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On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.

With the ever growing popularity of Social Media (Flickr, Facebook, Instagram) the barrier has become much lower for people to share their photographs or scans of slides; imperfection to post aviation images is no longer an issue.
I noticed a decline in requests for publication on my website (a decline I welcome, as I struggle with the workflow) on my 'Guest Pages', so now some of these images shared below will be copied from Facebook & Flickr by me. For preservation of their historic value as I see it; always with proper credit to the photographer, of course!

Btw, while I am on social media, picking up on aviation news, I use it mainly for other interests while my website remains my main focus to share my interest in vintage aviation.


Malcolm Gow came across this Lockheed C-121C Constellation HB-RSC at Basle on 16Jun2014.
Lockheed Constellation HB-RSC, Breitling sponsored

In June 2017 news was published that the Breitling Connie was to be grounded for the remainder of 2017. Due to finances. An action was started 'Save our Connie, the Breitling Super Constellation'.

The on 03Jan2018: 'The Connie will fly again'.
'On 25No2017, the assembly of Connie owners approved the plans and decisions made by the SCFA board members, and unanimously voted in favor of all requests presented by the board.
The 2016/2017 annual report as well as the 2016/2017 annual financial statement were approved and authorized; additionally, the 2017/2018 budgetary plans were also authorized.
The association assembly has hereby laid the foundation for a thorough inspection of our «Grand Old Lady» during the coming winter months which will help get the Connie back to an airworthy status by the spring.
If all goes well, we expect the FOCA (Federal Office of Civil Aviation) to sign off on our work, and issue a «permit to fly» to HB-RSC." []

Jay Brettle sent me this image, for a DC-3 among the Bill Hill Gallery update I could not identify.
DC-3 JY-ADE by Ray Brettle
For more info on JY-ADE see the gallery The Bill Hill Collection on my website

Made another update to the gallery The Bill Hill Collection on my website, 6 images.
DC-2 from the Bill Hill collection

Douglas DC-2 PH-AKK (c/n 1357) of KLM 'Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij'.
This DC-2 was assembled by Fokker (#17) and destroyed on 10May1940 at Schiphol-AMSterdam (bombed).

I noticed a familiar DC-3 today (12Mar2018) posted by Lars Lamb on FB's General Aviation Yunkyard
DC-3 0-7220 at McCall,ID by Lars Lamb (3-2018)
I visited this DC-3 0-7220 (17220) at McCall (Idaho) in 2014 and recorded its history on my USA 2014 report.

Lars wrote: "I stopped today to snap a few [pictures] from her less photogenic side.
I bumped into the owner awhile back and he states he doesn’t have the resources to get her airworthy, but hopes to
make a credible static display. I contacted him a couple days ago to ask for a look inside.
If I find anything interesting, I’ll post here."

Phil Niewald shared this photo on Beech 18/ C45/ AT11/ SNB Group (Facebook).
I thought it was one for my Off-airport gallery, but it so happens it is on Marshall's Harrison County Airport.
Beech C-45 at Marshall,TX
Terry Sullivan wrote here: " Gate Guard at CAF Lone Star Wing, Marshall TX(KASL).
A composite airframe formerly from the Corley Tedder 'collection'.

Survivors 2017 has two Beech 18s in Marshall,TX: N6132 (probably unmarked or painted over) and N11000.

Bruce Deville wrote with the FB post: "N11000 was an old 'tech school' Beech that Corley Tedder purchased as a package of two airplanes, in I think, the 1980s.
In the early 1990s I purchased N11000 as an empty shell to restore. Some month later I decided to trade N11000 back to Corley for another airframe and restore it instead. That was N9152.
That would make this UC-45J c/n 67128.
I had N9152 last owned by Richard Nielsen of Lynch, NE.

Charlie's Hangar Surf Hostel DC-3... These images were sent to me by Juergen Scherbarth last month.
These DC-3 defy identification as yet, several people have attempted to contact the right people but apparently to no avail
DC-3's Charie's Surfhostel
Juergen wrote here: "At least since 2014 two unidentified and disassembled C-47 fuselages, with detached wings and engines, were present at the current location. Note attached GE image dating 2015.
According to my information they’re still waiting to be identified.
Maybe ex/ PAF C-47s from former Nichols AB, Manila...?"
Full address: Surfers Road Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union, Philippines
Charlie's Surf Hostel, Philippines

Ron Mak also noted these and added these images:
Charlie's Surf Hostel - unidentified DC-3's

Charlie's Surf Hostel - unidentified DC-3's
The adress is Surfer's Road, Brgy. Urbiztondo - 2514 San Juan (La Union).

Ron Mak wrote (webmaster's translation): 'This is on the Philippines, San Fernando is the nearest big town and there is a small airport nearby: La Union on the Luzon Sea; beautiful location, splendid beaches and magnificent scenery.
Check Google Earth, you'll be able to find Charlie's Surf Hostal and a 2nd DC-3 somewhat in ortherly direction nearby.
These 2 DC-3s probably originate from Manila's - Ninoy Aquino International; they are cleaning up the long-term stored (derelict) propliners, as with the recently moved Constellation (gone to HARS).
Many of the direlict wrecks seem to have disappeared without trace.
One can find a few ex/ Cebu Pacific DC-9s in and around the centre of Manila City, in parks and along roads. Left behind and abandoned. Even an Antonov An-24 somewhere...

My gallery Off-Airport Asia has the identities of DC-3 here involved at Charlie's Hostel.

On I found a photo for the date 28Apr2019. Looking good!

Finally we have some more information on the destiny of the C-119 stored at Battle Mountain,NV !
This is about Fairchild C-119G Flying Boxcar N5216R, see my page Battle Mountain,NV
C-119 to become a mobile coffee shop in Alaska
I have to thank 'JoeJoe' Prince for making me aware of this noteworthy news!

"It started, like so many unlikely tales, with two bored guys sitting in a vehicle.
John Will and Jim Morris run aircraft de-icing equipment, but on this day there was no ice, so they were driving around the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport looking at airplanes, especially an old military cargo plane called a
C-119 Flying Boxcar.
It's a humble craft—a big, bulbous rectangle with wings on top—built to carry vehicles, troops or guns, and retired by the Air Force more than 40 years ago.

Morris said, "Wouldn't that make a great party bus?"
It was a random comment, but Will said it made his head explode. This had to be done.
I got a variety of answers to that question.
"It's about the only plane you can do it with," Morris explained. "Most planes are round."
"I like building weird things," Will said. "I'm itching to get on this."
Morris explained that the driver's seat would be in the restored cockpit, high above the road."
end/. quote

For the plan and its progress see

John Will clarified the project to me (March 2018): "It will not be used to spice up a new coffee shop. It will be a mobile venue where Veterans can explore military history, connect with each other, and be recognized for their contributions through art and memorabilia.
We are a non-profit and we will be donating to other Alaska based veteran organizations that need support."

In Sep.2018 John confirmed ""We are still on track with the project. We have been doing fund raisers and getting the word out.
We are currently waiting on some paperwork from the Government to clear the title for us and you know how long it takes Uncle Sam to do anything, but should be any day now.
We are going to be telling the story and fashioning the fuselage after Gamble Chalk One, a C-119 (51-2560) that crashed up here in 1952 with 5 airmen and 14 soldiers on board. They just found the wreckage and will be doing a lot of work there in the coming years to exhume all the bodies that are still there and give them a proper burial

Several people made me aware in Feb.2019 that this C-119 was offered online for sale again...
This is a former Forest Service Aircraft that was a part of a museum in Battle Mountain, but which has been closed for
a number of years. A purchase is complicatedbecause, according to the advertisement, a 'bill of sale' cannot be provided.
This advert did include a few photos of the interior.

C-119 N5216R at Battle Mountain for sale again
C-119 N5216R at Battle Mountain offered for sale again, time running out..?

Following update stems from late-Feb.2019:
"It's a huge day here at Rolling Boxcar! We have finally acquired an aircraft for our project!
N5216R, Tanker 36 [sic], was destined for the scrap heap. It has been so cannibalized that it would never fly again but she has what we call 'good bones'.
There were several scrap yards who wanting it too but Fairchild used so much magnesium in these old birds that it makes it hard for even the scrapers to make any money on them.
But this old girl will get a new lease on life...
She will loose her wings but her heart and soul will travel the US, Canada and Alaska again rolling history to the Vets who helped make it with emphasis on the tragic story of Gamble Chalk One, a C-119 that crashed into Denali Park in 1952 killing all 19 aboard. Their bodies are still up there.
So thanks to all involved and wish Rolling Boxcar luck as we move this project forward.
GSA and DOD will clear the paperwork very soon but in the mean time we are headed that way. We will be working side by side with the Alaska Military Heritage Museum, the Alaska Territorial Cavalry (Motorized) and others to share Alaska's military history from it's involvement in WWII to our present day.
Go to to find out more about us or for the Heritage Museum. Remember to sign up as a member too. Or just send us an Email address to get our newsletter.
Or just say hi to John at John -AT- rollingboxcar -DOT- com. ROLL ON!"


'JoeJoe' Prince forwarded me this photo through Facebook:
DHC-2 Beaver N77KA of Yute Commuter Services
Yute Commuter Services wrote: "Our Beaver is up and ready for business!
If you need a large amount of freight moved, give us a call: 543-2685 or 2684

In 2006 and 2012 I came across it at Lake Hood, for sale. Good to see it has found a new owner!
Reg'd 19Mar2016 to Michael W. Renfro of Bethel,AK

Here's my gallery of my correspondent at Bethel,Alaska!

Andy Mac sent me this photo, EXIF data shows 28Jan18.
N8061A on its way to Ohio
Douglas C-47 N8061A (c/n 6085).

Andy wrote: "A but scruffy but flying nevertheless, making a fuel stop at Lincoln, NE while heading north to Ohio."
Tom Singfield caught N8061A at its homebase in 2015: Photos by Friends & Guests #43

Roger Janssens wrote me 23Feb2018 to set the record straight here:
"N8061A was in Lincoln,NE is because it was on its way to its final resting place: Spanish Fork Airport Springville-Woodhouse Field, Spanish Fork in Uah (KSPK); its final flight was on 29Jan2018 and it will be dismantled to become part of a children's playground."

Roger continued: "N8061A had already been with Preferred Airparts LLC at Kidron, OH, since at least 13Apr2017, when I first photographed it there.
I photographed it there again on 01Aug2017 – see the attached photo."

N8061A by Roger Janssens
N8061A at Kidron,OH - photo by Roger Janssens

"This photo also shows some other C-47s/DC-3s: to the left: N3BA (sadly by now devoid of paint) -to the right, from the front to the rear: N566PT (ex N50CM), N562PT (ex N81907), N192RD (by now reregistered to N563PT), N332RD (by now reregistered to N564PT) and N193RD (by now reregistered to N565PT).
Not visible on this photo, but also present, were: N403JB, N467KS, N882TP, the fuselage of N834TP, and the fuselage (sans cockpit) of XA-RPE.
In addition, two C-47s/DC-3s were under major overhaul, but I wasn’t allowed to go near them... They may have been N560PT and N561PT."

Bought by ABX Holding 09Feb19; we may see a new lease of life, not sure if it was converted to Turbo engines.

'JoeJoe' Prince sent me two photos taken at ANC's south ramp - see his gallery on my webiste
C-119 N9027K has been moved at ANC to the sout side ramp
N8504Z, Fairchild C-119G (c/n 11253)
I think it was last operated by Everts Air Fuel and it is still owned by them.
Everts had a request by an entrepeneur to take it from their hands and use it to spice up a new coffee shop. But
Everts declined, they have the history and preservation of the C-119 and DC-6 too close to their heart... Good job!

February on the Everts Air calendar, 2018
February on the Everts Air calendar, 2018
'February' is my favourite month on this calendar. Photo by Kirill Makarenko.

DC-7 G-ATAB at Lasham (1966) by Neville Webb
C/n 45361 was first delivered to United Air Lines (N6348C), then flew for Transmeridian Air Cargo (TMA; as
G-ATAB, being converted to DC-7B in Dec.'60) and Dan-Air London was 3rd and last.
G-ATAB was scrapped at Lasham (EGHL) in 1973.

Photo by Neville Webb (1966); for more see HIS GALLERY on my website.

C-119 48-0352 up for restoration at Dover,DE
Components of C-119 48-0352 at Dover AFB (credit AMC Museum; exif data shows Jan.2017)
More on this and 48-0352: C-119 Dossier, page #3

Gerben Groothuis sent me these 2 images (dating from Feb.2017) for identification
Unidentified at Tucson salvage yard
With the above photo Gerben wrote: "can you help with the identification of the C-131 (or T-29) nose found stored
at the Pima Air Museum? I know about the TS-2A next to it, that's N425DF/136583/D-401."

Other airframes that need identification: Searchfor..

HU-16 at Western Int'l yard
Bare metal HU-16 @Western International yard (Tucson)
For the research of my USA 2017 pages (Tucson's salvage yards) I came across this one but had the same
problem with identification! Please help: EMAIL

Grant Newman sent me a few images for my Off-Airport Gallery (see..)
McDonald's DC-3 at Taupo,NZ - by Grant Newman
'McDonald's Diner DC-3' at Taupo,NZ
The Taupo McDonalds has been voted 'the coolest McDonalds on the Planet', out of some 35.000
restaurants around the world!

ZK-APK 'Mangaweke' by Grant Newman
DC-3 ZK-APK (c/n 34227), 'Mangaweke Skyliner'

You'll like my 8 images update to the Bill Hill gallery on my website

C-47 D-CNSF of Nordseeflug by Bill Hill; images provided by Richard Nash.

C-47 9G-AAE Ghana Airways by Bill Hill

Douglas DC-6 N12347 (c/n 44071/401) by Jim Thompson shows a nice winterscene in northern Alaska.
DC-6 N12347 in Alaska by Jim Thompson
N12347 was moved in 2003 and, alas, the owner seems to have made little progress to convert it to his 'man cave'..?
I recorded it on film in 1995 and on that page you'll find a 1991 photo as well.
See also my gallery of Aircraft Off-Airport

Last time I was in Alaska in 2012, but I did not make it to this one; next time!!!

Grant sent me a few 2017 photos, more on Off-Airport ASIA
WWII transports at Seoul's War Memorial
Curtiss C-46D Commando RoKAF 10-541 at Seoul's War Memorial

RoKAF C-123 in Boramae Park
Fairchild C-123J RoKAF 40622 (54-0622, c/n 20071) @Boramae Park, S.Korea

Ron Mak shared this photo of Grumman HU-16 N4796U, in better days, after seeing it reported on my USA 2017
HU-16 N4796U by Ron Mak (1986)

See Ron Mak's gallery on my website PAGE 1 | PAGE 2 | PAGE 3

Rich Hulina shared this photo, winter in west Ontario!
Bush Flying Captured: winter in west Ontario
Rich Hulina recently published Volume 2 of 'Bush Flying Captured'

'JoeJoe' Prince sent me this photo of Everts' N747CE landing at ANC.
N747CE of Everts' at Anchorage IAP
'Taken yesterday (02Jan17) at PANC, C-118A N747CE (44661/628)'

Photo's by JoeJoe on my website: PAGE 1 | PAGE 2

Ken Swartz went to Israel in november 2017 and shared a few photos with me:
C-97 039 at Hetzarim - by Ken Swartz
Boeing KC-97G Stratofreighter 039/4X-FPN (c/n 16767; 52-2736) found preservation at Hatzerim.

C-119 045 at Hetzarim - by Ken Swartz
Three Nord Noratlas aircarft are preserved at the Air Force Museum of Hatzerim, here is N.2501D 045/4X-FAE

For more photos see Kenneth Swartz' gallery on my website HERE..


Airspeed Oxford
Airspeed Oxford, with titles 'The Noon & Pearce Organisation' (?) and 'Airspeed' t/t on the fuselage.
Neville Webb took this picture at Nairobi´s Wilson Airport, approx 1961.
With part of the registration under the lh-wing readable (RMU? KMU?), I found a good match on
this website for VP-KMU, ex/ V3889. A considerable
amount of aircraft were converted from military AS.10 (post WW2r) to civil use.
Wikipedia has a good list of Oxford variants. I could not place The Noon & Pearce Organisation.

Through I can share these images of the demolition of Ilyushin IL-18GrM EX-18006 (Sep.2016)
IL-18 EX-18006 being broken up (2014)
This scrapping took place at Bishkek (Frunze) - Manas (FRU / UCFM)
Formerly known as Pishpek and Frunze, Bishkek is the capital and largest city of Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz Republic)

IL-18 EX-18006 being broken up (2014)

IL-18 EX-18006 being broken up (2014)

IL-18 EX-18006 being broken up (2014)
Ilyushin IL-18GrM EX-18006 (c/n 187009904)

History of EX-18006
From, online aviation database

IL-18 EX-18006 being broken up (2014)
Centeral (sic) Air - CA

IL-18 EX-18006 being broken up (2014)
Leased and (last?) operated by Central Air, returned to Sky KG Airlines - here's the end of the line

IL-18 EX-18006 being broken up (2014)
Scrapping of Ilyushin IL-18GrM EX-18006 (c/n 187009904)

IL-18 EX-18006 being broken up (2014)

IL-18 EX-18006 being scrapped at Bishkek
Final stages...

N43872, ex/ VC-118A 53-3294 USAF (msn 44665)
C-118 N43872 has been moved (2016?) from the Air Museum on Lake Hood to a nearby motel.
Dec.2017 by JoeJoe Prince (see JoeJoe's photos on my website)

Dirk Septer shared some images of his visit to Budapest's Aviation Mem'l Air Park
Ilyushin IL-14 HA-MAL of Malév Hungarian Air Transport

Ilyushin IL-18Gr HA-MOG, Malev Air Cargo

More on Dirk's visit and other propliner images see his gallery on my website

Recently I came across the location of Curtiss N800FA, on Facebook, at the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum in New York
C-46 N800FA at Glenn Curtiss Museum
Curtiss C-46F Commando N800FA, ex/ Fairbanks Air Service (of Alaska).
Photo by Josh Lindsey.

Location of Glenn H Curtiss Museum: Hammondsport,NY
Location of Glenn H Curtiss Museum: Hammondsport,NY
Adress: 8419 New York 54, Hammondsport, NY 14840, USA
Only a 2:30 drive from Niagara Falls! Some 135 miles / 220 kms.

Previous identities of c/n 22595: 44-78772 - N67996 - N614Z - CF-ZQX. Operators such as USAAF, Flying Tigers, Zantop / Universal Airlines, Aerodyne, Trans Arctic (Fairbanks,AK), Ilford-Riverton Airways (Canada), May74 bt Fairbanks Air Service (March'76 renamed Great Northern A/L, rr N800FA).
Damaged on 17Mar75 while landing at a frozen lake 100 mls SE of Barrow,AK. But repaired & bt Coffe Point Fish Co. for US$65000,-. In Apr84 bt Atone Air Inc, El Paso,TX. Probly seized for smuggling, 10dec87.
Preserved at Smithsonian Museum Store, Geneseo NY in the 1990s (acquired 31Aug88).
On loan to National Warplane Museum (Elmira,NY) by April 2000, transported by truck to Elmira and reassembled (parked on ramp until summer of 2002) . Failed to restore to airworthiness, due lack of sufficient funding.
The loan of N800FA was transferred to the Glen H. Curtiss Museum, the actual move was in July 2002, but it took until Sep. 2003 for all permits for display in front of museum to be in order.
Last I heard was a process of deaccessing N800FA to the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum (2005?).

Want to see the badge that has been erased on the tail? Check Also more photos & details there.

You might like to browse the C-46 Census (worldwide!) on

You'll find a 2018 photo of this Curtiss C-46 on Ken Swartz' gallery here, now repainted to a WW2 camo scheme and serial 4478772 painted on.

Ron Mak recently sent me some photos of which I show here Lockheed L.1049 5T-TAF
Lockheed L.1049 5T-TAF by Ron Mak
5T-TAF has c/n 4618 and this L.1049G participated in Biafra's humanitarian airlift.

More on Ron Mak's GALLERY



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