Douglas DC-3 ('71253') preserved in Slovenia: c/n?


DC-3/C-47 71253 Slovenia

A website about cultural and Historical Heritage in Slovenia showed above Douglas DC-3 / C-47.

It also provided the following information:
"At the edge of the meadow by the crosswords for the village of Podzemlje in the Bela Krajina region stands a military version of the plane DC-3. The plane has even been called Dakota. The motor plane by the Douglas factory used to be one of the most popular in the history of aviation during World War II and after it.
The aged plane of the Yugoslav National Army was set years ago as a memory of the provisional partisan airport during the war. The English and Americans used to fly the injured from Bela Krajina, which was liberated territory, to Allied hospitals in Italy during World War II as well as send weapons and other materials to the partisans. The interior of the plane is not accessible."


Aad van der Voet, of, was able to provide a partial identification:
"That is the former 71253 of the Yugoslav Air Force. Unfortunately no c/n is known for this aircraft, as far as I know. [See info found by Terry Fletcher bottom page -Webmaster]

It was donated many years ago for display as a Partizan monument in Podzemlje, Otok near Metlika, Yugoslavia.
The monument is located along the road Crnomelj - Metlika, in the direction of the village Otok, 5 km from Metlika.
It was noted on display there on 18-Aug-1984, still in remnants of its Yugoslav markings. It had been painted in RAF colours by 1986 and was noted again as such in Jan97.
Considering the link above it is apparently still there, but it is a pity that the photo is undated..."


Natasa Grahek sent me this welcome update in June 2013:
DC-3 preserved in Slovenia, Otok (near (Metlika)
Natasa wrote:
"I found your website while looking for more information about this airplane, which I just visited in a place named Otok, near Metlika, Slovenia.
The plane has been placed there, as historic reminder of a partisans airport, called Piccadilly Hope, where planes landed during WWII.
Here is the link to more information about it:
As I read on the board, the Dakota's number is 71 253.
Best regards from Slovenia!"

Douglas C-47 preserved at Spominsko obeležje



C-47 preserved at Otok, Slovenia
Excellent photo and history by Marc Lehman of C-47A YugoAF 71253:
"This former Yugoslav Air Force Dakota 71253 serves as a memorial for the partisan airfield that was used during World War II in the Bela Krajina region. Ex USAF 43-48199, RAF KG783, G-AJBH, French AF 48199 & F-BTDD.
It has been on display here since 1984."




Coert Munk responded to Natasa's contribution: "It is on site since two decades and more; 'Dakotas and Beeches in Europe' (1993) reported the same."

Terry Fletcher found the missing data and forwarded this in Oct.2013 to me:

  • 71225 C-47-DL c/n 4541 USAAF 41-38592 ex-NC22429, RX-87, HP-87, N10420, TI-1021, FrAF 38592, F-BRGF
  • 71229 C-47A-25-DL c/n 13654 USAAF 42-93712 ex-OK-VDZ, Chech AF 3654, FrAF 13654
  • 71234 C-47A-40-DL c/n 9931 USAAF 42-24069
  • 71237 C-53D-DO c/n 11746 USAAF 42-68819 ex-SE-APG, F-BEIS, F-RAJZ, YU-ABW, N8071Z, 9Q-CUI, SAAF 6875 konvertovan u C-47TP, u upotrebi
  • 71241 C-47A-15-DK c/n 12704 USAAF 42-92857 ex-SP-LCB, OY-AIC, FrAF 92857, F-BRGM, N8071X, TN-ADS, SAAF 6887 konvertovan u C-47TP, u upotrebi
  • 71245 C-47A-15-DK c/n 12730 USAAF 42-92880 ex-OK-WDL, FrAF 92880, F-BRGK (trebalo bi da je to onaj na autootpadu na Vidikovcu)
  • 71248 C-47A-80-DL c/n 19539 USAAF 43-15073 ex-OK-XDM, FrAF 15703, F-TEBE, F-RAUK, F-BTDF, ostavljen u Rajlovcu, prebacen i obnovljen za muzej D-day kao 315073/9X-D
  • 71253 C-47A-30-DK c/n 14015/25460 USAAF 43-48199 RAF KG783 ex-G-AJBH, FrAF 48199, F-BTDD, obnovljen i izložen u bojama 267.sqn RAF u Otok, Slovenija
  • 71254 C-47B-1-DK c/n 14101/25546 USAAF 43-48285 ex-FrAF 48285, F-BTDE, YU-ABV, N8071Y, SAAF 6880 konvertovan u C-47TP, prodat Dodson, registrovan kao ZS-OJM, u upotrebi
  • 71255 C-47B-10-DK c/n 15112/26557 USAAF 43-49269 RAF KK107 ex- FrAF 49269, F-RAVA, ostavljen u Otocac, Hrvatska
  • 71261 C-47B-20-DK c/n 15695/27140 USAAF 43-49879 ex-FrAF 49879, F-BRGJ
  • 71273 C-47A-75-DL c/n 19343 USAAF 42-100880, ex-OK-WAA, FrAF 100880, F-BRGL
  • 71281 C-47A-75-DL c/n 19419 USAAF 42-100956 ex-OK-WDE, FrAF 100956, F-?
  • 71270 C-47B-25-DK c/n 16083/32831 USAAF 44-76499 RAF KN407 ex-F-BEIN, F-BEFT, FrAF 476499, F-BGRD

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