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The aircraft that started Martinair (named Martin Air Charter then) in 1958: the deHavilland Dove, seating 10. It was used for scenic flights as well as passenger- and cargo (the seats could be taken out) charter flights. The official starting date of "M.A.C." (this term is still used by many as the abbreviation for Martinair, anno 2005 !) was 24May1958.
DeHavilland DH.104 Dove c/n 04453 was painted up to represent the original PH-MAD; former identity of this airframe was XJ350 (RAF).
The original PH-MAD was c/n 04030, and this is its history:
  • 19?? The aircraft was registered as CF-DJI
  • 19?? reregistered as G-AKCF
  • 19?? acquired by BOAC
  • 19?? reregistered as PH-MAD
  • 1958 acquired by Martin's Air Charter.
  • 19?? The aircraft was registered as TJ-ACE

  • Source:

    I would welcome confirmation/corrections on the above; and who is its present owner and since when is it painted up in MAC colours ?
    Read how Hans Beunk shares his memories of flying the real PH-MAD in Cameroon.

    (c) Paul Zogg
    Douglas C-47 PH-MAB, location and date unknown (Courtesy Paul Zogg Collection).
    C/n 4500, USAF serial 41-18438, onwards to I-LONA, to Martinair as PH-MAB, and next identity U-603. (Source: by Peter Riool

    (c) Paul Zogg
    PH-MAE, location and date unknown, but on the hangar is written "Santos Dumont". (Paul Zogg Collection)
    Peter ten Duis wrote me he recognised Amsterdam Airport, in what is now the maintenance area (Schiphol-East); except DC-7CF Freighters of KLM, he also remembers seeing C-46s of Transair Sweden and Vikings of Autair here. Thanks Peter!
    I'd love to see the 50th anniversary celebrated with an aircraft in the fleet wearing this livery !

    Celebrating its 45th anniversary, Martinair circulated this photo. The DC-3 is PH-DDZ from the Dutch Dakota Association.
    In 2016 PH-DDZ was sold to the Aviodrome. See my report on its sep.2016 transport by barge to Lelystad.

    During early 2003 Martinair introduced a "new" livery; unfortunately, the changes were far from spectacular...
    The red cheatline had become somewhat brighter, the titles changed from black to dark blue and the "Cargo"-titles were now written in capitals. Big deal.

    MD-11F PHMCU (cn 48757, line nbr 606) was the first of the fleet to be decorated in the new colourscheme.

    A close up of PH-MCU, which is seen here getting a pushback from the cargo ramp (S-apron) at Amsterdam IAP on 15Mar03.

    By comparison, Martinair's other MD-11F, PH-MCW (48788/632) has the "Cargo"-titles in its original state and are black of colour. The 4 convertable MD-11 aircraft do not carry any "Cargo"-titles. During 2008 and 2009 all convertable MD-11s (PH-MCP, PH-MCR, PH-MCS, PH-MCT) were stripped (Finnair in Helsinki did this) to full-freighter.

    PH-MCY (c) R.Leeuw
    McDonnel-Douglas MD-11F PH-MCY (c/n 48445/460) was delivered to Martinair in 2004 after conversion from passenger- to cargo configuration. Apparently that delivery was too early to introduce the new colourscheme, it may well be that PH-MCY will fly for quite some time before an opportunity during overhaul will be found to repaint it.

    PH-MCN (c) R.Leeuw

    Homebase Amsterdam IAP (EHAM) has many opportunities to watch airplanes; this spot is close to the S ("Sierra")-ramp where the Martinair cargo planes load and unload. PH-MCN (747-228F/SCD c/n 25266/878) is seen here taxying to the holding point before getting clearance to cross runway 06/24. During 2008 this spot became impossible to access due to airport expansion.


    This photo was published in celebration of the liverychange after 33 (!) years, in Nov.2004. PH-MCI was the first Martinair aircraft to wear the new colourscheme.
    It made it clear that the change of colours in 2003 had only been an update... Rather an improvement I would say.

    PH-MCI (c) R.Leeuw
    Boeing 767-31A(ER) PH-MCI (c/n 25312/400) is seen here in Jan.2005 in its brand new coat of paint, on take off from rwy 24 at Amsterdam IAP

    PH-MCI (c) R.Leeuw
    Another shot of PH-MCI, showing the new livery

    This link seems to indicate the design for the new livery was not so original. Thanks to Niels Borcharding for pointing this out to me.

    -Click on the images for a larger photo-

    EI-TAF landing at SJO Meanwhile, at the other side of the world...
    We see here A320-233 (c/n 1374) EI-TAF landing at San Jose,Costa Rica in a brandnew colourscheme, ready to take over the Martinair lease from N464TA, also owned by LACSA.

    Martinair decided it was better to lease an aircraft to operate between Miami & Orlando,FL and San Jose instead of utilizing their own Boeing 767s for this. A number of years this was done with a Miami Air 737-800 and then LACSA got the contract. On 01May07 EI-TAF operated the first flight, while N464TA had its last MP flight on 30Apr07. The flights connect to the longhaul flights from Miami and Orlando to Amsterdam.

    Roger Rudolf preserved this unique occasion for prosperity.
    It is nice to note that while the A320s at home in Amsterdam still operate in the old colours, here in Costa Rica they have the latest!

    N464TA (c/n 1353) will soon loose the MP colours
    2 LACSA A320s in Martinair livery
    A veritable Martinair hub in the tropics!
    Martinair went through considerable changes on 01Nov07, fighting for its very existence. The passenger shorthaul market, with root destinations such as Palma de Mallorca, Malaga and Las Palmas, were cancelled.
    What remained were the passenger longhaul flights (using 767-300ER aircraft) to the Greater Caribbean (including Florida) and worldwide cargo operations (747 and MD11). TACA kept operating between Costa Rica and Miami & Orlando. But that changed too: as per 30Apr08 longtime longhaul destinations such as Orlando, Edmonton and Calgary were cancelled. The lease with TACA/LACSA was terminated at that date too.
    Fate struck when A320-233 EI-TAF (c/n 1274) of TACA overran the runway on landing at Tegucigalpa on 30May08; the aircraft crossed the street and hit an embankment; 1 crewmember (captain), 2 passengers and 1 person on ground were killed (124 total on board).
    As been said above, by that time Martinair had ceased leasing TACA's aircraft by April 30th and it was no longer operating in the Martinair livery.

    Convair PH-CGD

    When Rolf Larsson sent this photo, he also wrote: I was copilot on the Convair and to start with also on the Fokker F.28. Later I was promoted captain on the F.28 and transferred to the Boeing 737-500 when we got them (also leased 737-300 & the Falcon Aviation -300QC).
    As you know we were integrated into SAS in 1993 where I flew the 737-600/700/800 until I retired...
    We (Linjeflyg) leased a Convair (PH-CGD) from Martin's Air Charter ("MAC,") and also Fokker F.28 PH-MAT in which I spent many hours !
    The picture was taken early-1965 (sorry, I don´t have the exact date) at Stockholm-Bromma airport. Linjeflyg used PH-CGD as a replacement aircraft for SE-CCK which was lost in an accident in November 1964.

    PH-DDZ - DDA Airlines
    The DDA Classic Airlines opened its 2009 season with a 'Social Sunday' on 05Apr09. PH-DDZ flew some scenic flights.
    In 2016, after years of storage due defunct engine, PH-DDZ was sold to the Aviodrome.
    See my report on its sep.2016 transport by barge to Lelystad.


    PH-MCL in Martinair special livery
    In celebration of its 50th anniversary in 2008, Martinair had PH-MCL painted in the Martin's Air Charter livery. It has always been 'the MAC' and always will be. Or..?


    PH-MCG: stripped of the Martinair titles...
    PH-MCG has reached the end of its commercial career.

    KLM took Martinair over on 01Jan09. Severe changes to the company had already taken place and more was to follow. Martinair had stopped operating the short haul holiday market in 2007 and founding destinations such as Malaga, Las Palmas, Heraklion and many others in Spain, Greece & Turkey were no longer part of the routenet.
    Many longhaul destinations, such as Orlando (FL), were no longer served by Martinair during 2008 in favour of higher frequencies to remaining destinations. And the market for Canada, anchored in Martinair's past for linking the Dutch who immigrated to Canada, was taken over by KLM. Sad days.
    Martinair reduced the remaining passenger fleet to only 4 Boeing 767-300ER's in the summer of 2009.
    PH-MCG was returned (seen here at Amsterdam awaiting the ferry flight out, on 26Jul09; ttl 101.913hrs 36mins) to the leasing company AWAS. PH-MCH (ttl 100.466hrs 57mins) suffered the same fate.
    Both 767s were stood down early July (last commercial flight PH-MCG MP617/8 HAV, arriving AMS 1120z 29jun - last commercial flight PH-MCH MP645/6 MIA, arriving AMS 0854z 07jul), officially transferred to AWAS on 16Jul09 and to be ferried to respectively Walnut Ridge,AR and Roswell,NM in August 2009. For the purpose of the ferry flights both PH-MCG and PH-MCH remained on Martinair's AoC, even after the handover to AWAS on 16Jul09.
    Both aircraft left Amsterdam for their destination and doom, on 12Aug09. Both flew via Windsor Locks - Bradley IAP. PH-MCG added 07:45 and 02:27 (& 2 cycles) to get to Walnut Ridge and PH-MCH added 07:44 and 03:43 plus 2 cycles to get to Roswell (for both I could be a few minutes off).


    23Sep2010: The long awaited decision by Martinair to cease passenger flights was announced to staff and media. By Nov.2011 it should be over and done with, Martinair would only continue as a dedicated Cargo Airline operating full freighters.
    After 53 years, Martinair would no longer have stewardesses to welcome passengers on their flights to holiday destinations.
    The founder of the company, Martin Schröder, was present with his wife too when the decision was presented to the staff by CEO Paul Gregorowitsch, in Martinair's hangar 32 at Schiphol-East.
    Schröder (most often referred to by his initials 'JMS' or by his posture 'De Lange' (The Tall One) had retired in 1998, he was followed as CEO of Martinair by Aart van Bochove, who saw the airline after three years on the brink of bankruptcy and was replaced by the CFO, Arie Verberk.
    It had been the intention that under leadership of Aart van Bochove Martinair would be fully integrated into KLM, but the EU authorities in Brussels would not issue a permit for this 100% ownership.
    As CEO, Arie Verberk saw changes made and in terms of fleet changes the executive jets were sold and the contract to operate the Royal Flight was not extended. Verberk was replaced by Paul Gregorowitsch (then the commercial director of KLM's passenger division) upon his retirement in 2007.
    In November 2007, Martinair ceased its short haul operations to concentrate on its cargo activities and intercontinental flights.
    Finally, the EU authorities granted permission in 2008 for AFR-KLM Group to become 100% owner of Martinair. By 01Jan2009 Martinair not only started started a new year, but also on a new future in the AFR-KLM Group of which (Dutch short haul carrier, operating 737s) was also a partner; Martinair saw destinations (even historic ones in the cargo network such as Hong Kong) taken over by KLM and Air France; many changes were implemented under the flag of 'synergies'.
    So after Nov.2011 Martinair is to be reduced to only cargo- and maintenance services; a difficult decision but made to ensure survival for Martinair as an airline for years to come.
    But in the commercial aviation there are no guarantees and failure is always around the corner, as my gallery REMEMBER will testify.

    Martinair gebouw
    The Martinair Hq building at Amsterdam's Schiphol-Centre, 18Aug2010.
    A few months before this date Martinair moved into a new building, at Schiphol-East, together with Martinair could no longer claim its own headquarters, its days of an independent airline were definitely over.

    767 PH-MCL 'Thank You'
    On 31Oct2011 the sun set on Martinair's passenger operations, hence forth only operating cargo (747's & MD11's)
    The last fare paying passengers arrived from Cancun in the early morning hours of the 31st, but during the day a promotional flight was flown with the Boeing 767-300ER fitted in a retro livery: PH-MCL. For the special occasion 'Thank You' and (Dutch) 'Bedankt' titels were placed on the aircraft, which could be read from the ground during the low level flight over The Netherlands (which included fly pasts over most regional airports).
    After landing at Amsterdam (EHAM) the crew taxied the 767 passed all the gates at Schiphol, arriving at the Martinair hangar with a salute by the water tenders of Schiphol's firefighters.
    Martinair (pax) 1958 - 2011
    Among the passengers of the special flight ('MPH2011') was Mr J.M. Schröder and his wife. 'JMS', who retired in 1998 and now 80 years old, was allowed to christen MD11F PH-MCW in his name: 'Martin Schröder'.

    Since Mr Schröder's retirement the company entered a steady decline: Martinair got rid of its executive fleet and lost the contract on the Royal Flight's Fokker F.70. More recent the passenger short haul aircraft were disposed of and Martinair focussed on the long haul passenger destinations and in that status Martinair was allowed to join the AirFrance-KLM Group.
    The Boeing 767-300ER fleet was reduced to for when PH-MCG and PHMCH were phased out. More recently the lease of PH-MCJ was allowed to expire.
    With only 3 remaining 767s Martinair flew its summer 2011 season.

    The AFR-KLM Group saw no reason or opportunity to invest in Martinair's long-haul leisure activity and the book on its signature activities came to a close on a sunny but sad day: 1958 - 2011.
    Freight will be the focus from now on.


    ex/ PH-MAO
    Former PH-MAO was registered to Everts Air Cargo 14Dec2009 as N930CE,
    seen here in June 2012 taking off from Anchorage IAP.


    Hangar 32 SPL-O
    Downsizing of what is now Martinair Cargo continues... Hangar 32 has been abandoned and Martinair staff moved to Hangar 72 for maintenance on the KLC fleet of Embraer aircraft. Maintenance on the Martinair MD-11F's and the 747F's operated by Martinair is now being done by KLM E&M.
    Hangar 32 is for sale, Hangar 4 has been leased to Bombardier for a number of years now.
    PHMCT is being prepared for return to the leasing firm; Martinair will continue with PHMCP, PHMCR, PHMCS, PHMCU, PHMCW & PHMCY. Boeing 747-400BCF PHMPS continues to be operated in a mainly white 'Safari'-livery while the four KLM Cargo 747-400ERF's (PHCKA,PHCKB,PHCKC,PHCKD) are also operated by Martinair Cargo (in blue KLM Cargo livery). -->By 2016 the MD11s had been phased out, PH-MPS restored in MP-livery and PH-CKD leased out permanently.
    DC-3 PH-DDZ is a guest here.

    In 2016, after years of storage due defunct engine, PH-DDZ was sold to the Aviodrome.
    See my report on its sep.2016 transport by barge to Lelystad.


    Fred Goth had his 1967 photo shared on facebook by 'Verenigde Vleugels'; a scene of 50 years ago!
    PH-MAL of Martinair, 1967 - by Fred Goth

    The caption read (my translation, RL):
    "Today (12Mar2017) exactly 50 years ago, this photo was taken at Amsterdam's Schiphol Int'l Airport.
    At center stage we see Martinair's Convair 640 PH-MAL, having been taken on strength only about six weeks prior to this date. The aircraft came from Swissair and had arrived in november 1966 as a Convair 440 at Woensdrecht for conversion to CV640 by Avio-Diepen, equipped with Rolls-Royce Dart turboprops.
    After the introduction of the Douglas DC-9 and Fokker F.28 in Martinair's fleet, the PH-MAL was sold in the United States. And it may still be around somewhere in Mexico, as XA-UNH."
    (Photo: Fred Goth/collectie KNVvL afdeling Luchtvaartkennis)

    History of c/n 332: HB-IMC (Swissair) - PH-MAL (Martinair) - N640R (Zantop + Century A/L + C&M A/w) and, after a number of years having been stored at El Paso,TX (aprox. 2004 - 2009) to presently XA-UNH (Aeronaves TSM) and last reported 22Dec16 @Hamilton,ONT operational!

    XA-UNH landed 20Sep17 with its gear up (controlled) @Saltillo,Mexico (homebase of TSM), with damage to fuselage and propellors.


    Rolf Larsson wrote me in March 2017: "I am sending two pictures which may be of interest to you personally, our company Linjeflyg had a good relationship with Martinair."

    Convair PH-CGD Martinair, by Rolf Larsson
    Martin's Air Charter (MAC) Convair CV440 PH-CGD, leased to Linjeflyg.

    Rolf provided the following information: "In 1965 Linjeflyg leased CV340/440 PH-CGD, which was delivered on 31Dec1964 and leased until April 1965.
    It was a replacement for SE-CCK, which was tragically lost on 20Nov1964 (ASN report).
    We flew it in basic Martin's Air Charter (MAC) colours, but with LIN on the tail!
    When it went back to Martin's MAC it was converted to CV640.
    I never flew this aircraft, as I started to fly the Convair in 1969.
    I took this picture of PH-CGD at a wintery Bromma airport early 1965." on c/n 104: 'KLM PH-TGD, rr PH-CGD - Martinair PH-CGD - Tussey & Associates N111TA - McCollum Aviation N111TA - Falcon Airways N111TA - Wright Airlines N861FW - Canada West Air C-GCWY - Norcanair (leased C-GCWY) - Century Airlines CV640(F) N640CM (unused) - C&M Airways N640CM - Aeronaves TSM XA-URL (currently operating, march 2017!).

    PH-MAT Martinair, by Rolf Larsson
    Fokker F.28 PH-MAT

    Rolf wrote: "In PH-MAT I spent many hours flying it during at least three periods when Linjeflyg leased it from Martinair.
    It flew in Martinair colours but with a small text closed to the entrance 'Chartered by Linjeflyg'.
    I remember that we needed a Dutch pilot's licence, but our company got a common licence for all of us with F28 endorsement.
    Many years later I had the opportunity to fly in it as a passenger in Australia!
    I took this picture of PH-MAT at Bromma on 10May1974." history (screendump, as per March 2017):
    History of F.28 PH-MAT
    Its was scrapped at some point at Melbourne, Australia.

    Martinair MD-11 at Mojave, by Graham Robson
    Graham Robson shared this image with me, taken during his trip in march 2017 which brought him past Mojave.
    The tailnumber has been made unreadable.

    Martinair on Wikipedia

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