Vintage Transports, photos by Friends & Guests (52)


On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.

With the ever growing popularity of Social Media (Flickr, Facebook, Instagram) the barrier has become much lower for people to share their photographs or scans of slides; imperfection to post aviation images is no longer an issue.
I noticed a decline in requests for publication on my website (a decline I welcome, as I struggle with the workflow) on my 'Guest Pages', so now some of these images shared below will be copied from Facebook & Flickr by me. For preservation of their historic value as I see it; always with proper credit to the photographer, of course!

Btw, while I am on social media, picking up on aviation news, I use it mainly for other interests while my website remains my main focus to share my interest in vintage aviation.


Savannah York wrote me with a progress report on DC-3 N56V, 'the Potomac Pacemaker'.
DC-3 N56V 'The Potomac Pacemaker'
The above photo is from early Dec.2017, others show 'work in progress' earlier this year.
The 'Piedmont DC-3' is undergoing restoration at the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer,NC.
The tailnumber N56V may cause some confusion, for this is c/n 4900 - while another N56V is c/n 33153, which
is preserved at the Erickson Aircraft Collection in Madras,OR.

DC-3 N56V 'The Potomac Pacemaker'

DC-3 N56V 'The Potomac Pacemaker'
Delivered on 24Mar42 to the USAAF (41-20130), as NC18600 it was leased by Western A/L (bt 01Aug49) and
became N56V Piedmont A/L named "Potomac Pacemaker" (bt 12Jan56).

Savannah wrote me:
"I am one of the volunteers on that airplane, N56V. 
Here's the Facebook page (which I run), on the restoration,

N56V is quite the project... She was outdoors from 1963 to 2004; as a parts source from '63 to '78 and as an outdoor museum display here in my hometown from '78 until '04.
We have had to deal with a lot of rot and corrosion, and most pieces just have to be fabricated.
To further our troubles, when the plane was brought to the museum, for reasons known only to them, the original restoration team tore every single thing out of the interior, even the cockpit...
It's been an uphill battle!

It is true that she will be a static display at the NCTM, but our current plans are (cross your fingers!) obtaining one of Piedmont Airlines' original hangars, which is still in existence, and build an 'airport' on the property, to house N56V and our Wright Flyer replica !"

DC-3 N56V 'The Potomac Pacemaker'

Rob de Man handed over G-DAKK to the war museum in Overloon
G-DAKK at Overloon (Dec.2017)
We see here the arrival of G-DAKK on 07Dec2017 from Weeze. Photo from the museum's Facebook page.
Note the 'South Coast'-titles reappearing! More on this DC-3 HERE...

A vintage photo I found on Facebook, N101SF in its glory days, by Anton Heumann (Las Vegas, july 1979)
N101SF by Anton Heumann (Facebook)
N101SF I found recently at a ranch in Colorado, see my 2017 REPORT (work in progress)

Ken Swartz went to Israel in november 2017 and shared a few photos with me:
C-47 4X-FMJ, by Kenneth Swartz
Douglas C-47 4X-FMJ/042 (33031/16283). Reported for sale in 2001 but found preservation at Hatzerim.

Nordf N2501 Noratlas
Three (043, 045, 055) Nord Noratlas aircarft are preserved at the Air Force Museum of Hatzerim.

For more photos see Kenneth Swartz' gallery on my website HERE..

Bill Blanchard shared this photo of Viscount EC-DXU with me.
Viscount EC-DXU by Bill Blanchard
Vickers Viscount 806X EC-DXU (c/n 264)

Bill wrote: "Thought you might be interested to see the latest status of Viscount EC-DXU which still remains on the fire training ground at Tenerife North (Los Rodeos) airport. The photo was taken on 13Nov17.
The aircraft is still largely intact externally but the weather is starting to take its toll. It is easily viewed from
the public road running alongside the site."
Visible on Google Earth at 28°29'5.29"N 16°20'25.07"W.

History as per
History of V.Viscount EC-DXU
Viscount 806 G-AOYO was converted by Marshalls at Cambridge in 1965

Julian Rusty Durden shared this image on Facebook (Nov.2017)
DC-6 N43872 NAC moved
DC-6 N43872 NAC moved from the museum to the Coast International Inn on Aviation Ave on Lake Hood's shoreline.
When I checked Google Maps (Streetview) on 22Nov2017 the move wasn't yet recorded.

This is N43872, ex/ VC-118A 53-3294 USAF (msn 44665).
This 'Six' was previously preserved at Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum, at Lake Hood (Anchorage). May still be owned by them but perhaps it was moved because the museum needed the space?
Robbie Shaw had seen "the aircraft in that new position when I photographed it in May 2016."

This is how it is featured on my 2012 report:
N43872 at the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum

Does not yet show on Google Earth (my screendump 23Nov2017)

On my Photos by Friends & Guests #53 I have a Dec.2017 update by JoeJoe Prince

Grant Newman shared some good news with me...
Bristol Freighter ZK-EPG ny Grant Newman

Grant wrote me 20Nov2017: "Here’s a pic you might be interested in; it was taken at the beginning of the year during a summer rain shower at Ardmore Aerodrome, South Auckland.
The aircraft is Bristol Freighter Mk.31M NZ5911 and as we speak is in bits aboard a container ship making its way to the UK!
It will join Aerospace Bristol, a new museum venture at Filton Airport, Bristol. It’ll be the only Bristol Freighter in a museum in the UK once it’s put back together."

From my (RL) database I extracted some info on this 'Biffo':
BRISTOL 170 FREIGHTER MK.31M, ZK-EPG (c/n 13135)
ZK-EPG Dwen Airmotive, stored Ardmore aug94. Ln 21Jan04 Auckland-Ardmore, std -tail and reg ZK-EPG on aircraft.
Current Nov06. Oct08: offered for sale incl 7 Bristol engines and many spares on (url no longer valid).

Arrival in the UK, from
Arrival in the UK of Biffo ZK-EPG

Grant Newman sent these images, taken on 18 & 23Sep2017.
C-47 at Xiaotingshan Air Museum (China), by Grant Newman
Seoul, 23Sep2017. Unidentified C-47

Grant wrote: "...a curious C-47 looking incongruous in the middle of Seoul! It is located at Yeouido Park on the south bank of the Han River which flows through the city.
The text below the platform on which it sits is, unfortunately in Korean, so I can’t provide any further information."

Posting on 'DC-3' and 'Classic-Propliners' (Yahoo) fora brought helpful responses from Roy, Michael and Andy-
1/. The C-47 at Yeouido Park is C-47B 43-49570
2/. EC-47Q [Reg.: 49-570 MSN: 26831/15386]
3/. It had arrived from Seongnam AB (K-16) by Sep.2015
From my database: Ln 10/98 at Seoul AB/Songnam City as 049570/D-7

C-47 at Xiaotingshan Air Museum (China), by Grant Newman
Anyone with a theory on the identity of this C-47? EMAIL

China Aviation Museum at Xiaotingshan (a.k.a. 'Datangshan'), north of Beijing.
Grant wrote: "The days I visited were characterised by good weather and lots of people; both days were packed and the lack of indoor shade meant that the tree lined areas between the helicopter and artillery parks and the airliner areas were constantly occupied by people slouching on benches in the shade..."

C-47 at Xiaotingshan Air Museum (China), by Grant Newman
Well, this is a special one, as until recently it was a mystery which C-47 this was... It had been acquired by
the museum from the Zimbabwe Air Force! This is C-47 ex Zim AF, serial 7313 (ex/ G-AMPS).
See details on my Searchfor..

Grant: "I noticed that there were golf carts for hire for those who are unable to wander about the place on their own – sensible as there’s quite a lot of walking to be done.
I have seen images of a Tachikawa Ki-55 (often quoted as a Ki-36, but it’s the advanced trainer without wheel spats, making it a Ki-55, rather than the bomber variant with underfloor glazing for bomb aiming and with wheel spats fitted) in the tunnel, but that is now on display in the Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution in Beijing (see my Flickr album of that museum).
I don’t know when it was moved, but the Military Museum has only recently re-opened after a lengthy renovation."

Grant's excellent photo account on 'China Aviation Museum'

C-47 at Xiaotingshan Air Museum (China), by Grant Newman

"The aircraft dump population appears to have grown compared to images I’ve seen over the years; there’s now a number of Nanchang CJ-5s and a few Shenyang JJ-2s and JJ-5s, as well as the J-8I Finback I mentioned last time.
I’m going to post some more images from the dump area on my Flickr account soon; I suspect these aircraft generate considerable interest among enthusiasts. Identifying them might be a trick."
Grant's excellent photo account on Flickr 'Derelict aircraft at the China Aviation Museum', @Xiaotingshan

More on Grant's photos:

'JoeJoe' Prince shared these images of a recent visit to Big Lake,AK recently
Beech 18 at Big Lake,Alaska
Beech C-45 N888E (c/n AF-255), for many years stored now at Big Lake, Alaska

Beech 18 at Big Lake,Alaska
Beech C-45F N8062H (c/n 8386)

History is detailed Guestphotos #03 and Guestphotos #34

Scott Kordes shared this photo on Facebook 18Nov2017.
C-47 at Maintenance School in Oklahoma City - by Scott Kordes

There were no details as to the identity of this DC-3 / C-47, except "A DC-3 sitting in a aviation maintenance school parking lot in Oklahoma City." And we see a serial on the tail '892953/T-U7'.

This website published (November 9, 2014 12:00 am CDT) something on this static transport-
"The plane has been sitting in a public parking area at Metro Technology Center’s Aviation Career Campus for the past seven years, but a fund-raising effort could be launched soon to have the plane moved, restored, and put on display in Midwest City."
"The plane, donated to the aircraft mechanics school in 2007 by the Oklahoma State Fair, has been the target of vandals in recent years. .... that the C-47-15DK is one of only two still in existence that were used by Allied forces on D-Day."
"The plane now sitting at Metro Tech was owned by two Oklahoma-based petroleum companies after being taken out of service and donated to State Fair Park in 1976."

The serial on this C-47 on display is fake. It was ex/ USAF 42-92838 and later flew as N65162 (c/n 12683).

In Nov.2017 I noticed this fine photo shared by Yousef El-Yousseph on Facebook.
C-118s stored at Fairbanks, by Yousel El-Yousseph
Probably at Fairbanks (where Mr El-Yousseph seems to live), but not sure if this is recent.
A few things I hate of Facebook: no details on where & when, no credit to the actual photographer (if not our own).
And the fact that I never am able to retrieve the posting or photo again; anything I've 'seen' is put away by Facebook.

In Nov.2017 I noticed, consulting Google Earth, that the derelict Lockheed Constellations at the edge of
Sao Tomé's Int'l Airport had gone.

Constellations at Sao Tomé - now gone

The above screendump is from the website
Btw, afaik there were only 2 Constellations: the other derelict plane (in the background) is a Douglas DC-3.

CF-NAL & CF-NAM formed the centerpiece of an airport restaurant 'The Airplane' and was reported as still in operation in December 2015.
Which contradicts what Clive Newland wrote: "The history function of Google Earth suggests they were there in April 2011, but gone by January 2014."

These derelict planes were reported at location 0°22'23.56"N 6°42'49.75"E
These planes were abandoned after their use during the 'Biafra Airlift'.
The Biafran Airlift was an international humanitarian relief effort that transported food and medicine to Biafra during the 1967-70 secession war from Nigeria (Nigerian Civil War).
It was the largest civilian airlift, and after the Berlin airlift of 1948-49, the largest non-combatant airlift of any kind ever carried out.
The airlift was largely a series of joint efforts by Protestant and Catholic church groups, and other non-governmental organizations (NGO)s, operating civilian and military aircraft with volunteer (mostly) civilian crews and support personnel.
Several national governments also supported the effort, mostly behind the scenes. This sustained joint effort, which lasted one and a half times as long as its Berlin predecessor, is estimated to have saved more than a million lives.
Not all the participants were fully legitimate, mercenaries were not hard to find in Africa in those days.
Shadows: Airlift and Airwar In Biafra and Nigeria 1967-1970, by Michael I. Draper, is a book I can recommend on this subject.

The website I can recommend for Lockheed Constellations and all its variants is
But at the time of writing this (18Nov2017) I found the website has both airframes still in place:
CF-NAL c/n 4831 --->Stored Sao Tome International Airport, Sao Tome
CF-NAM c/n 4832--->Stored Sao Tome International Airport, Sao Tome

And the online database also has them still at São Tomé's IAP Salazar in Sao Tome E Principe (IATA: TMS)
History of CF-NAL & CF-NAM


Ralph M. Pettersen replied to the above: "check the 23Jan2016 report on my Constellation Survivors website. (for last sighting and photos).
Others do see the Constellations on Google Earth still in place... Also learned of another name for the establishment where the planes are part of: 'Asas d'Aviao'.

I took a closer look with Google Earth on the history of development around the Constellations.
GE 2009
This is 2009

GE 2011

GE 2014

GE 2017 (2016?)
Google Earth 2017
I have circled both and am pleased to be able to conclude they must still be there!

The beached C-117 in Iceland has made quite a career: first avid propliner fans sought it out, serious art photographers
were soon to follow, many others visited with less respect but it also featured in advertisements, tv series and now...
as a prop in a wedding shoot!
C-117 beached in Iceland

You'll find the Douglas C-117 featured in my Iceland 2007 report.

C-97 Plane Restaurant near Colorado Springs
Boeing C-97 Plane restaurant near Colorado Springs; the link above has larger imgaes.

See also my write up on this plane and restaaurant: Search for..

Ron Mak sent me a photo of a mystery DC-3 seen at Las Palmas by him in Dec.1970
While the search was sometimes confusing (incorrect data in Air-Britain's DC-3 book '70 Years') it was solved
by this photo sent by Juergen Scherbarth, found in his collection, which shows it in the same position in better times.
DC-3 G-AJHZ Westpoint cs at Las Palmas; credit Juergen Scherbarth
Douglas DC-3 G-AJHZ (c/n 12421), Westpoint; photo dates from Aug.1968 (Juergen Scherbarth Collection)
See Search for...

JoeJoe Prince posted this photo and wrote "They moved the old Fish & Wildlife Beaver inside Ted Stevens International Airport Terminal in Anchorage, Alaska."
DHC-2 N754 by JoeJoe Prince
N754 c/n 1207 from (click link for more photos)
• Delivered 19Jun58
• FAEC-29 Cuban Air Force / Fuerza Aérea Ejercito de Cuba
• Later, Fuerza Aérea Revolucionaria
• N754 Garrett AiResearch turbine powerplant
• Cvtd by Volpar Inc., Van Nuys, CA. modified with 2 add'l wing tanks, strengthened cabin floor, cockpit moved fwd
• US Department of the Interior, Anchorage, AK
• Noted by Neil Aird 14Sep68 @Anchorage, AK • Noted again 09/95 @ Anchorage, AK. and @Victoria,BC. in 1997
• The strangest looking Beaver ever ?
• Photographed again in May 2000 at Lake Hood,AK with small change in paint scheme.

The subject again 'C-97' but totally different circumstance!
BAHF Stratocruiser leaves Floyd Bennett Field
BAHF Stratocruiser leaves Floyd Bennett Field! Posted on Facebook 07Nov2017.
Further down this page, Boeing C-97G 559595/N117GA (c/n 16749) of the Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation can
be seen on a photo by Tim Chaloner: N117GA delayed from its ferry flight to its new home due to technical problems.

C-97G on ferry to Reading,PA nov.2017
Meanwhile, a job well done!

The above article is from check the link for article in full.

In 2009 I visited the BAHF at Floyd Bennett Field and got a great tour in this Boeing Stratocruiser: MY REPORT.
That report also has the historical details of this Boeing ex/ USAF fueltanker and Alaska fish hauler.
My page Photos by Friends & Guests (23) has a fine 1994 photo of this C-97 N117GA in action, in Alaska.
My page Photos by Friends & Guests (49) has a 2017 update, with first post-restoration flight nearing.

C-97G N117GA airborne, by Jay Selman
Amazing photography by Jay Selman, for more (and larger) photos see

See my Photos from Friends & Guests #56 marking a day of significant feat: airborne once again at Hagerstown Reg'l AP

Still trying to confirm if this row of Stratocruisers could have been photographed at Fairbanks in 1972.
Most seem to think it must be Mojave,CA!

Frances Blake insists he never went to the Mojave desert, being not really interested in planes, except for those he photographed in 1972, while on assignment in Alaska. Frances states he saw these Strats at FAI. The insert is at Mojave.

Another mystery solved!
This time by John Austin-Williams, on the ex/ Zimbabwe AF C-47 in the Xiatangshan ('Datangshan') Air Museum.
See my Search for.. for the full details.



"Built by Fokker and delivered to Swissair as HB-IRO in October 1938. Here at Oshkosh on 28Jul2017".
by Terry Fletcher.
See my Deep South 2000 visit for my photo (quite different then!) and history details.

Present (01Nov2017) history as per - online aviation database
N143D history by



In Oct.2017 ZS-DVJ was finally moved from Jo'burg IAP to Rand Airport! It was an arduous process of
preparation and execution of this remarkable transport. Congratulations to all involved.
Personal memories & photos of ZS-DVJ on my Starliner ZS-DVJ, remembered by Erik Eriksson

Starliner ZS-DVJ moved by road to Rand airport, oct.2017
I like the 'cash for scrap' humor here! But ZS-DVJ has been rescued from the scrapman!

Now this has been done, restoration can start in earnest!
For more information on the Starliner: visit the SAA Museum Society Starliner website pages as follows: (History of ZS-DVJ) and (ZS-DVJ relocation).
Pages may take a while to load!

Visit for progress and news updates!
Thanks to John Austin-Williams/SAA Museum.

Dirk Septer visited Hay River,NWT last june...
Hay River,NWT - 2017 visit by Dirk Septer
Lockheed L-188AF Electra, C-FBAQ (c/n 1039)

For more of Dirk's photos visit his gallery on my website PAGE 1 | PAGE 2

Ron Mak visited Las Palmas in 1970 and scored a number of 'Big Dougs'... See for the others HERE..
DC-7 EC-BEO derelict; by Ron Mak
DC-7 EC-BEO, derelict.
History by ATDB aero: DC-7C c/n 45551 - Alitalia I-DUVU -- Martinair Holland PH-MAK -- Trabajos Aéreos
y Enlaces (TAE, 1967-1981) EC-BEO -- Scrapped at LPA.

Added 10 more vintage photos of the Richard Nash / Bill Hill collection, here's just one .
Bristol Freighter G-AMLJ
Bristol 170 Freighter Mk.31, J G-AMLJ (c/n 13072) of Middle East Airlines
This 'Biffo' was built in 1951, delivered direct to Aer Lingus from Bristol's production line in July 1952 and
served Aer Lingus as EI-AFR ('St Flannan') ; operated by BKS (G-AMLJ) from Oct.1958 until Mar.1966
when it was sold to Aer Turas and reg'd as EI-APC. So bought by Aer Turas in 1966 and flown in 3 different
colour schemes during a 6 year career with that airline. Then was passed on to Skyways, as G-AMLJ, and
then to MEA, and BOAC Associated Companies and BKS. Sold to TAR IN Dec.72, stored at Nice (F-BTYO)
in 1976 and subsequently scrapped.

Tim Chaloner sent me these photos, depicting his visit to Floyd Bennett Field on 24Jun17.
C-47B 44-457 in NY ANG livery
Tim wrote: "I visited the Historic Aircraft Restoration Project (HARP) at Floyd Bennett Field, NY.
It is only open 3 days a week, now that the hangar roof has since been repaired. This shot is of C-47B 44457
(c/n 32789/16041) in New York Air National Guard colours."

A PBY Catalina undergoing some restoration work.
It is reported as 46456 c/n 1820 according to Roy Blewett’s Survivors book."

See my visit in 2009 to BAHF & HARP, including many details on Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina N4582T (c/n 1820, ex/ BuNo.46456, 6509 (Brazil) - on loan from NMMC,VA and C-97 N117GA!

C-97 N117GA of BAHF
"This is Boeing C-97G 559595/N117GA (c/n 16749) of the Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation.
It has a small name 'Angel of Deliverance' and logo on the lower forward fuselage.
This aircraft attempted to depart Floyd Bennett a few weeks ago, but a recurring problem with the
no.3 engine has it grounded again until the Autumn."
-> See further up this page to see it going airborne! <-

On 14Jun2017 Tim Chaloner visited Colorado and shared these images with me; he also provided the captions-
C-119F 131688 c/n 10855 on display outside the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum
"C-119F 131688 (c/n 10855), on display outside the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum (Pueblo,CO)"

SC-47J N64605 (c/n 13227) at the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum
"This is SC-47J N64605 (c/n 13227) at the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum (
It is in the colours of its last operator, which was the Naval Research Laboratory in Barrow,AK.
The registration was not painted on the aircraft, and appears to be in the midst of a re-paint.
Difficult to get a decent shot of this one, as it was crammed in the hangar."

Roger Brown wrote: "Ruud, actually, the C-47 is a Navy registry R-4D as they refer to her. Her markings are old,
based on her last duty station many years ago at Point Barrow Alaska. We are hoping in the next year or so
to give her "colors" a proper refresh."

"This KC-97L 30283 c/n 17065 has been located near the Colorado Springs Airport for many years.
We confirmed it is still in use as a restaurant.
The refueling probe at the rear was not attached and was lying on the ground."

See my report on the Airplane Restaurant,
part of the aircraft sits outside, while the other part is inside the restaurant.

EC-121T 23425 c/n 4343 located at the Peterson AFB Air & Space Museum
"One of my favourites from the visit is this Lockheed EC-121T 23425 (c/n 4343) located at the Peterson AFB
Air & Space Museum at Colorado Springs Airport. Museum access is granted with a confirmed email
reservation from the museum at least 2 days prior to a visit, as the museum is on the base."

Roy Blewett sent me a recent (23Aug17) photo of Fairchild C-119 N5216R; next year it will move 'north'.
C-119 N5216R at Battle Mountain (NV); by Roy Blewett
N5216R was Tanker 136 and is here preserved at Battle Mountain,NV as 'T137'; it was donated by H&P - but the
museum has been defunct for many years and one by one the planes have left.
It is expected that this one, the last plane to leave this compound, will go north (Alaska, allegedly).
My page on this C-119 at Battle Mountain has a lot of info on this C-119 plus others.

See also Feb.2018 update on PAGE #53, revealing its destiny!

Terry Fletcher shared this photo with me (Sep.2017)
Grumman C-1A Trader, ex/ USN 146052
At Oshkosh (27Jul2017) was this N81193, a Grumman C-1A Trader (ex US Navy 146052)
Terry:"It was damaged in Hurricane Ike , whilst at a museum in Texas, and has been now been converted
to a trailer-mounted-camper-vehicle ". Nice job!!!

Hurricane Ike did plenty of damage to the Lone Star Flight Museum at Galveston (has been moved since). For some of that damage to warbirds see my 2014 report.
The Lone Star Flight Museum had the Grumman reg'd as N81193 and ownership has been described as 1989-2003.

Joe Baugher depicted its history as:-
146052 (msn 82) assigned to VRC-40 in 1976. To MASDC as 7C0007 Apr 1, 1981. Registered N81193 Mar 31, 1989, registered to the Texas Aviation Hall of Fame Aug 11, 1989, current. Reported Mar 2005 with Lone Star Flight Museum, Galveston, TX. Damaged by salt water flooding during Hurricane Ike, 13Sep08 Wreck at Round Top, TX in 2017. 2016

Terry Fletcher's photo gallery on

This is Convair G-CONV at Carluke; conversion to a B&B never worked out.
Convair at Carluke, Scotland
It has recently been converted into a make-up studio, owned and operated by Amber Scott: 'Runway Studio'
See my Convair page for more details of its past

Roger Brown shared this with me on Facebook (Oct.2017)
P2V Neptune BuN.128402 by Roger Brown
Lockheed SP-2E Neptune, BuNo.128402 (c/n 426-5248) at Weisbrod Museum (Pueblo,CO)
Engine Manufacturer and Model: 2x Wright + 2x Westinghouse R-3350-26W Cyclone-18 + J-34.

Roger wrote: "Ruud, our museum's P2V in our compound undergoing a long needed refurbishment & paint restoration by our Restoration Team, trying to beat the weather changes!
Our museum is The Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum. If any are interested our website, it is undergoing some revision and rebuilds but should/may be accessible at, as always, we're all a "work in progress"!

On I came across this information:
"I flew 17 flights in Bu.No. 128402 (MA 6 - VP 23 NAS Brunswick ) betw 24Jul55 and 14Dec55.
On 14 Dec we turned this AC over to O& R in Jax. FL and returned to BNAS with P2V-7 Bu. No. 140156 (MA/LJ 11) which later crashed in Italy 21 july 57.
This info was taken from my personal flight log." --Donald Brown, 2013-02-14

And Roger wrote on 29Oct2017: "Heroic efforts by our PWAM restoration team. Paint work is done! Next the markings and assembly. Bet she's not looked this good in decades

PWAM P-2 Bun.128402

Joe Musso seems to be credited for these photos (also named on Facebook: 'Robert Dyleski II & 4 others').
Joe wrote: "I have to give one HUGE "Great Job and Thank You!" out to my Restoration Crew at the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum! They restored the entire exterior of a P2V5 Neptune in 3 months! This is a HUGE amount of work as this planes dimensions are Length: 91 ft 8 in, Wingspan: 103 ft 10 in, Height: 29 ft 4 in, and the Wing area alone is: 1,000 ft²!! We still need to put on the Stars and Bars and Unit, etc.. but the hard part is DONE!!! My crew ROCKS!"
Nuff said!

Roger Botting shared these photos with me for my website; he wrote "In May I went out to the Northwest for
an aviation trip; had 'mixed weather' but managed a few gems, for you to enjoy!"
Grumman Goose N640
Grumman G.21G Goose N640 (c/n 1201), built in 1944; photo taken at Boeing Field, Seattle,WA (11May2017)
N640 is featured a number of time on my website! Photos by Friends & Guests PAGE 12 - PAGE 33 - PAGE 41 - PAGE 49

Lockheed L.188 firebomber C-FYYJ
Lockheed L188A Electra C-FYYJ (c/n 1143) of Canair, tanker 60; taken at Abbotsford, B.C. (May 14th)

Dove N4913V, by Roger Botting (2017)
N4913V DH104 Dove 5A N4913V (c/n 04272), built in 1954 and photographed at Chilliwack, B.C.
"The airport manager gave me a walking tour of Chilliwack and said that the owner of the Dove claims that when
the Rolling Stones came to the USA for the first tour they used this aircraft! Not sure if that is true or not,
he also said that the owner is planning to try and make it airworthy again."

Lockheed P2V-5F Neptune N202EV (c/n 131562, mfr 1954); at the Evergreen Museum (McMinnville,OR - May 17th)
See my report on my 2012 visit here and update on N202EV.

Widgeon N402E
Grumman G-44A Wigdeon N402E (c/n 1444 ), built in 1946.

Roger wrote me in Aug.2017: "My entry point back into the USA, from Ontario, was Port Huron. And at the St. Clair County Int'l Airport I was lucky to catch N402E, which had stopped for fuel on its way home from Oshkosh to Rochester, NY."

Some info I found googling:
Owner: Lost in Time LLC, Rochester, NY. - Fixed wing multi engine (5 seats / 2 engines).
Engine: Lycoming GO-435C&D SER (Reciprocating), Horsepower: 260.

'The Grumman G-44 Widgeon is a small, five-person, twin-engine amphibious aircraft. It was designated J4F by the United States Navy and Coast Guard and OA-14 by the United States Army Air Corps and United States Army Air Forces.
The Widgeon was originally designed for the civil market. It is smaller but otherwise similar to Grumman's earlier G-21 Goose, and was produced from 1941 to 1955.
A total of 76 of the new G-44A were built by Grumman, the last being delivered on January 13, 1949. Another 41 were produced under licence by the Societe de Construction Aero-Navale (SCAN) in La Rochelle, France as the SCAN-30. Most of these ended up in the United States.'



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Created: 25-Oct-2017