Vintage Transports, photos by Friends & Guests (55)


On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.

With the ever growing popularity of Social Media (Flickr, Facebook, Instagram) the barrier has become much lower for people to share their photographs or scans of slides; imperfection to post aviation images is no longer an issue.
I noticed a decline in requests for publication on my website (a decline I welcome, as I struggle with the workflow) on my 'Guest Pages', so now some of these images shared below will be copied from Facebook & Flickr by me. For preservation of their historic value as I see it; always with proper credit to the photographer, of course!

Btw, while I am on social media, picking up on aviation news, I use it mainly for other interests while my website remains my main focus to share my interest in vintage aviation.


I would welcome the identity of this Beech 18 at an abandoned gasstation
Beech 18 at abandoned gasstation - Vinemont,Alabama
Photo by Tony Anderson, shared on Facebook's General Aviation Junkyard.
Photo taken on 15Sep2018.

Beech 18 at abandoned gasstation - Vinemont,Alabama
The same Twin Beech at Vinemont,AL through Google Earth (Street View).

Jason Capra of Vintage Wings proudly posted this on 17Sep2018
N34DF restored and ready to fly!
'Sunday saw the last of the squawks being addressed and I am happy to report, they’re all squared away.
She’s physically ready to fly. Now we await the paperwork. Stay tuned for updates.'
An amazing feat this Skytrooper sat here for 20+ years and then Jason Capra put his mind to it a few years ago!

This is Douglas C-53 Skytrooper, N34D c/n 4865 (ex/N34DF, N34D, N9959, OY-DCE and 41-20095). Its history can be found on my Photos by Friends & Guests #22 and my Photos by Friends & Guests #45

The Grumman S-2 Tracker graveyard at St.Augustine,Florida seems all gone now.
S-2 Stoof graveyard @Florida
There was a salvage yard full of Grumman S-2 Trackers along the Highway 1 in St.Augustine,Florida.
The above screendump is from 2010.

S-2 Stoof graveyard @Florida - emptied out
S-2 Stoof graveyard @Florida - emptied out; the area under development.
This website has images of overgrown plane wrecks
but also the update: 'According to a local, about six months ago (as of May 2012) the owner cut the planes into
segments and hauled them off to be sold as scrap metal; the planes are no longer present, and the field stands vacant.'

Another Lockheed P-2 Neptune saved by preservation: Tanker 45, tailnumber N445NA
The Yankee Air Museum is an aviation museum located at Willow Run Airport in Van Buren Township, Michigan.
Tanker 45 to Yankee Air Museum!
On 05Sep2018 the Yankee Air Museum wrote on their Facebook page: "We are happy to welcome home our newest aircraft, all the way from Montana, Tanker 45! This P2V-7 Neptune spent decades fighting fires on the west coast
and she just flew her last mission to her forever home. You can see her this weekend at the Air Adventure open
house on Saturday!

Lockheed P-2H N445NA (c/n 7102).
From the patrol duties with the US Navy (BuNo.140443) it went to Hawkins & Powers (H&P) of Greybull,WY for a role in aerial firefighting and as such it was registered N140HP. Then H&P went belly up.
Bought by Neptune Aviation Services Inc (Missoula,MT), reg'd 18Apr2006. Having first flown as Tanker 140, in 2006 it was allocated T45.
Over the years it was a familiar sight at Lancaster-Fox Field in California. See my Photos by Friends & Guests #20.

2018: Phil Brooks forwarded me (04Sep2018) a photo by Eric Teoh, sent to him by the photographer.
C-117 on th ebeach @Iceland, by Eric Teoh

Eric wrote in the email: "This was really cool! But if I ever go again, I’ll probably get there at the crack of dawn.
The lighting would be more interesting, and the selfie crowd would be a lot less. One spent 20min making her friends
do an iPhone photoshoot of her in various poses and (no exaggeration) scarf adjustments!"


It does seem that the C-117 is suffering under all the attention, the nose is in much worth condition than when
I saw it! Pity. No respect.

Gerben Groothuis shared some images taken at Vancouver,BC march 2018
Harbour Air DHC-3T
deHavilland Otter DHC-3T C-GUTW (ex/ RCAF 9423); c/n 405) of Harbour Air
At Vancouver's Harbour Flight Centre Seaplane Terminal

Turbo Otter DHC-3T C-FODH in fine feather
'Turbo Otter' DHC-3T C-FODH in fine feather
This is DHC-3T Vazar Turbine Otter C-FODH (c/n 3) at Vancouver - Harbour Seaplane (CXH / CYHC); 24Mar2018

DHC-6 Twin Otter C-FGQH making waves
DHC-6 Twin Otter C-FGQH (c/n 106) making waves

Convair of Kelowna Flightcraft (KF) on station
Vancouver IAP may be one of a few rare places to see several of these Convair freighters on active standby.
Convair CV580 C-GKFG (c/n 22; ex/Richmor Aviation N32KA) - KF Aerospace
Convair CV580 C-FKFZ (c/n 151; ex/ N5823) - KF Aerospace
Convair CV5800 C-GKFS (c/n 277; prototype of extended CV580 by Kelowna Flightcraft)
DHC-2 C-GTBQ (c/n 1316) of Harbour Air - a unique sight: from airport to seaplane base...

Another one for the 'Search for Identity' gallery (but labelled UNSOLVED)...
Lockheed plane -unidentified- at the 2018 Burning Man manifestation
An unidentified 'Lockheed Twin' at the 2018 Burning Man manifestation; no name found of the artist involved.

I wouldn't be surprised if this is an airframe hauled from the Aero Traders salvage yard near Ocotillo Wells;
several Lockheed airframes seen from aerial photos, but little or nothing on their previous identities.
More on this location on my Photos by Friends & Guests #54

See for more identity researches my gallery SEARCHING FOR...

The airfield at Zuehl, Texas (not far from San Antonio) has several airframes stored, but these two initially defied
identification (could be recent additions). Photos shared by Scott Kordes on Facebook's 'General Aviation Junkyard'.
DC-6 forward fuselage, red cheatline, @Zuehl,TX - photo Scott Kordes
DC-6 forward fuselage, red cheatline, @Zuehl,TX - photo Scott Kordes
That red cheatline must bring candidates for a former operator, surely..?! READ ON!
Other (identified) airframes stored at Marion-Zuehl are: DC-6 N578AS, Beech 18s N9549Z & N9NK.

DC-6 forward fuselage, 616 on nose wheeldoors, @Zuehl,TX - photo Scott Kordes
DC-6 forward fuselage, '616' on wheeldoor, @Zuehl,TX - photo Scott Kordes

I knew that the owner of these airframes here at Marion-Zuehl Airfield had someting to do with Nighthawk Air Systems, formerly based on Willow Rin (YIP Airport). This was the basis for my research into these 2 airframes.
Comparing the red cheatline and white nose radome I found N111AP a candidate; this I found confirmed on ATDB.
N111AP is DC-6B/F (c/n 45218); history according to ATDB: DC-6B N6582C for Northeast AL, to Olympic
(SX-DAP), Concare Aircraft Leasing (N111AP), to Zantop Int'l AL (converted to freighter in april 1973), to
Trans Air Link (leased & returned), to Express net AL (N111AP), to Nighthawk Air Systems - 'Unused.
Scrapped at YIP (nose section to San Antonio-Marion Zuehl, TX).
See 1973 photo of N111AP by Bob Garrard on

In my own files I found it was already reported here at Zuehl in august 2009!

Then '616', which I initially thought had something to do with a US Navy BuNo. but by searching for '616' on I stumbled on DC-6A N616SE (c/n 44070) and again found this
confirmed on 'Express net AL, to NighthawkAir Systems - Unused. Scrapped at YIP
(nose section to San Antonio-Marion Zuehl,TX
This airframe was previously operated by Flying Tigers (N34954 - ordered but unused), Japan Airlines-JAL (JA6203), Transavia Airlines (PH-TRG), Germanair (D-ABAY), Transportflug (same), Elbeflug (same),
Belair Airlines (HB-IBV, but unused), Span East AL (N616SE), Express net AL and Nighthawks AS (same).
See 1974 photo of N616SE by Bob Garrard on

I think a local resident, James P. MacIvor, owns these airframes; he worked for or owned Nighthawk AS.
His name was mentioned in newspapers when local residents opposed the move of these propliners to Zuehl airfield.

I have been involved in more identity researches such as these. Some were solved, others still await such a fate!

John Vogel sent me a series of photos, depicting the former colourschemes and identities of the
warbirds I'd seen at McClellan Air Park earlier this year. See my 2018 REPORT
Lockheed C-121
C-121, BuNo. 141309, was flown to the Museum in April 1983. The photo, dated May 1983, shows the aircraft still in
it full US Navy markings, except that 'U S Air Force'-titles have replaced the 'U S Navy'-titles on the fuselage.
As you noted in your comments, the '552' does representa the 552nd Airborne Early Warning and Control Wing which was stationed at McClellan AFB from 1953 to 1977. The 'real' 552 is on display at Tinker AFB.

Captions by John Vogel

Fairchild C-119, still showing the RCAF 'flash' but no other markings.
It was flown from Greybull (Hawkins and Powers) to McClellan on Oct 24, 1988.
Photo dated June 1989.

A-1 Skyraider at McClellan
A-1E, BuNo.132463 (c/n 9480), was accepted by the US Navy Feb.'54, and SoC Jul'63.
Stored at NAF Washington, DC from 1963 to 1980, and then in Silver Hill, Maryland (for the National Air & Space Museum). It was brought to the Museum in a C-5 transport in October 1985. It is painted in the markings of the
14th Special Operations Wing, although the aircraft has no known USAF association.
The photo is from the Museum files and was taken at McClellan and no date is noted, but the aircraft
was painted in its 'USAF'-m/s by February 1988.

T-28 Trojan at McClellan
T-28 , BuNo.138327, served at a number of US Navy training fields until flown to Litchfield Park, AZ on 10Jul1962. It was obtained by the US Army Aviation Test Engineering Flight Test Activity at Edwards AFB, CA in 1973
and made the last flight of any US military T-28 when it was flown to the Museum on 27Mar1987.
The photo is dated February 1988.

See my april 2018 Aerospace Museum of California report

Fred Barnes wrote me in Aug.2018: "Regarding the Dirk Septer photo and his report on DC-6A N12347.
I took a photo in better times, on 04May1986 at Anchorage,AK. The old DC-6A was being worked on and was still
in faded 'Sis Q'-livery. Believe it was intended for Northern Pacific Air Transport."

Dirk Septer
visited this location on 01Aug2018 and shared this photo with me; details on OFF-Airport N.America
DC-6 on Steese Haighway, Alaska - by Dirk Septer (2018)
Visit Dirk Septer's gallery on my website: PAGE 1 | PAGE 2


Airstrike Firefighters LLC has brought back some Lockheed P-3s (ex/ California's Aero Union) in operation,
to operate in the aerial firefighting business. Good news I say!

P-3 airtanker of Airstrike
P-3A Tanker #25 of Airstrike shared on a tweet. I am looking for a fleetlist of Airstrike Firefighters LLC.
I did see Tanker 21 at McClellan Airpark (near Sacramento,CA) recently; my 2018 report

N923AU T23 was reg'd 01Dec2017 to Airstrike Firefighters LLC, Kenmore,WA.
N922AU is owned by Buffalo A/w but leased by Airstrike (in progress to be made operational)
So we have resp. N925AU (c/n 5074; ex/ BuNo.151361), N921AU (c/n and N923AU (c/n 5085; ex/ BuNo.151372)

I would like to compile a fleetlist!!! EMAIL subject #airstrike!

Their website has images of Tankers 21 and T23. T21 was reg'd to Airstrike on 07Aug2018.
T23 was seen operational on photos shared on Facebook ('Fire Bombers') in Oct.2019.

01Sep18 I started checking the listing per tailnbr on FAA's N-inquiry and checked them against ATDB database.

N900AU United Aeronautical Corp R07Nov13 - ATDB: std at Chico,CA (CIC) - Ln 17Sep18.
N920AU United Aeronautical Corp R07Nov13 - ATDB: scrapped at Halifax, Canada
N921AU Airstrike Firefighters LLC R07Aug18 - ATDB: stored at DMA
N922AU Buffalo Aws, R17Jun14                         - ATDB: stored
N923AU Airstrike Firefighters LLC R07Aug18 - ATDB: std at McClellan (MCC) - oper'l 2019
N925AU United Aeronautical Corp R07Nov13 - ATDB: std at Chico,CA (CIC) [- not current /Webmaster]
N927AU United Aeronautical Corp R07Nov13 - ATDB: std at Chico,CA (CIC)

ATDB fleetlist of Aero Union except those mentioned above-
N917AU; std at Chico,CA (CIC)
N924AU; destroyed at Missoula,MT 1991
N926AU; destroyed at Chico,CA 2005

I saw N921AU/T21 in AU-livery at United Aero (UAC) yard, Tucson. On my usa17-salvage.htm    For parts?
In aug.2018 someone wrote on FB's Firebombers he drove past Chico and noticed 3 P-3s parked. Subtract N925AU, for it has been made operational, and ATDB is probably correct for 3 (N917AU, N900AU, N927AU) noted as 'stored at CIC'.

Airstrike's website has pics T23 in their (?) hangar, w/ 'MAFFS Protection from Above' titles (ATDB has this noted w/ N917AU).
FAA N-inquiry has T21 + T23 reg'd to Airstrike Firefighters LLC.
Twitter had T25 as 'arriving in Colorado on State contract', on N-inquiry still w/ UAC.

This website ...
has "Airstrike is a Sacramento, CA-based company with 25 employees that are refurbishing a fleet of seven P-3 firefighting airtankers for use on State and Federal contracts."
While Airstrike on their website quote a number of 6 P-3's. Buffalo's T22 is probably (!) no.7

I found a quote"..In addition to buying and updating T-23, Mr. Schorzman said Airstrike is planning on acquiring
the remaining five P-3’s. Their schedule calls for Buffalo’s T-22 and T-17 to be done in the spring of
2019, then T-27 and another P-3 to be named later will roll out at the end of 2019. Mr. Schorzman expects
all seven to be working for a living by mid-2020, he said." And on Facebook: " I have also heard that Tanker #21
is going to be a spare parts aircraft for the rest of the Airstrike aircraft." Their Corporate HQ is in Anchorage, AK according to their website, while their Maintenance Facilities are at
McClellan Air Park.

An item on dated 27Aug18 showed artankers T17 and T23, w/ Airstrike titles, parked on the ramp.

Patrick Joseph Sheehan shared photos on Facebook's Beech 18/ C45/ AT11/ SNB Group.
Beech 18 N2813J
Jean-Louis Bleneau added some information to this post: "SNB-5 c/n 5826, BuN.51349 was donated to Rock Valley
Technical College, Rockford, IL as instructional airframe. Sale reported in 1991, but N2813J noted stored
outside Rock Valley Technical College with wings removed from 04/1997 until ... obviously now!"

A new selection added of images from the Bill Hill collection, part of the Richard Nash archive.
Lockheed L.749 Constellation CX-BCS of Causa
Lockheed L.749 Constellation CX-BCS (c/n 2640) of CAUSA
C/n 2640 started with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, as PH-TFD, later rereg'd as PH-LDD.

More details, plus another 7 images in this update, on Bill Hill's Vintage Aviation Images

N122FB is another Albatross that was flown out of Pinal Airpark before the scrapman got hold of it!
N122Fb made it to safety!

HU-16E N113FB (c/n 332) was the first of seven Grumman HU-16 planes to be ferried out of storage at Marana last may. G-111 N122FB (c/n 218; ex/ USAF 51-7168) is the 3rd.
N125FB (c/n 432; ex/ US Navy 141282) had been the 2nd, arriving on July 04th.

Barron Aviation LLC have taken up the task to save these Albatros seaplanes and fly them to Hannibal,MO where each time the engines are taken off and returned to Marana to ferry the next one out... There is a deadline, but I don't know the details.
Barron Aviation LLC is reg'd in Perry,MO. Dillon Barron posted this happy event on Facebook.
I came across these seaplanes only last year, neatly in a row all seven, @Pinal Air Park (Marana,AZ - former Evergreen Air Park). See my USA2017 or airborne over MASDC & Pinal Airpark

I think the remaining ones are: G-111 c/n 452 N118FB (ex/ RCAF 9304); G-111 c/n 456 N119FB (ex/ RCAF 9308); G-111 c/n 460 N116FB (ex/ US Navy 148325); G-111 c/n 463 N112FB (ex/ US Navy 148328).

Dark days for vintage aviation seem to continue (see items further down)...
deHavilland Drago Rapide G-AHXW crashed at Abbotsford
Photo by Rod Saigeon, he wrote: "This was taken Saturday August 11, 2018 at 10:24, the plane was landing at Abbotsford Airport."

G-AHXW (c/n: 6782) was built in 1944.

Then, at the end of the day , after the air show had ended:
G-AHXW crashed at Abbotsford 11Aug18
An eyewitness reported that it was effected by a gust of wind very soon after take off.

G-AHXW was recently rebuild at Cambell River, see Dirk Septer's gallery on my website:
G-AHXW by Dirk Septer
Campbell River, 23Jun18
N683DH/'G-AHXW' was reg'd 19Jan2017 to the Historic Flight Foundation of John Sessions, he's
based at KPAE/Paine Field,WA - See my 2014 visit.
A news update brought info that '.. 3 released from hospital, pilot and one passenger upgraded from critical to serious.'
TSB Cites Crosswind in Dragon Rapide Crash ¬Steve Drinkwater, March 28, 2019
"ATC ground controllers had advised the Dragon pilot that winds were 180° at 11 knots, gusting to 18. Runway 19 was available, but aircraft displays occupied 60 percent of the runway’s length.
The pilot decided to use Runway 25 instead, commencing the takeoff roll from its intersection of Taxiway D.
The crosswind component was calculated to be 18 knots at the moment of takeoff.
The Dragon encountered gusting winds approximately 30 feet above the runway and lost airspeed, causing it to nose over and crash just beyond the edge of Runway 25."

The owner and pilot John T. Sessions lost his foot in the crash. But he flew his DC-3 in 2019 to England for the 'D-DAY 75' event with his new foot!

It has been a long while since I last received a contribution to my Abandoned Wrecks of the Arctic North:
1960s crashsite of DC-3
Photo by Christopher Lennie
"Story is it was on a resupply flight from arctic village to DEW line site Bar-B (stokes point) with no fatalities".
"I took these photos yesterday (12Aug2018); the info was word of mouth, local rumours."

Follow the link above for more photos and details; help & information welcomed

Twin Pioneer G-APRS is about to return to duty almost 60 years after it was built - but this time it is
to become an unusual holiday home...
Twin Pioneer G-APRS on its last flight
Twin Pioneer G-APRS on its last flight...

More on my 2011 report of a visit to Coventry airport and museum

See a selection of photos of G-APRS in better days on

Ron Mak added a number of B-17 photos to his item on IGN's B-17's at Creil, France
B-17 F-BGSQ at Creil; photo by Ron Mak
More details and photos on Ron Mak's #3 PAGE

Jeff Nordin showed on Facebook that some work had been done on and around the C-47.
Compare it to the photos I took there in 2014: USA NORTHWEST 2014
C-47 at McCall,ID (Jeff Nordin @Facebook)
Douglas R4D-5 (C-47H), 17220 (c/n 13318)

Jeff wrote: "I've been visiting this aircraft every year for at least the last decade and some work has been done during that time. A few trees cut down, wings moved, prop mounted and the tail has been jacked up (assuming to repair the tail wheel damage).
Work has been slow and at this pace, it will never be put back together. But at least someone is trying and the aircraft hasn't been forgotten about."

Photos shared on Facebook, by Michael van det Sterren, of OY-KND shoved in Denmark's Flymuseum, prompted Ron to share a 1972 photo of Douglas DC-7C OY-KND (c/n 45211) in better days...

OY-KND at Flymuseum
'Front section of DC-7C is now on display at Denmark's Flymuseum in Stauning.'
Photos by Michael van det Sterren. Date 17Jul2018 for the post on Facebook.
Report on the museum's website (in Danish):

History in bits & pieces:
c/n 45211, manufactured in 1957
DC-7C OY-KND, Scandinavian Airlines System SAS, ‘Rolf Viking’
Nose now preserved at Danmarks Flyvemuseum, at Kastrup.
It was broken up B/u Copenhagen-Kastrup Denmark 11.67; nose section meant for Copenhagen Museum
Fuselage used as fire trainer, while the front section went to Egeskov (Copenhagen Museum)

Ron's photo of sistership Douglas DC-7 'Seven Seas', OY-KNC (c/n 44932)
OY-KND in 1972
OY-KNC was not so fortunate to be preserved, it was scrapped here at Bordeaux at some date.


During an attempt to research the fate of DC-6 N666SQ, I stumbled upon the fact that DC-6A N6174C had
been flown to Chena Hot Springs, a resort some 60 miles from Fairbanks. It may be converted to a bar or restaurant.
N6174C at Chena Hot Springs Resort
Photo by Hayman Tam

The comments at the above photo explains the event: "I had an opportunity to visit the Chena Hot Springs Resort, located more than fifty miles from Fairbanks, Alaska.
I was surprised to see a gravel runway at the resort and more surprised to see this DC-6.
Everts Air Cargo is the last airline in the U.S. to operate scheduled flights with a large fleet (11) of these 60-year-old aircraft, and was ready to retire this one when the resort owner wanted it.
With an hour of airworthiness remaining, it was flown to the resort where the pilot spent 45 minutes practicing various approaches before landing."

The last landing for DC-6 'Good Grief' has been documented: 'Chena Hot Springs DC-6' (published 03Nov2016)

DC-6 Chena Hot Springs - N6174C last landing
No mean feat to put a big plane such as the DC-6 down on a small dirt strip such as here at the Chena Hot Springs Resort!

DC-6 Chena Hot Springs - N6174C last landing
The piston engines of Douglas 'Six' N6174C (c/n 44075) now silent for ever.

2017 winter image on

See a 1982 photo by Gerard Helmer on, when operated by Sis-Q Flying Service

A photo taken om 12May2019 showed 'Seven-Four-Charlie' raised high on 3 pylons, supporting the gear.

The fatal crash of deHavilland DHC-2 Beaver N9878R, the pilot was killed (18Jul2018)
DHC-2 N9878R Regal Air - fatal crash

This is DHC-2 N9879R, c/n 1135. I have a photo on my Lake Hood 2006 report, with Regal Air.
It was delivered, like so many, to the US Army (on 09Sep57, as 56-0398).
N5878 became its first civilian identity (but to whom and when?). Next was N88788, registered on 05Jun73 but again I don't know to whom.
And N9878R entered the books in May 1991, I suppose to Craig M. & Sarah A. Elg / Regal Air of Anchorage, AK.
And C & S Leasing Inc. (Anchorage,AK) became the next owner, but I have no date and I expect it was some sort of sale/leaseback as it was still operated by Regal Air here.

N9878R had been registered to Laughlin Acquisitions LLC, 4506 Lake Shore Dr, Anchorage since 15Aug05; as such it
was operated by Regal Air. It was sad to not, imo, that Regal Air declined comment to the media upon the fatal crash.

Another dramatic accident in the realm of the flying heritage: N47HL destroyed in take off accident 21Jul2018!
C-47 N47HL CAF destroyed Burnet,YX 21Jul2018
Photo and screendump from video by Matt Gallagher (Facebook)
Douglas C-47B, N47HL (c/n 27203 /15758) caught fire during this runway excursion and is beyond repair.

C-47B, N47HL (c/n 27203 /15758) caught fire during this runway excursion
This photo was passed on on Social Media, I was unable to find the name of the photographer.

From ASN: "A Douglas C-47, named 'Bluebonnet Belle', was involved in an accident during takeoff from runway 19 at Burnet Municipal Airport, Texas, USA.
The aircraft came to rest in the grass next to the runway and burst into flames. All 13 on board survived the accident; five suffered minor injuries.
A video of the takeoff and accident sequence shows the aircraft accellerating on the runway, with the tailwheel leaving the ground very briefly. A few seconds after the tailwheel touched down again, the aircraft seems to drift off the left side of the runway. The aircraft banks right, causing the left hand main landing gear to become airborne. The right hand wing tip touched or almost touched the ground before the aircraft became airborne. The left wing dropped and the wing tip touched the ground, causing the plane to slew to the left and touch down again. The right hand main gear then seems to fold as the aircraft comes to rest in a cloud of dust."

The Commemorative Air Force issued a statement promptly:
"(Burnet, Texas, July 21, 2018) - This morning a little after 9 a.m. Central, the Commemorative Air Force’s World War II aircraft, C-47 Bluebonnet BelleN47HL, had an accident at takeoff and caught fire.
The accident occurred at Burnet Municipal Airport in Burnet, Texas where it is assigned to the Highland Lakes Squadron.
There were 13 people on board the aircraft when the accident occurred. All 13 were able to exit the aircraft without any fatalities. A few suffered injuries and two are currently being treated at hospitals.
The fire was extensive, and the aircraft is a total loss.
The cause of the accident is currently unknown. The CAF is in direct contact with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to support an investigation into this accident."


My photo gallery by Ray Fread, briefly entertained, has a photo of this DC-3 when in service with Ontario Central Airlines
of Gimli, Manitoba as C-GCKE; this registration was cancelled in 1984.

USAAF C-47B-20-DK s/n 43-49942, to RAF KN270.
Operated post war by RCAF with RAF serial number. With Ontario Central Airlines of Gimli, Manitoba as C-GCKE.
Subsequent owners included Nunasi-Central Airlines Ltd. of Winnipeg until December 1985, then back to Ontario Central for 4 months, then to Perimeter Airlines Inland of Winnipeg for 2 months, then to Ata Construction Ltd. of Norman Wells, NWT until 1989. Also with Calmair in 1989, dates unclear.
To Randy Daoust of St. Albert, Alberta, registration cancelled in 1995. [From online data]
From Sabouring A/w (C-GCKE) to N595AM for Aero-Marine Enterprises and next was American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum (N-inquiry: R04Feb2003). [Added info by]

You may be interested in my visit to the AAHF unit at Burnet,TX in 2015 - though I did not find the DC-3 (it was stranded somewhere with engine problems, needed a replacement).

Not a good month for vintage aviation, here's an incident that took place earlier this month (july).
Pilot lost control on landing, skidded off the runway, made a full 90 degree turn and it into a building.
Lockheed 12 Electra Jr incident at Genk, Belgium
Screendump from online video, moments before it ran into the hangar door.
Lockheed L-12A Electra Junior, NC14999, damaged in a landing accident at Zwartberg (Genk) in Belgium 01Jul18.

My database only held notes dating 2010: N14999 (c/n 1252) Patrick Donovan, Seattle,WA R16Feb89. Ln Paine Field,WA 15May10.
I noted many sightings at the Flying Legends display in 2016, Duxford (England). Online I see 1936 quoted as year of manufacture, but FAA's N-inquiry shows 1938; and CoA issued 29Dec2017 for Eastern Stearman Inc Trustee, Leesburg,VA.
Online I also found: 'Built 1938 for the Conoco Oil Company and flew for various corporate operators until grounded in 1976 and donated to a Texas glider museum. Since 1989 it has been owned by Patrick Donovan who restored the aeroplane to its former glory. The aeroplane (and owner) carried out a transatlantic flight specifically to attend the Flying Legends event in July 2016'.
NC14999 is based at Zwartberg-Genk while the owner is Luc Hellings.

While I still don't know the name of the owner, I did learn that the first post-repair flight was made on 24Mar2019. Alive and kicking again!

Watching online Tour de France 20Jul18, 10kms from finish at Aéroport de Valence Chabeuil this DC-3 came into view!
It had a USAAF insignia on the fuselage. Michael Prophet responded with info: 'This is the Aces High C-47 which suffered an engine failure on its flight back to the UK and is awaiting an engine. It took part in filming a new
Catch 22 movie and aircraft included 2x B25s from the US plus a Ju52; filmed in Italy."

Douglas C-47 Skytrain 'L4-D' N147DC / '2100884'; getting a new engine installed at Valence (FR).

I found some info on the Catch-22 remake:
"After a more than 70 year absence, the breathtakingly beautiful island of Sardinia is once again echoing to the clattering roar of R-2600 radial engines. Sardinia, a semi-autonomous region of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea, is hosting a small fleet of WWII-era warbirds, including a brace of B-25J Mitchell bombers, a Douglas Dakota and a Junkers Ju 52/3m.
The aircraft are taking part in filming for a new adaptation of Joseph Heller’s satirical anti-war anthem, Catch-22.
The production is set for release in 2019 as a 6-episode, limited run series for the web-streaming television service HULU. It will also air on Channel 4 in the UK and Sky Italia in Italy who are co-producing the show alongside HULU.

Everts' Curtiss C-46 Commando crashed at Manley Hot Springs,AK
Everts' C-46 crashed at Manley Hot Springs,AK
From Facebook's 'Taildragger Pilots United'

From: (date of update here 21Jul18)
Type: Curtiss C-46F-1-CU Commando
Operator: Everts Air Cargo
Registration: N1822M --- C/n / msn: 22521
Location: Manley Hot Springs Airport, AK (MLY)
Narrative: 'A Curtiss C-46F cargo plane reportedly force landed at Manley Hot Springs Airport in Alaska, USA, following the loss of engine power on one of the two engines.
Photos have appeared online showing the C-46, named 'Salmon Ella', just past the end of a runway with the nose section covered by a tarp. The nose section seems to have suffered severe impact damage.
The date of the occurrence is unclear, in any case between 7 and 17 July 2018.'
The date shown on my Facebook page (via ASN link) leads me to believe the post was made on July 16th, due to the time difference between Alaska and Central European Time.
NOTE: The same source with Everts Air Cargo that confirmed me the crew escaped without injuries (thank goodness!) also stated there were flaws in the ASN report, stating the narrative did not originate from Everts and no contact was made with the company for this report.

Update from Everts Air (26Jul18): "We dismantled the plane, barging the fuselage and trucking or flying out remaining parts back to FAI."
Quite a project! And in the true spirit of the Last Frontier!
Cliff Everts, who began his flying career when he was 15 years old (financing his flight hours by delivering newspapers; he soloed within 6 months flying a 1939 Taylorcraft), would have appreciated the repatriation; this project will take some time.
Clifford 'Cliff' Robert Everts, 95, passed away on 07Dec17 at home with family in Fairbanks, Alaska. OBITUARY

An update was shared on Facebook; date of posting, I think, 19Aug2018
C-16 N1822M has returned to Fairbanks for restoration - in due course
A restoration in the name of Cliff Everts' legacy; I am certain it will fly again!

Here is a selection of images of C-46 N1822M in better days, on


A link was forwarded to me, showing "Converted a DC3 airplane into a food trailer. Located in Compton Airport!"
DC-3 rebuilt into a foodtrailer!

Compton/Woodley Airport (IATA: CPM, ICAO: KCPM, FAA LID: CPM) is a county-owned public-use airport located two miles southwest of downtown Compton, in southern Los Angeles County, California. It is used for general aviation as an alternative to Los Angeles International Airport, which is situated about 8 miles (13 km) to the west. [Wikipedia]

DC-3 rebuilt into a foodtrailer!
As yet I have no clue about the identity of this Douglas DC-3, its construction number or former N-number.

Phil Brooks forwarded me this link with additional details:
'Compton' American AL Flagship, now a foodtruck
'Flagship Compton', American AL Flagship, now a foodtruck (also referred to as 'foodtrailer')

"American Airlines converted a DC-3 aircraft that served during World War II into a gourmet food truck, dubbed the DC-3 Gourmet, and it’s now open to the public at Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum (TAM) in Compton, California."
"The organization will use the truck as a fundraising tool to support its programs."


Online research led me onto Instagram and a reaction by... The Aviation Warehouse (El Mirage,CA)...
Candidate DC-3/C-47 for the Compton Foodtrailer
The reaction by The Aviation Warehouse (18Jul2016), referring to that bottom photo copied from their website as
'DC3/C47 mock ups for sale' : "Yes, the second one was from here". Not exactly 100% certainty in that text...
Note the black lining on the upper nose cone as well as the opening on the lower part of the nose cone (landing light?).
Hopefully those '(United) States Navy'-titles lead to an identity at some point...?
Btw, there may well have been a swap with the cockpit sections, with DC-3 #1 (XA-REP, afaik), but the 26Nov2017 Instagram photo shows work having been done and intact with cockit section of DC-3 #2.

I consulted Google Earth and compared the 2016 and 2017 images, which shows work being done in that #2 position...
Screendumps GE of Aviation Warehouse
So even if the email by the Aviation Warehouse is a bit vague, the work on a DC-3/C-47 being done here shows
a major project and coincides, me thinks, with the 'DC-3 Gourmet' food trailer project...
Note cockpit seperated from fuselage.

Robin Petgrave of @DC-3 Gourmet (Instagram) confirmed me (July 18, 2018): "You are correct".

Anyway, we still need a US Navy BuNo. for that C-47 (C-117D?)

deHavilland DHC-3T Otter N3952B crashed, not for the first time in its career!
Shared on Facebook: Otter N3952B crashed

An april 2016 photo online showed N3952B back in Ketchikan for the summer operating for Taquan Air.
ADN wrote here: "Here's a U.S. Coast Guard photo showing where a floatplane with 11 people on board crashed on a mountain near Ketchikan this morning.
Thankfully, only minor injuries were reported and all were rescued."

C/n 225 held the following previous identities: '57-6107 • TI-SPG • (C-GAOG) • (C-GAOJ) • C-GGON'
There is a very detailed history to be found on

Tragedy struck for Convair CV340 ZS-BRV and its occupants on 10Jul2018!!!
ZS-BRV crashed after take off from Wonderboom, 10 july 2018

"Convair 340 ZS-BRV crashed and broke up during a test flight out of Wonderboom Airport, reportedly carrying about 20 occupants.
During takeoff from Wonderboom Airport, the aircraft was seen trailing smoke from the no.1 engine. Eyewitnesses also reported observing flames.
The pilot flew a circuit for an emergency landing back ton runway 29.
It went down about 6 km to the east of the airport. The aircraft impacted a shed and broke up.
One of the crew members sustained fatal injuries as well as a person on the ground.
The aircraft had been donated by the owner, Rovos Air [sic], to the Dutch aviation theme park Aviodrome.
It carried the colour scheme of the former Dutch airline Martin's Air Charter (later renamed Martinair) and was to be ferried to the Netherlands with an expected arrival at Lelystad Airport on July 23rd, 2018.
The accident flight was the final test flight before the planned start of the ferry flight on July 12th."

I had seen ZS-BRV in 2004 , when Rovos Rail had Convairs ZS-ARV and ZS-BRV operate as Rovos Air on deluxe package tours to e.g. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe; see my Propliners in S.Africa 2004.

More info on

'In preparation for ferrying the aircraft, the aircraft had to be painted, serviced, inspected and accepted (by the museum representatives).
The aircraft was painted and weighed in February 2017. Prior to the accident flight in July 2018, the aircraft was last flown in February 2018. The aircraft was also branded with the Dutch national carrier colours and Martin's Air Charter in December 2017.
On 06Jul2018 maintenance checks (A, B & C) were performed on the aircraft at 18115.1 airframe hours.
The accident flight was the first flight post maintenance."
From the South African CAA Preliminary Report.

DH89A Dragon Rapide G-AHXW, by Dirk Septer (2018)
DH.89A Dragon Rapide G-AHXW, by Dirk Septer (2018)
N683DH (G-AHXW) rebuiltand repainted at Sealand Aviation in Campbell River over more than a year-period.
For more details and a photo before the make over see Dirk's gallery on my website

Ken Swartz visited the Aviation Warehouse, nearby El Mirage,CA earlier this year.
Aviation Warehouse storage
'11' is a Percival C.51 (P-66) Pembroke. Ex Belgian AF RM-11/OT-ZAK. Registered N51970 (c/n P66/32 C51)
See Ken's gallery on my website

In april 2018 I visited The Aviation Warehouse too, see my CALIFORNIA 2018 report

Gerben Groothuis sent me some 1983 photos taken at Mojave,CA
C-133 N136AR, by Gerben Groothuis
Douglas C-133A Cargomaster, N136AR (c/n 44706)
Ex/ USAF 56-0136, reg'd NASA as 928, rereg'd N136AR (Foundation for Airborne Relief) and N136AB
(Properties Investment Enterprise Ltd). Alsolooked at a 2008 move to Travis Air Museum... Only N199AB made it!

My records show both at some point registered to Cargomaster Corporation, for spares for the 2 C-133's kept
more or less operational in Alaska, C-133A N199AB (see operational on photos by Stu Sibitzky) and mine 2003
Another was one kept at Anchorage by Cargomaster Corp., but N133B (c/n 45584) was crapped during summer 2000.

More photos by Gerben Groothuis on his gallery on my website


DC-3 N1350A disassembly at Rolla
Joel Moellinger shared this photo of C-47B N1350A (c/n 33032/16284) being disassembled at Rolla for a move to Basler
My pages Photos by Friends & Guests #11 and Guestphotos #18 has more on this long term stored resident at Rolla.

From Basler (at Oshkosh): "Hi Ruud, re N1350A. We are actually just prepping it for conversion now." -April 2019.




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