

C/n 3743 AT-11 42-37240 USAAF
built Wichita KS -1943
T-11 USAF: type redesignation -June 1948
N7341C F. M. Pardo Enterprises: purchased ex USAF -07May1957
E. D. Weiner, Van Nuys CA -18Jun1958
John A. Ortseifen, Fort Lauderdale FL -16Jul1958
N81Y (2nd use of this tailnumber) John A. Ortseifen, Fort Lauderdale FL -30Mar60/1986
Donald J. Wisler -30Jun1986/1989
Fred G. Nelson 25Jun89/1991, open storage Winnie TX
reportedly never received a CofA -1991
Lone Star Flight Museum, Galveston TX -11Apr1991/2014
moved by road from Winnie TX to Galveston TX -1991
restored to military configuration with turret by contractor for LSFM -1991-1998
delivered to LSFM painted as Cuban AF 'FAEC 240' -1998
noted displayed in museum Galveston '240' -04Apr2000
noted displayed in museum Galveston '240' -09Aug2003
noted displayed in museum Galveston '240' -18Oct2007
damaged in LSFM hangar by Hurricane Ike -13Sep2008

Link & details provided by Terry Fletcher (Dec.2015):


The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX



A few jets were present to; added to further complete the inventory (I do not assume to be complete however), but not my forte.
The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX

The Lone Star Museum, Galveston,TX
MiG-17 N17HQ, registered 04Apr2014 to Marine Aviation Museum (Vietnam War Flight Museum).
It has on the tail in very small capital letters:

Galveston's Lon Star Museum
North American F-100D Super Sabre, 63-154/CB
UPDATE (Feb.2016): the Lone Star Flight Museum will be moved inland to Ellington Field sometime in the spring of 2016.


Update by Terry Fletcher, Dec.2015, on the aircraft I found missing
Re some of the aircraft that you did NOT see:

1. P-51 Mustang 44-73458 / N4151D crashed

2. Convair B-58 Hustler 55-0668
damaged in Hurricane Ike - moved back to Little Rock AK in 2012

3. A Hurricane (N96RW) and a Spitfire collided at Galveston back in 2008


Nigel Hitchman wrote me in response to my visit here to the Lone Star Museum at Galveston.

Nigel Hitchman's Lone Star warbirds (2011)

Nigel wrote: "Here are the Tiger Moth, B-58 Hustler and a Staggerwing that you didn't mention in your report; all as seen by me in 2011. They were damaged by the floodwater, but the Staggerwing don't seem to have suffered so much!"

P-51 Mustang 'Galveston Gal'
P-51 Mustang 'Galveston Gal' at the '2011 Wings over Houston'-show. The two-seat Mustang crashed on 23Oct2013.
It was a mystery why it crashed into the water off the coast of Galveston. The 51-year-old pilot and his 66-year-old
passenger ( a man from the U.K. who had received the flight as a wedding anniversary gift) both were killed.
See also www.galvnews.com

Nigel about the aircraft I failed to see: "... the P-47 should still be there, but perhaps it is elsewhere for maintenance. I think they still have a maintenance shop elsewhere on the airfield, or perhaps moved to Ellington, near Houston - which is where the museum is moving to in 2016.
The Hawker Hurricane did indeed get 'eaten' by a Spitfire, while both were landing back in 2008 and its been elsewhere ever since; I believe it's in Colorado, perhaps with Ray Middleton.
Someone I spoke to at Galverston suggested it wont be coming back to the museum.
The Spitfire in the distant past wasn't theirs, but Bill Greenwood's two seater N308WK. This went back to Colorado too and doesn't seem to have been rebuilt. I guess it's in storage, but don't know for sure.
The museum's Spitfire TE392 was damaged in the flood caused by Hurricane Ike, in 2008, and is somewhere being restored.
The Tiger Moth was damaged in the flood, too. I saw it there in 2011 in poor condition, probably moved elsehwere now for rebuild.
In 2011 the back half of the second hangar was out of bounds; it housed the aircraft damaged in that 2008 flood.
The B58 was at the back, with the Privateer and a lot of others in and amongst them.
I guess getting the B-58 Hustler out, and with the extra space from the PB4Y leaving, they have been able to move some into better view and also moved some off site.
The Bearcat N68RW was sold a few years ago, to John O'Connor (it wasn't there on my 2011 visit, but there have been pictures of it there since in 2013); not sure if was still kept with the museum some of the time after its sale. However... it was damaged in a wheels up landing in Wisconsin, in early 2015, and currently on rebuild ( not sure where, though)."

Another splendid photo of Galveston Gal in its glory days (2012) can be seen at Gerben's Propliners & Warbirds


P-47 Tarheel Hal
Republic 'the Jug' P-47, 433240 'Tarheel Hal'
From All Known Existing P-47 Thunderbolt's:
"P-47D N4747P 44-90368 '"USAAF 433240/IA-N/Tarheel Hal' Lone Star Flight Museum; ex/'Big Ass Bird II'.

I found some reference to the storm damage done by Hurricane Ike in 2008-
---Hurricane Ike caused at least US$20 million worth of damage to the Galveston museum, which houses more than 40 vintage aircraft. "We had 6 feet of water in here," said museum president Larry Gregory. "One of the hanger walls was taken out. We had open waves coming right in, it left a spaghetti bowl of airplanes."---
"The museum is moving to a specially-designed 125.000 square foot building with hanger space, auditorium and restaurant.
The building will be constructed just inside Ellington Field's gates on Highway 3.
---It's the same location where the Wings Over Houston air show takes place each year. The Wings Over Houston show alone attracts 100.000 people each year, so museum officials hope they will not miss out on tourists by leaving Galveston.
"It's a fantastic location for us. We will be highly visible from Highway 3 and the Beltway interchange," said Gregory.
The estimated cost for relocating the museum is around $25 million. FEMA is funding $7.6 million of the project through hurricane restoration funds.---
From: www.chron.com/___/Lone-Star-Flight-Museum-moving-inland-5311018.php ('Updated 4:01 pm, March 12, 2014')


Gerben Groothuis (his gallery Gerben's Propliners & Warbirds on my website) wrote me after reading my report.
He wrote:"I enjoyed your photos & report of your recent trip to Texas. I have visited this particular aviation museum in Gaveston three times. recente trip naar TX. Ik heb zelf 3 keer een kort bezoek gebracht aan dit interessante museum, snel op en neer vanuit Houston, tijdens bizreizen.
The first time was in 2004, so quite a bit earlier before that fateful day when Hurricane Ike did its destructive work here!
The second time was in Dec.2010 and the museum still showed the effects of that 2008 storm. They had to change a lot to deal with all that damage.
The last time I visited was in Aug.2012.
Nice to see you noted yet again other gems in the collections!

Here are a few results from the 2004 visit:
Warbirds at Galveston by Gerben Groothuis (2004)
Lockheed C-60A, N43 (c/n 18-2565, US Navy markings); that n-number is incomplete!
Supermarine Spitfire, TE392/ZX-Z. Not sure if it is the same now on display at RAF Leeming,UK: Flickr.com
Lockheed P-38L Lightning, N9005R/44-53095); history I found on Geoff Goodall's website
B-58 Hustler, 0668. Perhaps YN-58, 55-0668 (conv. tot TB-58) preserved at in Arkansas at Little Rock AFB; see HERE

In Peter J. Marson's Air-Britain publication 'The Lockheed Twin' I found some additional information.
First about P-38 N9005R:
P-38L (8350) 44-53095 - ex/ FAH-506 Bob Bean Acft 02Feb60. William Ross Enterprise Inc (1970). To Lone Star Flight Museum, Galveston,TX.
More details on Gerben's 'Propliners & Warbirds'

For c/n 18-2565 I found an extensive history in Peter Marson's 'Lockheed Twins' (published Air-Britain, 2001):
but you'll have to go to Gerben's 'Propliners & Warbirds'...



TEXAS 2015
The 1940 Air Terminal Museum at William P. Hobby (Houston) Airport
Highland Lakes Squadron (CAF), Burnet
Ghost Squadron, Central Texas Wing, San Marcos
Texas Air Museum - Stinson Chapter (San Antonio)
Cavanaugh Flight Museum (Addison)
Vintage Flying Museum, Ft. Worth
Frontiers of Flight Museum, Dallas

Lone Star Flight Museum - www.lsfm.org





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