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Copyright Ruud Leeuw Photos © R.Leeuw

In october I revisited the southwest for a combination of memories, the open roads, scenery, tourist sights and... vintage planes. Some hightlights were planned, but I also like to look into local airports with an eye for tarmac turtles, hangar relics and flightline mummies, the neglected, abandoned and/or derelict aircraft.

Our route was circular, with start and finish in Salt Lake City. The planes I found in Colorado and (mainly) in Arizona. I am glad I could strike a few items off the bucketlist!
Read on.



Tucson's salvage yards
I am guessing the first cockpit is of a DC-10, next is a cockpit of a 747.
Martin Foster wrote me a corection: "... photo of 5 cockpit sections. The ones you think may be DC-10 are in fact Boeing
! AMARC used to have many to support the KC-135 fleet but they have found there way into the breakers yards!"

Stefan Krause wrote me in Dec.2019 with more details on these cockpits: "The narrative about Boeing 707s used as spare part for KC-135s at Davis Monthan is correct, however these cockpits are Boeing 727s.
United Airlines cockpit is known to be N7630U, Boeing 727-222 c/n 19903. It was broken up at Marana in the mid-'90s.
The Evergreen 727 has not been identified. It is fair to assume it also came from Marana. Several Evergreen 727s were scrapped there, but only three in their full colors: N725EV, N726EV N742EV (the others were all white). Pity it hasn't been ID yet, I now notice that on this (and my 2009) picture the door is open! Boeing aircraft usually have a plate inside the door frame. And probably still in the cockpit, unless it has been gutted... " See update below

Next to the 747 is a Vickers 831 Viscount, 4X-AVE (c/n 403); once operated by Arkia Israeli Airlines.
Next to it Convair 990 N990AC and at the far end Lockheed WC-130E Hercules ex/ USAF 64-0553 (c/n 4048).
The 'Herc' has m/s of '403rd AW' + AMARC code 'CF145'. This is WC-130E 64-0553 c/n 4048 []
For the 5th cockpit, on the right, with a green cheatline', see Stefan's message above.
Tucson's salvage yards
A 2017 photo by James Pentland on has the Boeing 727 on the far right identified as N725EV, 727-27C
c/n 19112; "After being in service for 34 years, and having served with Braniff Airways as N7273, and PT-TYT
with Transbrasil, this 727 now resides at Davis Monthan in the Arizona sun."

ARM / DMI salvage yard
Left is C-131 BuNo. 140998, two C-117s (visible 50812 'Jackson') at the far back.
And Alenia/Chrysler G.222 90-0172 USAF on the right. One of four here, at least three registered, in 2014,
to Russell Military Museum,IL. No.4 is a camo one, can be seen in the background on the image below...

Tucson's salvage yards (2017 - Ruud Leeuw)
Alenia/Chrysler C-27A Spartan, 91-0104 in small lettering low on the fuselage. That grey spot tried to erase 'N47892'.
On the tail it has 'DOSAW C-3' and 'PNC3002'. This one is from FY 91, batch 0103/0107.
Msn 4103, to AMARC 11Jan1990 as 'CC0006'. From 310th AS/24th WG at Howard AFB, Panama
Assigned N47892 in FAA Registry for US State Dept. To Russell Military Museum, Zion, Illinois, reg'd 17Oct2014.

ARM / DMI salvage yard
Alenia/Chrysler C-27A Spartan, from a batch 90-0170/0179, this is 90-0173.
Msn 4100 went to AMARC 15Sep1997 as 'CC0002', from 310th AS/24th WG, Howard AFB, Panama.
Assigned civil number of N2286K with Department of State, 23Feb2000. For same by GSA Auctions at Davis-
Monthan AFB, Tucson 20Jan2014. Sale reported to Russell Military Museum, Russell, IL 17Oct2014 -JoeBaugher

ARM / DMI salvage yard
Alenia/Chrysler C-27A Spartan, 90-0172
Msn 4099, to AMARC 11Jan1999 as 'CC0004'. From 310th AS/24th WG at Howard AFB, Panama.
Assigned FAA Registry N47612 for Dept of State 17Feb2000. Reg'd Russell Military Museum, Russell, IL 17Oct2014
[Source: Joe Baugher's website]
In april 2018 I came across 2 Alenia C-27 Spartan aircraft, both ex USAF, but transferred to the US Coast Guard. LINK

ARM / DMI salvage yard
HU-16 (left) BuNo.131890 and HU-16D BuNo.141261 (AMARC 'IU028'). And behind there is
a tailsection of a HU-16 BuNo.131914 'APOLIS'.
Lockheed C-130E Hercules 64-0503 (c/n 3987); ex/ 374 AW, 'Crew Chief SSgt Guy L. Alexander'.

Grumman HU-16C N1359Y, ex/ BuNo.131890 (c/n G-233), owned by Rick Grant; he also owns N4470W (c/n G-361, USCG 2134) which is allegedly stored at Lakeport,CA?
And Mr Grant also owns HU-16D N13598, ex/ BuNo.141261 (c/n G-408), allegedly also stored here at ARM.
Rick Grant, further more, owns (or owned?) N43155 (ex/ BuNo.141276, G-423; w/ Grant Engineering at Santa Rosa,CA)
Source: and

ARM / DMI salvage yard
Grumman HU-16D Albatross, BuNo.141261 'Kodiak'
Grumman Model G-64. Redesignated HU-16C in 1962. Msn 408, to MASDC as '1U0028' 12Aug1968.
To N13598 Allied Aircraft Sales Inc, Tucson AZ 21Aug1981. To Westernair of Albuquerque, Albuquerque NM 06Oct1981, expired 31Dec2012. Stored unconverted, Tucson AZ. -JoeBaugher

ARM / DMI salvage yard
Grumman HU-16D Albatross, BuNo.141261 - in storage since 1968!

ARM / DMI salvage yard
A grim interior

ARM / DMI salvage yard
On the left Bu.No.131914. Grumman Model G-64, redesignated TU-16C in 1962. They were navigation trainers, delivered to
US Naval Academy, Annapolis in Maryland. BuNo.131914 (c/n 305) was delivered to US Navy on 04Sep1953. To MASDC
as '1U0004' 16May1966. Noted at DMI Aviation, Tucson 28Aug2000. Parted out at there. -JoeBaugher
On the right HU-16 BuNo.131890 US Navy, details below.

ARM / DMI salvage yard
Model G-64 (HU-16), BuNo.131890
Msn 233 was delivered to the US Navy 22Mar1952. To MASDC as '1U0009' 10Jun1966.
To civil registry 06Oct1981 as N1359Y for Westernair of Albquuerque, NM. Canx 06Jun2013.
Stored at DMI Aviation, Tucson 28Aug2000, as N1359Y. -Joe Baugher

ARM / DMI salvage yard
Some parts kept together.

Aircraft Restoration & Marketing -

ARM / DMI salvage yard
Convair R4Y-1 / CV340 - designation changed C-131F in 1962.
BuNo.140998 down there is c/n 281. After its service went into storage at MASDC as '1G011' 28Apr1982.
Registered N524 [sic] per Nov92. Registration N5249W cancelled. Still on AMARC inventory 01Jul2008.
[Source:] On the right 'IG0016' on the nose of aircraft, see below.

ARM / DMI salvage yard
C-131F, BuNo.141028
Msn 311 - to MASDC as '1G016' 27Jul1982. Still on AMARC inventory 01Jul2008. To contractor per 13Jan2012

ARM / DMI salvage yard
C-131F BuNo.141028 'ANIG0016'

ARM / DMI salvage yard
C-131F BuNo.141028/028 'ANIG0016'

ARM / DMI salvage yard
Convair C-131F BuNo.141028 'ANIG0016'

ARM / DMI salvage yard
Convair C-131F, BuNo.140998 (c/n 281). A museum could convert this one in a very nice static display.
Into storage at MASDC as '1G011' 28Apr1982. Registered N524 [sic] per Nov92. Registration N5249W cancelled.
Still on AMARC inventory 01Jul2008. []

ARM / DMI salvage yard
Way in the back of the A.R.M. yard are the two C-117D's
On the left is C-117D 50812. Built in 1944 for the USAAC as C-47A 43-49447, immediately transferred to the U.S.Navy. Later converted to an R4D-8 with c/n 43358.
To the right is VC-117D 12412. This was built in 1943 as 42-23372 (c/n 9234) and again was converted to an R4D-8,
later designated VC-117D. After withdrawal from service, both were stored in MASDC. (-Alan Wilson,

ARM / DMI salvage yard
Douglas C-117 BuNo.50812 (c/n 43358)

ARM / DMI salvage yard
Douglas C-117D BuNo.12412 (c/n 9234; AMARC '6C030') 'Norfolk'

ARM / DMI salvage yard

ARM / DMI salvage yard

ARM / DMI salvage yard
Douglas C-117 BuNo.50812 'Jacksonville' (Bas Stubert log 3-2010)

ARM / DMI salvage yard
A look inside C-117D 50812

ARM / DMI salvage yard
Lockheed KC-130F BuNo.148900/QB (VNGR-352, USMC)
Msn 282-3685- to AMARC as '2G0033' 16Jun2004. Still on AMARC inventory Jul 1, 2008

ARM / DMI salvage yard
Fairchild C-123 Provider, N123KJ
Joe Baugher: C/n 20108, 'converted to C-123K. To MASDC as 'CP060' 08Oct1981. To Department of State as N2129J.
To AMARC as 'CP095 103Jan94, later as 'MC0002'. To Department of State Oct.1989 as N2129J.
Returned to USAF/AMARC April 1994. Registration N123KJ reserved. Registered 11Apr2003 to Astre Air International
of Watkins, CO as N123KJ. Noted in a scrap yard at Tucson, AZ wearing N123KJ.'

ARM / DMI salvage yard
N123KJ was at some point rumored to go to the Pima Air & Space Museum.
In December 20005 I was told that the owner is John Mulvey of Denver,CO. Looks in good shape!

ARM / DMI salvage yard

Now we go over to the other side and have a peep into the part I was not allowed to enter due to work in progress.

ARM / DMI salvage yard
Convair C-131F 'Samaritan' BuNo.141004 (c/n 287) and behind it 141007, C-131F c/n 290.
On the right C-131 BuNo.141003 (c/n 286; AMARC ' IG012') and further down C-131F 141006 c/n 289.

Tucson's salvage yards (2017 - Ruud Leeuw)
C-131F 141003 c/n 286 (N14100); source:

Tucson's salvage yards (2017 - Ruud Leeuw)
Convair C-131F 141004 (c/n 287)

Tucson's salvage yards (2017 - Ruud Leeuw)
Convair C-131F 141004 (c/n 287)

Tucson's salvage yards (2017 - Ruud Leeuw)
Left BuNo.141004 (c/n 287) and behind it 141007, C-131F c/n 290

Tucson's salvage yards (2017 - Ruud Leeuw)
C-131F 141003 c/n 286 (N14100); source:
AMARC code 'IG012'.

Tucson's salvage yards (2017 - Ruud Leeuw)
BuNo.141003 and BuNo.141006. They, the C-131s here, all seem to have had 'nose jobs': salvaged weather radars?

Tucson's salvage yards (2017 - Ruud Leeuw)
Convair C-131F BuNo.141006 c/n 289

Tucson's salvage yards (2017 - Ruud Leeuw)
Most of the DC-3/C-47s of 'the Boneyard Project' are at the Pima Air Museum, but one ended up at ARM.
This is Douglas C-117D N105BF (c/n 43389; ex/ BuNo.12441). by Roger Syratt

The NASA Herc is NC-130B reg'd N707NA (c/n 3507; '707')

Tucson's salvage yards (2017 - Ruud Leeuw)
'2441' can still be made out on the tail. Been here at least since 2008, but has since shed some parts.

The Boneyard Project - Resurrecting Planes Through Art
'Conceived in Spring 2010 by Eric Firestone and organized with curator Carlo McCormick, The Bone Yard Project revives disused airplanes from America's military history through the creative intervention of contemporary artists, taking entire airplanes and their elements out of aeronautic resting spots in the desert, known as boneyards, and putting them into the hands of artists.' +


ARM yard from the air - 2017 Ruud Leeuw
ARM yard from the air, Oct.2017


Storage at Pima Air Museum
A Lockheed R5O-5 Lodestar, BuNo.12481, spotted beyond this B-52

Storage at Pima Air Museum

Sales of the 10-14 passenger Lockheed Model 14 Super Electra, which first flew in 1937, had proved disappointing, despite the aircraft's excellent performance, as it was more expensive to operate than the larger Douglas DC-3, already in widespread use.
In order to improve the type's economics, Lockheed decided to stretch the aircraft's fuselage by 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m), allowing an extra two rows of seats to be fitted.
The prototype for the revised airliner, designated Model 18 by Lockheed, was converted from the fourth Model 14, one of a batch which had been returned to the manufacturer by Northwest Airlines after a series of crashes.
The modified aircraft first flew in this form on September 21, 1939, another two prototypes being converted from Model 14s, with the first newly built Model 18 flying on February 2, 1940.
A total of 625 Lodestars of all variants were built.
R5O-5: US Navy version of the C-60 powered by 1,200 hp (895 kW) Wright R-1820-40 engines. Similar to the R5O-4 but had 14-seats; 38 aircraft were built and three former NEIAF aircraft. [Wikipedia]

Storage at Pima Air Museum

Storage at Pima Air Museum
Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina (28) N10609 (c/n 1758), ex/ BuNo.48396 +
In the back, behind N10609 (I think): Canadian Vickers OA-10A Canso N322FA, in storage

UPDATE 2018: 'PBY-5As N68756 and N10609 have both been acquired by MotoArt, who specialise in producing high quality artefacts from vintage aircraft.
N68756 has already been moved to California (Mojave) and N10609 will follow in due course.
The Summer 2018 edition of The Catalina News magazine has a full article on MotoArt's Catalina activity.', june2018.
They can both be considered scrapped! End of story.

Storage at Pima Air Museum
Convair C-131F Samaritan BuNo.141025 (c/n 308), reg'd as VH-EAQ for Historical Aircraft Restoration
Society Inc (HARS, Australia). In Sep.1984 transferred to the Military Aircraft Storage and Disposal Center (MASDC,
now AMARC) with inventory number 1G0020. In March 2002 to Pima Air and Space Museum, Davis-Monthan AFB (South Side) and in 2006 to Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (acquired through EBay!). R15Oct07 to HARS as N340CV, but canx 30Apr2011. R28Jun12 to Gregory Ackman (of Camden, NSW) as VH-EAQ.
UPDATE May 2019: Put up for sale by HARS as with the acquisition of VH-TAA (ex/ South Africa) there is no need for them
to continue this project; work started in 2008 apparently and sofar 80% towards a full restoration had been completed.

Storage at Pima Air Museum
BuNo.1??343 I think. Coded GF? I am guessing SP-2H 148342/GF
"148342 was scrapped in the 1970s, but 148343 has survived, registered N715AU, and is stored in Montana."

BuNo.148343 it is. The Montana link above must beeen an assumption for ownership by Neptune Aviation Services.

In Mar.2018 I read a post by Paul Cooper he was going to haul BuNo.148343 back to Texas after disassembly at the Pima Air Museum. Its last owner seems to have been Neptune Avistion Services (which has no longer use for P-2 Neptune spares).
On I read a post by Ian Abbott with the following details:
"P2V-7S 148343 (c/n 726-7228) in 1961. It was assigned to a variety of different squadrons and stations until it was withdrawn to MASDC in 1980" Source
The post by Ian Abbott included a photo and his text: "Remnants of its MASDC inventory code, PA010, are visible on the forward fuselage, as is the legend "JUST FOR THE RIDE" beneath the co-pilot's side window.
At one time this aircraft was registered as N715AU, but online FAA records indicate that registration was canceled in 2013.
Photographed in a private storage yard adjacent to Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson AZ - December 1996".

Paul posted: "Some of the components are going to new homes. Both props/engines, wheels, cowlings, and yes the rest will be history. This plane flew into Davis-Monthan in 1980 and over the years has been a donor to keep other Neptunes in the air."

Paul posted this screendump (no online source)
P-2 BuNo 148343 - end of story

I also found this info online:
BuNo.148343: "The last US Navy Neptune, a DP-2H Neptune from VC-8, BuNo 148343, was withdrawn
from active service and retired on the 7th of July 1980 at 09:30, at MOSDC [sic] Davis-Monthan
Air Force Base This last flight would mark the end of US Naval Neptune operation."


Pima Air & Space Museum, Tucson AZ - Ruud Leeuw 2017
Pity I had no access here: Fairchild C-119C-15-FA Flying Boxcar, 0-90157:
Fairchild C-119C-15-FA Flying Boxcar, of batch 49-0155/169.
This is 49-0157 (c/n 10394) to MASDC as 'CJ112' 09Oct1965. Time to get some work done here for a display?!

Gerben Groothuis sent me this image (dating from Feb.2017) for identification..?
Unidentified at Tucson salvage yard
With the above photo Gerben wrote: "can you help with the identification of the C-131 (or T-29) nose found stored
at the Pima Air Museum? I know about the TS-2A next to it, that's N425DF/136583/D-401." EMAIL


Western Int\l Yard + UAC from the air

Western Int'l Yard (left) and UAC seen from the air

Martin Foster asked me: "On East Drexel Road, possibly beyond where you took photos of the Grumman Albatross aircraft, is the old Minden yard. Don't suppose you noticed if a Neptune is still lurking in there?? If it was, it's possibly one of the few that flew with the RAF before the Shackleton took over maritime patrol!"

Scott Gallaher (Allied Industrial,LLC) wrote me in Nov.2018 and sent me this photo: "I am deciding on the fate of one Neptune P2V that is still located on the 'old Minden lot'.
Ideas range from saving the nose/cockpit as it is very much intact to, well, chopping the vessel and scrapping it...
Ideas? Thoughts?
Unfortunately, I am not able to restore it or finance moving it.
I could move it out of the way to an adjacent lot. Scrapping is not an urgent priority.
Incidentally, E Drexel Road and the old Minden property, SAMCO, are all located on part of what once was the premises of Allied Aircraft Sales, run by Robert (Bob) Gallaher!"
EMAIL please state clearly the link to this page!

P-2 Neptune in the old Minden lot, @Tucson
P-2 Neptune in the old Minden lot, @Tucson.
This must be Lockheed P-2E (P2V-5F) Neptune BuNo.131456 (USN), c/n 5337.
Registered N88484 but most likely never applied to the airframe. On the website noted
as 'Minden Corporation / Janet Shephardson, Davis-Monthan AFB (South Side), Tucson, Arizona.'

Some history details from that same website:

  • 26 October 1976 - To Allied Aircraft, Tucson, AZ with c/r N88484.
  • June 1987 - To Air Atlantique, Coventry,UK. Pos'bly allocated to Air Atlantique, but they never took possession.
  • 1990 (By 1997) - Stored unconverted and derelict at Tucson, AZ.
  • By 1999 / 2000 - To Neptune Aviation Services, Missoula, MT with c/r N88484.


    This C-7 Caribou sits near the entrance and a derelict reception office. I mistook this yard as unsupervised and wandered in,
    only to find much later (my focus was on my photography) I should have walked or driven to the large hangar way in the back.
    (See also the Oct.2020 update further down)
    John Gasho's salvage yard, Tucson AZ 2017
    DHC C-7B Caribou ex/ 63-9755, c/n 217. Actually owned by Pen Turbo and civil registered as 'N91NC'.

    John Gasho is President of Western International Aviation a.k.a. the Western Int'l Yard .
    WIA Inc is classified under aircraft service & repair and has been in business for a great many years. It was established in 1983, and is located (afaik) in the yard where Time Aviation previously carried on business.
    Several of such similar operators in the same business have cleaned out in recent 10-15 years. And those that remain show increasingly 'more green' on Google Maps.
    John R. Gasho (Sr) tribute at the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame

    You'll find John and his wife Sharon mentioned in an article on my website: A Bad Day at Scottsdale

    John Gasho's salvage yard, Tucson AZ 2017
    DHC C-7B Caribou ex/ USAF 63-9755, AMARC code 'CM002'

    UPDATE from Ralph M. Pettersen's website (#OCT04-2020, updated 07Oct20)
    'Carlos Gomez led a small team that 'rescued' five C-7A Caribou’s from the Western International Aviation boneyard in Tucson, Arizona, where they had been stored for about 30 years.
    Three of the aircraft were still on their landing gear (63-9755/N91NC, 62-4183/N98NC and 62-4182/N60NC), while two were sitting on their belly less landing gear (63-9739/N80NC and 62-4150/N92NC). Work began prepping the aircraft for the move at 11am on Wednesday September 30th with the actual move to the Pima Air & Space Museum beginning the next day at 10am when the USAF opened the access gate. The three aircraft with landing gear were towed to the museum while the two gearless airplanes were loaded on trailers for the move.
    Plans for the aircraft are very fluid at this time, with the 'current' plan having at least two of the aircraft made airworthy; one going to the museum; and the two gearless (N92NC & N80NC) aircraft harvested for parts and scrapped.'

    N91NC & N98NC have been rereg'd to Gogo Aviation on 04Nov20, these are probably the 2 targeted for the attempt to restore them to airworthiness. Gogo Aviation is registered on the same adress as Turks Air and Conquest Air Cargo at Opa Locka Airport, Miami,FL.

    N80NC (c/n 186) & N90NC (c/n 86) were also reg'd to Gogo Aviation, on resp 14 & 15Jan21.


    John Gasho's salvage yard, Tucson AZ 2017
    Douglas EC-118A Liftmaster, ex/ USAF 53-3245 (c/n 44616)
    Once operated by the 21st Composite Wing at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska.

    John Gasho's salvage yard, Tucson AZ 2017
    U.S. Air Force Douglas EC-118A Liftmaster, 53-3245

    John Gasho's salvage yard, Tucson AZ 2017
    Grumman HU-16E Albatross USCG 2135 (G-362)

    John Gasho's salvage yard, Tucson AZ 2017
    Convair C-131D Samaritan '42819' (c/n 226), ex/ USAF 54-2819

    John Gasho's salvage yard, Tucson AZ 2017
    Grumman S-2 Tracker BuNo.136494/412 of VT-28 US Navy; AMARC code 'IS702'

    John Gasho's salvage yard, Tucson AZ 2017
    Grumman HU-16, which has no markings to unidentify with.
    But John Gasho helped out: Grumman HU-16C 142428; which makes it c/n G-212.

    With these data I found more on the internet:
    ''This is 1955 Grumman HU-16C Airframe. Navy BuNo.142428 with Navy records, showing Total Time at retirement at Davis Monthan AFB or 3799.7 Hours.
    It has been stored here in Arizona since the 70s. Dry hot climate means no corrosion while stored here.
    The aircraft restoration started 30 years ago, but never went far. The landing gear was rebuilt and installed.
    It will need engines,props, mounts, flight controls ,rubber items, and many more parts to get it flying.'
    Source eBay (asking US$12.000,-)

    'Grumman HU-16C Albatross
    Last Military Serial: 142428 USN
    C/n G-212
    Last Civil Registration: N51025
    Constructed as a HU-16C by Grumman.
    ??- Taken on Strength/Charge with the United States Navy with BuNo 142428.
    08 January 1992- To Selby Howard W Iii, Boulder, CO with c/r N51025.
    ??- To Western International, Davis-Monthan AFB (South Side), Tucson.'


    John Gasho's salvage yard, Tucson AZ 2017
    Grumman HU-16B Albatross, ex/ US Air Force 51-0043 (c/n G-119)
    Wears faded 'O-10043' and 'Rescue'-titles on the fin. Civil registration N7049D.

    John Gasho's salvage yard, Tucson AZ 2017
    DHC-7 Caribou 62-4150 (AMARC code 'CM003'), operated with the South Vietnamese Air Force (VNAF)
    during the Military Assistance Program (MAP - Wikipedia), coded 'YK'. C/n 86. Reg'd as N92NC ??????
    Identified by

    John Gasho's salvage yard, Tucson AZ 2017
    Douglas C-118B Liftmaster, BuNo.131608/608 (c/n 43711, l/n 357).
    Built 1953 for the U.S.Air Force as 51-17654. Later transferred to the U.S. Navy as 131608.
    Allocated civil registration N830CS, owned by Everts Air Fuel. Everts Air has several airframes languishing here.

    John Gasho's salvage yard, Tucson AZ 2017
    Lockheed C-130A 54-1632 (c/n 3019; 'AFRes'), a very early model, without the bulbous radar nose

    A rare 'Roman Nose'! The majority of the C-130A models were fitted with the distinctive radar nose, however a few of the very early 'A'-models survived in their original format.
    54-1632 was the 21st Herc constructed.
    And although her military markings have been painted over, it is still possible to read 'AFRES' on her fin - a testimony for desert preservation for its stored status has little changed for at least some 20 years!
    Identified per (Michael Baldock) and ('JayDeKay')
    Details (units flown with) on

    John Gasho's salvage yard, Tucson AZ 2017
    Left Douglas C-118 (BuNo.???)/571 and P-2 147959 on the right

    John Gasho's salvage yard, Tucson AZ 2017
    Lockheed P-2 Neptune, ex/BuNo.147959 US Navy (VP-94)

    John Gasho's salvage yard, Tucson AZ 2017
    Grumman HU-16E Albatross, US Coast Guard 1275 (c/n G-323)
    Identified by

    John Gasho's salvage yard, Tucson AZ 2017
    Douglas C-118A ex/ BuNo.131601 (c/n 43705) US Navy; at some point loaned to USAF as C-118A 51-17650.
    Later returned to the USN and again later sold on the civil marked as N651CE.

    [???Douglas C-118B Liftmasters '131590' & '131601' The C-118B was the U.S.Navy version of the DC-6A,
    although these two were both originally built for the US Air Force.
    Behind is '131591' c/n 43693. l/n 325 and originally '51-17641'. ??? -- check C-118 +deurtje open]

    For reference and comparison:
    Western Int'l Yard by Alan Wilson on


    Later I found these airframes across the fence, probably belonging to United Aero (UAC), a neighbour of WIA.

    John Gasho's salvage yard, Tucson AZ 2017
    An unmarked P-3 Orion beyond the fence, one of United Aero (UAC), I believe.

    John Gasho's salvage yard, Tucson AZ 2017
    Lockheed P-3A Aerostar N921AU 'Tanker 21' (c/n 185-5098), ex/ Aero Union.

    John Gasho's salvage yard, Tucson AZ 2017
    You'll find an extensive report of a visit by me to Aero Union (@Chico CA) in 2008, when AU was still in business.

    Tucson's salvage yards (2017 - Ruud Leeuw)

    Tucson's salvage yards (2017 - Ruud Leeuw)

    Tucson's salvage yards (2017 - Ruud Leeuw)

    Tucson's salvage yards (2017 - Ruud Leeuw)

    Tucson's salvage yards
    Convair C-131D-CO Samaritan, 54-2814 (c/n 216)
    Formerly on civil registry as N8447H. To USAF 15Dec1954. Converted to VC-131D.
    To MASDC as 'CS087' Oct 19, 1987 []

    Tucson's salvage yards
    Convair C-131E '72552',( USAF 57-2552, c/n 476). Both 42814 and 72552 were still in SAMCO's yard in Feb.2014

    And outside the UAC fence:
    Tucson's salvage yards
    Beech RU-8D/G Bonanza, ex/ US Army. AMARC code 'UB090'. On the tailfin I could make out '059', I think. Or '053'.
    Found the identity on 57-6063! '23Oct79, Transferred to the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and
    Regeneration Center (AMARC) with inventory number UB090. 08Dec.'83 To Allied Aircraft Sales of Tucson.
    To [no date] Specialized Aircraft Maintenance, Davis-Monthan AFB (South Side), Tucson.'
    Tucson's salvage yards



    Across the road from UAC is Specialized Aircraft Maintenance (also known as SAMCO's).
    This yard is (was?) run by Charles 'Chuck' Wooten who's business is restoring aircraft.
    2014 aerial by Alan Wilson:
    (Anno 2019 this lot seems to have been cleared out, see further down)

    Tucson's Salvage Yards
    Grumman HU-16C Albatross, BuNo.131905 (c/n G-278)

    Tucson's Salvage Yards
    Plenty of parts, but not much left of HU-16C BuNo.131905

    Tucson's Salvage Yards
    HU-16C BuNo.131905 US Navy

    Tucson's Salvage Yards
    Grumman HU-16C Albatross, BuNo.137912 US Navy (c/n G-385; N70270) at Specialized Aircraft Maintenance
    Also reported as 'w/ Allied Aircraft scrapyard, next to Davis-Monthan air base, Arizona.'

    Tucson's Salvage Yards
    Another look at Grumman HU-16C Albatross, N70270/BuNo.137912; AMARC code IU016?

    Tucson's Salvage Yards
    Grumman BuNo.131917 (c/n G-314) at Specialized Aircraft Maintenance scrapyard, previously referred to as SAMCO's.

    While I found G-278, G-314, G-303, G-385 here at SAMCO, I did not see G-353, G-373, G-397 (also reported here)

    Tucson's Salvage Yards
    I could make out the faded lettering on the nose, something like 7223 or 7228... The '3 'on the tail perhaps a clue.
    I concluded this is 51-7223 (G-303), indeed reported as 'N712RV - Rob Carlson - Storage Specialized Aircraft, Tucson'
    Grumman Model G-64, SA-16B Albatross; redesignated HU-16B in 1962. by Steve Brimley in 2011

    This one was the last of the 4 (HU-16) airframes I could photograph, having walked to the back of the yard to find
    someone to ask permission to take pictures and meeting a 'not-my-jobs-worth' kinda person. Walking in I had
    taken some photos already as on a previous visit (2008) my photography was no problem at all. So well, there...

    Reference and comparison:
    On 10 photos taken in 2010 by Theo van Vliet
    'Tucson Scrapyards' 59 photos by Nils Mosberg (2009),
    'AMARG & surrounding scrapyards':

    Compare these Google Earth screendumps; the SAM yard has been vacated. What happened to the HU-16s?
    Specialized Aircraft Maintenance yard, Tucson (GE 2015)
    More or less how I came to see it upon my 2017 visit, though the 2 Convair C-131s in rh-upper corner
    had already moved to the yard across the street.

    Specialized Aircraft Maintenance yard, Tucson (GE 2017)
    The business 'beyond the HU-16s' has been cleared out. The C-131s have been moved as I found them near the fence.

    Specialized Aircraft Maintenance yard, Tucson (GE 2018)
    Anno 2018 the entire lot of Specialized Aircraft Maintenance, north of the road, has been cleared out.

    Two of the HU-16s seem to have been moved to the other side of the road. Identities ??? EMAIL
    HU-16s at Specialized Aircraft Maintenance yard, Tucson
    I think HU-16C BuNo.131905 may have gone to the smelter. Which is the other one missing here?



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