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June 2nd and 5th were spent in the company of an impressive group of Douglas DC-3 variants. Grouped as
'D-Day Squadron' they crossed the Atlantic, singular or in small groups, and assembled at Duxford Imperial War Museum (IWM) near Cambridge.
On June 5th they flew over to Normandy to start the commemmoration of the June 6th 1945 landing in Normandy France in earnest.
An historic air event never to be forgotten in itself.

The histories described below mainly stem from Air-Britain's (2006) 'DC-3 - The First Seventy Years', ATDB.aero online database and my own records noted from publications and fora over the years.


D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Douglas C-47A 0-30665 'Miss Virginia' (N47E, c/n 13816)

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)

C/n 13816 had a long military career. Assigned serial 43-30665 joined forces in 1943 and served numerous units all over the United States, also after WW2 had ended, well into the 1970s.
Registration N48065 was assigned for the Summer Institute of Linguistics (Waxhaw,NC) upon purchase 21May1975. On 18Aug77 the registration was revised to the Jungle Aviation & Radio Service Inc (Waxhaw,NC). This was cancelled on 05Nov80.
The C-47 was delivered on 17Jul81 to the Institute Linguistico Verano as HK-2540P. I suspect a link between the US owner(s) and ownership in Colombia. And I suspect an idealistic and/or perhaps religious role for this vintage propliner.
At some point it was reregistered HK-2540W as this registration for msn 13816 was cancelled on 06Dec88 and it returned to the USA, reg'd as N7043N again for JAARS Inc on 12Dec88.
It moved to Burbank,CA for California Air Tours (R30Nov89), perhaps on a lease?
K&K Aircraft Inc of Bridgewater,VA acquired it 16Apr90. This was the Stoltzfuss family, whom I also suspect to have been involved with the previous ownerships, when registered N48065 (and HK-2540P?).
Its present registration, N47E, was assigned on 01Aug96, owned by Dynamic Aviation but operating for JAARS Inc. K&K changed the present company name to Dynamic Aviation in 1997.
N47E Nregistered on 23Jul2010 to Dynamic Avlease (Bridgewater,VA) according FAA's N-inquiry (july 2019).

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)

Chris Stoltzfus started spraying crops in the 1930s. His sons Karl and Ken, established K&K Aircraft Inc. The company was founded as a small aircraft parts business and aluminum smelting operation, and later purchased a fleet of Beechcraft BE-18s and Douglas DC-3s for wide-area aerial application missions.
Having acquired more modern aircraft K&K Aircraft became Dynamic Aviation in 1997.
The company began providing attack and low-level planes for aerial firefighting in 1998 and has been supporting the U.S. Forest Service in fighting wildfires ever since. The company has diversified into other aviation roles since then. In 2017 it celebrated its 50th anniversary. [www.dynamicaviation.com]
Dynamic Aviation has always been involved in the preservation of aviation history and as a testimony to that commitment we are fortunate to have 'Miss Virginia' joining the D-Day Squadron celebrating this 2019 event here in England.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
'Miss Virginia' and 'Miss Montana'
Miss Montana took to the air for the first time in 18 years on May 12th, circling the Missoula Valley. In less than 2
months, upon its return to Missoula, she has flown more than 16.000 miles and crossed the North Atlantic twice.
Upon its return home Eric Komberec said: "We got bombarded with requests to take the airplane to different events,
we’re just trying to manage all that and be able to keep paying the bills and fundraising. Things were quite a bit more expensive in Europe than we anticipated." They had some issues with 'Daks Over Normandy' he said. The umbrella group, headed by Peter Braun of the Netherlands, agreed to help defray expenses for Miss Montana and the rest of the D-Day Squadron that flew from the United States to participate in events in England, France and Germany. Komberec said
'Miss Montana to Normandy' is hoping to be reimbursed more than $10,000.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
N47E '0-30665' had been stored at Bridgewater for over 11 years and was restored for the then largest gathering
of DC-3 types since World War 2, at Oshkosh in 2010; it made its first flight after restoration only 8 days
before that EAA Venture event. Wonderful to see it kept its airworthiness over all those years.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Up and away, off to Normandy!


A worthy celebration of the WW2 Normandy landing by the workhorse in aviation in the Second World War: the C-47 Skytrain (a.k.a. Dakota in Britain's Royal Air Force).
The Douglas DC-3 passenger airplane made its first flight on 17Dec1935. For the U.S. Army Air Force Douglas developed a freighter transport with a reinforced cargofloor and a widened cargodoor: the C-47 Skytrain. It made its first flight on 23Dec1941.
The C-47 was redeveloped into several variants and some 10.147 aircraft were produced for the military.
After WW2 there was a glut of surplus aircraft and the DC-3 variants were found ideally suited for a restart in civil aviation all over the world in all kind of markets, by flag carriers in serious numbers or by an entrepeneur in more modest numbers. Until the present days there have been DC-3 variants available in salvage yards providing easy access to spare parts.

However the numbers of DC-3 types with an operational status have steadily declined and are mostly limited to nostalgia operators of which most struggle with funding and sponsors.
This year Europe saw many of such enterprises fold, in Germany and esspecially in Switzerland while in 2018 a significant decline could be seen in England as well as in the Netherlands.
That is why it's so remarkable that in the US a virtual storm gathered strength last year that resulted in restoring planes, sometimes from scrap status or museum artifact, to an airworthy vintage aeroplane worthy of crossing oceans...! The American 'can do' mentality at its best and the very foundation of this 'D-Day 75' event.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Douglas C-47B N47SJ (c/n 25869/14424) 'Betsy's Biscuit Bomber' in the approach for Duxford (QFO/EGSU)

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
On finals after having visited the air show at Old Warden, a stone throw away from Duxford IWM

It took a lot of effort up front to get the airplane ready to go, including significant wing work and a new engine; some small maintenance issues they were able to overcome on Betsy's trip. But the airplane ran wonderfully across the water and back, tallying up over 130 hours of flight time and many unforgettable memories for the crew.

Upon Betsy's return the plan was to hit the west coast air show circuit, but many of the used parts and accessories are be repaired or overhauled. Financial support is welcomed, check their website:

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)

C/n 25836 led a checkered career, with ups and downs...
Delivered to the USAAF as 43-48608 on 04Sep1944 it went to Europe and served with the 9th Air Force. After the war had ended it went to the Belgian Air Force (18Jul46) as 'L-CW'/OTCWF.
On 18Sep52 it went to the Mutual Aid Advisory Group (MAAG). Bought from the Mutual Defense Program (MDAP) it ended up with the French Air Force (08May53) and served with serial 348608.
It served wih the French in several units over the years: GT1/61 FRAMB (1953), GT2/64, GT1/61 (1954), CIET 340 (July '54), GT2/61 FRAOO (1956), GT2/64 FRAOL, GT1/64 (1959), ELA 47 (1960), GLA 45 (Jan.'60), GSRA 78 (1962), GLA 45 (1963), EPAS 325 (1964). No doubt also a tribute to the versatility of the DC-3...
Next it went to the Israel DF/AF, in Jan.'67 and became reg'd 1416/4X-FNN/016.
It was reported stored at Lod by August '93.

It was reg'd on 26Aug99 N47SJ for Global Aircraft Industries, who bought several of the surplus Israel C-47s and flew them to Villeneuve Airport near Edmonton in Canada. SEE MY 2006 REPORT

Registered on 19Jul07 to Gooney Bird Group of Templeton,CA.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
When N47SJ was bought by Global Aircraft Industries of Arizona LLC the ferry flight to Canada was not without
problems! When it arrived at Malta on 16aug01 it had engine troubles but fortunately was able to continue a few days
later. After arrival at Edmonton-Villeneuve Airport it was put up for sale. But its use by the Israel DF/AF was not
very well documented, for obvious reason and this must have made it difficult to sell it. When for sale by www.globalparts. com it was reported to have a total of 9.420 airframe hours. In 2004 the pricetag showed US$ 110.000 excluding a
CofA and annual check...

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
A buyer was found in 2007: Estrella Warbirds Museum ('Gooney Bird Group') of Paso Robles,CA. N47SJ
arrived at Paso Robles, flying, on 27Jun07. It took a lot of work but it participated in the 2010 'DC-3 Gathering
at Oshkosh' in 2010. Job well done and it seems in splendid shape.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
'Betsy's Biscuit Bomber' - 'The Spirit of the American West': I have yet to find out the background of these titles!

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
On its way to France: 'Daks over Normandy'!



About the D-Day Squadron
"The D-Day Squadron is the part of the Tunison Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization.
In June 2019, the D-Day Squadron will lead an American fleet of historic, restored C-47 World War II military aircraft in Daks Over Normandy, a flyover of more than 30 international aircraft to drop 250 paratroopers over the original 1944 drop zones in Normandy commemorating the 75th anniversary of D-Day.
The event will honor the citizen soldiers of the War, whose bravery led the Allies to the liberation of France, and then to an end of the devastating War in Europe.
The Squadron's education program takes the compelling story of the citizen soldier to audiences at airshows and events off the flight line to honor these brave Americans and ensure their memory and significance is appreciated for generations to come.
The group's efforts are funded through the generous tax-deductible contribution of their supporters."
Learn more at DDaySquadron.org.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Daks over Duxford!

How things got under way
The D-Day Squadron, made up of the entire American fleets of C-47' s participating the Daks in Normandy (DoN) event, gathered at the airport of Oxford (Connecticut) and where possible travelled together on what's known
as the Blue Spruce Route.
This was the flightplan used by US aircraft crossing the North Atlantic during WW2.
Nowadays the route not only allowed for fuelstops but also for guidance from ground-based navigational aids along the way. Each airport was selected because of its history as an active airfield during WW2.
After take off from Oxford,CT most aircraft stopped at Goose Bay (NFL) for fuel, next at Narsarsuaq (BGBW) in Greenland and Reykjavik, Iceland (BIRK). From there most stopped at Prestwick (EPIK) in Scotland before heading to Duxford IWM.
N8336C 'Tabitha May' stopped at Weston in Ireland.
Miss Montana, its departure from Missoula delayed by 2 days because of weather en route, operated via Iqaluit (Canada).

On May 24th 'D-Day Doll', Legend A/W, N877MG (Pan Am c/s), 'Placid Lassie', 'Miss Virginia', N103NA 'Flabob', 'Virginia Ann',  and 'Betsy' arrived at Prestwick; they participated in 'Daks over Prestwick' on the 25th.
'That's All Brother' flew to Coventry, where 'Night Fright' is being restored but found this event too soon to participate. 'Brother' had a mandatory 100hr inspection performed there.
On May25th N150D left Oshkosh, completely rebuilt and overhauled by Basler. It met up with N18121 at Presque Isle,ME on the 26th. N150D flew non-stop Goose Bay to Rekyavik on the 27th.
On the 28th N341A of Golden Age Air Tours was still in Rapid City,SD. But it would arrive in time at Duxford.
On June 1st seven of the 'Daks'  made an excursion to the nearby aerodrome of Old Warden, returning the following day.
June 2nd saw most of the European ' Daks' (plus the Li-2) arrive. 'Daks over Duxford'  was scheduled for 03-05 of June.
June 4th saw weather throwing a spanner in the works, with strong winds forcing the para drops to be cancelled. A number of DC-3's crossing over to Normandy was also cancelled due to the weather.
June 5th saw massive departures with a considerable dely in the afternoon due to, allegedly, security restrictions in the UK over the Trump visit..
At Caen-Carpiquet june 7th was to be a public event, advertised as the aviation event of the decade. While some 34 Dakota's had been announced only 22 were present, in itself a considerable achievement.
I did not go to France having had a negative experience there 5 years ago and subsequent events there this year showed me I had made the right decision.


D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Douglas C-47A 292847/3X-W 'Thats All Brother' (N47TB, c/n 12693) on finals, a glorious sight!

Its history saved it from scrapping, a fate that seemed inevitable!
Manufactured in Oklahoma City by Douglas and delivered to the USAAF on 06Mar44 it was named 'That's All Brother' by its crew.
It took off in England for Normandy as lead ship in a formation of transports carrying military of the 2nd Battalion, 502nd PIR, 101st Airborne Division towards Drop Zone (DZ) A near Sainte-Mère-Église. The drop was done during night time, at 00:48 on that fateful day June 6th.
'Brother' went on to participate in Operations 'Market Garden', 'Repulse' and 'Varsity'.

Ovewr several decades, the historical significance of the airplane was lost and it was eventually sold to be scrapped. Fortunately, two historians from the United States Air Force discovered that this historic airplane was lying in a boneyard in Wisconsin. The Commemorative Air Force was able to acquire the airplane, and through a large group of donors and volunteers, restore the airplane to flying status.

C-47 That’s All, Brother will be based at the Commemorative Air Force, Central Texas Wing in San Marcos, TX.
Photo report on its restoration: www.centraltexaswing.org/aircraft/c-47-thats-all-brother/

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Registered 04Sep15 to American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum (Dallas,TX)

C/n 12693 was assigned serial 42-92847 and delivered on 06Mar44; it served with the 8th AF in Europe 26Apr44 as well as the 9th AF (27Apr44).
Returning to the USA in 1945 it went to the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC, dealing with the surplus of war material) on 26Oct45.
A civilan career got under way as NC88874 initially for Air Cargo Transport Corp., then for the United Gas Corp. in 1946 and for Union Producing Company of Shreveport, LA in the years 1953 to 1967.
Next was Jim Hankins Air Services of Jackson,MI but I have no dates.
In August '68 it went to Southeastern Land Corp. of Mobile,AL but returned to Jim Hankins Air Services in 1971.
Then to the Church of God Union Assembly Inc. of Dalton,GA in 1972 and in June 1977 to Air New England of Boston, Maine.
Next was Cryderman Air Svces per 28Apr77 and National Jet Service ( Indianapolis,IN -1977) which leased it to Air Indiana in August'78, reg'd to them on 11May79.
McCollum Aviation Inc. (Danville,IL) is among the list of owners, reg'd on 09Jul80.
Astro Airways Corp. of Pine Bluff,AR purchased it on 10Mar81.
Ten years later, reg'd 23Jul91, it went to Skyborne Int'l Company of Geneseo,NY. And in Feb.'97 it went to Summit Aviation Inc, followed in 1998 to Randsburg Corp (R05Aug98).

It seemed it had reached a final stage in its career in preservation at Falcon Field at Mesa,AZ in 1999.
In Dec.2000 it was offered for sale with ttl 17.400 airframe hours. Then in August 2001 it was seen in service with Royal Aviation... Then on 28May02 it was reg'd to Randsburg Corp of Texas, fitted as an AC-47 gunship, brandishing 3 Gatling guns! It also featured 'EN 847' codes and you'll find a photo on my Photos by Friends & Guests #36.
It was reported once more as 'preserved at Mesa Falcon Field' in May 2003, but once more reg'd to Randsburg Corp (of WI) on 09Sep03.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Aero Heritage Museum was founded May 2002 and restored it, then reg'd N88874, as AC-47D 'Spooky' gunship.
In 2002 it was an exhibit at Champlin Fighter Museum, at Falcon Field, said to move to Seattle's Museum of Flight.
It seems obvious it was too costly to maintain it..? Then it was registered on 03Dec08 to Basler Turbo Conversions,
a candidate for Turbine conversions or to be salvaged for parts. In July 2009 it was reported in Basler's yard.
My notes say 'seen 20Jun10 OSH as 42-847 camo c/s, awaiting conversion'. Pic by Ken Swartz @OSH in 2012 is
shown on my Photos by Friends & Guests #36. But then it was found that this vintage C-47A was not only a D-Day plane
but also plead a lead part, literally!, on that fateful June 6th 1944 day... Scrapping was abandoned and on 04Sep15
it was reg'd to American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum ofDallas,TX.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
During its recent restoration it was named "That's All Brother". First flight after restoration at Basler's was
done on 31Jan18 and ferried OSH-Tulsa-San Marcos,TX in early March 2018. That's where the Central Texas
Wing of CAF finalized work on c/n 12693. In time for the unique 'D-Day 75' event and join 'D-Day Squadron'.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Backs to the wall, no doubt N47TB is equipped with bucket seats!

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
"That's All Brother" on its day to drop 'round canopies' on historic airfields in Normandy.



D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Almost two decades ago I came across this DC-3C at on the ramp of Knoxville's McGhee Tyson Airport, the registered
to Catalina Air. It had a corporate appearance and I learned it had an interior to match: seating 16, with a bar, tv and
two couches! My report of that sighting plus its history written in full detail one can find on my page The Deep South.
I wonder if 'Virginia Ann' still has that configuration? (EMAIL)
Also, N62CC was a Hiper (or Hi-Per) conversion but looks like it has been demodified, abandoning the wheel doors?

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
While a helicopter for the media passes behind, N62CC is made pretty for the public.
It was a pity that there was no opportunity for the public to see some of these vintage propliners'interior, parked
as they were across the taxiway. I know some of these participants had boxes of memorabilia (caps, t-shirts, etc)
brought with them but there was no opportunity for them to sell their stuff and recoup some of their extensive costs.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Always the moment to wait for when a piston engine starts up!

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Reg'd 20Aug04 Air Air Classics LLC of Swanton, Vermont it went also through a period of uncertainties...
For sale on www.gesoco.com while based at Swanton,VT it took until registry for Kenneth Richard Oddy (of
Oragne Park,FL) on 23Jul10 that new career seemed in the offing. And indeed it attended the EAA Ventury of July
2013 Oshkosh but I learned that it was based at Chino in California.
Since 22Jul2012 N62CC has been reg'd to Mission Boston D-Day LLC.

Mission Boston D-Day, LLC is a California Domestic Limited-Liability Company filed on April 16, 2012. The company has 2 principals on record, who are Barrett C. Fait and Coleman B. Fait both from Newport Beach CA.

'Mission Boston' was a parachute combat assault at night by Major General Matthew Ridgway's U.S. 82nd 'All American' Airborne Division on June 6, 1944, part of the American airborne landings in Normandy during World War II.
Boston was a component element of 'Operation Neptune', the assault portion of the Allied invasion of Normandy, codenamed 'Operation Overlord'. 6,420 paratroopers jumped from nearly 370 C-47 Skytrain troop carrier aircraft into an intended objective area of roughly 10 square miles (26 km2) located on either side of the Merderet river on the Cotentin Peninsula of France, five hours ahead of the D-Day landings.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
A fine take off by N62CC '330647/J-X5' 'Virginia Ann' - heading out for Normandy

Cabin of DC-3 N62CC - photo Michael Prophet
Michael Prophet had the opportunity to have a look in the cabin; he also shared below photo of the c/n plates:
N62CC data plates
Note the conversion to the powerful Pratt & Whitney R-2000 engines in '55.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
330647/J-X5 in D-Day colours but the panorama window shows a different career too!

There were comments and criticism on the 'Daks over Normandy' organisation...
"The Caen end of the 'Daks over Normandy' event was a total fiasco (predictably, and predicted by many) - the less said about it the better.
However, the D-Day Squadron did a great job, and got the various planned flypasts and parachute drops done. Great credit to them, they've done a superb job bringing 15 aircraft over, and picking up the slack (and the 'stray' European aircraft) when 'Daks over Normandy' fell apart.
It has been a real pleasure and a privilege to have seen them doing their thing over the last week, both in the UK and in France."


D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)Douglas C-47B N103NA (c/n 33569*/16821) in the approach for Duxford IWM.
There is a story about its contruction number... Air-Britain's 'The First Seventy Years', acknowledged bible for
DC-3 airframe histories, has 33569/16821 detailed as '44-77237 was delivered in June 1945 as KP267 and flew with RAF No.76 Sqdn and No.12 MU/UK 21Jul47 - G-AMZA Field Aircraft Services Ltd R16Apr53 - Broken up for spares
Croydon 10Jul53'. Added by a note 'c/n 33569 has also been quoted for N2701A to Lee Mansdorf by Nov53; this is
almost certainly c/n 9531 (qv) ie.:- N42F, CF-IKD, N103NA, which carries external plate with c/n 33569 but
engine nacelle intake too early.'
So while Air-Britain has history of msn 33569 end in 1953 ohers seem to see it continue, like ATDB.aero
History of N103NA
I also noted FAA's N-inquiry database also uses c/n 33569. R20Feb02 Flabob Aviation Associates (Riverside,CA)

Micheal Prophet, avid propliner enthusiast, showed me information how Flabob Aviation proclaims their DC-3 to be
c/n 9531, USAAF 42-23669 delivered 12May43 and had a RAF career as FD879...
This is confirmed in Air-Britain's DC-3 (2006) publication.
'FD879 RAF No.24 Sqdn 20May43, India CU 01Jul43, ACSEA CS, Gen. Auchinleck 'Orion', India Somm Sqdn 14Jan47, UK 14Aug47.
FLC 27Nov47, Mauripur, Pakistan AF, D.W. Connor (Lee Mansdorf) 02Apr52.
Reg'd N2701A, with c/n 33569, which was chosen at random when 7 ex/ PAF C-47's were bought.
History continues: reg'd N42F. No additional info in Air-Britain's DC-3 book.
CF-IKD for Flahieff T F reg'd 07Nov55. To Ontario Paper Co., Thivold, 30Sep58. To Dominion Tar & Chemical of Montreal reg'd 15Apr65. Laurentide Aviation Ltd of Montreal reg'd 10Aug67. Next was Eden Air of Canada of Pointe Claire, Quebec per 19Feb71 and Ilford-Riverton Airways of Winnipeg followed, reg'd 21Dec71.
Their operation of CF-IKD seem to have lasted to May 1980.
Renamed Northland Air Manitoba in 1986. Air Manitoba reg'd 15Jul91.
Stored and surplus to need at Winnipeg in May 1992, its tailnumber meanwhile changed to C-FIKD.

It entered the US Registry as N103NA for Nostalgic Airways Ltd. of Kidron,OH when purchased 16Feb93.
Kidron,OH happens to be another aviation location (to this day) of the Stoltzfus family.
To Thomas L. Brown of Huntingdon Beach,CA - reg'd in Jan.'95. Newport Signal Air Inc. operated N103NA as 'Classic Express Airways' from Chino in May 2002.
Planes of Fame Museum of Chino with Classic A/W titles in 2004.

N103NA data plates
See above for the confusion explained of c/n 33569 versus c/n 9531.
History c/n 9531 explained..
Thanks to Michael Prophet ('Vintage Aviation Pictures') for making this info available to me.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
C-47B N103NA of Flabob Express; reg'd 20Feb2007 to Flabob Aviation Associates of Riverside,CA
Much confusion about the true identity of this aircraft, thanks to illegal papers filed with the FAA by Mr. Lee Mansdorf
over 50 years ago. Many now incorrectly quote it as c/n 33569 (which was scrapped in the UK in 1953), but it is in fact
c/n 9531 ex/ USAAF 42-23669.

N103NA info from Flabob Aviation

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
See my report on N103NA and Flabob Airport's other occupants on my CALIFORNIA 2018 (PAGE 2)



D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
C-47A 2100884/A-S6 (N147DC, c/n 19347)

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Registered N147DC on 12Mar98 to Aces High US Inc. (Delaware registered)

C/n 19347 was delivered as 42-100884 on 29Dec43, it served with 8th AF (25Feb44) and 9th AF with 438 TCG, went subsequently to the RAF as TS423 ( 02Sep44) and served various other units until it was time to bow out of the military and into civilian air service.
On Oct.'67 it was with Short Brothers & Harland Ltd of West Malling and on 14May69 it went to Marshall of Cambridge Ltd (for R.A.E.).
To Royal Aircraft Establishment in 1978.
Registered 14Sep79 G-DAKS for M Woodley t/a Aviation Enterprises at Duxford!

Briefly registration 'G-AGHY' applied for tv series 'Airline, Ruskin Air Service' in 1981. I remember watching those series on our telly!
It flew as 'KG374, Lord's Dakota' for air shows during 1983. RAF colourscheme plus 'YS-L' lettering was applied. In 1984 it had a role in another film, 'The Fourth Arm'.
G-DAKS was reg'd to Aces High Ltd of North Weald, well know of their participation in films and events. And still around. The Dakota was repainted as 42-100884 in May 1987 and then as TS423 (Oct.'89).
Its present registration, N147DC, was reg'd on 12Mar98 for Aces High.

It was reported at North Weald in June '98 in SEAC colours, coded A, then A-NF. And in June'99 at Shoreham, with 'Aero Argentinas'-titles for the movie 'Poirot'.
It appeared in the film 'Band of Brothers' in USAAC c/s as '224319'/L4-D during March-Sep.2000 when marked '07-10TG' on the fin.
When based at Dunsfold (still in USAAC c/s) it also appeared in Channel 4 TV series 'Sword of Honour' as 2100884 with code NF-A in 2000
As TS423/A-NF during the period 2001-2003, then RAF black with invasion stripes during 2004-2006, without codes.
2100884/A-NF was also used in 2005 in 'Bomber Boys: the Fighting Lancaster'. Its most recent filming may have been Women in Gold (released 2015, with Dame Helen Mirren a.o.).

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
An unscheduled engine change at Valence in France on 20Jul18 is shown on my Photos by Friends & Guests #55.
Things like that could have spoiled its participation here but it seems N147DC is in good hands.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
I think Andrew Dixon (Chief Pilot with the Daks over Normandy organisation, his wife Geraldine was in the DoN
organisation too) flew 'S6' and I believe he took N147DC back home to England before schedule, in a cloud of discontent. Details welcomed (EMAIL)

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Apparently N147DC is named 'Mayfly' and had been recently repainted in this livery, with tailcode 'A' referring to
iAces High. The 'ace of spades' also refers to Aces High. Long may its star shine in films and events such as 'D-Day 75'!!

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Since the 1980s involved in film work and may soon appear in a theatre near you..

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)Someone got himself a seat with a view and plenty of legroom!


D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
C-47 315087/P-9X 'Airborne - Rendezvous with Destiny' (N150D, c/n 4463)

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)

This is the 2nd DC-3 owned by Hugo Mathys, the other one also present here: N431HM, metal with Swissair titles.
Mr Mathys also owns two Twin Beeches and is a frequent quest at air events here at Duxford IWM.
315087/P-9X (N150D) was refurbished for Mr Mathys by Basler Turbo Conversions at Oshkosh, not configured to turbine engines but a proud piston-powered Douglas C-47.
I understand 'Rendezvous With Destiny' was a.o. flown by Frank and his son Glenn Moss (Shell Creek Aerospace LLC), well-known names in the world of vintage air transports!

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)

C/n 4463 was only briefly owned by the USAAF (41-18401, delivered 23Jun42) because it soon went to Pan American (02Jul42), ATC Accra (21Dec42). African M East by 01May43.
Serial 118401 was applied for the French AF by 20Nov45; CEV 'FZJLX ca.1954. Reregistered F-BCBB RF/DTI on 25Nov58, but back to 118401 for the French AF by 20Mar64. Serial BA 701 by Dec.'64 and operated by GTLA 2/60 FRAGC/FRAJJ Oct.'65. Declared surplus in Oct.'65
Transferred to the Israel DF/AF and reg'd 4X-FNE/1432 032 on 25Jan67. Then to Uganda Air Force (what was all that about?) and returned to IDF/AF for use by 120 Sqdn. Declared surplus Nov.'95, stored at Lod.

As described with N47SJ c/n 4463 was another DC-3 acquired by Global Aircraft Industries of Arizona LLC and flown to Edmonton-Villeneuve, reg'd N155JM on 27Aug99 (ferried during August 2000).
On 27Oct01 N150D was reg'd to Ozark Airlines Museum (St.Louis,MO); this tailnumber was previously on Ozark Airlines DC-3 c/n 20195, which fate is 'obscure': vanished in South East Asia)
Rr N150JD on 10Dec02 but found to be already in use so reverted to N150D again on 16Oct03.

At Rock Falls Airport (MKE) in Illinois for the 2010 'The Last Time DC-3 Gathering' (The DC-3's 75th anniversary) as 41-18401 in a grey/green camouflage livery, the IDF/AF colourscheme.
At that time my notes show that it was based at Smartt Field, St.Charles,MO and claimed to be oldest C-47 flying in original condition...
Frank Moss was said to have bought N150D, but I believe it was never officially registered to his name (May 2016). Maybe he was already acting (an assessment?) for Mr Mathys. And perhaps the full restoration was even for Frank Moss too much of an undertaking and left to Basler...? More details welcomed: EMAIL.
So Basler got to work and N150D made its 1st test flight after restorartion on 21Dec18 at Oshkosh; and flew to Muskoka (Ontario, Canada) on 17Jan19 for painting to its present livery.

Registered 13Dec18 to Aircraft Guaranty Corp., Trustee (Onalaska,TX).

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
'Airborne - Rendezvous With Destiny'. Painted to represent 43-15087 that transported paratroopers of the
101st Airborne Division 'Screaming Eagles' to a drop zone near Sainte-Mère-Église on D-Day. The real 315087
was written off during WW2 service, with Iberia, on 22Dec1947).

I was told that N150D is to return to the USA for Mr Mathys (don't know where it will be based), for him to be
used on the North American continent while he has N431HM for use in Europe! I congratulate him on his options!

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)

A word about Mr Mathys.
N431HM has as its homebase, as I have it, Dubendorf in Switzerland and N431HM. The owner (and the funding
for these splendid planes) may be linked to Mathys Medical Ltd bettlach...
From Wikipedia:
"Mathys Ltd Bettlach (formerly Mathys Medical), is a Swiss family business with headquarters in Bettlach, Switzerland. The company develops, produces and distributes implants for artificial joint replacement in the areas of hip, knee and shoulder as well as biomaterials for surgical treatment of bone defects (bone grafting).
Mathys employs over 560 workers, including in its 12 subsidiaries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. With more than 30 local marketing partners, Mathys is represented all over the world.
Until today (2017), the company is in possession of the families Mathys and Marzo. Hugo Mathys, major shareholder, holds the positions of Chairman of the Board of Directors.
Robert Mathys Senior founded his company in 1946, specializing in the development and production of machines, equipment and components of special stainless and acid-resistant steels."

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Glen Moss identified the copilot here: Bob Steenbock. Note the passenger taking photos with his smartphone, probably
in an awkward turn as I understand the cabin configuration is with original bucket seats for the paratroopers (including
Navigator desk). Hugo Mathys now has both a civilian as well as an original military variant of the Douglas DC-3.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
N150D flew in ca. 30 hours this late May from the USA to Duxford, seen here on June 5th heading for Caen in
France and on June 8th to Grenchen in Switzerland. Nice to fly a DC-3 that must be feeling as new..


D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Douglas C-41A (the only one ever manufactured!), N341A (c/n 2145)
But why was there only one C-41 made...? (EMAIL)
Some background info, kindly provided by Michael Prophet (made available to him by the owner):
C-41A production information (N341A)
Note that the C-41A (DC-3A-253A) was a partial sleeper... The C-41 concerns c/n 2053.
That outdated sleeper arrangement may be why Douglas moved on to other variants?
C-41A production information (N341A)
Registered N341A on 24Mar16 to Aerotechnics Aviation Inc (part of Trenchard Aviation?)

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Previously owned by Jack Riccard (opb Legend Airways of Colorado LLC, based at Cape Girardeau,MO or so I am told).
FlightAware.com showed Shoreham(ESH)-Coventry(CVT) in late June and no movement until I checked on 11Jul19.
I understand the flightcrew consisted of Steve Craig and Kathryn Burnham.
Jack Riccard / Legend Airways of Colorado LLC also owns or owned NC25641, described further down this page.
Richard Martin is the new owner of this proud vintage propliner.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)

C/n 2145 was built as a DC-3A-253A but 'drafted' into the military, designation C-41A, delivered to the US Army Air Corsp (USAAC) in Sep. 1939 and used as a staff plane. Operated by 1 Staff Sqdn at Bolling and by Wright AMC (04Oct43), returnig to Bolling 16Jul44, RFC Brookley 28Dec45, transferred to CAA 31Dec45.
After WW2 ended this DC-3A must have been an attractive air transport to purchase from the surplus aircraft!

As N4720V it was reg'd 29Dec51 to Strato Mart Inc of Los Angeles, (a letter dated 17Dec51 to CAA states rebuilt from parts from various sources - US Marines and USAAF by Standard Air Lines).
Bought by Ralph F O'Mara of Los Angeles 09Jan52. Soon (23Jan52) to Aircraft Sales & Brokerage Co. of Long Beach,CA. Superior Oil Company of Lafayette,CA bought it on 23Jan52, but went to Ralph E. Fair of San Antonio,TX on 20Nov52.
Bought by Richfield Oil Corporation 22Nov57, registered N65R for same Richfield Oil Corp (14Jan58).
Then to Atlantic Refining Corp of Philadelphia,PA, reg'd 18Feb66.
Rereg'd N598AR for same Atlantic Richfield Company, 03Jan67). On 01Oct70 one E.W. Brown Jr. of Orange,TX bought it. Rereg'd N32B in Dec.'71.
M.G. Stream of Lake Charles,LA had N32B registered to his name on 03Feb76. Rereg'd on 18Mar76 to Stream Aviation Inc. Two years later, on 06Mar78 it was reg'd to Huntsville Properties Inc. of Huntsville,TX. And then Sun Belt Airways Inc. of Huntsville,TX purchased it on 28Apr78. Named 'Tinsleys Boss Bird' (Oct.'80).
And rereg'd N132BB in Aug.'83.

N132BB was bought by R. (Bob) J. Pond of Plymouth,MN on 12May89 and noted painted in SAAF colors at EAA Convention, Oshkosh in August '89. Rereg'd N132BP for R.J. Pond on 12May89. Named 'Miss Angela'.
To Air Service Inc of Hockley,TX on 21Apr93. To Lone Star Flight Museum of Galvestan,TX - RDC Marine, 11May95. Rereg'd N14RD on 01Sep95.
Reg'd to Rocky Mountain Aviation Foundation (Denver,CO) on 18Jun99. Rr N341A29Jul99, noted in service Feb.2002. Reg'd Legend Airways of Colorado LLC of Morrison,CO on 03Mar03.

Registered 24Mar16 to Aerotechnics Aviation Inc. of Tewkesbury, United Kingdom.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Somewhere I read this C-41A referred to as 'Hap-Penstance'..? Probably having to do with use by General Hap
Arnold during WW2. EMAIL

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)

Michael S. Prophet sent me this info about the owner:
"Sonoma residents Richard Martin (of British birth) and wife Christine MacDonald are the proud owners of N341A, which is the only DC-3 variant ever to be given the designation C-41A by the U.S. Army Air Force.
They currently operate the aircraft as ‘Golden Age Air Tours’, offering scenic air tours around the (San Fancisco) Bay Area.
Martin was quoted saying: "What makes our ownership of this magnificent piece of flying history even more remarkable is that it was requisitioned and used by General ‘Hap’ Arnold, who retired to Sonoma after the war
and that we drive on Arnold Drive and go around the roundabout that was named in his honor most days".

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
N341A is/was based at Aurora in Oregon (KUAO), no doubt Aerometal has (had?) something to do with it..?
Since then reg'd to Red Cub LLC (04Jan16) and Aerotechnics Aviation Inc. in UK (24Mar16).

N341A Golden Age Air Tours

"It is a beautiful aircraft, the lines, the design", explains Sonoma resident and owner of GoldenAge Air Tours Richard Martin.
"This DC-3 is the godfather to the modern corporate jet and nothing rides like it, sounds like it, truly it is a magnificent beast."
It performs flighteeing flights in the Napa Valley (based Napa County Airport?) and San Francisco Bay area.
Martin and his crew of DC-3 pilots crossed the American continent and over the Atlantic Ocean and onto Great Britain to meet up with other allied vintage aircraft to fly on WWII D-Day 75.
They also went, flying in formation with other DC-3's, over Normandy's beaches. From there they went on to Germany for the 70th commoration of the Berlin Airlift and also went to Venice,Italy for another fly event.
www.goldenageairtours.com and you'll find them on Facebook.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)



D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Douglas DC-3C (R4D-6) N877MG (c/n 20806) in Pan American Airways System livery.
It is probably the propliner I have come most often during my travel in the USA and Canada, but I am not complaining.
The last time was last year at Flabob Airport in Southern California, HERE..
And upon my 2010 visit to Sealand Aviation I was able to photograph its deluxe interior.
Kenneth Swartz shared a 2007 photo with me, N877MG has a remarkable emblem on the tail while at B.C.'s Victoria IAP.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
History can be found on my following pages: DC-3 Page 2 (with confusion about its c/n explained - it is NOT
25638/14193, Canada 2010, Canada 2010: Sealand Aviation, Dirk Septer's Gallery #2, USA Northwest 2014:
Historical Flight Foundation
, Photos by Friends & Guests #26, and Photos by Friends & Guests #34
The above links shows various stages of restorations and includes photos of its interior.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
DC-3C (R4D-6) N877MG (c/n 4193) is owned by the Historical Flight Foundation (HFF), based in Washington state.
Quite possibly HFF parks it at Flabob,CA for a drier climate during the winter months. In case you want to meet up..

The owner and pilot John T. Sessions lost his foot in the crash of Dragon Rapide 'G-AHXW' at Abbotsford in 2018 (see
my Photos by Friends & Guests #55) . He flew this DC-3 to England for the 'D-DAY 75' event with his new foot!

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
A fine participation in D-Day's 75th anniversary. Bon voyage.




D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
C-53C N8336C in a remarkable China Air Transport livery, dedicated to Pacific theatre rather than WW2 era, but
very welcome to join D-Day Squadron and this D-Day 75 event at Duxford IWM.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Note the undercarriage is more 'hi-tec' than the one on 'common' C-47 Skytrains.
Douglas C-53-DO Skytrooper (c/n 7313), converted to a DC-3-S1C3G (registered as DC-3A) by Executive Aircraft Services, including a VIP interior and AiResearch Maximizer speed kit. My records showed it was converted to a
DC-3 Hi-Per (a.k.a. Hiper, HiPer, Hyper, Hi-PER...) but online I failed to find confirmation of such, except
with ATDB.aero. I welcome more info on this: EMAIL. N62CC (above) is a Hiper or Hi-Per conversion.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Passengers can be clearly seen taking pictures while C-53C Skytrooper N8336C (c/n 7313) speeds up for take off.

C/n 7313 has an extensive history!
Delivered with serial 42-47371 on 29Jun42 it served with 10 AF India (1942) and may have served the RAF as FJ712 (no mention on aircraft log or RAF records). Karachi 30Jun43 and at various locations in China in 1945.
Last entry on USAAF card was 05Feb46.
Served with Central Air Transport Corporation (CATC) in China, registered CA4. An exceptional source of information on post-WW2 aviation in China is Dr. Joe F. Leeker extensive study on this subject: www.utdallas.edu/library/specialcollections/hac/cataam/Leeker/history/China1.pdf
CATC became part of Civil Air Transport (CAT) of Taiwan in 1947 and as such I can place the next note in Air-Britain's publication: 'Civil Air Transport Inc., Formosa'.

It was rereg'd N1794B on 22Jul53. And then N67K for Temco Corp. of Dallas,TX on 09Dec53. Then soon to be reregisterd as N47L for Union Chemical and Materials Corp. on 12Jan54.
Vulcan Materials Corp. became reg'd owner on 22May58. Soon followed by registry to Southern Airways Corp. on 12Jun58.
N147M was assigned for Mead Corp. of Dayton,OH on 23Jul62. Ohio Aviation Corporation of Vandalia,OH had it reg'd on 18Apr69. Next was Tecumseh Products Corp. of Tecumseh,MI on 26May69.
A significant move, a donation, was being registered to the Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum (Kalamazoo,MI), which acquired it on 03Dec82.
Then Basler Flight Services took ownership on 29Oct93, an exchange deal with c/n 13050. Markings showed 'Billion Dollar One', which was probably a sour note referring to its upkeep!
In 1994 used in the filming of the movie 'Richie Rich'.

N943DJ was reg'd 25Jun99 to Donald 'Don' Jones of Fond du Lac,WI. Named 'Spirit of Enterprise'. Registry amended to Spirit Enterprises Inc (Fond du Lac,WI) on 24Jan2000. Rereg to Spirit Enterprises LLP on 07May02 and to MA Inc of Oshkosh,WI on 28Jul04.

On 01Jan2005 the Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA) was issued for N943DJ (DC3A, c/n 7313). By 2009 it went to Joe Anderson of Santa Rosa,CA. And on 03Jun09 reg'd to JM Air LLC of Phoenix,AZ. Markings 'Spirit
of Benovia' were applied. It was operating in a white livery with a double blue cheatline and an American flag on the tailfin. On 16Sep10 it visited the Reno Air Races as such.
See also www.aerialvisuals.ca

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
That panorama window must be a real joy to sit at and take in the landscape!

I learned that while normally based at Marana Regional Airport (Arizona), in the summers it can be found at Santa Rosa (California) for that is where the owner's winery ('Benovia Winery') is located.
I haven't found out what the 'JM' initials signify or refer to, probably the owner? Details please! EMAIL
Rereg'd 03Jun2009 to N8336C, again for JM Air of Phoenix,AZ.
History of N8336C
Michael Prophet, Vintage Aviation Pictures, made this information by the operator available to me.
Note the operation by CIA's Air America. No mention of a Hiper (Hi-Per) conversion. And I finally
learn the name of the owner here: Joe Anderson.
John Vogel shared 'before & after' photos of N8336C's recent respray in this fantastic CAT livery!

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)



D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Douglas DC-3C (C-49G) 256630 (N18121, c/n 1997) in good company of other Gooney Birds..

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)

C/n 1997 - DC-3-201, NC18121 for Eastern Air Lines ('341') delivered 28Oct37. Designated C-49G for USAAF with serial 42-56630, Patterson 01Jun42.
Back to Eastern A/L as NC18121 ('341') 24Jun44. To leeward Aeronautical Service and to Trans Texas, designated a DC-3A (Dec.'53). Tradewinds A/m Inc. of San Antonio,TX who bought it 31Oct68.
Next was Provincetown-Boston Air Lines, purchased on 24Jan74.
Rereg'd N136PB, with ttl airframe hours 87.000, in 1986.
Operated by Eastern Express in Oct.'87, leased from Bar Harbor. Eastern and Florida Express colourscheme noted in 1988. Stored at Naples,FL by March 1991. Reg'd to Neil M. Rose of Vancouver,WA who bought it on 04Jun93.
Rereg'd N18121 in Aug.'93.
To Robert J.C. Irvine of Vancouver,WA - reg'd 17Sep93.
Restored in Eastern A/L colours during 1995-2000; by this time it had totalled 91.400 airframe hours.
To Olympia Flight Museum of Vancouver,WA.

FAA's website N-inquiry has N18121 reg'd to Blue Skies Air LLC of Portland,OR on 11Sep2007.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)

'N18121 is a rare, original DC-3A built at the Douglas Aircraft plant in Santa Monica, California during 1937.
She is one of the oldest DC-3’s still flying and the highest time example left in the world.
The aircraft is now privately owned and flies regularly.
The aircraft’s date of manufacture is recorded as October 25th 1937. She was the 119th DC-3 to roll off the production lines and the 7th built for Eastern Airlines.
She was originally certificated as a DC-3-G2 (powered by Wright GR-1820-G2 engines).
WWI ace Captain Eddie Rickenbacker, then vice president of Eastern airlines, signed for the aircraft at the Douglas plant on December 20th 1937. Captain Rickenbacker then flew her to Newark, New Jersey, beginning the historic aircraft’s long and unique career, spanning six decades with some of the United States’ most prominent airlines.
The United States military requisitioned the aircraft for war service during 1943.
She became C-49G 42-56631 with the U.S. Army Air Forces on June 1st, 1942. She served her country, remaining stateside, before her return to Eastern Airlines on June 24th, 1944.
The aircraft then continued on in commercial service for another 40 years, flying with companies such as Trans-Texas Airlines (TTA) and Provincetown Boston Airlines (PBA) until 1988, when she finally retired.

The aircraft went into private ownership with Neil Rose in 1993, moving out to Vancouver,WA.
The aircraft, by this point, had accumulated over 91.400 hours total airframe time, and was in need of major work and restoration.
The aircraft changed hands three further times before the present owner completed her rebuild back into flying condition during 2006.
McDonnell-Douglas, the successor to the Douglas Aircraft Company recognized this historic aircraft as the highest time DC-3 in the world during the late 1980’s.
Flying only sparingly since then, the aircraft has accumulated just over 91,600 hours, setting a new world record every time she flies.'
Aircraft data/info via the D-Day Squadron, forwarded by Michael Prophet to me.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
When I visited Vancouver-Pearson Field (VUO/KVUO) in 2012, where NC18121 was reported to be parked, it was gone.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
C-49 - 138 examples, commandeered by the military from airlines. Most were standard DC-3, but a few were the
DCT version. All were flying with civilian airlines when the government impressed them in 1942 and 1943 for use in
the war effort. Maximum payload: 3.950 pounds (upto 24 passengers). From my page Skytrain variants.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)



D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
DC-3C (C-47A) NC24320 of 'Johnson Flying Service Inc.', named 'Miss Montana', is really a museum artifact..
I photographed it in the early 1990s when still in use by McNeely Charter Service in Arkansas. When I next came
across this C-47A c/n 20197 it was with Museum of Mountain Flying and the days of flying over...
Then 'D-Day 75' gained momentum and a race against time brought 'Miss Montana' in time across the pond!

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
I remember my visit in 2001 to West Memphis when N24320 had suffered from a severe storm 2 years prior, the C-47A
had been picked up and smashed down on the ramp... The damage took it out of production with McNeely Charter
Service and I saw it in the last stages of inspection and repairs, to bring it to an airworthy status again.
But it was soon put up for sale and bought on 15Jan02 by the Museum of Mountain Flying (Missoula, MT).
The history has been dealt with extensively to my 2014 page dedicated to a visit to
the Museum of Mountain Flying and my Deep South 2001 report.
And I have an article copied & saved on the move to this museum.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
In 1946 this C-47A c/n 20197 was registered NC24320 in the name of Johnson Flying Service (Missoula,MT).
In 1954 it was involved in an incident, when it force landed in the Monongahela River,PA (and broke through the ice)
on December 22nd with 10 fatalities as a sad result. But N24320 survived, as it was repaired by/for Johnson Flying
Service during 1955. All in all N24320 stayed there for some 30 years ! That is a feat you don't see much with
these old warriors ! Hence the proud preservation at the Museum of Mountain Flying

'Miss Montana' is now being flown by Eric Komberec, a pilot (on BAe 146, previously the P-2 Neptune) with Neptune
Aviation Svcs. In 2001, Eric's father Richard Komberec had a chance meeting with N24320 somewhere on the east coast
and Richard formed a group who bought it & flew the plane to Missoula and donated it the the Museum of Mountain Flying.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
This would never been able to happen, without out Western AL N33644 that was used to train and certify all of the
6 pilots that took 'MISS MONTANA' to Normandy and back. See NC33644 on my Photos by Friends & Guests #58

It seems that Randy and Crystal Schonemann were the driving forces behind restoring NC24320, heading a group
of volunteers working weekends and evenings. Donations helped too of course, the engines and props needed overhauling

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
'Miss Montana', a proud representative of Missoula and the State of Montana.
Much of the restoration was a community effort.

Eric Komberec has succeeded Museum of Mountain Flying co-founder Stan Cohen as president earlier this year.
Eric's uncle, Tim Komberec, is president of Empire, which helped lead the restoration efforts of Miss Montana
in the past year. Miss Montana’s last out-of-state venture of 2019 could be in Spokane in October, when the
Historic Flight Foundation (HFF; see N877MG in Pan Am livery) helps open a multimillion hangar at historic Felts Field.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
The paratroopers make their way to the transports which will enable them to jump over historic sites in Normandy.
These reenactors (note some of them even have thair faces made black) paid considerable sums to participate here.

I had heard matters went awry at times in the organisation of 'Daks over Normandy', but at such an event and esspecially involving the French who always seem to have problems with proper organizing (that is why I went to Duxford, not to Caen, the French messed things up awfully 5 years ago with the 70th D-Day anniversary) things cannot be 100% perfect.
Regretfully the planes could not be visited at Duxford, we saw no para droppings and the merchandise on board the DC-3's stayed on board and I suspect very few sales were made by them.
ATC France were forced to close down airways and airspace at times for government leaders flying. Strong winds played a role in France when planes were forced to be grounded. Aspects to test any organisation I am sure.

As I understand it the 'Daks over Normandy' lost control when facing these challenges. Also some matters had not been properly prepared or followed up in Normandy.
I did some sleuthing on the internet and stumbled on some serious 'discomforts':

"On 5 June, two of the three Directors of Daks over Normandy resigned. Their resignation could not have come at a worse time. The reason for their resignation is still unknown, but it means there is now just one person to process outstanding payments and reimbursements to those who are entitled.
Provisions are now being made to access the bank account so that the process of payment and reimbursements can begin. I expect that this will be early this coming week.
Thank you for your patience."
Peter Braun - www.facebook.com/daksovernormandy2019/

On 'Daks over Normandy', the organisation:
"They had these people spend THOUSANDS of dollars on plane tickets, hours of traveling on a ferry, hours waiting for planes that weren't even allowed to drop ANYONE on duxford DZ because they never filed for permission, HOURS traveling back, DAYS waiting for the bags that were supposed to be on the planes flying over, HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS on hotels wasted because they were supposed to be leaving the country but had to wait on bags that didn't come.
Other organizations are the ones who actually contributed money to the planes flying, .... and poor excuse for a commemorative group."

"...if you had been in Carpiquet on 7th you would want a refund for sure."

"The fact bags did not make it France was due to 2 things. 1. The French president Macron made a surprise visit to the Normandy region on the 5th, .closing the airspace, blocking the scheduled ferry flights by a couple of Daks that were going to bring the suitcases.
Then after that airspace closure, the wind picked up too much for the Daks to make the trip. In the end the suitcases had to be trucked. This topic you can not blame on D O N."

Reactions EMAIL

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Up and away, once more on a mission to drop parachutists, but no smokejumpers this time.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)





D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
DC-3C N25641 (c/n 9059) 'Liberty' of Legend Airways in superb colourscheme.
Note that nice panorama window. Again I have to express my regret that there was no opportunity to view the interiors!
It is fitted with 14 deluxe seats, must be a comfortable way of travelling even on long flights crossing the Atlantic.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)

C/n 9059 was delivered as 42-32833 on 11Feb43 and was stationed at Oran in North Africa, flew with 8th AF in 1944 and was stateside again, at Greenville, on 21Aug45. For the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC), dealing with WW2 surplus, it was at Walnut Ridge,AR 06Nov45.
As NC25641 it went to Reginald J. Robbins of Houston,TX - bought on 01Oct46 and reg'd 21Oct46.
Next (08Sep48) was the Texas Eastern Transmission Corp., of Shreveport,LA and Houston,TX.
Then Page Airways of Rochester,NY bought it on 02Sep70. It was modified to DC-3C-S4C4G.
It went back to Texas for the Dee Howard Company of San Antonio, 22Apr71. Bought 26Apr71 by R.H. Bentley of San Antonio.
An exotic name pops up: A. Schekaiban becomes owner on 21May71, adresses in Beirut,Lebanon and Mexico. What exotic venture appreared here on the horizon?
But returned to the Dee Howard Aircraft Sales per 17Aug73. By that same date ownership was reg'd to Well Aircraft Inc. of Hutchinson,KS.
Well, 1973 saw more reregistrations: per 05Oct73 for Kearney & Trecker Corp. of Milwaukee,WI.
Basler Flight Services of Oshkosh,WI bought it on 16Nov83. On 06Oct88 it was registered to Dexter D. Caffin Jr of Hobe Sound,FL.
On 11Jun92 it was reg'd to Fleming Corporation of Nashua,NH. This was changed to Legend Airways of Nashua,NH on 13Jan99.
By May 1999 it was registered to Jack Rickard [sic] of Denver,CO.
On 29Sep2000 N25641 was reg'd to Legend Airways of Colorado LLC (Morrison,CO).

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
I don't think D-Day Squadron would ever have lifted off without generous support by sponsors. I hope
to learn more about who was behind which 'Dak' in support of this unique event (EMAIL)

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Jack Riccard / Legend Airways of Colorado LLC also owned N341A, described further up this page. Who is he?

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
It wasn't always easy to photograph the take offs with planes parked between the crowd and the runway.




D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Douglas C-53D 268830/R-CU 'D-Day Doll' (N45366, c/n 11757)

Crew and ground crew of D-Day Doll (FB 2019)
D-Day Doll's flight crew and crew chiefs prior to departure for England & Normandy
The few names I have (left to right): ??, Col. Mike Lindgren (?), ??, Col. Steve Rose (lead pilot), ?? (behind),
Col. Howard (Howie) Ramshorn (center;D-Day Doll crew chief), Col. Greg Fernandez (bomber jacket), ??, ??.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Last year, when I saw 'D-Day Doll' at Flabob Airport in South California, I feared it might not make it here, with
props missing and a registry that was to run out early this year. But glad they pulled it off. CALIFORNIA 2018 P2
I noticed it had had another complete makeover.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
C/n 11757 is one of a batch 11620 to 11778 C-53D's built under contract No. AC-26937, serials 42-68693
to 42-68851. When converted for civil use, C-53D's became DC-3A's.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
D-Day Doll passing in front of Miss Virginia. With their backs to the wall I think it probably has bucket seats in the cabin
Between my 2018 visit to Flabob and this event D-Day Doll has been given an entire repaint, green camo changed to a
brownish green (its appearance altered with the angle of light, it seemed).

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
I photographed N45366 at Lodi,CA in 1996, where it was used by a parachute center. Not yet in WW2 camo
colours and equipped with Wright Cyclone R-1820 engines! Might that still be the case? EMAIL.
That page has also a detailed historical account of c/n 11757 over the years.
N45366 was registered to the Commemorative AF / Inland Empire Wing (again) on 04Dec2001.

In 2005 I had received a reaction on my photo of N45366 at Lodi,CA in 1996 and its history as far as I got
it and was asked by Bud Ukes "..If you should have any history on this specific C-53, I would appreciate whatever you could tell us. I have some unconfirmed information that this airplane was assigned to the 13th Troop Carrier Wing on Segi Point, New Guinea in late 1943.
"From Air-Britain's 2006 publication I can only quote: 'c/n 11757 42-68830 D07Jul43 - Alliance 12Aug43 - 8 AF Aug43 - 9 AF 80 TCS - Hunter 13Jul45 - Robins 19Jul45 - RFC 06Aug45'.
Hope this may be of help (I lost Bud's emailadress over the years).

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
The departure was imminent but crews, passengers and the crowd was kept waiting without a clue to what was going on.
Was there another ATC lockdown in France or is there truth to the rumor that a VVIP had insisted to come aboard
at the last moment..? Who might have been that mystery person, a politician?

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
We were kept waiting for about an hour and a half, but I don't think anyone turned away for a sight of 20
Dakotas, Skytrains and Skytroopers (plus one Lisunov Li-2) taking off is worth waiting for!

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)



D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
224064/N-ID 'Placid Lassie' (N74589, c/n 9926)

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
'Placid Lassie' finds a spot to park.
Reg'd 28Dec18 to The Tunison Foundation of Oxford,CT. The Tunison Foundation seemed to be at the core of
organizing 'D-Day Squadron'? EMAIL

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)

History of c/n 9926:
Delivered on 26Jul43 with serial 42-24064 to the USAAF, deployed with 8 AF 18Oct43 then 9 AF 81 TCS and on 06Jul45 at Hunter, at San Bernardino 14Jul45. One of many at RFC Walnut Ridge 19Nov45.
A civilian career started as NC74589 for National Air Transportation Service (no date specified), bought 23Jun49 by West Coast Air Lines ('106'). Air West Aug.'67, bought by Aerodyne Corp. of Renton,WA per 18Jun68. Surplus to need parked at Renton, May 1974 - Jan.'80.
To Saber Aviation (First Flight Out?), reg'd May 1984.
Bought by Jurmie E. Watkins Jr on 06Aug92, to Dodson Int'l Air, to Carolina Shuttle of Greensboro,NC and stored (June 1999).

When I checked in 1998 FAA's N-inquiry for N74589 I found: Reg'd 10Aug92 to Jurmie E Watkins Jnr, Simpsonville,SC (partnership) "undeliverable triennal". Feb. 2003 stored at Covington,GA. For sale March 2003 US$ 110.000 by Avtn Investment Resources Inc. Still for sale by May 2004 when I checked.
Airliners.net has a 30Aug06 photo of c/n 9926 parked at Covington Mun'l Airport,GA with an interesting remark
"In 1968 this guy used to fly for West Coast Airlines. In April of 1968 Bonanza Air Lines, Pacific Air Lines and West Coast Air Lines merged and became Air West Airlines."
In 2010 I read in a Propliner magazine issue 'Restored by Clive Edwards and small team of other Brits at Covington, funded by wealthy unnamed owner, in matter of weeks, managed to visit Oskosh's AirVenture in time in July 2010; to be transferred to the owner's hangar (who also bought Catalina N423RS - see my Photos by Friends & Guests #42) in Maine.

See photos taken of '589 at Covington on my page Photos by Friends & Guests 14 when things did not look good!
I also came across N74589, not yet named 'Placid Lassie', at Cherbourg for D-Day's 70th anniversary. That page has more details on the name 'Placid Lassie' and its remarkable 2010 recovery!

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Recognise some of the crew?

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
DC-3C (DC-3C) Placid Lassie was donated to the Tunison Foundation. As was a PBY-5 project, tailnumber N423RS.
Ed Tunison passed on, so a volunteer organization was named after him: www.tunisonfoundation.org
The planes are based out of Treasure Coast International Located in Fort Pierce, FL (ICAO: KFPR).
See their report, their adventure, to Europe: www.tunisonfoundation.org/dds-in-normany-and-berlin

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
'Placid Lassie' on its way to Normandy. Titles on its lh-engine 'Idling Ada' and on its rh-engine 'Eager Eileen'.


Dak s over Duxford (2019)

(Some additional comments and criticism on the 'Daks over Normandy' organisation)
Wiesbaden, Germany - June 13th, 2019 - The D-Day Squadron, having just completed a successful overflight of the official ceremony to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Invasion of Normandy, released a statement to address concerns over certain events that are run by an entirely separate group, Daks Over Normandy, where problems have been encountered by the general public.
"There are several events where aircraft of the D-Day Squadron were invited to attend, such as Daks Over Duxford, events at Caen - Carpiquet Airport and BA70," explained Moreno Aguiari, Director of Marketing and Public Relations.
"We want to clarify that we were invitees to these events, but we had no control over their implementation or function. Anyone with concerns over services connected with these events needs to contact Daks Over Normandy, as they are a completely separate group who is responsible for providing those services."
"I can only speak on behalf of the D-Day Squadron," Aguiari continued. "We were very disappointed in some of the activities surrounding these events as well.
But we are 'over the moon' about our successful overflight of two presidents and 60 WW2 veterans. This was our way of paying tribute to the entire Greatest Generation and their incredible sacrifice that continues to define western civilization to this day. Our mission was to fly 15 C-47 and DC-3 aircraft across the Atlantic in time for this event and we're happy to declare 'Mission Accomplished!' for that objective."

D-Day Squadron 2019 statistics
D-Day Squadron 2019 statistics


D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
DC-3C (C-47B) NC33611 (c/n 34378/17111) in vintage Pan Am livery and named 'Tabitha May'.
I first came across c/n 34378 in 1995 when it was operated by Era Aviation (Era Classic Airlines) in Alaska.
Its career ended there because the obligatory reinforced door modification was too costly for their two DC-3s.

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
Fred Barnes shared another start up photo of 'Tabitha May', taken on June 4th. Photos by Friends & Guests #58.

I have another shot of c/n 34378 on my Gooney Birds in Alaska & Canada
This is how Walt Brubaker recalls flying this vintage transport on scenic flights in 1989 and 1990!
And I followed up on ex/N1944H on my Photos by Friends & Guests #38, with c/n 34378 now N33611 and
offered for sale.
Glad it joined D-Day Squadron in crossing the pond and participated in the 'Daks over Normandy 2019' event.
Note that on YouTube's Plane Savers E122 the history is detailed during a walkround: NC33611 is in perfect condition with PMDG Flight Operations LLC of Virginia.

UPDATE JULY 2020: For sale on Controller.com/Aerosolutions US$995.000. "One of a kind corporate configured 1945 Douglas DC-3. S/N 34378 is the former transport of the Columbia Broadcasting System, Outboard and Marine Manufacturing and EAA. Low total time with only 17,896 hours. This DC-3 was the last of its model to operate carrying passengers for a Part 121 Air Carrier on the US registry and also has a number of historic aviation figures in its logbook such as Paul Poberezney and Jimmy Leeward to name a few. S/N 34378 was the cover for Flying Magazine in August 1981 and AOPA Magazine in December 2016. This is a rare turn-key opportunity to purchase an exceptionally cared for DC-3 with spare parts and support equipment."

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
My page c/n 34378 in Alaska (1995) has a full history of this vintage propliner

D-Day 75, Daks over Duxford (2019)
June 5th I saw 21 DC-3's plus 1 Li-2 take off. What joy! Pity 2 Gooney Birds could not join for technical issues.
It may be a while, if ever, when we are able to see such a gathering of DC-3's again.




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