~PART 1~

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Taking my chances on the autumn weather I decided to do a roadtrip in the US Northwest in october. The route started and ended in Portland,OR with Greybull,WY at the far end. Main points of interest, for aviation, were Seattle, Arlington, Missoula, Greybull, Nampa and Madras - with quite a few stops en route for one or two aeroplanes 'in residence'.
The weather cooperated beyond all expectations and I was met by a lot of shared aviation enthusiasm.



The reason for visiting Thun Field, near Puyallup, was a long time resident DC-3, N353MM / NC43XX. I thought it was still to be found there, but the cafetaria staff told me it had left (over) a year ago; this was confirmed at the aviation store.
N43XX (c/n 11665) was registered 03Oct14 for Wings of Valor LLC of Perris,CA. Details can be found on

I include some information on this DC-3 as A/ it has a Dutch connection and B/ has details on the 'Thun connection':
"Destined for TWA, DC–38–SIC3G c/n 11665 rolled off the assembly line, headed for the U.S. Army instead.
It was redesigned as a C–53D–D0 42-68738 and assigned to the war in Europe, dropping paratroopers over Sicily, then thundering over Normandy on D-Day. Belonging to the 62nd troop carrier squadron, it also participated in dropping troops over the Netherlands during Operation: Market Garden.
Eric Thun, who restored the interior of 11665 with the assistance of Dan Marriott, and researched its history, said the names of about 20 GIs were found written in pencil on the skin of the aircraft between the frames. He copied them down and took photographs before covering them with insulation and an interior skin. Following the war, the aircraft went into service with TWA until the 1950s.
It was then owned by a couple of corporations including a skydiving company that used it for 10 to 15 years. Finally, a series of private owners took over and flew the aircraft.
Found in Bennington, Vermont, the aircraft was in deplorable condition, though the engines were deemed functional. It was flown to Thun Field, Washington for the restoration.
Three years later, the restoration was complete. The name 'Thunderbird Flying Services' was added to honor Eric's father's company, when he owned Thun field.
In 2013, Wings of Valor acquired the plane.
(Roy Blewitt wrote me in nov.2014: "DC-3 NC43XX is now at Chino,CA.  I saw it there in June, and still retains the black and white checkerboard colour scheme and 'Thunderbird Flying Services' -titles.  And long may it continue to do so - there are already far too many DC-3s in D-Day markings for my liking!")


N93463 c/n 786 (Oct.12th)
I checked the FAA Registry ('n-inquiry') for N93463 and found the manufacturer's name was Engineering & Research, Model 415-C. Not exactly the most fanciful of names !
It seems it is more commonly known as the ERCO (Engineering & Research Company?) 415 Ercoupe.
Wikipedia has quite a bit of info on it
From which I quote: "Aeronca obtained a licence to produce the Ercoupe 415 as the Aeronca 12AC Chum in 1946 and built two prototypes: NX39637, with the Ercoupe twin-tail, and NX83772 with a larger, single tail, metal wings and trailing-link struts in the main undercarriage. The Chum was powered by a Continental C-85J with a 108 mph (174 km/h) cruise speed. No production ensued.
In 1947 ERCO sold its remaining Ercoupe inventory to Sanders Aviation, which continued to produce the aircraft in the same ERCO-owned factory. A total of 213 aircraft were sold by 1950."

N93463 is registered to Russell W McNutt of Brunswick,GA (by the same FAA source).

Thun Field has a lovely cafeteria where we had lunch out on the deck, in the sun, enjoying the view of Mount Rainier only some 25 miles away.
A little history:
In April 1949, John Thun (1917-2006) bought a rock-strewn airstrip and the surrounding 350 acres of land 6 miles south of Puyallup. Thun lengthened and paved the strip and opened a private airport, staffed mostly by his family. He sold the property to developers in 1966 and in 1979 Pierce County bought the facility.
It is home to nearly 250 recreational and business aircraft, with about 89.000 takeoffs and landings a year.


Renton - Will Rogers-Wiley Post Memorial Seaplane Base

After a quick look at the parking lot overseeing the ramp of the Boeing Plant, I proceeded to the north end of the Renton Municipal Airport along the shore of Lake Washington, where seaplane (or floatplane) operations are located.
Alas, it was a sunday afternoon and the office was closed, the planes parked behind the fence. No activity.
The story behind the name of this seaplane base can be found here.
A short version: Wiley Post (b. 1899) was the first man to circumnavigate the earth twice in an aircraft and famous. Rogers (b.1879) was a famous Hollywood actor.
In 1935, Post and Rogers came to Renton Airport (then called Bryn Mawr Air Field) for installation of a set of Fairchild Edo 5300 pontoons, much like those used by Alaskan bush pilots. The special pontoons did not arrive on time and a pair of pontoons from a Fairchild 71 were installed - much heavier than what was required by Post's plane.
Post and Rogers were anxious for the trip and kept the heavier pontoons. This was their first stop on their world pleasure trip.
Both died when their plane crashed in Alaska on 15Aug1935.

Anyway, here is a report on the floatplanes I was able to record over the fence on Oct.12th and their history as published on Neil Aird's wonderful website (link per aircraft duplicated as there are many interesting images to be seen).

Renton SPB

N272PA c/n 1016
Delivered 25Sep1957 as HK-951X for Aero Taxi (Avianca) in Colombia.
In 1976 as HK-951 to AERCO (Aerovias Comerciales), Aeropuerto de Chaparral, Colombia (IATA code CPL) images dated nov.1972, for Aerovias
Considerable damage in accident on 13Aug1974
To Aerovias Regionales
To Lineas Aereas San Martin Villavicencio,Colombia (photo on, 1989 complete but mid-1990s dismantled)
To SAETA - Servicios Aéreos del Lilano Ltda. at Villavicencio in 1995
C-GGAQ based Campbell River, BC (imported 2000)
Exported to US 2001 (tt 24.478 hrs)
For Sale USD350,000
N272PA Regd 25-Jun-2001 Pantechnicon Aviation Ltd., Minden,NV


Renton SPB
Home of Northwest Seaplanes

Renton SPB

N67684 c/n 1208
Delivered 03Apr1958 as ?57-2564 to the US ARMY (type L-20A)
Stored at Davis Monthan 13Mar1972 to 06Feb1976
Registered as N67689 to Hillcrest Aircraft of Lewiston,ID
To Alaska Air Guides (Don Cogger) in 1981; reg'd Jan1982
To Kenmore Air Harbor Inc. of Kenmore,WA (date?)
Reg'd Mar1994 to Robert E. Wyzenbeek / Lyn J. Wyzenbeek / Jerry Warfield of Sitka,AK
Reg'd Mar1995 to Sitka Air Inc.
Reg'd 22Oct2001 as C-GCYN for Corilair Charters Ltd. of Whaletown,BC; bBased Gorge Harbour,BC
As N67684 reg'd 05Jul2002 to Clyde E. Carlson of Seattle,WA
Since 08Jun2005 reg'd to C & P Aircraft Leasing LLC. of Anacortes,WA

Renton SPB
Clyde Carlson, owner and founder, started Northwest Seaplanes in 1988 providing exclusive service with two Dehavilland Beavers to Hakai Lodge which is located 70 miles north of Vancouver Island.
Providing seaplane service to Hakai Lodge was not Clyde’s first adventure in aviation. [More..]

Renton SPB

N1CM c/n 1606
Delivered 12Aug1965 as AF-404 to the Zambian Air Force
Later reregistered as ZAF-404 Zambia Air Force and Defence Command
In Sep1984 reg'd N5483S for Newcal Inc
Reported at Kenmore in 1990
As N1CM it was reg'd in Apr1991 for Riva Pacific NW Corporation of Kirkland,WA
Regd 21Mar2002 for Flight Management LLC. of Kirkland,WA and current to this date (nov.2014).


Renton SPB

N67689 c/n 1242
Delivered 24-Jul-1958 as 57-2576 to the US ARMY (type ident L-20)
As N127WA to Temsco Helicopters Inc / Temsco Alaska Airlines Commuter of Ketchikan,AK (no date)
At some point to or operating for South East Alaska of Ketchikan,AK
To West Flight Aviation (no date)

N127WA suffered an accident at Coffman Cove, AK on 12aug1977, operating for/as Weber Air Line

On take off, for Ketchikan, it hit an object (log raft) and aborted take off with damage to the floats.
And again an accident on 30jan1986 at Metlakatla,AK, when the wind blew N127WA back into the dock and N1018H.
(If the link does not work use and copy the accident code in the box for [NTSB Status] 'Accident Number')

Reg'd Jan1992 Taku Glacier Air Inc. of Juneau,AK
To Northwest Seaplanes Inc. of Renton,WA
Reg'd N67689 for Northwest Seaplanes Inc. of Renton,WA with reservation on registry 02Apr1994 and reg'd Jul1994.
Reg'd 30Jun1998 as C-GCYX for Air Rainbow Mid-Coast of Campbell River,BC
To Corilair Charters Limited of Whaletown,BC (but based Gorge Harbour), reg'd 22Oct2001
Yet again as N67689 to Northwest Seaplanes Inc. of Renton,WA on 09Jul2002


Renton SPB

Renton SPB

N67682 c/n 671
Delivered 09Jul54 as 53-3717 to the US ARMY (L-20)
Stored at Davis Monthan (Arizona) from 06Mar72 to 06Feb76
Reg'd (no date) as N67682 to Hillcrest Aircraft of Lewiston,ID
To Joseph Carpinito / Michael Carpinito / Daniel Carpinito (Carpanito & Sons) of Kent,WA and reg'd 14Jun2002.


Renton SPB

N16644 c/n 231
Delivered 09Apr1952 as 51-16480 to the USAF (Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962)
Reg'd (no date) as N16644 for Contra Costa County Fire Protection District of Pleasant Hill / Martinez,CA. Circa 1973. On USCAR at 02Mar1990 and 29Feb1992
Note: New paint scheme and interior in 1976
For sale: US$95,000. Total time 7075 hrs. (Jan 1992)
N16644 for Bilby Wallace of Evergreen,CO. - reg'd 01Apr1992
Airworthiness Date: 29Mar1995
Reg'd 27Jul1995 as N16644 for Ronald D. Berning of Rogers,MN. Cancelled 18Oct2004
N16644 Beaver Aircraft LLC, Florence,OR. Reg'd 23Mar2005 and cancelled 11Jan2008
For sale in Dec.2008: $550K. Total time 7,600hrs. Modifications include: Wipline 6100 Amphibious floats. Floats; Extended baggage compartment, Jasco Alternator, Skylights; Tip tanks; Bubble windows; Tenis engine heater.
N16644 Marjoe LLC. of Seattle, WA. Reg'd 21Feb2008 and cancelled 18Jun2010
Most recently N16644 was reg'd on 27Jul2010 to J&D Flying LLC. of Sand Point,AK.
(The website [] has more details on its military career, including a severe landing accident on 19Dec1953 in Korea).

Renton SPB

N352AM c/n 2252
Aviat Aircraft Inc A-1B N352AM, manufactured in 2003 and reg'd to Timothy G. Gannon of Seattle,WA on 07Feb2012.
Aviat Aircraft Inc. is an American manufacturer of sport and utility aircraft based in Afton, Wyoming.[1] The company president and owner is Stuart Horn; he acquired the company in 1996.
Wikipedia - Aviat_Aircraft

Renton SPB


Renton SPB
N758LM c/n R1723181
Cessna R172K (mfr 1979), reg'd 23Nov2010 for DX Aero LLC (Seattle,WA)

Renton SPB

N9041X c/n 260
Delivered 22May1952 as 51-16492 to the USAF #1075. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.
Circa 1970 reg'd N2499D for Fairways Corporation of Washington National,DC
As N49GS to Department of the Interior Geological Survey of Reston,VA (no date)
Reg´d N207GB Jun1976 (ntu ?)
Reg'd May 1981 as N207GB for Frasca International Inc. of Urbana,IL
Airworthiness Certificate: 13Apr1983
As N9041X to Frasca International Inc. (Urbana,IL) reg'd 26Apr1991 but cancelled 27Nov1991. Named 'Majimaji Ndoto'.
Reg'd Dec1993 as N9041X for Seaplane USA Inc. (Wilmington,DE)
Reported for sale by Feb1994 for $190,000. Total time: 4,100hrs.
N9041X to Talmor USA Inc. of Teton Village,WY - reg'd Aug1994.
Reregistered N9041X Talmor USA Inc of Wilmington DE on 13Sep1996. Cancelled 28Feb2005
Note: Pictures between mid 1997 and May 2005 show stylised 'WD' markings; also marked 'Majimaji Ndoto' - presumably another owner between Talmor & Miller.
Regd 02Mar2005 N9041X for Jim Andie of Missoula,MT. Canx 01Aug2005.
N9041X for Earl Miller, Port Ludlow, (Prev. Indianola) WA. Reg'd 24Aug2005 and canx 04Dec2012
Note: Apr09 noted for sale at Calderwood Aircraft Sales for $498K.
At this time total time 4.710 hrs. Refurbished 2008, dual control, bubble windows, forward battery, tip tanks, Aerocet 5850 floats.
Reg'd 22Dec2009 N9041X for Robert K. Goff of San Diego,CA

Renton SPB

N450P c/n 1449
Delivered to deHavilland Aircraft at Hatfield,UK on 23Nov1960 and recorded first flight on 27Mar1961
As XP778 delivered to 2MU RAF Sealand for delivery to Eastleigh, Kenya for 8 Flight and transferred to 15Flight/653Squadron in Nov1964 in Aden.
XP778 transferred to 13 Flight / 13Squadron / 668 Squadron at Sharjah in 1969
Returned to UK, to Middle Wallop, via Gatwick on01Nov1970; and then to 27MU Shawbury
To 7 Regiment AAC on 12Jan1971 for 132 Flight and the next year spent time in Africa on a Blue Nile expedition and in Malawi on Exercise “Laborn”
To Hawker Siddeley Aircraft at Hawarden, Chester on 28Jan1974
To 6 Flight, 7 Reg't at Netheravon, Wiltshire; taken on charge 13May1974
To 667 Sqdn / 6B Flight during 1975, until disbanded Apr1976
To 6 Flt at 06Aug1977.
Last flown with AAC in May 1988

Reported in open storage at Kenmore,WA during Aug-1990.
Regd 21Oct1991 as N450P for Kenmore Air Harbor Inc. of Kenmore,WA.
Apparently registered again on 13Feb1992
Airworthiness certificate issued 01Oct1992
Reg'd 07May1993 for Robert C Siceloff of Seattle,WA but cancelled on 05Nov2001
Reg'd N450P to N450P LLC (c/o LPSL Corporate Services Ltd., later changed to c/o Michael Coirliss of Puyallup,WA) on 15Nov2001.


Renton SPB

N30PL c/n 1554
Yet another DHC-2 with a Colombian past!
Delivered 01Dec1964 as HK-559X to Aero Taxi (Avianca)
As HK-559 to TARI
Then HK-559P, at som epoint reported with TAXOR titles
With Rutas Aereas Araucanas for the period 1972 - 1976
To Lineas Aereas San Martin Ltda. at Villavicencio, Colombia
Yet again With TARI, noted at Villavicencio 09Sep1997

Imported to Canada and rebuilt by Sealand (of Campbell River,BC)
Reg'd 09Jan2002 as C-GGBD for 590714 BC Ltd. of Campbell River,BC
Reg'd 31Jan2002 N30PL Air Madura LLC., Anchorage,AK
Reg'd 04Aug2004 Madura Family LLC of Anchorage,AK
Reported for sale in Sep2010
Reg'd N30PL for Rapid Air LLC of Anchorage,AK on 22Apr2014
It sure is a long way from home!


Renton SPB

N67681 c/n 1158
Delivered 06Nov1957 as 56-4425 to the US ARMY (L-20)
Reg'd (no date) N215GB to the Department of Agriculture of Mission,TX
N215LU reg'd in Sep1979 for Lewis University in Ohio
Reg'd Aug1993 for Taku Glacier Inc. of Seadrome / Juneau,AK
To Northwest Seaplanes Inc. of Renton,WA
Registered again as N67681 to Joseph, Michael & Daniel Carpinito (Carpinito and Sons) of Kent,WA
Rereg'd in July 1994.
Shawano conversion (they performed Beaver rebuildings like Kenmore Air does, but they did only a few: 8?)
Reg'd 29Aug2000 to Northwest Seaplanes Inc. of Renton,WA (registry valid at time of writing, Nov2014)
During 2013 season reported operating with Southeast Aviation, Ketchikan,AK


Renton SPB

N6653K c/n 565
Delivered 03Nov1953 as 53-2782 to the US ARMY (L-20)
Reg'd in 1970 as N2843D for Interior Airways Inc. of Fairbanks,AK
Reg'd Mar1971 as CF-NML for Northern Mountain Airlines
Then as C-FNML to Northern Thunderbird Air Ltd
Crashed at Fort Ware, BC. on 08-Aug-1988, 5 fatal
Registration cancelled in July 1990
Then as N6653K reg'd in Feb1991 for Sound Flight Inc. of Renton,WA
Reg'd Feb1992 to Airlease Inc. of Renton,WA
Airworthy 06Jun1996
Reg'd 26Jul2011 for Kenneth B. Gorelick (Trustee) of Woodland Hills,CA


Renton SPB
N6653K c/n 565 - see above

Renton SPB

N2SF c/n 329
Delivered 30Jul1952 as 51-16536 to the USAF (type L-20)
As N5163G reg'd in May1971 to Civil Air Patrol Inc. (Maxwell AFB, Montgomery,AL)
It became N2SF for Airlease Inc. of Renton,WA
At some point reg'd to Sound Flight Inc. (Renton,WA)
Reported at Nanaimo SPB,BC on 02Aug1990
C/n 329 was noted and photographed on 12Sep1995 while in early stages of being rebuilt by Kenmore Air Harbor,WA
N2SF is currently, and since 16Apr2003, reg'd to Airlease Inc of Kenmore,WA




I came across the Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation (c/n 4544, ex/CF-RNR), in 1998 in Toronto
while awaiting its destiny as ....a bar/restaurant! My page Surviving Connies has much information on
the controversy surrounding the sale and this museum's acquisition of this sleek vintage airliner.

In January 2015 several of the airplanes shown here, including the Super Constellation, were towed away from this spot,
so work can start on a covered Air Park here. The Seattle weather does terrible things to these airframes and fundraising
has reached a milestone that work can start here. To read about the move, and the building plans, go to Robert Bogash' website.

With only an hour to go before closing time and the costs of usd 18,- for a ticket, I choose not to visit the museum this time.



Snohomish,WA 10-2014

This Beech 18 took a while to identify as it has absolutely no markings to help in that respect. But through the Yahoo 'Beech18' forum Bob Parmerter picked it up and he wrote:
Paul Minert did some excellent detective work for us, while we took guesses, Paul checked the Harvey Field website and then got on the phone to the Airport Manager, Cynthia Hendrickson, who gave Paul the identity!

It is Beech C18S N721BM c/n 4774, ex Aug1943 AT-7 43-33277, currently listed by the FAA to Carlyle Rampersad, Seattle, WA. It exhibits the short overwing nacelles and shorter leading edge inboard of the nacelles, typical of WWII production 18s, however you will notice that at some point the WWII 'dog-house' landing gear has been replaced by the D18S style.

Bob added from his records the history of c/n 4774
Beech AT-7 43-33277 USAAF, delivered to the USAAF Navigation Training School at San Marcos Army Air Field, TX on 10Aug1943, at a cost of $59.579.
Far East Air Force (FEA) Air Material Command (AMC), at Kisarazu Airbase, Japan May49.
A subsequent assignment was FEA, AMC at Taegu Auxiliary Airfield, South Korea.
Declared surplus and sold by the US Army Tokyo Quartermaster Center to Hondo Pipe Co. as C18S BS 11Feb57, for 257.850 Yen.
Reg’d N6685C.
Bill Larkins took a slide (close up of the AT-7 data block under the cockpit) at Concord, CA in Dec56.
Northwestern Export Co BS 12Feb57 for 500.000 Yen.
Airline Products Co, North Hollywood, CA BS 14Feb57.
Modified to civil configuration by Bay Avn Svcs Co, Oakland,CA 09Jun58. CofA 11Jun58.
Jere A. Martin BS 31Mar59.
Martin Industries Inc, dba Executive Aircraft Lsg Co, BS 8Apr60.
Baker Aircraft Sales Inc BS 31Dec60.
M. W. Brown Inc BS 25Jan61.
Jack Richards, Oklahoma City, OK BS 3Jul61.
Isadore Liebling BS 10Jul61.
Repossessed by Union Bank on 30Apr62.
Contract Design Associates Ltd, Los Angeles,CA BS 03Apr63. Probably operated with 'Holiday Ways'& 'City of Pomona' markings on fuselage and nose.
Accident 09Feb64 at Van Nuys,CA landing gear prematurely retracted on take off on personal flight. 2 uninjured.
Aerospace Products Inc, North Hollywood, CA BS 12May64.
Flournoy Flying Svc, Wichita, KS BS 11May64.
Transferred Jack R. Flournoy & Charles H. Hinson, Wichita, KS BS 16May64.
Transferred to Hinson alone BS 25Sep64.
James D. McReynolds dba McReynolds Construction Co BS 9Mar65.
Shamrock Industries Inc., Concord, NH BS 12Nov65.
Repossessed by C. I. T. Corp, Boston, MA on 20Mar67.
Bedford Avn Inc., Bedford, MA BS 17Mar67.
Repossessed by C. I. T. Corp on 08Aug68.
Richard C. Jackson, Rochester, NH BS 31Dec68.
Gary W. McLaughlin, Northwood, NH BS Jun94 (during its time in NH it was stored).
Randy Schmerheim, Traverse City, MI BS Feb95.
For Sale in Controller magazine 26Jul96 as a project with 4,500 hrs TT, asking $35,000.
Charles H. Hainline, Albany, OR reg’d 13Nov98.
Continental Avn Inc/Tony Quadrani, Sagola, MI reg’d 01Dec99. In a ’99 phone call, Quadrani told me that it was in Florida and that the early engines & props, outer wings, & tail had been sold. He trucked the fuselage to Michigan.
Rereg’d N727AV(1) July 2000.
Rereg’d N721BM 10Dec04. [I found I had a record: 'N721BM, reg'd Continental Aviation 04Oct04, source Scramble magazine Jan.2005 issue -Webmaster]
Carlyle Rampersad, Seattle, WA reg’d 22Jul05.
Registration expired 31Mar12.
Photographed in June 2011, the fuselage on gear hangared at Harvey Field, Snohomish, WA.
[-Compiled by Bob Parmerter, author of THE book on the Beech 18 (2004)]

This is the one that got away! I was looking for only one Beech 18at Harvey Field and completely missed this one parked on the perimeter of the airport, next to the railway line.
Frustrating, as I parked my car only 50 meters away! Thanks to Roy Blewitt for sending me this recent (May 2014) image.
Beech 18 N1827M at Harvey Field,WA  
The history of this N1827M I have added onto Photos by Friends & Guests (#40).

Many thanks to the airport staff for escorting me onto the premises! (date of visit Oct.13th).

Snohomish,WA 10-2014
All that bird poop make me fear for its fate!

Snohomish,WA 10-2014
While I failed to find an Antonov An-2, which had been reported here, I stumbled on this nice deHavilland DHC-2 Beaver.

N613WB c/n 672
Quoted from
Delivered 12Jul1954 as 53-3718 to the US ARMY (type L-20)
Noted as N90409 (stored, without further use) at Anchorage,AK. For sale in 1981
Noted 17Oct1982, Chitna Air Alaska, while en route to Kenmore for winter storage
Reg'd at some point as N613WB for Robert G. Standford of Kodiak,AK
Leased to Island Air Service of Kodiak,AK (no date)
To Alaska Aero Industries of Anchorage,AK (no date)
To Patrick T. Burns of Carnation,WA (later Seattle,WA) - reg'd 05Feb2004

Mark R. Peterson wrote me in May 2021, with an update on the An-2
An-2 at Harvey Field, by Mark Peterson
The AN-2 at Harvey Field during a sublime sunset, 2012.
Mark: "The plane attracting starlings at this point!"

On Flickr I found a 2006 photo by 'Songbac' with some additional info: 'Antonov An-2 biplane @Harvey Field (north of Seattle). This plane was flown from Russia and is now for sale. If I remember correctly, the asking price is under 70k USD.'
Identified as Antonov (PZL-Mielec) An-2R N6020S (c/n 1G215-14) through a photo on

Below: a video still of the AN-2 as it was parked at Harvey Field; while Mark got the Chief ready to go.
An-2 @Harvey Field, by Mark Peterson
Above a selfie of sorts, from Mark's Chief N3286E, taking off on 15L. 'The plane is scattered over the field.
They did eventually get it removed and the photo dates from 2013.'

Mark wrote: "To update about the AN-2 at Harvey. It was parked beween the two south groups of hangars for a while. It was sold (down to California, if I remember right) and they disassembled it on the grass runway area. Unfortunately, they left it disassembled and we had a fall storm with wind come into Puget Sound from the south and it scattered the plane parts around...


John Caruso wrote me in Feb.2006 for info on a Douglas DC-3 he had stumbled on and he felt he knew this old bird. Research provided an interesting career, and while this DC-3 at one time flew Ronald Reagan, it is better known by some as...
'The Turkey Hauler'!

This DC-3 is decorated with military serial 315728 (43-15728), but its official FAA tailnumber is N63440.


N-inquiry nov2014: N63440 15Apr1986, to expire on 30Apr2017, for Alaska Crew Incorporated (Anchorage,AK - John Aldrick?); their website seems to draw a blank. So not sure how the ownership is arranged now, which could be of interest noting the construction going on here at Arlington - this DC-3 will be moved about a bit I think. Caruso: Tom Smiley mob 425 985 7846 -jan 2015-
It seems one Tom Smiley is, and has been for a long while, the owner
Details on its history can be found: John Caruso on the Turkey Hauler

'Patton's Ace In The Hole' has nothing to do with General George Patton of WW2 fame. Read John Caruso's page on this.




Note the cooling vents on top of the fuselage, used to control the climate on board when it transported turkeys!


The faded tailnumber N63440.


N78724 is a Piper PA-11, manufactured in 1947, c/n 11-1476. It was reg'd 29Oct2014 to Justin Martel (Friday Harbor,WA).


I have a soft spot for the endearing Republic RC-3 SeaBee! How nice to come across two here at Arlington!

N6381K is c/n 610 and reg'd 30Nov1993 for John L. Dotson of Seattle,WA. I was told here that it was for sale but I cannot remember the price that was quoted.

This website provided additional information-
NC6381K 1947-04-?? Manufacturing Date.
N6381K 1947-04-?? Test flight.
1947-04-08 Officially delivered from Republic Aviation Corporation to Seabee distributor Anderson Air Activities; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.
1985-??-?? Lycoming IO-540 engine conversion by Transition Aircraft (Randy Komko); Washington, USA.
1993-11-30 John L. Dotson; 3216 West Viewmont Way W, Seattle, WA.



N6704K is RC-3 SeaBee c/n 987, registered 09Dec2011 to Alpha Jets USA Inc (Wilmington,DE); their website is defunct.
There is an extensive history on www.seabee.infoand I copied the following:
NC6704K 1947-05-?? Manufacturing Date.
N6704K 1947-05-?? Test flight.
1947-06-23 Officially delivered from Republic Aviation Corporation to Mr. W. Hunt as a demonstrator.
1947-12-30 Delivered from RAC to Richard W. Stanley; City island, New York, USA.
1956-10-19 A/W Date.
????-??-?? Richard B. Stanley; PO Box 69, Summerland Key, Florida 33042, USA.
1986-??-?? Hugh J. Donahue Jr. ; 295 Coconut Lane, Miami Beach, Florida 33139, USA.
1996-10-21 Baugh Aviation Inc.; 1325 6th Avenue North, Nashville, Tennessee 37208-2603, USA.
2001-04-05 Captain and Crew Aircraft and Yacht Sales; 300 Featherstone Drive, Gallatin,TN USA.
2002-02-20 Air USA Inc.; 1659 Highway 104, Quincy, Illinois 62305-0013, USA.
2007 For sale at
2008-02-17 Observed at Arlington Municipal Airport (KAWO); Snohomish County, WA, USA.
2010-06-19 Observed at Arlington Municipal Airport (KAWO); Snohomish County, WA, USA.
2011-03-08 For sale at
Airframe time: 1725, engine time: 686 SMOH, Price: USD 79,500 or best offer.
Location: Arlington Municipal Airport (KAWO); Snohomish County, WA, USA. Contact: Craig Haws; Sagle, ID
2011-12-09 Alpha Jets USA Inc.; 3511 Silverside Road, Wilmington, Delaware 19810-4902, USA. (nov.2014, website no longer valid).



North American NA-145 Navion N91581 (c/n NAV-4-362, manufactured 1946) presently de-registered, previously owned by Richard J. Luce of Bothell,WA
A photo on saw it visiting Oshkosh in july 2011.
I love that nose art!

The Navion is a US single-engine, unpressurized, retractable gear, 4-seat aircraft originally designed and built by North American Aviation in the 1940s. It was later built by Ryan Aeronautical Company and the Tubular Steel Corporation (TUSCO).
The Navion was envisioned as an aircraft that would perfectly match the expected postwar boom in civilian aviation, similar to the Republic RC-3 SeaBee.
The Army Air Force ordered 83 of the NA-154 version, designated the L-17A, to be used as a liaison aircraft, personnel and cargo carrier, and trainer for the university-based Reserve Officers Training Corps flight training program, 35 of which were later converted to L-17C standard by the Schweizer Aircraft Company by fitting them with L-17B model features such as an auxiliary fuel tank.






It seems there once was a museum here..

The history of this Grumman S-2 Tracker I found on
The above mentioned webpage has an extensive photographic history of BuNo 136427 while in Anderson,IN and from the time before she (as N8112A) arrived at Anderson Darlington Airport in 1996.

BuNo 136427 was sold by the US Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola,FL to Airplane Sales International Corp. of Beverly Hills,CA. on 13Oct1988.
The sale was not filed with the FAA until 28Mar1995 and then recorded by the FAA 19Apr1995.
Somewhere around 25May1995 it was then flown out of Davis-Monthan AFB. In between that time it apparently was moved on 18May1989 to Dross Metals (now DMI Aviation, which is a scrapper to the west of Davis-Monthan) along with 8 other Trackers and put in storage.
In 1996, while now registered as civilian aircraft N8112A, it was purchased by The Museum of Wings & Things in Santa Monica,CA (29Apr96)
From 1996 until July 1999 the Tracker was able to fly out to the air shows to represent Naval Aviation history to the spectators at these events.
The S-2 Tracker was then sold to David Jackson (dba as The Tracker Air Group), who sold her on to Abbatare of Arlington,WA in 2004.



Grumman S2F-1 Tracker (converted to US-2B) 136427, 'The Iron Lady', was owned by the Webmaster, David D Jackson, from 2000-2004 (dba The Tracker Air Group).
He was unfortunately not making sufficient progress in getting the aircraft back in the air as he had hoped for when he purchased it from the Museum of Wings and Things in 2000.
So he sold it to someone who could make it airworthy again and get it back in the air. This did happen and in September of 2005 136427 flew to her new home in Arlington,WA!
In 2009 Mr Abbatare sold 'The Iron Lady' to Air Station, Inc, which was apparently doing business as 'The Arlington Naval Air Museum', notinh the name painted on aircraft.
But it seems the museum ran out of steam, possibly closed down as early as 2005.
Mr Jackson's excellent website has an extensive record of images including 136427's military career and storage.
(I seem to have photographed it at Oshkosh in aug.1998 - I hope to add a scan at some later date).


Broussard means, I am told, 'Man of the Bush'! A true bush plane!
Here is a May 2008 image (also at Arlington), where F-GIDJ is in much better shape:
It is or was probably part of the Arlington Naval Air Museum.

Showing the French regsitration F-GIDJ. Former pilot Commandant B.Chauvet (no idea what those insignias signify).
Charles Thompson offered: "it is possible that O+ is the blood group of the named pilot. Chauvet must be famous in France,
because another warbird Broussard, F-GIBN, carries exactly the same see at
Lille Marcq (LFQO) in july 2007 "




Beech G18S N103AF (c/n BA-526) was only recently, 26Jun14, reregistered: Point to Point LLC, Arlington,WA. showed a flight on 13Nov14 between Arlington (KAWO) and Klawock (PAKW), a flight of 3hrs57. So it is indeed fully operational.
To my own surprise I found I had come across it before: at Deer Valley,AZ on 22May2008 (probably stored at the time, not sure).
Reg'd 21Jan12 to N103AF LLC of Englewood,CO.
Previously N103AF was registered to Catalina Flying Boats of Long Beach,CA (since 24Nov2000).

From its base here at Arlington N103AF operates routes between Seattle area airports and Alaskan destinations.


Update 03Mar2017.
"2 survive ditching and sinking of plane off Ketchikan...
Both crew members on a plane that ditched in waters near Ketchikan on Friday morning (March 2nd 2017 / webmaster) were able to escape with only minor injuries, according to federal officials.
Clint Johnson, the National Transportation Safety Board's Alaska chief, said the plane went down shortly after 8 a.m., when it failed to land at the Ketchikan airport during an instrument approach in snow showers.
The aircraft set down off Annette Island.
Noreen Price, the NTSB investigator assigned to the incident, said that the Beech 18 — a twin-engine propeller plane operated by Washington-based Point to Point Air — was on a flight from Klawock to Ketchikan at the time of the landing. No passengers were on board, Price said the company told her.
Alaska State Troopers identified the crew members as 68-year-old pilot Steven Hewitt of Seattle and 23-year-old Grant Hasting of Auburn, Washington.
"On the radio, the crew reported that they had an engine failure during that missed approach," Price said. "They could not maintain altitude and they made an emergency landing."
-Chris Klint, Jerzy Shedlock -






Must have been a few years since this former waterbomber, Consolidated PBY-6A N85U (c/n 2112,'Tanker 85'), actually flew.

Here is an image by Terry Green where N85U display as water drop:

This is from David Legg's 'World Catalina News - Oct.2009':
"The last active PBY water bomber in the world, unless another example is resurrected, was PBY-6A N85U, a Wright R-2600 Cyclone-equipped Super Cat operated by Flying Fireman Inc in Washington State in the USA. Although apparently retired from active fire fighting some months ago, it is still very much airworthy and has been active this summer in the Pacific Northwest. On Friday September 18th, it flew into the old US Navy seaplane base at Whidbey Island, landing on the water and then taxiing up the old flying boat ramp before an appreciative crowd. After a week’s stay it moved on to Paine Field, Washington for the Vintage Aircraft Weekend there and during the displays it carried out two water drops." ./end quote

From the same source, dated nov.2012:
"Meanwhile, over on the west coast at Arlington, Washington State, the Cyclone-powered PBY-6A Catalina N85U is still kept airworthy although has not carried out any water bombing of forest fires for some time now. Its owners Flying Fireman Inc of Spanaway, WA keep the Cat' at Arlington and occasionally exhibit it at local air shows.
(Its previous homebase seems to have been Deer Park, north of Spokane. I should have checked it out as I may have found another SeaBee there I think. Oh well. -Webmaster)
As recently as this August, Tanker 85 flew at the Vintage Aircraft Weekend at nearby Paine Field, carrying out a water drop on the airfield before an appreciative crowd." ./end quote

UPDATE: A video link late March 2015 sees T85 going airborne @Arlington; no date to the video, nor any details: a departure or a testflight?
In may, on Facebook, another update on N85U T85 Catalina, as it was seen on 06May15 @Thun Field, being prepared for repaint, for part in a film about USS Indianapolis. Interesting!


This pig boat seems to have no.1 engine dismantled: going away for overhaul or waiting to be reinstalled?

Super Catalina PBY-6A N85U got itself into a less fortunate condition here!

UPDATE july 2015

N85U Catalina beached in Florida during filmwork

Taken from a news item on the internet, on; N85U was involved in filmwork and took on water (29Jun15). First attempts, the next day, to salvage failed.
The reason behind this poor situation, taking in water, was quoted as "a hasty restoration job" for this film.
The location being Orange Beach,AL and the film 'USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage' featuring Nicholas Cage (details per
Another source mentioned for the location: "Flora-Bama Lounge & Oyster Bar in Perdido Key, FL (right on the Florida-Alabama border)."

An update showed another salvage attempt failed and led to a total loss when the aircraft broke apart.
Demise of Super Cat N85U


The restaurant requires a new owner.


Historic Flight Foundation, Paine Field

It was my great pleasure to visit John T. Sessions' vintage aeroplanes collection at Paine Field. See MY REPORT





Propliners at Ephrata,WA
Many years ago I visited this semi-deserted airport, found a Methow DC-3 there then, plus an A-26 Invader.
These were gone and I could not find entry into the beautiful hangar I visited then (through the windows I saw
it had no large planes parked in there), instead I found a Beech 18 and a PBY-5A Catalina surviving here.
This place has a lot of atmosphere.

Propliners at Ephrata,WA

Propliners at Ephrata,WA
Bob Parmerter helped me on some history details of this 1957 Beech E18S, registration N33HH (c/n BA-319).
Its history includes corporate owners & cargo operators such as Great Western, Semo, Coker, Mt Air,
Cape Central, Kestrel, and Comanche/Methow. Still reg’d to Comanche.

Someone who visited Ephrata in aug.2015 found this Beech E18S missing, but he may have been hiding in one of the hangars.

Propliners at Ephrata,WA
Ephrata seemed deserted of aviation activity, but perhaps the hangars will see use:
the roads leading up to the airport had recently received a splendid new blacktop, always a good sign of development.


Propliners at Ephrata,WA
PBY-5A N9505C Ephrata,WA - Comanche Air Inc., but its registry expired on 15Oct14.

Wright Cyclone-powered 'Super Cat' N9505C has languished at Ephrata, Washington State for many years now and plans for it to be used in the Caribbean never came to fruition. Its registration was also cancelled as expired on 30Aug2012.

See also

Propliners at Ephrata,WA
PBY-5A N9505C housed a lot of pigeons, sad to see it in such a state. Ken Swartz (on my gallery) has a 2016 photo.
Its year of manufacture is 1956.

A recent timeline of N9505C:
"Sep.2008: this one has gone down in history as the one that flew the amazing opening sequence to the film Always a few years back.
Although still registered to Comanche Air Inc and based up in Ephrata, news has it that a sale to Flying Fox Air Service LLC took place in the spring. Flying Fox currently have a website under construction and this indicates that the Catalina will be based in Fort Lauderdale and operated out of the Executive Airport initially providing Catalina flying boat services to and from the islands of the Bahamas!"
"Jun09: still being worked on by its owners Flying Fox Air Service LLC, in preparation for proposed operations from Fort Lauderdale and the Bahamas.
Plans took a knock when a principle investor suffered an accident and the resultant financial difficulties experienced by the project have slowed down progress somewhat.

There is much work to do with the airframe needing some corrosion treatment to the hull and the control surfaces requiring re-skinning. Then there is the small matter of removing the internal water bombing tanks to allow the installation of seating!
The engines are thought to be in good condition based on the evidence of engine runs and inspection.
Flying Fox say they have exciting plans for the aircraft’s interior including removal of one bulkhead and installation of a luxury accommodation but no doubt this will involve expensive official paperwork and clearances so it may be some time before the Bahamas sees a Catalina operating around its islands and cays."

A good way to stay informed on the fate of PBY Catalinas is David Leggs website & newsletter:

N9505C, STILL located at Ephrata,WA was being actively marketed by Courtesy Aircraft Sales Inc (2019) of Rockford,IL for US$229,000.
Described as 'originally modified as 28-ACF (sic – should be 28-5ACF) standard category configuration modified under STC SA-3-150 to Super Cat with Wright R-2600 engines and includes military and original logs since delivery'.
The airframe hours were quoted as 4,446 with 1,770 hours on the port engine and 890 on the starboard although there was no mention of when they were last run...
The company website went on say that no avionics are currently installed and the airframe needs fabric work and new tyres. The interior was quoted as needing restoration although there was no mention of whether or not the waterbombing tanks are still installed.
An enquiry to the President of Courtesy Aircraft Sales, Mark Clark, prompted a helpful and swift reply to the effect that, as at the beginning of September, the Catalina was still for sale but not currently advertised.
It seems likely that because of the amount of work required to bring it up to scratch, it may not make economic sense to rebuild it to fly...
This Catalina was the star of the memorable opening frames of the movie Always – search the internet under Catalina Always if you’ve not seen it. Maybe someone will come along and save her? ./END QUOTE

Propliners at Ephrata,WA
N9505C formerly owned & operated by SLAFCO of Moses Lake-Grant County as Tanker 53.
Reg'd 25Feb03 to Comanche Air Inc, years later when Robert P. Schlaefli quit the business and offered
his tankers for sale (N9505C, N9825Z, N2763A, N31235, N3202).
PBY-6A N2886D sank in a lake at Northport,WA, on 29Jul85.

Propliners at Ephrata,WA

Propliners at Ephrata,WA
According to the FAA register, N9505C registry expired on Comanche Air Inc of Okanagan, and was
never registered to Flying Foxes Air Service LLC.

Propliners at Ephrata,WA
That hangar in the background was bustling with activity, some non-aviation logistics going on in there.

Something about construction numbers (c/n or msn) of Catalina's or Canso's:
Some Manufacturer's Serial Number have a CV-prefix, while others don't.
CV-... was for those built by Canadian-Vickers, but no Consolidated manufacturing numbers started with CV. One could mistake the c/n's of those manufactured by Consolidated-Vultee but their numbers were never prefixed CV-.
So you know.

And the name Canso versus Catalina explained:
In accordance with contemporary the British practice of naming seaplanes after coastal port towns, Royal Canadian Air Force examples were named Canso, for the town of that name in Nova Scotia. The Royal Air Force used the name Catalina and the U.S. Navy adopted this name in 1942. The United States Army Air Forces, and later the United States Air Force, used the United States Army Air Forces designation OA-10.


§ Selection of Catalinas §

Bud Rude, Flying Fireman Inc. is the owner of PBY-6A, N85U. Bud has owned PBY's almost all of his life.
Its history is described elsewhere on this page (Arlington, 13Oct14)

PBY-5 Catalina at Ephrata,WA
PBY-5A Catalina N9505C at Ephrata,WA (Oct.15th), ex/ Comanche Air Inc.
Here is an interesting list of surviving Catalina's on Wikipedia, though I noticed it requires updating (Nov.2014)

Lockheed Constellation at Moses Lake

Consolidated Vultee PBY-6A N9825Z at Moses Lake,WA (Oct.16th)
Owner Frederick C. Peterson
This was the last PBY-6A to be built!

BuNo 64107 (c/n 2177) NASM Washington, DC, 1965
At some point reg'd N9825Z but reported as stored.
N9825Z Florida Forestry Board, Tallahassee, FL, 1966-1972.
Robert P. Schlaefli/SLAFCO, Moses Lake, WA, 1978-1992.
Flew as tanker #158.
In open storage during 1990-2000.
Frederick C. Peterson, Issaquah, WA, R22Feb2000 and again as recent as 20May2014.
Under restoration to military configuration. Reported as stored at Moses Lake as early as Aug2004.

Catalina at Moses Lake
See Ken Swartz's gallery on my website for some 2016 photos!

John Boyle, on the WIX forum, wrote: "At Moses Lake (the former Larson AFB), you missed the B-23 inside a nearby hangar!"
B-23 N777LW at Moses Lake 2011
"Here are the B-23 N777LW shots and a close-up up of the PBY.
The owner was working on it that day. Date: Oct.2011."

See Ken Swartz's gallery on my website for this B-23 out on the ramp!

Nigel Hitchman reported from his august 2015 visit here: "The Moses Lake PBY-6A is also still there being worked on occasionally now with nose radar and rear blisters, apparently engines are run now and again and the tyres were pumped up.
I also saw the B-23 Dragon N777LW, on the same ramp, looking in great condition; its hangar is due for demolition so it is outside at the moment, hope they find some shelter for it.
I also got taken to the fire training area to see the Convair, engines are missing as are two landing gear but the rest is basically whole and not being used distructivly, just for rescue exercises.
Moses Lake was very busy with fire bombers, 11 in total: 2 DC10, 2 CV580 P2V,146, RJ85, C130 and 3 brand new CL415s of Aeroflite which have unfortunately replaced their CL215s. Access was easy everywhere, with an escort on the FBO ramps and behind the low fence at the USFS area."

John Boyle also listed what I missed passing Spokane without a proper check: "You may have missed a SeaBee at Deer Park, but it's kept in a hangar, so you didn't really miss it. Out in the open is a damaged Twin Beech, stripped of engines and who knows what else! Also, an abandoned Mooney Cadet, a one-tailed Ercoupe: it needs a good home. Deer Park is also home to a Mooney Mite.
Spokane's Felts Field: lots of antiques there, though some (a Travel Air 4000, Stearman C3, and the Laird were up for sale, may even have sold by now). Felts Field is home to a squadron-worth of Stearmans, and Addison Pemberton's fleet of biplanes: a Stearman 4DM, his modified PT-13/17, cabin WACO, his rapidly progressing Grumman Goose project -which should fly next year-, his Boeing 40 (which spends the winter at the Western Antique Aircraft and Automobile museum in Hood River).
There is also a SeaBee on the field with a rarely seen AN-2.
There is also an ex-Army U-21 in semi-military paint (old Army scheme without stars & bars and square windows painted round to look like a King Air) being used as a maintenance trainer by a missionary aviation school.
The Community College maintenance program has a couple of O-2s and a T-39."
At nearby Fairchild AFB there is a D-Day marked C-47 on static display, along with a MiG killer B-52D, F-101, F102, F-86A, B-26, T-37, F-105B.

Webmaster response- I failed to get entry at McChord AFB when I reported at the gatehouse; I needed at least two sponsors, prior notice, blabla, because I am a foreigner! The gatehouse at Fairchild AFB had a long line of people waiting for pases, so I did not bother for fear of getting the same result.
My advise: visitors from abroad should establish contact prior to their travels!

Later I noticed I had missed a few things worth while around Spokane (Pemberton & Sons Aviation, always involved in glorious restoration projects; see my Photos by Friends & Guests 48) and just across the border into Montana (an aviation colelction, but had to go north for this and time did not allow it).
Readers -including myself- may want to keep these options in mind!






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