Vintage Transports, photos by Friends & Guests (44)



On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I would like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.

John Vogel shared this fine image of Beech 18 N9109R; he came across it during the 2015 the California Capital Airshow but the image below dates from the year before.
Beech 18 N9109R in 2014, by John Vogel

John added also the relevant information he found on this splendid looking vintage aeroplane:
Beech AT-7C, USAAF s/n 43-33403 (c/n 5676), delivered in 1943.
Beech C18S N59 to the FAA Aug1946.
N52 to the FAA 1951.
N9109R to the FAA Aug1959.
Reg'd Trimble/Falair Inc Aug1960. To D Appel/L Slaten in Feb61.
V Carstedt/'C' Air, Long Beach CA Oct62.
E Weiner, Van Nuys, CA Jan64. B Allred Feb64. Graubart Avn, Valparaiso, IN Apr64.
S Cannavo Jul64. Kimberley Leasing Mar65.
W Potter, Manasquan, NJ Nov65.
R Davis/Davis Avn Aug68. To W Stevenson, Kings Park, NY Nov68. To A Therriault Apr73.
P Findlen Aug76. American Trans Air Training, Indianapolis, IN May92.
Registered to Bobby Younkin Airshows & Sales, Springdale, AR since March 2003.
(Note from John: the photo was taken at Travis AFB in May 2014, but it is the one I mentioned seeing at the CCA airshow.)

When I checked FAA's N-inquiry online database I found for N9109R: 'reg'd 05Mar03 to Bobby Younkin Airshows & Sales, Siloam Springs,AK.'

It was seen flying at the Oshkosh air show in july 2018, owner/operator as above.

Fascinated by the unknown DC-3 of SLM - Surinam Airways on Frits Klinkhamer's photo page, Ravin Raktoe sent this postcard (postmarked 1975) as an addition.
DC-3 Surinam Aws postcard submitted by Ravin Raktoe

Ravin wrote (webmaster's translation): "During my research on a different subject I stumbled upon Mr Klinkhamer's photo on your website, about an unknown DC-3 in Surinam dating from 1973-1974.
The aircraft seemed similar to me and though it does not help to identify the aeroplane, I thought it a nice gesture to send the postcard (stamped 1975) all the same!"

Paul J. Hooper wrote me: "Just read Karl Hayes' excellent notes on DC-6 N1037F on your website.
My own shot of the aircraft, attached, was taken at Laredo,TX on 04Sep1988. I was told during my time at Laredo that the aircraft had just completed a flight from the East Coast - non-stop!"
DC-6 N0137F 1988 by Paul J. Hooper

Nigel Aylmer:"I visited Virginia Beach on 24Nov15 . The Beech 18 was still on a pallet outside. Hope somebody can confirm its identity from these pictures of L/H side..." More info on its identity on "Searching for..."
Beech 18 at Virginia Beach 2015, by Nigel Aylmer

While this is about the '..true identity of the Chinook at Datangshan..', I post it here rather for my files on the Aviation Museum at Datangshan...
true identity of the Chinook at Datangshan

Someone (anonymous by request) wrote me in Nov.2015:
"Well, I managed to solve one mystery - the true identity of the CH-47 Chinook in the tunnel.
The ID of this aircraft had been 'troubling me' since my previous visit, so this time I stepped over the rope to take a quick picture inside the cockpit - hoping to catch the Radio Call data plate!
The general internet opinion of the identity is 66-19004 (probably because there is a faded code on the nose of 'KQ.004'), but the attached picture clearly shows the true identity to be 66-19003), which is c/n B-261."

Gerben Groothuis sent me this photo of a 2004 visit to the Lone Star Museum in Galveston,TX
Lockheed L.18 N43

At first I could not find any details for this Lockheed L.18, not for N43 - but I did find a N43RS and N43WT...
See Gerben's gallery on his Propliners & Warbirds page here and what I found in Peter J. Marson's Air-Britain publication 'The Lockheed Twins'.
And after doggedly following its trail on the internet I found it was scrapped and parts of it were used as canvas for artwork!

Lodestar N43WT at Houston
Michael Bludworth wrote me in Feb.2016:
"I photographed that Lodestar N43WT at HOU (11Mar94) and later, at Galveston-GLS, in the mid '90s.
In my mind that aircraft was taken apart by 2000 and disposed of.
Here is a shot at HOU (above) and later at Galveston-GLS: N43WT".
Lodestar N43WT at Galveston

Every now and then I find opportunity to reminisce about an aviation magazine now gone!
Brian Stainer's Aviation Photo News
More on my page Brian Stainer's Aviation Photo News and what I found on Alan W. Hall's 'Aviation News'

I recently received an inquiry, sans images, of two DC-3s seen at Fortaleza, Brazil earlier this month (Feb.2016).
The query was about their identities; it became apparent that five DC-3s have been stored over the years, some were scrapped or moved away.
Due to the lack of an image I use here a Google Maps screen dump. The unravelling of this mystery can be found on my Q&A-page!
Two DC-3 remain stored at Fortaleza,Brazil Feb.2016
Andy wrote on Classic-Propliners (Yahoo) forum:
"Both are listed in World Military Out of Service 2015/16:
(42-32842) - Douglas C-47 - PT-AOB - Mar06 - Nov13
(2021) - Douglas C-47 - ex 43-48327 - PT-KYW (fuselage) - 1996 - Nov13"

In Scramble aviation magazine #460 (Sep.2017; Dutch Aviation Society) I read in the 'Propliner-section' that both DC-3's were transported from Fortaleza, somewhere between 2014-2016, down south to join the collection of one Eloy Biesuz (who also has 737-200 PP-SMH ex/ VASP and he also has a 737-300 and a Learjet).
The new location would be Barra Grande, Itapejara D'Oeste in Parana State.
PT-AOB (a.k.a. PT-KYW) was first noted at Barra Grande when that 737-300 arrived in april 2016.
The distance Fortaleza - Barra Grande is 3.688 kilometres!

In Oct/Nov.2019 a photo on Facebook showed a DC-3 preserved at Pacatuba,Brazil with 'KYW' under the wing. It was understood this DC-3 is PT-KZF - probably a wing (or both wings) of KYW was/were used in the restoration for display.
See my Off-Airport Latin America gallery. And KYW (PT-AOB) found a new home in Barra Grande: Photos by Friends & Guests #59.

Chaler from the air, 2015
David Fidler wrote me in Dec.2015:"I just read your page about Chandler Memorial (Gila River), a place I have been to quite a few times since my first visit in 1989! My last time was probably 10 years ago, when T&G were still there and all their old DC-7s still present.
I flew out of Phoenix-PHX in July 2015 and was able to take these photos through the American B738 window.
They show the Biegert DC-4s nave not changed since your photos in 2008 and there still seem to be two Harpoons plus probably the Howard 500 stored with the DC-7. These photo may show enough detail to recognise what is there."

Michael Bludworth sent me an image (taken in 2005?) of a Martin 404 in USCG colours, which I mentioned as missing from my visit in 2015 to the 1940 Air Terminal Museum.
It seems the museum was close to finalizing a deal with the owner, did maintenance work on it, but then suddenly that deal collapsed and it was flown to Victoria,TX where it came to rest... without much of a future it seems.
Martin 404 1282
Martin 404 N404CG '1282' 'Arlington', in front of the 1940 Air Terminal Museum

"This Martin 404 was intended for the museum but for whatever reasons, the owner decided to let it rot down in Victoria - it's still there. And this was after extensive repairs were expended!"
Michael (volunteer at the 1940 Air Terminal Museum)
Found an image on of this 404 at Victoria,TX in 2010

Nigel Hitchman wrote me in response to my visit to the Lone Star Museum at Galveston,TX in Nov.2015
Nigel Hitchman's Lone Star warbirds (2011)

Nigel wrote: "Here are the Tiger Moth, B-58 Hustler and a Staggerwing that you didn't mention back in your report, as seen by me in 2011; all of these damamged by the floodwater, but the Staggerwing don't seem to have suffered so much!"

Gerben Groothuis sent me this image recently.

8021Z at Meacham Int'l Airport, 1999
Douglas C-47B N8021Z (c/n 20444) at the Vintage Flying Museum in 13NOV99; a little worse for wear I'd say!
I came across N8021Z in much better shape in 2015, nicely restored for display at Fredericksburg,TX!

See Gerben's gallery of Propliners & Warbirds on my website

In an attempt to identify the operator of C-46 N335CA (and N336CA) I thought Kris Air might be the one; but Alexandre Avrane sent me a 1980 image of N335CA in Kris Air livery that seems to cancel out this theory...
So which operator used that seahorse icon on the tail? Research showed it to be Kris Air (though a 'rejuvenated'
Kris Air changed the livery to that one shown further down!)
Check below link, to my museum visit, for more details on these...

Texas Air Museum - Stinson Chapter
Photographer unknown; seemed part of the David Fowler Collection display - see my
report of Texas Air Wing (Stinson Field)

Collection M.Gilliand, via
Photo credit: Collection M.Gilliand, via (SIN Oct.1980).

Rand Peck provided me with a very welcome update (feedback on my laborious write ups and sharing ones personal aviation memories are always most welcome!) on a DC-3, suffering from prolonged inactivity at a rather remote location...

He wrote: "Unfortunately, Mike Farrey's DC-3 N33623 in Mason,NH still languishes in the same position that you last saw her. I flew her many times with Mike, visiting air shows throughout New England; she was a beautiful machine! Thanks very much for the inspiration to get out and see more."

DC-3 N33623 at Mason,NH

See Rand's complete update on my page: DC-3 N33623 in Mason,NH


Ron Mak sent me this photograph in Feb.2016; he wrote (Webmaster's translation):
"This is SAS DC7C, OY-KND which I came across at Bordeaux-Merignac on 02Dec1972.
In the TAHS 'bible' Piston Airliner Production List I read that it was broken up at Copenhagen (CPH) during
Nov1967..? And that the nose section went to Egeskov Veteranmuseum in Egeskov,Denmark."
Q: how come that discrepancy of OY-KND @Bordeaux in 1972, while it had been reportedly been broken up in 1967?
--->Niels Helmø-Larsen spotted the error and provided the answer, see further down.


DC-7C OY-KND by Ron Mak, 1972

I found that had the following information, but no mention of the year it fell victim to the scrapper:
"Scrapped (fire trainer, front section to Egeskov for Copenhagen Museum) at CPH."

From that TAHS reference book (published 2007) I also learned that OY-KND was delivered new to SAS on 11Aug1957 and was subsequently named 'Rolf Viking'.

Ron Mak has a multiple pages on my website, go and have a look: PAGE ONE | PAGE TWO | PAGE THREE

Niels Helmø-Larsen was soon to respond through Yahoo's Classic-Propliners forum:
"Your (and Ron Mak's) info regarding SAS DC-7C is a mix-up between OY-KNC (c/n 44932) and -KND (c/n 45211)!
OY-KNC is the one on Ron Mak's photo above, at Bordeaux (b/u 1980!) and indeed OY-KND was broken up Kastrup in Nov.1967; the cockpit section was saved, but am not sure if it is still at Egeskov these days."
Niels included a link to a photo of OY-KNC


Mads Oyen sent me this image; he wrote: "..when looking through old pictures, I realized that an An-2 I snapped in Bukavu right after the sacking of the town by Nkunda's forces was IL-registered, and as far as I know, the only explanation for that plane being in Bukavu would be Victor Bout's network.
I took this picture in July 2004, right after Laurent Nkunda had taken Bukavu, and as a result UN staff and property was destroyed by mobs all over the county. Victor Bout was very active in the region and the UN arms embargo people were training is to look for his planes, esspecially EL- registered planes."

AN-2 EL-ALS and unknown 9Q-CVB
Two tailnumbers are to be read here: Antonov An-2 had EL-ALS and the other one 9Q-CVB.

Help on information and background would be greatly welcomed! EMAIL Pls copy the URL of this page in your message.

I have an extensive dossier on my website on Victor Bout, of the days when he was still at large.

I did some extensive searching on the Internet, but was unable to find anything on (An-2) EL-ALS. The suspicion that the registration is fake, and used for illegal transports (indeed, perhaps for the infamous Mr Victor Bout!), is carried by what I found on my own website:
'Democratic Republic of Congo - a sad State of Affairs'; this is about a UN report published in Jan.2005 which includes a remark "# 41. The aircraft commonly used for these arms transfers are the single-engine Antonov 2 and the twin-engine Antonov 8, Antonov 28 and Antonov 32 aircraft, which are capable of landing on poorly maintained or makeshift runways."

Also note: the EL-registry for Liberia was replaced by A8, after register was cancelled by the United Nations due to illegal use!

Could EL-ALS perhaps be the following airframe (for that matter it could also be the other An-2 in the photo or any other An-2 for that matter):
21 SEP 2005
Time: ca 13:15 UTC
Type: Antonov 2 ?
Operator: Panafrican Airways
Registration:  ?
Crew: 2 fatalities / 2 on board
Passengers: 0 fatalities / 1 on board - Total: 2 fatalities / 3 on board
Airplane damage: Written off
Location: 40 km (25 mls) W of Bukavu (Congo (Democratic Republic))
Phase: En route (ENR)
Nature: Cargo
Departure airport: Kasese Airport (KSE) - Destination airport: Bukavu-Kamenbe (BKY)
"The Antonov plane operated on a flight from Kasese to Bukavu. It was chartered by the Decilac company which is based in Bukavu. The aircraft is understood to have encountered a heavy thunderstorm and crashed in mountaneous terrain. The female passenger survived the accident, the Armenian pilot and Congolese copilot were killed in the accident.
The exact Antonov model involved in the accident has not yet been confirmed."

Same accident:
Crash of a PZL-Mielec AN-2 in Bukavu: 2 killed
Panafrican Airways, based at Kivu, Dem Rep of Congo; not sure if it still exists.
Believed associated with Pan African Air Services, Sierra Leone, which is listed on the EU ban list 22Mar2006.

Bukavu (former official names: Costermansville (French) and Costermansstad (Dutch)) is a city in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), lying at the extreme south-western edge of Lake Kivu, west of Cyangugu in Rwanda, and separated from it by the outlet of the Ruzizi River. It is the capital of the South Kivu province and as of 2012 it had an estimated population of 806,940.

Roy Blewett soon replied, through Classic-Propliners Yahoo forum:
"I can't add much, except to say it's unlikely that An-2 EL-ALS was the aircraft lost in the mountains 40 km west of Bukavu on 21Sep05, as I saw it at Bukavu twice subsequently: 18Jul07 and 19Aug09.
I've a note to say it was in poor condition on both occasions.
The registration is almost certainly illegal and it's likely the aircraft was used - like most of those that worked into and out of Bukavu at the time - to haul minerals out of improvised strips supporting illegal mines.
There may have been a connection with Viktor Bout, there were plenty of other miscreants at large in eastern DRC at the time."

By late-2015 I read that the air museum at Lancaster,CA had closed and its assets were made available for disposal.
This was brought home once more by below article; A few years ago I was treated on a very nice tour hear.
Pity to see it go.
C-119 up for disposal, Lancaster air museum closed
See my report of my 2008 visit to Milestones of Flight museum - Lancaster-Fox Field, CA

Gerben Groothuis wrote me on 22Jan2016 and sent these images:
"Though too late to see it actually arrive, I was glad to see 'Bataan' on 20Jan16 at almost the same spot at Chino where I saw her parked in 1995!"
Constellation N422NA 'Bataan'

I looked up 'Bataan' at her previous home (Valle,AZ) in 2008 and described its history; see MY REPORT


Fred Streep sent me this recent, Dec.2015, image taken of Antonovs sunning in the Ethiopian heat!
Antonovs at Dire Dawa
Nearest to the camera is An-26B-100 ET-AMP (c/n 12610) of Suhura Airways (formed by Suhura Ismail for exclusive khat transportation; started operations on 01Apr2009, but may have ceased services in 2012 ?)
If we continue down the line we see 3X-GFC, An-26B-100 c/n 5405 (latest report: operator GR Avia, stored)
And next is 3X-GET, another An-26B-100 (c/n 4104) of GR Avia; also reported as stored.
Behind the row of Antonovs An-26s is Antonov An-12 9U-BHS: c/n ??? Reported to be operated by Air Navette.
(Additional aircraft data by

Dire Dawa is one of two chartered cities in Ethiopia (the other being the capital, Addis Ababa).
It is divided administratively into two woredas, the city proper and the non-urban woreda of Gurgura.
Dire Dawa lies in the eastern part of the nation, on the Dechatu River, at the foot of a ring of cliffs that has been described as "somewhat like a cluster of tea-leaves in the bottom of a slop-basin." At a latitude and longitude of 9°36′N 41°52′ECoordinates: 9°36′N 41°52′E, it is the second largest city in Ethiopia.
The city is an industrial centre, home to several markets and the Aba Tenna Dejazmach Yilma International Airport.

The item on the submerged Beech 18, further down this page, went on a tangent, identifying the fate of another Beech AT-11. John Hess provided additional info and these images.
Beech AT-11
Taken at Grand Island,NY (near Buffalo/ Niagara Falls), 20Jul2012

It started with this info by Ken Swartz:
"Tex Lavallee (of St-Chrysostome, Quebec) owned two Beech 18s (C-FDWS or RCAF 2302) and a Beech AT-11 Kansan (CF-JNW, previously, 42-37620 msn 4616? - as well as a DC-3 and a Lockheed 18).
Tex was a musician, rodeo performer and vintage aircraft collector."

John Bennet replied:
"I believe that AT-11 Kansan CF-JNW is currently at Asheville Regional,NC under restoration with the 'Project Warbird Museum' in hangar 104, last noted December 2011.
Source: Andy Marden's USA Military Out Of Service 2013 / 2014."

John Hess added to the above images:
"The AT-11 CF-JNW was in New York until at least 2012.
The 'Project Warbird' guy started restoration on the horizontal stabilizer and various small parts, but the fuselage stayed in NY until he sold it.
I believe he said the new owner was relocating the entire project to the Baltimore area."

Preston Young paid a visit to the aviation museum at Greybull,WY and he posted images on Facebook's Fire Bomber website.
I am assuming these were taken shortly before posting them, mid-january 2016.
Warbirds at Aviation Museum, Greybull

I was here in 2014 and have written something about this museum, see Visit to Greybull,WY 2014 and PAGE TWO.

This was posted on Facebook (16Jan2016)...
Submerged Beech 18...

Anyone with details on this Beech 18: id, location? EMAIL Please include link to this page when emailing.

Two reactions were soon forthcoming:

Robert Parmerter:
"I believe that this is 1968 Beech H18 Trigear c/n BA-753, delivered to JAL as JA5143. [update see below image]
Beginning in '76 it operated in Hawaii for Panorama Airtour as N2990F. On 08Sep83, just after takeoff from Kailua-Kona Airport, the right engine exhaust rocker arm shaft failed & engine lost power on a Panorama sightseeing flight... Prop wouldn't feather below 500 rpm. Ditched in 25 ft of water.
1 serious injury & 9 minor injuries.

Photo attached."
Beech H18, N2990F, Panorama Airtour
Robert wrote an update Feb.2016:
"When it was suggested on the Beech 18/C-45 Facebook page that the underwater Beech 18 was off Kona,HI, I made an incorrect guess that it was an H18 that had sunk there.
The picture is now correctly identified as at Morrison's Quarry, Wakefield, PQ, Canada.
I remember seeing an online photo of it years ago, being lowered by crane into the quarry, clearly an E18S, as the You tube underwater video also shows.
Report was that it carried the registration CF-IKM on the fin, which would be 1956 E18S BA-131. It had an accident on 30Nov75 at Carp Airport, Ontario when it ran off the runway in crosswind takeoff on a wet runway and hit a snowbank. Retired from use 04Oct78."

Kenneth Swartz:
This image is of a Beech 18, or AT-11, in the Morrison's Quarry dive site in Wakefield, Quebec; it is about 35 km north of Ottawa, on Autoroute 5 N.
You can find this image and others of the aircraft underway by doing a Google Search "Morrison's Quarry airplane":
Beech 18 submerged at Morrison's Quarry, Quebec

I believe this aircraft might have been one of the Beechcraft once owned by Tex Lavallee of St-Chrysostome, Quebec.
Lavallee owned two Beech 18s (C-FDWS or RCAF 2302) and a Beech AT-11 Kansan (CF-JNW, previously, 42-37620 msn 4616?) (as well as a DC-3 and a Lockheed 18).
Tex was a musician, rodeo performer and vintage aircraft collector.
On an old website of his (which I no longer can find) he mentioned that he had sold one aircraft to a scuba diving centre...
A partial list of vintage aircraft Tex owns or once owned appears here -"

John Bennett provided the following follow up on Yahoo's Beech18 forum:
"I believe that AT-11 Kansan CF-JNW is currently at Asheville Regional,NC - under restoration with the Project Warbird Museum in hangar 104 (last reported December 2011).
The above information is from Andy Marden's USA Military Out Of Service 2013 / 2014.
That probably suggests that the submerged Twin Beech is... [drum roll]... C-45F C-FDWS !!!"



Luke Rogers posted these images on Facebook ('Warbird Information Exchange - WIX'), with a request for information.
The fact that it is a C-123 is evident, but where did it come from? What is its USAF serial?
Luke came across this C-123 Provider on 08Jan2016 in Bangkok, at the 'Caterpillar dealership', wherever that is.
C-123 at Bangkok Caterpillar dealership

A posting on Yahoo's 'Classic-Propliners' soon found the answer:
Page 30 of the preserved aircraft list on Stephen 'Steve' M. Darke's website,, provided the desired info on location and identity:
C-123K Provider, ex/ RTAF L4k-10/18
"Bang Plee, Caterpillar dealership (north side of Hwy 34, 30km from Bangkok) [13.604161°, 100.781848°]"
"ex/ Don Mueang store; to Si Racha yard by Mar.2000; noted there on low-loader Nov.2000, and presumed to Bang Plee shortly thereafter - then noted at Bang Plee late-2000 through Aug.2002, in RTAF scheme as '698' - subsequently noted Jan.2010 through Feb.2015 with 'METRO CAT' titles; [ex 54-698]"

It seems that this ex/ USAF 54-698 was involved insome sort of 'special ops':
"In December of 1965, the USAF began Project Black Spot.
This test program was designed to give the Air Force a self-contained night attack capability to seek out and destroy targets along the Ho Chi Minh Trail.
In early-1966, the concept was approved by the Department of Defense and two Fairchild C-123K Providers (#54-691 and #54-698) were modified by E-Systems of Greenville, Texas to the redesignated NC-123K (often referred to as AC-123K)."

N9056R DC-6 Everts Air
JoeJoe Prince Jr caught N9056R (c/n 45498) on finals into Bethel Airport on 01Jan2016

He has more images on my website, my Alaskan correspondent of years! PAGE 1 | PAGE 2

Fokker XXI by Reynout Siertsema

Something offered to me by a friend of a friend: a book about the Fokker XXI by Reynout Siertsema.
Haven't seen it yet, so I cannot endorse it, but maybe something to pursue for those interested in this aircraft or aviation era.
Available through the shop of the 'Nationaal Militair Museum' and webshop of

C-54 being scrapped at North Weald, 2015
This image was published, with 2 others (no name of the photographer), in Dec.2015 on Facebook's
North Weald Airfield; the images show at least one of the DC-4s still parked here at North Weald
being scrapped. The forward fuselage is apparently being salvaged but at time of
writing its destination or purpose is as yet unknown (09Dec15).

History of both C-54s described on my webpage Propliners, UK 2003

Paul Weston flew 'propliner' transports in Alaska decades ago; he was also a keen photographer. Here is one of the updates I have made today on the webpage dedicated to his material he shared with me.
Fairchild C-119 take off from gravel dirtstrip in Alaska
Fairchild C-119 taking off from Ambler's 2.500 ft gravel dirtstrip

John Vogel sent me this update from California in June 2015 on N917AU, as seen through changes since ..

Lockheed P-3A N917AU by John Vogel
Lockheed P-3A N917AU at Chico in april 2005

John wrote: "I have a few additional pictures of Aero Union P-3 N917AU, tanker 17.
I sent you a picture of this tanker (see Photo by Friends & Guests p.42) a couple of months ago, with its latest markings ('MAFFS Protection From Above').
This Lockheed P-3A, c/n 5036, was delivered to the US Navy as Bureau Number 150510 Feb.1963 and leased to the Spanish Navy as P.3-6/22-24.
It returned to the US Sep.1991, went into storage at AMARG in Tucson, AZ.
Some sources indicate it was intended to go to the US Forest Service, then to Hawkins & Powers, then the USFS again...
But it was registered N917AU for Aero Union of Chico,CA in Oct.2004, and to United Aeronautical, Hollywood, CA in November 2013.


Lockheed P-3A N917AU by John Vogel
Tanker 17 at Chico Sep.2008

Lockheed P-3A N917AU by John Vogel
This photo of N917AU T17 was taken at McClellan Park, August 2011

Lockheed P-3A N917AU by John Vogel
Tanker 17 seen at McClellan in April 2014

Note from Webmaster- I came across BuNo.150510 at Hawkins & Powers; at Greybull,WY in 1994; I don't have that photo online yet, some day probably, but my records show it as 'in desert storage as 150510/22-24 Spanish AF'.
Also, Josh Zollo sent me a photo N917AU taken in 2008 at Chico, properly kitted out as an airtanker and in full operation, but not yet in that nice AU livery.
And an earlier photo, which shows it as Spanish AF 22-24, in the hangar, is on Guestphotos Page 21 (by Haasnoot).

Hurricane Andrew, 1992 Florida. This image was posted on Facebook and brought back memories because shortly after the hurricane blew its path of destruction I visited the area: Florida 1992
Propliners destroyed by Hurrican Andrew (1992)

Andrew wrote the following caption with the photo: "The B-17 and B-23 were tied down on the ramp, both broke free and weathervaned, moving backwards on their wheels, across the airport, through the boundary fence, across a road, across the RR tracks, and finally stopped when they ran into the trees!
A miracle that they didn't tumble."

In 2005 an update on the B-23 Dragon: "After Hurricane Andrew B-23 SD/P was dismantled, and later dismantled further, and stripped of paint; it then moved to Polk City where the fuselage is stored outside with little change from the bare fuselage picture shown on"
Here is an image taken 1989 at New Tamiami: Its full identification is N4000B / 40-17B (c/n 2743).
The caption read: "Procured by the USAAC as 39-057. Redesignated C-67 on transfer to transport role. Exhibited at Kermit Week's Tamiami facility during restoration work."
Warbird Registry website has a full history on it. It states it is under restoration at Kermit Weeks' Fantasy of Flight @Polk City,FL; also read somewhere that it has been placed outside on display, but could find no confirmation.

Brad Huculiak wrote me from La Ronge (Saskatchewan): "A classic DeHavilland line-up from the Transwest Air ramp in La Ronge, SK Canada (Oct 25th, 2015)".
A nice deHavilland line up at La Ronge!
The Twin Otter is C-FVOG (S/N 35) - Transwest Air
'Single' Otter is C-FPEM (S/N 438) -Blackmuir’s Camps
And the DHC-2 Beaver is C-GMAQ (S/N 234) - Adventure Destinations

Gerben Groothuis toured the US Eastcoast and took a good dose of vintage aeroplanes; he shared some with me, but also expressed hope to identify some unidentified airframes (for help EMAIL).

Lockheed C-130A Hercules, (57-0453)/'56-0528'
19JUL15, at Ft.Meade,MD

Unidentified Beech 18 at Baltimore, Maryland
Unidentified Beeech 18 (C-45)
18JUL15, at Baltimore-Glenn L. Martin State Airport,MD
The Glenn L. Martin Maryland Aviation Museum, website:

Gerben did some research and came up with the above Beech being D.18S N51021, which carried the markings N4DH (c/n A-260) before this anonymous livery.

And Bob Parmerter, acknowledged Beech18 expert, came to the same conclusion and wrote: "I believe the bare metal mystery Beech 18 shown at at Baltimore-Glenn L. Martin State Airport,MD belongs to the Glenn L Martin Maryland Aviation Museum and is 1946 D18S N4DH A-260; it was converted back to P&W R-985 engines in 2003, after it had been converted to 6 cylinder Lycoming TIGO-541 series engines in 1968 by Rawdon Engineering in Wichita.
Subsequently further upgraded in 1973, as the Turbo-Mod 18; it was eventually re-engined & acquired by the Museum. Photos show the similar nose, windshield, baggage door, & cabin door & most convincingly, it’s registered to the Museum."

Bob checked his files for its complete career (of which we hope many chapters will be added!):
"N51021 was a previous registration for A-260 (1949-1963), now assigned to a Cessna 172.

History: A-260 D18S NC4141 CofA 21Aug46.
Pittsburgh Aeronautical Co, Homestead, PA BS 29Aug46 for $58,650.
Sharon Steel Corp, Sharon, PA BS 29Aug46 for $67,930.
Rereg’d NC4142 21Mar47.
Roy G. Mitchell dba Eclipse Counterbore Co, Detroit, MI BS 15Oct47.
Transf to Eclipse Counterbore Co BS 1Nov48.
Redesig N4142 1Jan49. Photog shows Eclipse emblem on rear fuselage.
General Motors Corp, Detroit, MI BS 17Nov49.
Rereg’d N5102(2) 30Nov49. Photog shows GM winged emblem on rudder.
Rereg’d N51021 23Jul62. Donated to Regents of the Univ of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN BS 7May63.
Accident 4Aug66 Minneapolis, MN copilot inadvertently retracted l/g on landing roll on Univ business flt. 2 uninj.
Joseph R. Nielander Jr BS 1Feb67.
Paul J. Rennard Inc BS 15Apr67.
Avco Distributing Corp, NY, NY BS 1Sep67.
Modif by Rawdon Engineering Co, Wichita, KS by replacing the P&W R985 engines with Lycoming flat, 6-cylinder engines in the TICO-541 series.
Application for experimental airworthiness certificate 2Apr68 with Lycoming TIGO-541-A1A engines & Hartzell HC-D3WN-2L/L1011-5 props. Used for flt testing prototype engines.
David Hassenmiller (CST Co), Dallas, TX BS 25Feb72.
Lycoming TIGO-541-B1A engines & Hartzell HC-D3WN-2L/LW10151-3 props installed per STC SA890CE 4Jan73. CofA 5Jan73.
Rereg’d N4DH 27Mar73.
R. A. Emmett Jr (Turbo-Mod Co), Birmingham, AL BS 30May74 marketed as Turbo-Mod 18.
Donated to Blackhawk Vocational School District Educational Foundation Inc, Janesville, WI BS 17May83.
K & S Classics Inc, Desoto, TX reg’d Sep91.
Colvin Aircraft Inc (Buster Colvin), Big Cabin, OK BS 17Sep91.
Mac Air Corp, McPherson, Ks reg’d Mar93.
David J. Thibodeaux, Anna, TX reg’d Jul96.
Timothy S. Thompson, Plano, TX reg’d 5Apr99.
Carl Jordan, Baltimore, MD reg’d 15Aug02 and P&W R985 engines reinstalled 1Apr03.
Glenn L Martin Maryland Aviation Museum, Baltimore, MD reg’d 13Mar14. Valid Nov15.


Unidentied Beech 18 at Virginia Beach
Unidentified Beech 18 (C-45)
22JUL15 at Virginia Beach Airport,VA
All revealed, and more unidentified airframes, on my Search for.. Gallery

CASA 352L N352JU/(T.2B-176) '1Z+AR'
22JUL15, at Virginia Beach Airport,VA

NX8006 Fairchild 2W2 / 21JUL15 Richmond-Sandfort IAP,VA
Fairchild 2W2 NX8006
21JUL15, at Richmond-Sandfort IAP,VA

The Fairchild FC-1 and its derivatives were a family of light, single-engine, high-wing utility monoplanes produced in the United States in the 1920s and 1930s. The aircraft was originally designed to provide a camera platform for Sherman Fairchild's aerial photography and survey business, Fairchild Aerial Surveys.
The prototype FC-1 flew in June 1926, and initial testing found its original Curtiss OX-5 engine to be inadequate. A Wright J-4 with double the horsepower was soon substituted and the aircraft was redesignated FC-1A. This was felt to have commercial potential, and in a slightly revised form, was put into production as the FC-2.
FC-2W2 was the definitive production version of FC-2W. [Much more on Wikipedia]


NC16099 Vultee V-1AD / 21JUL15 Richmond-Sandfort IAP,VA
Vultee V-1AD NC16099
21JUL15, Richmond-Sandfort IAP,VA (Virginia Aviation Museum, website:

The Vultee V-1 was a 1930s American single-engined airliner, built by the Airplane Development Corporation, designed by Gerard Vultee and financed by automobile manufacturer Errett Cord.
The prototype (designated the V-1) was an all-metal low-wing cantilever monoplane, with a retractable tailwheel landing gear. It had accommodation for a pilot and six passengers and first flew on February 19, 1933.
The production aircraft were designated the V-1A and had a slightly larger and longer fuselage for two pilots and eight passengers.
Production ended in 1936 after 24 aircraft plus the prototype had been built. [Wikipedia]


Gerben shared more images of this trip on my page Photos by Friends & Guests (43)

Terry Fletcher sent me this update of Owls Head Transportation Museum in Maine, which he recently visited. I had visited this museum in 2011 (see MY REPORT) and Terry found some additions!

Fokker C-4 N439FK
Proud to start with some Dutch heritage here, Fokker produced the Fokker C-4 N439FK in the 1920s.
Wikipedia used this aircraft on its page about the Fokker C-IV; N39FK Fokker C.IVA had been modified with
a cabin for passengers for planned non-stop flight Tacoma-Tokyo. What a trip that must have been!

WACO N13442 at Owls Head Museum
WACO UBF N13442 at Owls Head Transportation Museum.
The Waco F series was a range of American-built private pilot owner and training biplanes of the 1930s from
the Waco Aircraft Company. The Waco 'F' series of biplanes supplanted and then replaced the earlier 'O' series
of 1927/33. The 'F' series had an airframe which was smaller and about 450 pounds (200 kg) lighter than the 'O' series, while continuing to provide accommodation for three persons in tandem open cockpits.
The UBF version had a 210 hp (157 kW) Continental R-670 radial engine [Source Wikipedia]

SPAD N14574
SPAD XIII N14574 has been given a new livery since my 2011 visit, see MY REPORT

Terry's visit dates from 3rd October 2015.


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