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On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.

With the ever growing popularity of Social Media (Flickr, Facebook, Instagram) the barrier has become much lower for people to share their photographs or scans of slides; imperfection to post aviation images is no longer an issue.
I noticed a decline in requests for publication on my website (a decline I welcome, as I struggle with the workflow) on my 'Guest Pages', so now some of these images shared below will be copied from Facebook & Flickr by me. For preservation of their historic value as I see it; always with proper credit to the photographer, of course!

Btw, while I am on social media, picking up on aviation news, I use it mainly for other interests while my website remains my main focus to share my interest in vintage aviation.



The one that got away! In 2007 I was in Iceland (see my report) but this one escaped my attention. For next time!

C-117D at Langanes

The Douglas R4D-6 150187 (c/n 20842) at Þórshöfn airstrip

In July 1969, the Douglas R4D-6 41-50187 of the US Air Force was damaged beyond economic repair during takeoff at the old Þórshöfn Airport in the north east of Iceland. It was written of by the Navy and left to it’s own devices in a grass closure not far from the airstrip at Sauðanes north of Þórshöfn. For years the farmer at Sauðanes used to wreck as a shelter for his sheep and in 1996 it’s wings were removed. Supposedly the plane was to be restored but something must have upset those plans. Unlike the Douglas at Sólheimasandur it still has some color but otherwise in no better condition.

This is the 1969 accident report:


Screening a number of database records I had not seen updates on for quite some time, I came across Douglas C-47-DL N34FL (c/n 15606/27051 4790) and found it has relocated to an Off-airport location: the G-Star School of Arts. Its present adress is 2030 S Congress Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33406, USA.
C-47 N34FL at G-Star School of Arts

What I dug up from my database is: 'N34FL registered to Aircraft Restoration Corp. of David Tallichet, which has its HQ at Chino,CA. but many aircraft are in other locations; a.o. with socalled Specialty Restaurants'.
Its former identities include USAAF 41-18629, NC51195, N34F.
I don't know why and when I have identified it wih the incorrect c/n as in Bob Ogdens 1988 edition of N.American Museums and Collections it already shows the tie between N34FL and c/n 4790.
I am glad Terry Fletcher read this item and corrected me.

Probably at an early start the USAAF serial on the plane on display at the restaurant led to this mistake as 43-49790 ('349790') was c/n 15606/27051; and it was former HK-1333.
But according to Air Britain's 2006 publication 'The First Seventy Years' shows that airframe going through Davis Monthan storage, for disposal 06Aug62, as HK-1333 probably (marked '?') going to Taxi Aereo El Llanero Ltda in Nov71, concluding 'damaged beyond repair 23Feb74 near Cali and registration cancelled in 1977.

The airframe I am interested in here was reported on 07Mar03 at Palm Beach IAP,FL stored.
This C-47 c/n 4790 is ex/ USAAF 41-18629 and ended up with the RFC at Walnut Ridge in 1945. It started its civilian career with TWA as NC51194 on 19Feb45. In the 1950s it went through severalowners, was reg'd N34F on 09Jul54 and N34FL on 13Apr1971, when it also ended up in Florida (Pan American Business Jet Div.; N34FL is Florida?).
After various owners it was reg'd to Tallichet's Specialty Restaurants (of Anaheim,CA) on 18Jan82.
It was noted as belonging to Military Aircraft Restoration Group (also belonging to Tallichet's empire), 391st Bomb Grp Hq, located at 391st BG Restaurant, southside of Palm Beach airport, as '434790'; though it may not have had that serial on it at first.
Aviation Letter of June 2003 reported: "marked as 43-4790". But that was probably meant as '434790'.
Air Britain's book (of 2006) has this as its latest status, as of 30Mar04.
N34FL was dereg'd with the FAA on 09Jul2013, as 'expired'.

I came across this article:
A few items from this article by Jodie Wagner, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer, dated Saturday, Nov. 23, 2013
"Donated to the school seven years ago by the owners of the now-closed 391st Bomb Group restaurant in West Palm Beach, the military transport and supply plane flew injured soldiers in World War II from behind enemy lines to its base in Casablanca, Morocco, transported cargo and paratroopers to combat zones and pulled gliders for secret missions."

"Within the next five years it will become the centerpiece of an ambitious, $8 million on-campus project designed to teach students and visitors about World War II."

"“Into the Past: The World War II Experience,” an interactive exhibit and tour that will be open to the public, is expected to include two museums, 14 new classrooms, a World War II canteen, a student research center and three interactive learning centers featuring authentic World War II battlegrounds and post-war events."

"The project was conceived by Hauptner, whose husband, Greg, is the school’s founder and CEO, as a permanent tribute to veterans and soldiers who lost their lives in the war and victims of the Holocaust."

"The school plans to raise money to support the project and has hired a fundraiser. Proceeds generated from the project will benefit the school and local veterans’ organizations."

Dirk Septer sent me a 2016 update on the YS-11 converted to a restaurant at Philipsburg, on St.Maarten.

Air Lekkerbek on St.Maarten - by Dirk Septer

More on 'Air Lekkerbek' over the years here on the island of St.Maarten see : Off-Airport Latin America

During this weekend (Oct.2016) I found myself going through a series of updates in my database, of locations and/or status/condition mostly. So little hard data is shared through forums these days, everybody seems to share 'soft data', often endless rehashing images (without proper data on where/when/what) on social media (e.g. Facebook).
While trawling the internet for updates I came across the present, very remote, location of DC-3/C-53D N101SF (c/n 11674) in Doctors Mesa, Colorado.
I would like to know who the current owner is and when N101SF moved here. Did it fly in? EMAIL

DC-3 N101SF in Colorado
Google Maps on 16Oct2016.

DC-3 N101SF in Colorado

In 2017 I visited this location, see MY REPORT
N101SF at Eckert,CO

Norman Smith wrote me in Oct.2016 in an effort to get an identification for these aircraft under (long term?) restoration in a hangar at Red Deer.

Unidentified at Red Deer
This is obviously a Noorduyn Norseman, but which one?
Read on below, as the identity was established!

Unidentified at Red Deer in Buffalo's hangar
I have a feeling this one could be a Noorduyn Norseman too, seeing how the maingear stands away from the fuselage.
We have 3 'for parts' Norsemans attributed to Joe McBryan, CF-GOB, GTM and NJV, this could be one of them.

Unidentified at Red Deer in Buffalo's hangar

Norman wrote: "We visited Red Deer on the 13th of October 2011 and found the three frames in the corner of Buffalo's hanger.
Could any kind soul shed any light on them please?"

Nigel Hitchman replied on the 'Classic-Propliner' (Yahoo) forum:
"The red one is CF-NJK; there is a metal plate with this and the serial number stamped on it, on the doorframe that I photographed in 2010.
The others could be CF-GOB, GTM or NJV which are apparently owned by Buffalo Joe; he also has CF-SAN which is airworthy.
I saw the same two fuselages in the Buffalo hangar in 2009/10, there was a picture of the wreck of NJV in the office, which I was told was one of the aircraft in the hangar and that Joe had 5, but I only ever saw 3 there, don't know if the 4th was there and not seen.
Both the frames shown here are certainly Norseman."

In a 2016 list I noticed: "CF-NJK (c/n 242) Joe McBryan, Red Deer,AB; minus wings." See THIS LIST (.pdf)
Some (outdated) background info on In 1943 constructed as an UC-64AS by Noorduyn at Montreal, QC, Canada.
On 27Jul1990 to Stan Reynolds Sales Ltd., Wetaskiwin, AB with registration CF-NJK.
Operated by Reynolds Alberta Museum, Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada."
On my 2006 visit to the Reynolds Museum I did not see this Norseman but it probably was in that 'famous' storage depot they have nearby.

Norman wrote in return (and particularly in respect to that list):
"Have been looking into these and think that CF-GTM and CF-BTC are stored at St Andrews in the compound for the Western Canada Aviation Museum (WCAM).
There are also at least 2 stored with the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum in Brandon (Manitoba)."

The WCAM in Winnipeg advised me, by email from Keith Olson (02Nov16): We have, at our storage compound, north of Winnipeg, two aircraft, CF-BTC and CF-CRT.
So that brings us back to Nigel's candidates CF-GOB, GTM and NJV for the unidentified Norseman in the Red Deer hangar. Maybe we should be wondering where the other two 'for parts' are in Joe McBryan's 'collection'..?

See 2014 photo by Tim Chaloner of Norseman CF-BTC on Photos by Friends & Guests (48).

The last time I visited Red Deer was in 2007.
I did see a few hulks that could be candidates for that smaller golden airframe.. Unidentified at Red Deer
At that time, in 2007, I was unable to identify this airframe; the one on the right had its identity written on it:

N97964 Stinson 108-1


A bit more on the suggested Norseman's, CF-GOB, CF-GTM and CF-NJV

1 - CF-GOB (msn 421) - listed as 'Joe McBryan, Red Deer,ALB - for parts' on

2 - CF-GTM (msn 828) also listed as 'Joe McBryan, Red Deer,ALB - for parts' (same list)

3 - 44-70299 (msn 564) Delivered to USAAF July 12, 1944; Lockbourne, Ohio July 13, 1945; To RFC at Ponca City, Oklahoma October 11, 1945; Turner Mack Aircraft Co., Newton, Kansas; registered NC54665; Alaska Airlines Inc., Anchorage, Alaska; damaged at Cape Lisbon July 21, 1953; Northern Fort Nelson Air Service, Fort Nelson, BC; reg'd as CF-NJV April 27, 1961, cancelled.
Badly damaged near Conklin, Alberta June 15, 1961; McInnes Products Corporation, Edmonton, Alberta 1963; Allan Loutitt, Fort Smith, NWT June 2, 1969. Buffalo Airways Ltd., Fort Smith, NWT May 19, 1970; Destroyed at Thubun Lake, NWT August 6, 1970: crashed and overturned when engine failed after takeoff, pilot had selected an empty tank...
Ray Baret October 15, 1972; salvaged in 1992 by Joe McBryan (Buffalo Airways) for possible rebuild.

Two more images by Norman Smith, also sighted that trip (2011) in the Buffalo Aiways hangar at Red Deer-

Beech 18 - long term restoration by Buffalo Airways
Identification of this Twin Beech is uncertain too.. There are clues indicating it is c/n CA-226 which operated
with the RCAF, with serial 1503. But Bob Parmerter, author of "Beech 18, A Civil and Military History", has
doubts: "I too doubt the CA-226 identity since the Buffalo Airways hangar photo paintscheme looks
just like a May72 slide of CF-QMF." More on MY VISIT TO RED DEER IN 2007

Beech D95 C-GWCB
Beech D95 C-GWCB, (c/n TD 369). Manufactured by Beechcraft in 1960.
The #140 code was relevant for its role in aerial firefighting, flying the lead for airtankers.

In 2007 I visited Moose Jaw air museum but lost the images; Norman kindly provided some of Norseman CF-SAM
Norseman CF-SAM in Moose Jaw museum
A second image by Norman as well as background info on CF-SAM can be found on that 2007 page of mine.

Andy Marden wrote me in Sep.2016: "I photographed the attached C-47 fuselage at Aurora State Airport Oregon in late July this year. Do you (or maybe your viewers) have any idea of its identity, please?"
Unidentified DC-3 at Aurora, Oregon

Roy Blewett and Paul van de Berg soon came to the rescue with a reply:
This is Douglas C-49K N15748 (c/n 6337).
Once exhibited inside the Museum of Flight on Boeing Field, Seattle,WA. In 1997 replaced by another DC-3 (c/n 2245), which also carries fake registration NC91008 and ‘Alaska Airways’ titles. Put outside to rot...
So at that time both c/n 2245 and c/n 6337 both wore fake tailnumber, 'NC91008'.

It was transported from Boeing Field in June 2016 and Aerometal plans to bring it up to display standard and mount it inside its hangar. Considering the MoF disgarded this one for a more suitable one Aerometal has quite a challenge there..
The company plans to use the fuselage as a meeting space and, eventually, fit out the cockpit as a simulator.
The motto of Aerometal International is 'Continuing Airworthiness in Aging Aircraft'.

See a photo taken from on eBay, dated august 2015, offering this DC-3 for a starting bid of usd 8.000,- HERE..

My database shows more former (official) identifications: NC30035, 43-2013, NC17885.
Full history
of C-49K c/n 6337 on my 'Alaska & Canada 2003' page, when I photographed it at Boeing Field, indeed disgarded to rot!

See another photo (also dated 2016, by Ken Swartz) on Photos by Friends & Guests (48).

While Harvards and Texans are not of immediate interest to me, I never can pass one by. Twice I had the opportunity to go up in one on a flightseeing trip but time constraints and budget grounded me; here's hoping..
Anyway, Paul Koopman came across this Harvard on a pole at Hogeweg 96A in Burgh-Haamstede (zip 4328PL) .
Unfortunately he found nobody present who could clarify why that Harvard B-193 / 42-12523 was raised in this spot. A memorial or some enthusiast's idea for a catchy landmark? (EMAIL - include url of this page)
Probably a catchy landmark, because I was told it has been here for decades (30+ years), first on the ground and later raised on this pole.

I found a remark "Al meer dan 40 jaar is Harvard IIB B-193 te vinden op camping Duinrand in het Zeeuwse Burgh-Haamstede / Westenschouwen." This 'over 40 years' remark dates from 2010. (source:
The Harvards were phased out from the Koninklijke Luchtmacht in the 1960s, I believe.

Harvard B-193 at Burgh-Haamstede

Harvard B-193 location

This is from 'Texan Registry' on
AT-16 Harvard Mk. IIb
Serial :42-12523 - Construction no.: 14-770 - Civil Registration: None
Delivered to RCAF as FH136
- BOC: April 30, 1943
- SOC: October 2, 1946
To Charles Babb Co, Montreal, Quebec, 1946
Delivered to Royal Netherlands AF as B-193, 19??
Westerschouwen, Schelde Estuary, Holland, 1992
- Displayed on pole, duinrand Campsite, Burgh-Haamstede, Netherlands, 2000

Doug wrote me in Sep.2016 and added pics: "I came across you page while looking up N845S. It was (is) currently in Bishop,CA where I took the following pictures on 22SEP16."

Karl E. Hayes published an extensive article about thIS Basler turbo-converted DC-3 N845S and its alleged links and operations with the CIA and covert ops.


Brian Lowe sent me this photo in response to my page ABANDONED WRECKS OF THE NORTH

Beech18 C-FMBO at Ft Franklin 1987 by Brian Lowe

Brian wrote me in Sep.2016: "I was browsing your website and came across the article on the possible identity of the wreck off near Sawmill Bay, possibly being a Beech 18 of Air Sahtu. 
I can verify for you that it is not that wreck..! 
I lived up there in Ft Franklin in 1987; the pilot of C-FMBO was close family friend and my father worked with Air Sahtu. I remember the story, it all came back to me when I read the article documenting loss of right engine oil pressure, 9 aboard and so on..
Here is a picture of C-FMBO sitting on the ice in 1987."

Martin 'JoeJoe' Prince Jr shared this Noorduyn Norseman in Sep.2016. JoeJoe wrote:"The owner of DHC-2 Beaver N77KZ also has a Norseman in Bethel!"
Noorduyn Norseman N.. at Bethel,AK 2016
More on this Norseman and other propliners & vintage bushplanes on JoeJoe Prince's gallery, on this website

The DHC-2 page on Facebook provided the following information and images. David Oberg published in August 2016 "Crosswind Lake on Moraine Creek claimed another victim today."
The DeHavilland DHC-2 was identified as N95RC c/n 970. Date of crash was 09Aug16 and the operator Rapids Camp Lodge Inc. / Deneki Outdoors.
A quote from their website reads: "Our Beavers N2297R, N95RC, the wheel equipped Beaver N420RC, and the Otter N205RC, have all been stripped down to bare metal and completely restored to a like new condition.
With the only heated hanger in King Salmon, our planes are kept immaculate and maintained to the highest standards."
Crash DHC-2 N95RC
The small insert is a photo by Kenneth Strickler: "Photo taken right after the accident".
There were 7 persons on board at the time of the crash, 4 sustained serious injuries, 3 sustained minor injuries.

N95RC was reportedly helicoptered out on 12Aug16.
Neil Aird's wonderful website has history of N95RC detailed

During the 1990s I became fascinated with aviation history in Alaska, after a visit. Since then a few more visits have been made, each time faithfully documenting the declining fleet of 'propliners'. But since then I've also collected and read a good many books on aviation history and bushflying in Alaska.
One of the pages that I compiled as a result, was a webpage on Cordova Airlines. And I was mighty pleased that John Cooney, after many years since I started this page, has gone through the trouble of sending me a photo for this endeavour.
DC-3 Cordova Airlines (Alaska)
John wrote (august 2016): "My mother, Dorothy Cooney, as seen in the photo was a flight attendant for Cordova."
Perhaps this photo was taken at the airport of Cordova (now named Merle K. 'Mudhole' Smith Airport, in honour of a pilot who in 1939 became president of Cordova Airlines and which used the airport as a hub between 1934 and 1968), but seeing the gravel and crew perhaps waiting for passengers to board, this may well be somewhere more remote in Alaska, part of the network of Cordova Airlines at the time.
Cordova Airlines was acquired by Alaska Airlines in 1968.


In 2004 I toured South Africa for propliners and found the Rovos CV440's looking splendid. Not long after my visit they were offered for sale.
Who would have thought that after so many years a buyer would turn up?
ZS-ARV has been acquired by HARS of Australia and when I checked its progress on 16Aug16 found it was progressing well on its ferry flight to Australia!
Hopefully a buyer for ZS-BRV will present itself soon too; rumor had it a party from Switzerland had shown interest.
(In march 2017 BRV was seen in last stages of ferry flight preparations to Switzerland).
Convair ZS-ARV on ferryflight to Australia, aug.2016

Here are a few milestones for ZS-ARV's ferryflught by HARS:
'Tuesday 9th August. Departure time scheduled - 9 am local - 0700z'

'13Aug: The Convair is now parked at Mattala in Sri Lanka'

'15Aug: We have arrived in Johore Bahru. Leaving on Thursday for Bali'

Source: - or their website
HARS: Historical Aircraft Restoration Society, based at Illawarra Regional Airport, Corner of Boomerang and Airport Roads, Albion Park Rail NSW 2527, Australia.
UPDATE 03Dec2016: I noticed a posting by HARS on Facebook that the Convair had now been reg'd as VH-TAA.
My visit in 2005 to Australia & HARS.

Update on ZS-ARV / VH-TAA in march 2017: "ZS-ARV is at HARS in Australia, it set out for the Avalon Airshow last week, but turned back with an engine problem, apparently quite major, so engine change probably needed."

Anson Chapell did a motorcycle trip with friends in June 2016. He passed Cold Lake and photographed this
remarkable 'Pinocchio' DC-3, which is preserved there at the air base. On Anson has a larger size image plus a few other images.
Pinocchio DC-3 at Cold Lake by ANson Chapell
This is Douglas DC-3A-467 Skytrain (C-47B/CC-129; 'Dakota IV') 12959 (c/n 15196/26641).
Ogden's Aviation Museums & Collections of North America (Air-Britain, 2011) has as former identities
for this airframe: 43-49380, 979, 'KN979'. No mention of EN979 as per below.

The C-47 Dakota c/n 26641 was employed in the Canadian Forces from 1945 to 1989, during which time a total fleet of 160 Dakotas accumulated 1,426,686 flight hours. The Dak flew a multitude of missions including: arctic re-supply; delivering mail to Canadian troops overseas; flying the Burma hump; towing gliders and targets; dropping parachutists; mercy flights; search and rescue; UN peacekeeping; photo reconnaissance; and a variety of other tasks.

Pinocchio was enlisted in the RCAF in 1944 as EN979; however, it was not until 1962 that she was modified, along with two other Dakotas, and received her distinctive CF-104 Starfighter nose. For obvious reasons she was nicknamed 'Pinocchio'.
The nose cone contained a radar operated by a console in the passenger cabin and was used to introduce abinitio Starfighter pilots to radar navigation.
After modification, Pinocchio flew with 3 Wing in Grostenquin, France, and later with 109 KU Flight in Marville, France.

In 1967, she returned to Cold Lake where she flew to Edmonton and back every Tuesday and Thursday, offering a taxi service well patronized by CF members and their dependants.
When the Starfighter pilot training ended, efforts to remove her nose cone were successfully stifled by those who had flown and worked with her.

Pinocchio was sent for her last three years to fly in Winnipeg until the 9 remaining Daks were retired. For quite some time she enjoyed the distinction of being the oldest airframe in the inventory, and will probably remain the most venerable and unique aircraft in the history of the Royal Canadian Air Force and Canadian Armed Forces.


I regret that so many people abandoned forums for social media such as Facebook and Instagram, because images are more often than not posted without relevant data (what? where? when? owner? status?). Still, I am afraid it is the state of current affairs and it must be said that very pleasing photography is offered too.
Here are two recent ones (posted august 2016) and perhaps you may want to visit these facebook groups.

C-119 firebomber in action - James Drogo photo
James Drogo wrote with this image:"C 119J over Starvation Peak (Ramona Area) (Cca. 1974?)"
(Facebook 'Fire Bombers')
I have a special interest in the Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar, see C-119 PAGE 1 | PAGE 2 | PAGE 3

DHC-2 Ignace Airways
DHC-2 Ignace Airways on a fine morning indeed (Facebook 'DHC-2 deHavilland Beaver')
Want to see how my visit to Ignace,Ontario worked out? Click HERE...

Here is another one, shared by John Robbins on 'Fire Bombers' (Facebook), one to be remembered:
Nasty incident at Hemet Ryan in the late 1980s! This is Fairchild C-123B/K N3142D (c/n 20029).
But apparently, after the crash landing, they jacked it up, extended the gear and flew it away..!
Could not even find an incident report in the usual online databases. It flew as 'Tanker 63'.
N3142D was preserved at Pima Air Museum, Tucson (AZ) and is ex USAF 54-0580.

The tailnumber N3142D is also mentioned in an NY Times article 'U.S. PRISONER IN NICARAGUA SAYS C.I.A. RAN CONTRA SUPPLY FLIGHTS' - ''Two Cuban naturalized Americans that work for the C.I.A. did most of the coordination for the flights and oversaw all of our housing, transportation, also refueling and some flight plans,'' the prisoner, Eugene Hasenfus, said at a news conference..." "Mr. Hasenfus then named the two reported C.I.A. officials and gave the most detailed account.." ... "Mr. Hasenfus, who is 45 years old, said Nicaraguan rebel supply flights from the main military air base at Ilopango in El Salvador and rebel bases in Honduras were not only supervised by the C.I.A., but were also supported by more than 25 employees of an American company based in El Salvador."..........

''His situation is very difficult,'' said Capt. Ricardo Wheelock, head of Nicaraguan military intelligence. ''He is a mercenary who has been shot down." " Several documents reportedly taken from the plane, including logbooks, registration certificates, Salvadoran Air Force identity cards and personal papers.."

"The documents found on the rebel C-123 military supply plane include Salvadoran Air Force identity cards that describe the three American crew members, .." ... "Three logbooks reportedly taken from the rebel plane appear to list every guerrilla supply flight the plane had made,.." ... "The logbooks also indicate that the plane has had three unusual changes of registration numbers in recent years. In 1982, the plane appears to have been registered as N3142D or O. In 1983, its number changed to N4410F. Three months ago, its number appears to have changed again, to a Panamanian registration, HP824." ... "A certificate of registration lists the plane as belonging to the Sekman Aviation Corporation in Miami, which Sandinista officials say they believe is owned by Southern Air Transport. At least two of the Americans on the plane carried Southern Air Transport identity cards issued in recent months."

While Dietmar Eckell's photography is much more versatile than picturing aeroplanes, I am glad he has an eye for aircraft as an art object. These recently (august 2016) appeared on his Facebook page.
Dietmar Eckell's photography - Edwards AFB

At first I could not place the location, but soon got help when I shared Eckell's facebook posting onto my wall.
Christopher Hoage wrote: "These are out on the photo range at Edwards AFB...
The B-58 is the famed 'Snoopy I', used to test the radar system for the YF-12 program. It is an area used to test the resolution for aerial cameras on both reconnaissance aircraft and satellites!
The more complete B-52 is an RB-52B (with twin 20mm tail guns instead of the usual 4 .50s) used early in the Stratofortress test program and later utilized as a barrier test aircraft.
The dismantled BUFF is a B-52E, and it was destroyed in line with disarmament treaties with the USSR.
Finally, the Voodoo is a JF-101A, the 5th off the production line. It was used for engine tests for many years then served with the test pilot/astronaut school in the 1960s, when it was flown by Michael Collins, the CM pilot for Apollo 11
The area is also home to the two Northrop X-21s (converted WB-66s with an experimental laminar flow control wing)."

Amerie Paris noticed another online article on the fascinating planes-turned-art-objects:

It was with great pleasure that I worked on another update to the Richard Nash / Bill Hill gallery on my website.

Lockheed Constellation

DC-4-1009 EC-BER

See for the full update HERE..

In 2007 while touring the northwest of Canada for propliners and bushplanes I came acros a plane wreck. At the time Sam Cole provided details of the dramatic event leading to the crash of Beech 18 CF-XVF. Now, many years later, Sam provided his photographs to add to the account.
Beech 18 CF-XVF written off
Amazing that both pilot and passenger survived without much harm.
Read the full account on

Phil Brooks forwarded on 17jun16 this fascinating image, and wrote: "Hualtuco,Mexico;taken by a co worker yesterday"
DC-3 as art object in Hualtuco, Mexico
The image was not accompanied by more info on DC-3 identity, location or the artist. See updates below.
By googling I came across this DC-3 as a candidate:
XA-RPO (Huatulco Airport, Huatulco, Mexico)
c/n 1953 DST-3A-207 (ex/USAAF 42-56100)
NC18105 'State of Ohio' UA, Del 16Jul1937 - C-48B USAAF 1942 -'San Diego' UA 1944 - TTA 1954 - Tradewinds 1968 - Air Mid America 1970 - Air New England 1971 - Cryderman Air 1977 - Century Airlines 1978 - N43PB PBA 1979 - Huatulco,MX
From my own files I can add: 'N18105 1980 sold by Century Airlines to Provincetown Boston Airlines'. N43PB was seen at Miami IAP in 1983, no exact date noted on the slide I have.
And that it was reg'd to Peter D.Graff, as N43PB, on 15jul97 (ex/ XA-RPO), but possibly not taken up and XA-RPO remained in Mexico.

Requesting help from fellow propliner enthusiasts on Yahoo's 'Classic-Propliners' forum, I was advised as follows-
Roy Blewett: "The artist is Susana Rubin and the aircraft was painted in the early part of 2013.  Since it was a project of the airport, it is very likely to be XA-RPO.  The aircraft features prominently on the artist's Facebook page:"
Alexandre Avrane ("Her site confirms XA-RPO (images load slowly):" (31Jul2016).
Alfonso Flores: "the ex Aerolibertad XA-RPO was painted as a project of the airport administration (ASUR) and the artist. The place is only a yard in the main access to the airport, and was the oldest DC-3 flying in 'those days'. It did not receive any maintenance works prior for the project."

My compilation of some of Mrs Rubin's images:
DC-3 XA-RPO, art object by Susana Rubin

Dan O'Connor published this (in fact the compilation is mine -Webmaster) on the Facebook page of WIX (Warbirds) in july 2016: "My Dad dragged home another one, not every day you come home and find a PBY sitting there!"
Dan's father owns O'Con Aircraft Supplies in Uxbridge,Ontario (Canada) and he managed to transfer a hobby and collection to a business!
O'Connor Aircraft Supplies in Uxbridge,ONT
As Dan wrote: "just a few pics, he has 10 acres of it!" Canso A 'RCAF 9825/Z-DB (c/n CV-259) was
traded in from Canadian Warplane Heritage. Dylan Lenko wrote on that same FB page: "This is from the Canadian Warplane Heritage museum; they removed the front turret to put on their flying Catalina. I saw this being put on a trailer just after it was used on a movie set a couple weeks ago."
Some historic info on this airframe:

Perhaps something for the propliner enthusiast who doesn't mind to steer away from the beaten track once in a while..?

Dirk Septer wrote me on 01Jul16: "A surprise find at Trondheim (Norway) a few days ago:
Seabee LN-PLO (c/n 813); ex/ N6547K."
More on Dirk's aviation images taken during his travels HERE (abroad) and HERE (Canada).

SeaBee LN-PLO at Trondheim, by Dirk Septer
When I came upon a SeaBee myself, at Sioux Lookout (2007), I wrote some background info on this remarkable plane. At Cape Cod (2009) I came across another one, as well as around Phoenix,AZ (2008) and in
Oregon at the air museum in McMinnville (2012)

SeaBee specialist Steinar Saevdal provided the following in response to this photo:
 "It has been a few years since I vistited LN-PLO (c/n 813) at Trondheim Airport.  I would love to have a ride in PLO! Here is the story and photos I have forc/n 813"


A few more 2015 images sent Terry Fletcher.
He wrote: "..making our way back to Boston for our flight home to the UK, we diverted into the New England Air Museum on the northern perimeter road of Bradley International Airport.
A wonderful , large Collection of all types of aviation - over 60 aircraft on display - in three covered halls, plus outside displays.
They are shown in large thumbnails at
Sadly , the unique Burnelli-Canada Car and Foundry CBY-3 Loadmaster, c/n CAM-1, c/r N17N was locked away in the Restoration Hangar:

Difficult to pick out highlights, because there were so many!
I’ve chosen just a few."

Sikorsky S-59 NC41881
NC41881, a Sikorsky VS-44 - 1 of only 4 built! (Wikipedia)

B-29 Jack's Hack!
Boeing B-29A-55-BN 'Jack's Hack' (44-61975)

HU-16E Albatross, USCG 7228
Grumman HU-16E Albatross, USCG 7228
Information from the museum's website HERE..

deHavilland DHC-4 / C-7B Caribou
deHavilland DHC-4 / C-7B Caribou 62-4188 (c/n 130) - museum's website

Starting on this Page 46 is a good opportunity to share some images Terry Fletcher sent me a while back.
DC-3 N61981 by Terry Fletcher
DC-3A N61981 (c/n 2216) at Cape Cod Airport (Marston Mills,MA) on 01Oct2015.

N61981 was registered to Chris Siderwicz here at Cape Cod airport on 09Jun2015.
I had visited Chris here in 2009! He just can't steer from his passion for DC-3s. Chris at the time had sold N57NA a short while before my visit (see Photos by Friends & Guests -5-), which was reconfigured by Basler to a Turbo BT-67 and now flies with Kenn Borek Air as C-FMKB in Canada!

Terry wrote me at the time (Oct.2015): "... a former DC-3 Sleeper Transport, c/n 2216. N61981 had arrived here on 05Aug15, having had a single flight permit from Baslers at Oshkosh.
It is a former PBA aircraft - see more info under N35PB on this link:"

Ken Swartz shared photos from his visit to Baslers at Oshkosh on 27Jul12 and also included an image of this DC-3: Photos by Friends & Guests (36).

Terry: "At our Aerial Visuals website we have its history documented."

Michael Prophet recently made me aware of this image, of an 'unknown' (to us) plane wreck in the Guyana region. Michael also chased the identity.
C-123 Provider wreck in Guyana Region - Getty image
Photo by Martin Harvey on Getty Images

Michael wrote me a few days later: "I received a reply on this, by Alejandro Irausquin- this is C-123B, registration FAV1290, on route Libertador-Ayacucho-La Esmeralda-Cd. Bolivar-Libertador-Sta. Elena-Uonken-Pto. Ordaz-Libertador and which lost engine no.1 on 26Jan1982."

Malcolm Nason shared a June 1981 image on while photographed at Miami,FL in better shape!


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