Searching for historic data on aircraft

Sometimes I am approached by people who had relatives operating aircraft during the war or during the postwar years. They ask me whether I have information concerning the history or fate of the aircraft or perhaps the unit or the commercial company the aircraft flew with. Maybe I have an answer at hand, by using my aircraft database or other works of reference; and often I resort to forwarding this query to one of the many forums I frequent. Many of these questions (and answers) are saved on my Questions and Answers page.
But when questions have photos attached and cannot be solved at first attempt, I save them in this gallery, storing them for future solutions. And I keep those which were indeed solved and concluded, as a matter of record.

Mystery of Peter van Oostrum's XA-HOI: DC-3A c/n 4807! --> SOLVED
Christopher Lennie forwarded images of crashsite near Stokes Point, in the Arctic North ---->SOLVED!
Unidentified Antonov An-2's at 'Datangshan' Air Museum north of Beijing --->SOLVED! (in part)
Question about the fate of Beech 18 N8042H

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