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Mystery DC-3 at San Luis Potosi
A mystery DC-3 at San Luis Potosi. Miguel Angel Rodriguez pointed this out to me: "it still exists but the colours
have changed a number of times: now it is decorated in this way (below), but the problem remains that there is no
c/n or other data known; nothing that can leads us to discovery of its origin. Hopefully someone can help us.

Mystery DC-3 at San Luis Potosi
The DC-3 at Parque Tamgamanga, Tierra Blanca, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Miguel pointed it out many years ago, which led to a posting on my Off-Airport Gallery now fit to include with the Mysteries!!!

Click here for external link Photo © Jesus Vazquez Basilio - [link to found dead Feb.2014]. Published with permission.
Caption: XPT-1-06 This airplane this located in the park Tangamanga I of San Luis Potosi

Alfonso Flores wrote (apr.2006): "This airplane was impounded in early 1980s near San Luis Potosi, it transported contraband. Then it was donated to Tangamanga Park.
Unfortunately I can´t identify it because no c/n reference is available and the cockpit area its closed; possibly the plate may survived remain there."
It has been suggested this is (but not confirmed) msn 2220.

Like Terry Fletcher wrote me in March 2018:
"Not conclusive proof - but all seems to point to DC-3 c/n 2220,
an aircraft that crashed near San Luis Potosi back in 1981 - source:
What we have at Aerial Visuals - credit 'Aero Transport / ATDB' and 'Rzjets' "
¬ Terry Fletcher



Is this XB-ERL ???

This DC-3, half way being scrapped, would be XB-ERL. However I cannot find any reference to this registration. Photo was taken at the old airport of Nayarit, probably in 2002.
During Nov.2003 I was given an update by Miguel R.Franco and was informed it had been fully scrapped and removed. He also added the following on the history of this aircraft: "This DC-3 was scrapped one month ago. I know this airplane was in Zacatecas city some years ago, with some man named Morales Holland. People said her 7 PICOS COMAND but he had financial problems and he flew to Tepic City. He kept having problems with the DC-3 and he abandoned the airplane in the airport for some years; problems for fly again were not solved, so he abandoned XB-ERL in the old airport of Tepic, Nayarit.
And now it is gone, scrapped."

ETM.6046: what is the construction number ? = 12647!

C-47 ETM.6046 of the Fuerza Aera Mexicana is preserved at Santa Lucia AB, but a construction number seems unknown.

Ed Coates wrote me in August 2012: "the Mexican Air Force museum DC-3 ETM-6046 is c/n 12647.
See my website under VH-MAN.
My website:"

Eddie Coates
Aviation Historian
Raleigh, NC, USA

(This is confirmed also by Vol.3 of Air-Britian's reference work on the DC-3: The First Seventy Years)

David McCartney wrote me in May 2016:
"I visited Santa Lucia Air Base on 12 April 2016.
This Douglas C47 seems to have been repainted (poorly) as ETM-6011, as it stands in exactly the same location and plinth as ETM-6046 used to be displayed.
You can google 'ETM-6011' for latest 2016 photographs.
Uninformed sources are already quoting its c/n as 9252...

We need to know if ETM-6011 is actually ETM-6046 repainted, and if the original reports of this aircraft, being c/n 12647, were confirmed by Eddie Coates, was he actually reading the construction plate of the forward bulkhead?!

I have no pictures of alleged ETM-6011 repaint, was arrested before I could use the camera!

Thought your website readers would appreciate this latest piece of possible Mexican deception, and swiftly comment in order to put the matter of this aircraft identity beyond any further doubt.


To this Alsonso Flores from Mexico immediately replied (on my posting on Yahoo's DC-3 and Classic-Propliners):
ETM-6011 and ETM-6046 are not the same plane, the original ETM-6011 was scrapped years ago.
Why the MAF changed the tail number is a mystery for us."

To which David responded:
"I have been looking closely, comparing the photographs of ETM-6046 and ETM-6011.
If you look at photographs of 6046, there is a wire hanging loose from the starboard wingtip navigation light, also the light is missing.
Now look closely of photographs of 6011 and you will see the identical hanging wire and missing navigation light! So it is confirmed that ETM-6011 is a repaint of ETM-6046."


This B-25J Mitchell bomber is preserved at the Museo Tecnologico de Comición Federal de Electricidad
Alfonso Flores told me it looked different in the early 1980s: full white fuselage and a yellow cheatline from nose to tail.
Jeff Rankin-Lowe kindly provided the following information:
- Museo Tecnologico de la Comisión Federal de Electricidad (Chapultepec Park, Mexico City, Mexico)
- Preserved (in civilian markings)

It's history:
- North American "Mitchell" c/n 108-32403
- to USAAF as B-25J-30, s/n 44-29128 (date unknown)
- to RCAF as Mitchell 3AI, s/n 5236, 24.1.52
- modified as Mitchell 3AIA (date unknown)
- stored (Lincoln Park*), 21.8.61
- struck of service 05.10.61
- to Woods Body Shop as N92872, 23.5.62
- to Roy M Egeland as N92872, 1963
- to Lebate Corp as N92872, 1966
- to ? as ?, 1969
- to Museo as ?, 1972
- to Chapultepec Park (Mexico City), for display on pole, 1989
* Lincoln Park was at Calgary, Alberta and it had a Depot at Claresholm, Alberta; most of the wfu'd Mitchells were at the latter location, but the aircraft record cards rarely specify which place
Thanks Jeff !

In Jan.2006 Barclay Thompson wrote me: "On 14Oct195 Ian Grave and I carried out an airtest on this aircraft. The flight was one hour and apparently was satisfactory. This was while I was a pilot in the Test Flight at RCAF Station Winnipeg.
From the look of it I sure wouldn't want to be flying it today!."

Thanks Barclay !

And Jeff came back for more on this, and Mitchells in RCAF service:
The Mitchell 3AI was equipped with the AN/APG-33 "curve of pursuit" gun-laying radar, while the Mitchell 3AIA was fitted with the AN/APG- 40 radar. Both were used to train CF-100 navigators (the RCAF term for the backseater).
The versions of Mitchell in the RCAF included:

  • Mitchell Mk I
  • Mitchell Mk II (four were modified as F-10s for photo-mapping)
  • Mitchell Mk III
  • Mitchell 2BT
  • Mitchell 2LB
  • Mitchell 2PT
  • Mitchell 2TT
  • Mitchell 2U
  • Mitchell 3AI
  • Mitchell 3AIA
  • Mitchell 3LB
  • Mitchell 3PT
  • Mitchell 3ST
    Jeff Rankin-Lowe has written a book: "The Aircraft of the Canadian Armed Forces" (a revised edition is due in 2003)
    and published many an article on the subject.

    This NAMC YS-11 was photographed at Veracruz Airport, date unknown. Identity (registration and c/n) welcomed.
    Miguel has this to add on the YS-11: "this YS-11 was with LITORAL SA DE CV. They had 4 airplanes and were flying from Veracruz to Oaxaca, Veracruz to Puerto Escondido,Chetumal,Tabasco and many more destinations.They were based in Veracruz, but when AEROMEXICO bought them they changed the name to AEROLITORAL. They flew with Fairchield Metro IIs and changed homebase to Guadalajara. The YS-11s were stored for many years in Veracruz, but 3 of them were sold. On this remaining YS-11 in Veracruz airport's jungle I could not see c/n and registration, but the people of security told me this YS-11 was of LITORAL and allowed me to have a look.
    At the moment only one YS-11 remains operational in my country, one of GACELA CARGO and they fly Mexico-Monterrey-Herrmosillo-Chiguagua-Herrmosillo-Monterrey-Mexico. They have one YS-11 and two Fairchield Metro IIs."

    This DC-6 is carrying registration HK-8621-X and was apparently abandoned after a drugsdeal was intercepted, some 5 or 6 years
    ago (1997?). It sits since then, abandoned, at El Ojito, Durango in Mexico.
    The photo was taken 03Feb02. The registration may be false. I am looking for the construction number of this Six.
    Clive Turner wrote me in Dec.2019: 'This DC-6 is c/n: 43818. Ex/ N26BA, TG-TAO, N8161G, HP-1165, HK-3672-X'.
    The update made me check with (also Dec.2019) and confirms the tie HK-3672-X to c/n 43818:
    DC-6 HK-8621-X tie cn43818
    Note that TG-TAO is not mentioned among the identities, ATDB had no listing of a 'TG-TAO' (corrected), though photos exist.
    TAHS publication 'Piston Engined Airliner Production List' (2007) does show TG-TAO in c/n 43818's history: "..from
    N26BA Penguin Leasing (rr Mar.'82) to acquired by Bo-s-Aire (also Mar.'82), L P Crew Air Svcs (bt Feb.'87), Transportes
    Aereos de Caribe (lsd Feb.'87), TG-TAO for same TAC (1989), rr N8161G same TAC (rr Apr.'89)" and the rest as per above.
    So the registration TG-TAO was current for only a very brief period! Ron Mak (his gallery here) shared a photo of TG-TAO
    in Feb.'89 at Guatamala City.

    Note that last ATDB status: 'Part-out, derelict in El Ojito, Mexico (seized, at 26 44 27 N 106 3 5 W; with fake reg HK-8621X)'
    was corrected to '..location "Ciudad del Niño'.
    Juergen Scherbarth showed the new home for HK-3627X! See further down.

    Michael Prophet found (in Nov.2006) this DC-6 at El Ojito on, of which I reproduce an image here:

    Google Earth (2018) shows an empty spot compared to the above image.
    But Juergen Scherbarth found not al hope lost: "DC-6 HK-3627X is still in existence in a small water park in Parral, Mexico.
    See here: 26°56'9.41"N 105°41'13.07"W. " He shared below screendump-
    DC-6 HK-3627X at Parral, Mexico.
    Below shows that the move to Parral was a modest one, ca.60 kms. More details about the move: EMAIL
    DC-6 HK-3627 moved from El Ojito to Parral, Mexico
    Scrolling back on Google Earth's timeline show a (or the) DC-6 present on 19-2-2010, but on the previous
    date, 19-10-2003, still a vacant spot. For its previous location there is no check between 2003 (present) and 2012 (gone).
    So at least it does not contradict with any of the above info. Confirmation was found in the links further down.

    DC-6 HK-3627X preserved in Mexico
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