Vintage Transports, photos by Friends & Guests (57)


On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.

With the ever growing popularity of Social Media (Flickr, Facebook, Instagram) the barrier has become much lower for people to share their photographs or scans of slides; imperfection to post aviation images is no longer an issue.
I noticed a decline in requests for publication on my website (a decline I welcome, as I struggle with the workflow) on my 'Guest Pages', so now some of these images shared below will be copied from Facebook & Flickr by me. For preservation of their historic value as I see it; always with proper credit to the photographer, of course!

Btw, while I am on social media, picking up on aviation news, I use it mainly for other interests while my website remains my main focus to share my interest in vintage aviation.


Scott Alford sent me this update to my 'Bush Planes of Red Lake Ontario' of DHC-3 C-FODQ, seen here on 16Jun19
DHC-3 C-FODQ of Superior Airways at Red Lake, Ontario
Scott wrote: "ODQ’s new colors with Superior Airways in Red Lake. Ian Partridge still at the controls."
And: "We have been flying out of Red Lake on an annual fishing trip since 1982. I have been flying on ODQ since
Chimo bought it back in 1997. Ian was Chimo’s lead pilot and went with the plane when Peter sold the Chimo operation
to Superior. As you posted, Chimo’s 2 Norseman CF-JIN and CF KAO ( I have flown on both of them as well!) were badly damaged in a hail storm and taken out of service. I have good news! Both planes were purchased by a couple of
guys and they went to southern Ontario where they are being completely restored and will fly again!
Made me so happy to hear that they were not just discarded! Fewer and fewer of them around these days."

The history of C-FODQ has been written out on my Red Lake 2007 report.

By the end of June 2019 John Wills of Rolling Boxcar wrote me: "Things are going great here in Battle Mountain!
We left Alaska over three weeks ago and have been here in the hot Nevada desert for a couple weeks taking N5216R apart and getting it ready for the trip to California.
Corrosion is terrible in the wings and boom sections, as the entire plane has been left open for the pigeons to set up home for the last 25-30 years...
There are a lot of areas where I can push my finger right through the skin!
There has been a lot more pilfering going on even since 2017 when I was here last. Even lost the escape hatch over the cockpit and the two in the rear on either side of the life raft. Amazing how people can come onto airport property and steal stuff that others own. Local Sheriff is looking into it, but I hold no hope in him finding out anything but they have secured the area a lot more now.
We have several parts and pieces that we will not need such as landing gear and even the boom sections. Also the radar nose will need a home as we brought down the smaller nose from up north.
Willing to trade for some seats and maybe hatches, if there is anybody out there that needs such things. If not I guess some parts will go to my competitive bidders and turned into beer cans.
Hope to hear from someone soon!

Disassembly for transport of C-119 N5216R at Battle Mountain, Nevada
Disassembly for transport of C-119 N5216R at Battle Mountain, Nevada

Disassembly for transport of C-119 N5216R at Battle Mountain, Nevada

Disassembly for transport of C-119 N5216R at Battle Mountain, Nevada

Disassembly for transport of C-119 N5216R at Battle Mountain, Nevada
I hope some deal can be made with the surplus parts, next to preservation I do believe in recycling!


Part of a photo by Chris Hale (a selfie was cropped) was published on Facebook for the unidentified Beech 18 we
see here at Nome,AK. Photo taken 29Jun19.
Unidentified Beechcraft C-45 at Nome in June 2019
My gallery for the search into identities of planes has hes solution!

Philppe Lavigne sent me these photos of the Nord NorAtlas, in response to one published on my Scanned Archive, explaining how No.186 there is equipped with an SNB (System of Navigation and Bombing).
In my opinion the Noratlas is as much an underexposed vintage transport as the Fairchild C-82 and C-119.
Nord Noratlas No.105

Nord Noratlas No.105

'The Nord Noratlas was a dedicated military transport aircraft, developed and manufactured by French aircraft manufacturer Nord Aviation.
Development commenced during the late 1940s with the aim of producing a suitable aircraft to replace the numerous older types that were in service with the Armée de l'Air (French Air Force) which dated back to WW2
The Nord 2501 was introduced to service by the Armée de l'Air on 06Dec1953.
Having found itself in a similar situation to France, the German Air Force of West Germany chose to adopt the same solution, procuring the type for their own purposes. The Israeli Air Force, the Hellenic Air Force, and the Portuguese Air Force all deployed the Noratlas under combat conditions. Furthermore, operators often found a wide variety of uses for the type, extensively adapting aircraft to suit secondary roles in some cases. The Noratlas was also adopted by a number of civil operators, although most aircraft were flown by military customers.'

Monsieur Lavigne is a former parachutist and: "I jumped eight times from this mythical military transport aircraft of the French airborne troops. I have a special passion for this plane, whose last flying model in the world is parked 5 kilometers from my residence, at the airport of Marseille-Provence.
For several years, I have collected on the web more than 1700 photos of this aircraft. I classified these images by machine number, then by registration, then I became interested in their story and I collected information, anecdotes, small stories that I could find.
That's how I can tell the difference between a 'Gabriel' (electronic warfare) and an SNB System. I have made some photos myself, but most of the machines are in museums, destroyed or scrapped."

I came across this interesting aviation history item; I thought it good to share it here but I also wanted a reminder
for myself and perhaps to explore this subject as a future personal project. Never short on ideas
Forgotten arrow in the US landscape

A DC-3 converted by Basler to turbine power but never meant to 'fly submerged'..
BT-67 'lands' in lake
I suspect this is C-FKGL , BT-67 conversion from DC-3 c/n 19066, operated by North Star Air ('Cargo North').

Aviation Safety Network (ASN) published this narrative (copied 23Jun19): "The Basler ditched in Eabamet Lake
after reporting engine problems. The two crew on board escaped without injuries."
Location: off Fort Hope Airport, ON (CYFH). Note: ASN had 'registration unknown'.

Aric Abrams published this photo on Facebook ('Aviation Wrecks and relics') 18Jun19, taken that same day. It
shows dismantling in progress for its transport to ... Read more on this HERE!
C-119 at Battle Mountain, dismatling in progress
N5216R being dismatled for transport.

Jean Vouillon wrote me May21st regarding the Curtiss C-46F C-GIBX at Gimli, Manitoba.
C-46 C-GIBX at Gimli, photo Jean Vouillon (c)
C-46 C-GIBX stored at Gimli, Manitoba; photo by Jean Vouillon (published with permission)

C-46 C-GIBX stored at Gimli, Manitoba; photo by Jean Vouillon (c)
'IBX is looking quite splendid and ready to fly!

Details on my updated page, My Visit to Gimli 2007, when 'IBX was still operational

Here's a 2016 photo for comparison, also taken by Jean Vouillon:
C-46 C-GIBX at Gimli, Manitoba

The hulk of a Boeing C-97 fuelhauler, damaged by fire in 1989, is found to be surviving in Unalakleet,AK
C-97 fuselage at Unalakleet near the airport
Boeing C-97L N4580Q on Google's Streetview; a May 2019 photo can be found on my Off-Airport gallery

A sad state of affairs in Berlin, concerning D-CXXX (ex/ G-AMRA) and D-CXXX (ex/ G-AMPZ), while celebrating this year the 70th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift (24Jun48 – 12May49) ... [See Wikipedia]
G-AMRA is now for sale, the restoration failed: the end of the 'Rosinenbomber'. Photo by Henning Friese.
D-CXXX (ex/G-AMRA) at Berlin-Schönefeld
This is C-47B c/n 26735. More details on an update on my page concerning visit to Coventry's air museum (2011)

Item for my Off-Airport Italy, suggested by Sean Keating; click link for more details
Villamarzana:  ristorante-pizzeria Michelangelo da Vinci
Villamarzana (on the A13 between Padua and -closer to- Ferrara): ristorante-pizzeria Michelangelo da Vinci.
The Douglas DC-6 is I-DIMA (DC-6B c/n 44251), ex/ mm61965. The restaurant was closed in 2014.

A milestone was reached 07May2019: C-FDTD has its engines roar for the first time in some 25 years!
C-FDTD successfully runs its emgines for the first time, at St.Hubert-Montreal
Dusty, helping out his father Jay (here for 2 weeks) for a few days here, gives the thumbs up for the engine run.
Some 25 years ago this DC-3 arrived here by truck and it is heart-warming to see how many people have dedicated
their energy, often their spare time, to restore this Gooney Bird to airworthiness. The first flight is fast approaching. E126 march 7th

Vickers Viscount G-AZNA, off-airport in Belgium, is reportedly for sale
G-AZNA off-airport in Belgium
See my Off-airport gallery on above link for more details on Viscount c/n 350

John Vogel sent me these images, having noticed a change of livery on C-53 Skytrooper N8336C!
Douglas C-53 N8336C
Douglas C-53-DO Skytrooper (c/n 7313), converted to a DC-3-S1C3G by Executive Aircraft Services, including a
VIP interior and AiResearch Maximizer speed kit. My records showed it was converted to a DC-3 Hi-Per (a.k.a.
Hiper, HiPer, Hyper, Hi-PER...) but online I failed to find confirmation of such, except with

Douglas C-53 N8336C
Since 2018 sporting a beautiful new livery!

John wrote: "I just remembered last year September, when I went to the airshow at Mather Airport here in Sacramento, I took a photo of Douglas C-53 USAAC s/n 42-47371, N8336C.
I had last seen that aircraft (also at Mather) in October 2016, but noticed that the color scheme had changed!"

Notice the panoramic windows & undercarriage doors (speedpack?); in the 1990s, owned by one Don Jones I believe, it was equipped also with socalled Hi-Per engines but don't know if these are the same, but cannot find confirmation of this.
At one time (while reg'd N943DJ) it was owned by Basler Turbo Conversions but this one escaped the conversion,
thank goodness!
It visited the air event at Oshkosh several times, named 'Billion Dollar One', probably a cynical remark for the cost of upkeep.. In 2003 at OSH reportedly renamed to 'the Spirit of Enterprise'.
Reg'd 03Jun09 to JM Air LLC of Phoenix,AZ.
While present at OSH in 2009 at Oshkosh as the 'Enterprise', the next year it participated as 'Spirit of Benovia'.
And I learned that while normally based at Marana Regional Airport (Arizona), in the summers it can be found at Santa Rosa (California) for that is where the owner's winery ('Benovia Winery') is located.
Rereg'd 03Jun2009 to N8336C, again for JM Air of Phoenix,AZ. The name of the owner, Joe Anderson, does not clarify the intitials 'JM'..

I must say I like that 'Civil Air Transport' livery with its Tiger badges! It honours its career in China with CL Chennault & W Wilauer (N8336C, ex/ XT-T21) and onwards to Civil Air Transport (CAT; N1794B).
Truly a vintage prop to be proud of!

You may find Dirk Septer's write up '757 flights across the Hump' of interest.
My Deep South report has a photo & details of a Hi-Per DC-3: N62CC

And on N8336C:

I tried to find some information about the 'Hiper' conversion... Hi-Per DC-3 N8336C, by John Vogel
It seems that the Hi-Per conversion included other engines, the P&W 2000s: not sure how to interpret the above photo
FAA's website N-inquiry has it as 'DC-3A' and Engine Model: R-1830 SERIES (so no 'DC-4 engines')

I quote some information I found online, EMAIL me if you have contradictory info...
"the Hiper did have the P&W R2000 DC4/C54 engines. The DC-3 used P&W R-1830s engines."
"... is that the prop-shaft was a bit longer in the R2000 as fitted to the three's than in the standard engine so the propellor stuck out a bit more away from the cowling."
"Not necessarily the propellor shaft. The nose case on the R2000 was 'longer', hence the propellor was slightly extended."
A pilot: "Other than it being a bit nose heavy, (the R-2,000's are heavier and protrude forward a bit) the flight characteristics were no different than a standard version of the DC-3/C-47."

"The conversion from a standard DC-3 using P&W R-1830s to Hiper DC-3 sporting P&W R-2000s was engineered and performed by an outfit in Alabama called HAYES Aviation in the 1950s. The first Hiper DC-3s coming out from Hayes were owned by PANAGRA Airways N49550, N28335 and N54311 and operated mainly out of the Quito, Ecuador Int'l Airport at 9,200 ft AMSL and there was a marked improvement in engine-out operation. Avianca also ordered some of these conversions in the 1950s and little known the USAF also had several Hiper C-47 Puffin Dragons and EC-47s operating in Viet Nam. The most tell-tale characteristic was an extension of the crankshaft some 10" long."

"In addition to the R2000's it had a rudder spring tab to help with rudder forces in an engine out situation, and
the increased gross weight from 26,200 lbs to 26,900 lbs, an APU, weather radar and a one-piece heated windshield. I flew it a couple of times, it handled nicely and was about 20 kt faster than the vanilla version - 165 vs 145 kt TAS."

My Deep South report has a photo & details of a Hi-Per DC-3: N62CC.

While on the subject of DC-3s, Fred Brnes shared this 1973 photo with me.
Fred wrote: "With reference to the 'Hiper DC-3' subject Air France did operate some 'Maximised' converted aircraft in the 1960s which included undercarriage fairings. Not sure if the Air France conversion included uprated engines or any other aerodynamic changes. Remember seeing F-BEFH c/n 4635 and F-BCYD c/n 19075 on the Air France Engineering ramp at Orly on 15th September 1967 both in Air France 'Postale de la Nuit'-titles."
C-47A F-BCYV (c/n 10141) of Vargas Aviation in 1973, by Fred Barnes
C-47A F-BCYV (c/n 10141) of Vargas Aviation taken at Exeter on 1st June 1973. Photo by Fred Barnes.
It has the 'maximizer kit'-type wheeldoors, not sure if it is a full Hiper conversion with upgraded engines.

A little bit of history on this C-47A: From USAAF (42-24279) it went to Air France (F-BCYF; opf CEP/Centre d'Exploitation Postale from 28/10/48) and afterwards was operated by Fretair, Vargas Aviation and Uni-Air then
'became' J5-GAL for LIA of Guinea Bissau. And seems to be still around, status: 'stored at Bissallanca / Oswaldo
Viera' (Guinea Bissau). [Info courtesy per 7-2019; nil info on a Hiper conversion].
Air-Britain's 'DC-3, The First Seventy Years' has no information of a Hiper conversion for c/n 10141 either.

William Swirsky wrote me in April 2019: "I ran across your webpage regarding DC 3s used in aerial mapping and exploration by Aero services corp out of Philadelphia. My father, Charles Swirsky, was an airplane mechanic and worked for Aero Research Co., from about 1957 to 1961, mostly in North Africa, South America and pre war Vietnam.
Below is a photo of him at the Gibraltar in July 1960 with, I assume, one of the planes that he was a crew on.
There is a probe sticking out of this DC-3".
DC-3 N88740 at Gibraltar, 1960
More details on this C-47A and Aero Service Corp. HERE...

This was shared on Facebook as CG-OOY, the Kenting titles are obvious but the registration incorrect.
Kenting DC-3 / C-47 wreck
The damage is much different from C-FOOY on my Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the Arctic North...
I think C-47A CF-OOV (c/n 13300) might be a candidate: ( 'Destroyed (nr Frobisher Bay,NWT) 12 February 1973'.

Paul Weston visited the C-119 parked at Battle Mountain, Nevada. Through various discussions on fora, shared photographs and its construction plate I concluded this was C-119G N5216R (as was shown on the tailboom 10+
years ago), inspite of the airtanker number #137 on top: N5216R was T136 and as a confirmation that tanker
had its belly painted red to camouflage the red retardant.
Now we see, after many years in the desert sun, 'N5215R; reappearing. Which is thought to be (without much
certainty I must stress) the C-119 '06' preserved at Greybull's Museum of Flight and Aerial Firefighting...
More on the background of this discussion on my C-119 at Battle Mountain,NV
C-119 at Battle Mountain,NV: N5216R or N5215R
More photos of this visit on Paul Weston's gallery on my website

Ken Swartz shared a few Nov.2018 photos of which I share one here
Beech 18 without markings
Beech 18 (AT-11?) without markings, at Campbell River Spit SPB (30Nov2018)
I'd welcome details regarding its identity and/or ownership! EMAIL - plse state url and subject!

For Ken's gallery on my website click HERE...

This photo was forwarded to me 10Apr2019, 'A TWA Connie arrived back in front of the TWA Terminal at Idlewild today. Been a long, long time...' Such a pity these online sources quote the same misnomer: this is not a Lockheed Constellation but a Lockheed L-1649A Starliner, a further development of the Lockheed Constellation.
[Photo: unknown source]

See also my updated page of visit to Auburn,ME where this Starliner came from (from a failed Lufthansa project)

I share here one of three photos Ken Swartz sent me...
Unidentified P-3
Unidentified Lockheed P-3 at the Lockheed Martin facility at KGYH-Greenville Donaldson Field,SC (09Mar19)
Ken Swartz gallery on my website

Jason Moellinger shared this photo on Facebook, on the subject of DC-3 wrecks at Rolla Airport (Missouri).
This one got away, but Jason did not know iits tailnumber; I got that from Basler Turbo Conversions thru Facebook
DC-3 N1350A at Rolla Airport being prepared for transport to Oshkosh for Basler
DC-3 N1350A at Rolla Airport being prepared for transport to Oshkosh for Basler

Jason Moellinger wrote me: "I can tell you that this one was sitting by our hangar, not over on the old closed runway and it still had the engines on it and everything. And I know it came with a ton of parts too. We had enough spare parts from when we (Baron Aviation Services ¬assumption by Webmaster) hauled freight with them to fly it daily for the next 100 years..!

From Basler: "Hi Ruud, the N number for this aircraft is N1352A N1350A. We are actually just prepping it for conversion now." -April 2019.

Google Maps shows (april 2019) only 3 DC-3 wrecks remaining, all of them the wings attached. See also my Photos by Friends & Guests #18, when there were still for of them (besides N1350A) on the airfield.

Nigel Aylmer sent me this photo at Martinez,GA (Funsville a.k.a. Adventure Crossing); its idenity is unknown
Unidentified Beech UC-45, roadside Georgia - by Nigel Aylmer
It moved in recent years some 25 miles to here on the I-25, south of Augusta, at Taylor Bros. X-press.
More details on my Searching for Plane Identities, suggestions, more images, et cetera.

Another still from Mikey McBryan's Plane Savers series (E79) - YouTube (10 mins into the video)
Buffalo's C-FDTH reg'd C-FBAE
When Mikey treats his viewers on a tour in (socalled) Ronny's hangar, he walks past C-47A c/n 12591 we know
as C-FDTH but points out its new registration C-FBAE as "AirSpray wanted to have DTH's registration".
And indeed when I looked at Transport Canada's database it has c/n 12591 as C-FBAE since ... 2011?
Anyway, this bird has been sold to Basler Turbo Conversions and recently donated many parts to C-FDTD.

'Plane Savers', Mikey McBryan's YouTube channel is something great to follow. We're here at Red Deer.
Joe McBryan at Red Deer with DC-4 C-GBNV
This is episode 77 (march 19th), where Joe and Mikey take the viewer on a grand tour over Red Deer Airport.
Joe explains how C-GBNV (DC-4 /C-54G c/n 35988/382) was purchased in '96 at Quebec City, had it repainted
in Buffalo's green colourscheme (Joe is from Irish ancestry) and served as an airtanker from Hay River over 15
years. Now it is set up as a sprayer, to spray against budworm or oil slicks at sea, etc.

Another fine update by Ron Mak! Back in time to Greece in 1995 and 1997..
A-26 N500MR in Greece 1997 (Ron Mak copyright)
Douglas A-26B Invader N500MR (c/n 28048) in Greece 1997.
See Ron Mak's gallery (page 3) for plenty more, including news of the new owner of this warbird!

A Cessna Crane (a.k.a. Bobcat) was added to the collection of the Nanton air museum in Alberta.
Cessna Crane CF-LED at Nanton,ALB
CF-LED has reached its new home in Nanton and is hoisted off its transport that brought it here from High River.

'The Cessna AT-17 Bobcat was a twin-engined advanced trainer aircraft designed and made in the United States, and used during World War II to bridge the gap between single-engined trainers and twin-engined combat aircraft. The AT-17 was powered by two Jacobs R-755-9 radial engines.
The commercial version was the Model T-50, from which the AT-17 was developed.
In 1942, the U.S. Army Air Force (the successor to the Air Corps from June 1941) adopted the Bobcat as a light personnel transport and those delivered after 01Jan1943 were designated UC-78s.
By the end of World War II, Cessna had produced more than 4.600 Bobcats for the U.S. military, 67 of which were transferred to the United States Navy as JRC-1s.
In addition, 822 Bobcats had been produced for the Royal Canadian Air Force as Crane I's, many of which were used in the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.' [Wikipedia]

In 2007 I visited myself this fine air museum, the Nanton Lancaster Society Air Museum in Alberta province. It was renamed Bomber Command Museum of Canada in May 2010. See my 2007 report!.

I came across this photo in an exhibition in the Rijksmuseum about the development of amateur photography in the Netherlands; I copied the photo taken of a DC-3 XA-GEU.
Eva Penmink, obviously a proud owner of a Leica camera, was probably waiting for her air ride in XA-GEU.
XA-GEU (c/n 4281) was a former US Navy transport R4D-1 (C-47), carried serial BuNo.3141 in those days.
Afterwards it went to fly for Pan Am (NC21902), then to Mexicana (XA-GEU), to Aero Maya (same) and
SAESA (also XA-GEU). Unfortunately the history is incomplete: 'ultimate fate obscured'. [Source ATDB]

Douglas DC-3 (R4D-7) HK-2494 (c/n 33105/16357) of LASER Aéro (Colombia) impacted a rural dirt road
near Villavicencio under unknown circumstances. The aircraft fuselage forward of the wings was completely
destroyed by the post-impact fire. There were no survivors. Date: 09Mar2019.
Crash DC-3 HK-2494

Crash DC-3 HK-2494  (Laser Aero)
Por Aleyda Vargas Agudelo - marzo 9, 2019. 'La aeronave que cayó sobre un cultivo de palma de aceite al parecer llevaba en total 12 pasajeros. No hay sobrevivientes reportados. Foto: Tomada por aficionado'

Crash DC-3 HK-2494  (Laser Aero)

History on c/n 16357/33105:
44-76773 TC-47B - BuNo.99826 US Navy R4D-7 Clinton 21Apr45 - ATU VB-4-4 Jan46 - Whiting Jan47 - A&T Quonset Point 24Oct47 - Faetu Pac Ream Mar48 - Faetu Pac Ream San Diego May50 - ATU-10 VP Corpus Christi 13Dec50 - ATU-700 ATU-700 Corpus Christi 25Jan53 - Litchfield Park 27Jul53 - NaTechTrau Lakehurst 11May55 - Litchfield Park 03Nov59 - NaTechTrau Lakehurst 06Apr60 - TC-47K 18Sep62 - Litchfield Park 26Jul65 - ONR Austin 09Dec65 - Struck of Charge (SOC) 21Jul71 - N87611 University of Texas at Austin, reg'd 08Oct71 -
HK-2494X/E SAEPLtda 1980 to 1995 - Stored at Bogota Sep97 - Sadelca del'd 09Sep99, in service Oct. 2001.
From 'DC-3 - The First 70 Years' (Air-Britain, 2006).

Notes from my database. I have it in service with HK-2494 SAEP-Servicios Aereos Petroleros during 1995, as a freighter, before it was stored at Bogotá. Seen there at Feb.97, arrived at Villavicencio 09sep99 for SADELCA.
Seen in July 2006 active with Transportes Aereos del Ariari titles, but 2 months later seen in full SADELCA livery & titles (photos in Propliner magazine #108).
Picture in Aviation Letter Jul08 @VVC 21May08, with Aerolineas Llaneras Colombia-titles. That same year seen again with SADELCA titles, so HK-2494 was probably leased out by SADELCA for a period.
Photos in 2013 and 2015 showed HK-2494 with SADELCA-titles, but noted at Villavicencio on 08Oct15 in full livery of LASER Aéro; which was remarkable because Laser had not operted its own aircaft that past year and they seem to have started again with this DC-3. It was reg'd to Laser Aéro on 26May15.
Notes from Propliner magazine, Scramble magazine and Aviation Letter over the years.

New home for c/n 11906 ex/CF-TES, destined to become a gate guard at Greenwood,NS but instead going to Poland.
C-47 11906 returns to Poland
The Western Canada Aviation Museum had it stored for a long time on a farm near Selkirk.
In 2002, when its military history was discovered, it was transferred to 17 Wing at Winnipeg.
"... work by 17 Wing's "Ghost Squadron" who brought it back to life. They're a team of volunteers who rolled up their sleeves and dedicated countless hours to its restoration."

A publication on Facebook's page Canadian Air & Space Conservancy - CASM, text included: "RCAF and Polish community bid farewell to the 'Spirit of Ostra Brama'.
17 Wing Winnipeg hosted a departure ceremony today for the 'Spirit of Ostra Brama', a Polish DC-3 aircraft used during the Second World War to transport the General Inspector of the Polish Armed Forces, General Kazimierz Sosnkowski.
The Deputy Ambassador of Poland to Canada and other dignitaries joined the enthusiastic local Polish community in bidding farewell to the aircraft before it makes its momentous journey back to Poland.
Canada is honoured to return this historically-important aircraft to our NATO Ally and friend, Poland."

This is C-47 c/n 11906, as one can see aft on the fuselage: CF-TES | FL547.
As FL547 this Dakota III served with the RAF with No.511 Sqdn (23Jan44), 105 OTU (20Aug45), 1381 TCU (14Nov45, 22MU (30Apr46). It returned to Canadair after WW2 and was registered CF-TES for Trans Canada A/L 17Jan47.
Note- below mentioned 216 Sqdn not mentioned in Air-Britain's (above) 'DC-3 - The First Seventy Years'. Wikipedia has no mention of a specific Polish use for this squadron.

Joe Baugher has on his website (link)
"92139 (MSN 11906) to USAAF Sep 10, 1943. to RAF as Dakota III in UK FL547 Jan 23, 1944.
511 Sqdn RAF. 216 Sqdn.
Used as the personal transport for the Chief of the Polish Armed Forces Mar-Apr44, flown by a Polish crew; named ‘Spirit of Ostra Brama’ [Gate of Dawn].
105 Operational Training Unit Aug 20, 1945. 1381 Transport Conversion Unit Nov 14, 1945. 22 Maintenance Unit Apr 30,1946. Transferred to Canadair Jul 17, 1946 for conversion to civilian airline standard.
To CF-TES Trans Canada Airlines Jan 17, 1947, Fleet No "91" Jan 17, 1947, later "391". Transair Ltd Apr 13, 1963. Lambair Ltd, the Pas (Jun 1967). WFU 1970.
To Western Canada Aviation Museum, Winnipeg. Stored dismantled by 17 Wing, Canadian Armed Forces, Winnipeg, Manitoba. The wings were removed and partially scrapped 2006. Plans are to move the aircraft to Poland for restoration and display." (09Mar2019)

UPDATE: The fuselage and wings were flown by AN-124 UR-82073 10Mar19 to Wroclaw in Poland. It will become part of museum heritage display here. FL547 was flown in WW2 by an all-Polish crew under pilot Józefa Tyszko in RAF's 216 Transport Group. The C-47 carried regular RAF markings plus the Polish Air Force insignia of red and white squares behind the cockpit. And named 'Spirit of Ostra Brama'. ¬Scramble magazine #479 (april 2019)

Derrick Stamos posted photos taken during a work visit to Santo Domingo Airport (SDQ), showing (a.o.)
Lockheed C-121 Constellation HI-393 and DC-3 HH-CNE, stored for many, many years. Derelict but still surviving.
Constellation and DC-3 at Santo Domingo, stored and derelict
Planes stored at Las Américas Int'l Airport (SDQ), in Punta Caucedo (near Santo Domingo), Dominican Republic.
My pages Photos by Friends & Guests #24 and Page #43 show earlier updates and photos.

Plane Savers Episode 63 included an update, plan & purpose for C-FCQT
DC-3 C-FCQT at Saskatoon
Dennis Fisher contributed to Photos by Friends & Guests #43, with C-FCQT arriving at the Saskatoon air museum.
The history of C-FCQT (c/n 9813) is also detailed on that page of mine.

Christopher Koberg published a series of images on Facebook's Aviation Wreck etc in March 2019; he wrote:
"Photos taken July 6, 2017 at Wade (or Wade's) Salvage Inc in Atco (New Jersey). An amazing jumble of scrapped airplanes and
ground vehicles." One photo esspecially drew my attention:
DC-4 or DC-6 forward fuselage at Wades Salvage Inc., at Atco,NJ (2017)
It looks like a DC-4/6/7 to me?
Anyone with an identity of this propliner? EMAIL

See my other Plane Identity Mysteries, solved and unsolved, and HERE for more photos of Wade's Salvage.

Hector Vazquez sent me this photo, taken in 2015:
Douglas wreck at Wade Salvage, Atco,NJ (2015)

The badge seems to be of the FAA:
FAA insignia
More photos on this and other aircraft (also at Wade Salvage) on my Search for Plane Identities

Rich Hulina shared this fine winter photo on his Bush Flying Captured FB-page
Bushplanes in the snow at Selkirk,MAN
"A quick visit to Riverside Maintenance in Selkirk, Manitoba today (March 01st or 2nd, 2019-Webmaster).
All kinds of round engines present including these four Beavers, C-GPHI, C-FQQC, C-GMAM, and C-GFIQ."

I visited Selkirk myself in 2007, during the summer, and came across a number of vintage bushplanes; see my 2016 report.

See also my gallery of Rich Hulina's 'Bush Flying Captured' and how two order his Vol.1 & II of his splendid photobooks!

There seems to be two Fokker F.27s preserved in the People's Park of Yangon, Myanmar
Fokker F27s preserved at People's Park, Yangon

For more information on these two F.27's, XY-ADZ and XY-AEW, see my OFF-AIRPORT (ASIA) gallery

Last night I was catching up on Mikey McBryan's YouTube channel for Planesavers videos E34-46 (Feb. 16th).
Buffalo's 'DTD is covered in snow at St.Hubert and the 'Night-Fright' crew have finishished scavenging C-GJDM
and have gone back to the UK to work on their C-47 project for the deadline is looming.
Curtiss C-46 of Buffalo Airways
Mikey's videos begin and end with shots on Buffalo's ramp, often seeing Buffalo aircraft (or others) departing or
arriving at Yellowknife Airport. The winter conditions may cause you to shiver, with 40 C below!


Miss Montana on Planesavers
More and more people provide Mikey McBryan with video footage, about their love for vintage planes, restorations,
in particular their 'plane saving' restorations. Such as above 'Miss Montana', a participant for 'Daks over Normandy'.
See my visit to the Missoula,MT air museum including DC-3 'Miss Montana', then thought unlikeley ever to fly again!
And YES, THEY DID IT! See my 'D-DAY 75' REPORT, DAKS OVER DUXFORD - 75th anniversary of the WW2 landing at Normandy with N24320 participating in 'D-Day Squadron' crossing the pond for this historic event.

C-GJKB serving scienc at Antarctica
Not just sharing (Turbo) DC-3 material but also winter conditions, Mikey was provided with a video of Kenn Borek's
BT67 C-GJKB at Antarctica. At that time it was colder in Yellowknife than at Casey Station Skiway, a landing
strip on Antarctica serving Casey Station.

Historic film footage on Planesavers
Mikey was provided a 8mm amateur film, depicting aircraft (types?) flown by one Don (Saunders?)
during his aviation career spanning 46 years. Footage showed Curtiss C-46 CF-CZN and it could be this C-46 of
Canadian Pacific shown here loading a small aircraft (CF-HUI; someone wrote "... Louise Fillowich's Cessna going
in the 46?" - but I could fit that registration only to a Luscombe 8E, not a Cessna). great scenes with a zillion vintage plane types.

'Yukon' Cornelis came across this photo online and forwarded it to me (Feb.2019) for he couldn't
find any (online) information to it. Well, it has been mentioned on my website for many years...
DC-3 N57539 (Delta Airlines)

The history (except for its mysterious ending) is described in Air-Britain's 'The First Seventy Years' publication:
C/n 9037 ¬ '42-32811 delivered on 05Feb43 to USAAF as 42-32811 -[period of no details]- various locations (Walker, Smoky Hill, Biggs) in 1945 - RFC Bush 03Oct45 - NC57539 Hoosier Air Transport Corp. (1947) -
Delta f/n 61 28Feb49 - Charlotte Aircraft Corp - Aircaft Ferry Services Inc 30Sep59 - T.3-25 Spanish Air Force - Disappeared 02Oct1973, written off as result of the (suspected) accident.'
That last line is not a literally quote from the DC-3 book, but has to do with its disappearance and the content of a webpage of mine: The Search for Douglas DC-3 ECT-025 - Go check it out !!!

Once upon a time... there was this idea to create an aviation museum at Battle Mountain,NV. But it never worked out and
for many years the military planes stood abandoned in a compound at the site of the road, near the airport. Gradually
the aircraft disappeared to collectors or other museum initiatives that never got off the ground. This C-119 N5216R
was the last plane standing... A purchase was too complicated for the local authorities and even reputable aviation
museums were denied a purchase. There are links with the Dept. of Defense though ownership seems vague and
the 'object' has no obvious papers that could conclude a 'bill of sale' (asper recent advertisement).
C-119 N5216R at Battle Mountain, for sale yet again
This C-119 Flying Boxcar needs to move one way or another for redevelopment here.
The most recent and promising attempt was made by two guys in Alaska, who want to put the fuselage on a trailer.
More details on My visit in 2008 and Photos by Friends & Guests #53.
From the above mentioned advert:
"Incomplete, non-flyable Fixed Wing aircraft: Mfr: Fairchild, Model: C-119, SN: 10-956.
The aircraft is in a non-flyable state as it has stripped of all major components. SOLD AS IS. All sales are final and no warranty is implied or applied.
Photographs may not depict an exact representation of the item offered and should not be relied upon in place of written item description. Aircraft has NOT been maintained to FAA standards.
No data plate available. No Records for this aircraft. Bill of Sale (AC Form: 8050-2) will NOT be issued.
An acknowledgement statement must be received prior to being permitted to bid. The "Statement of Acknowledgement MUST be submitted by 3:00pm Pacific Standard Time (San Francisco Time) on February 20, 2019. Please click on the link below stating "Statement of Acknowledgement" to review and submit form by email or by fax prior to placing a bid. ***
WARNING: Successful buyer is required to complete an End Use Certificate (EUC). The removal time frame will be extended so that the "End Use Certificate" DLA form can be completed by the winning bidder and must be approved by the Department of Defense before the aircraft shall be released to the winning bidder."
Contact: Joseph Galietti
(Not reproduced in full here).

Alan Hardman wrote me on 05Apr19: "Hey, Ruud! Just a little update on the C-119 at Battle Mountain. As of 05Apr19,
the aircraft remains on site. All other previous outdoor displays are gone. Best wishes!!!"



In support of two difficult to identify DC-3s at Charlies Hostel (see my Airplane Mysteries), Ron sent this photo:
RP-C1352, RP-C1353 and RP-C1354 of C.M Aero Services at Manilla (stored); photo Ron Mak
Douglas DC-3s of C.M Aero Services stored at Manilla: RP-C1352, RP-C1353 (c/n 25571/14126) and RP-C1354
C.M Aero Services was formed by Charlie Miller in 1985 and closed shop in 2000.

Ron Mak's propliner gallery on my website: PAGE 1 | PAGE 2 | PAGE 3

Ron Mak also contributed several photos of Quito's Museo Aéronautico de Fuerza Aérea Ecuatoriana,
DC-6 HC-AVH / FAE691; photo by Ron Mak
DC-6 HC-AVH / FAE691; see page #3 of Ron Mak's gallery on my website

Ron also shared some fine photos (here's 1 of 4) of Douglas C-47B SX-ECF (c/n 33206),
seen preserved at Hellinikon Airport in 1993
DC-3 SX-ECF preserved at Athens-Hellinikon; photo by Ron Mak

Jim Monahan saw my photo of DC-3 N26MA taken at Lake Elsinore (14May2008) and drew my attention to
The Corrs video 'Breathless'. Thank you Jim, that video is certainly worth watching, not only for the DC-3!
DC3 N26MA featuring in the Corrs video, 'Breathless'
DC3 N26MA featuring in the Corrs video, 'Breathless' on YouTube.
It also flew (acted a part?) in the James 007 Bond movie, 'Quantum of Solace'.
N26MA (c/n 2169) is still current, its latest certification registry dates from 12May2017.



Macedonian Aviation
A question on my Questions & Answers page, many years ago, led to the full details of the founder of the company (Feb.2019). DC-3 G-AMPO referred to here is depicted on my DC-3 Page 3.

Notes to the above photos, by Roger Byron-Collins (his photos and files)¬
Magazine cover top left: "The first photo is of me with Prince Philip in September 1999 when I took him for a flight at RAF Northolt in my BBC Air De Havilland Dove G-HBBC. During the 1950s registered VP961 this aircraft was part of the Queen's Flight and was the aircraft Prince Philip learned to fly twins. He flew as head pilot this aircraft on 67 occassions."
Top right: "Macedonian Aviation brochure, January 1972, DH.104 Dove G-APZU at Leavesden airport."
Center: "Prince Philip talking to me in September 1999, after I took him for a flight at RAF Northolt in my BBC Air De Havilland Dove G-HBBC."
Center right: "Macedonian Aviation DH 104 Dove G-APZU and first trial flight to Oslo Fornebu in March 1972."
Bottom left: "De Havilland Dove G-HBBC landing at Compton Abbas airfield on 8 July 2004, taken by myself."
This aircraft was in the 1950's part of the Queen's Flight and the very aircraft Prince Philip learned to fly twins [on]. He flew and captained it on 67 occassions."
Bottom right: "DH.104 Dove G-APZU with myself on the right and two colleagues, when I purchased it from Lulsgate Air Services, Bristol Lulsgate in October 1971."


On 02Feb2019 Roger Byron-Collins wrote me with the following:

"I was intrigued, indeed fascinated, to read all he information on your site regarding the airline I formed at the age of 25, namely Macedonian Aviation at Southend Airport where I based my airline in 1972, until I sold out my shares to Mr Ralph Goldstraw in the summer of 1974. You asked for comments or input so I trust this missive and photos help.

I have further information that you may or indeed may not find helpful about the background and the establishment of Macedonian Aviation.
Firstly you may be interested to know why it was named Macedonian and the answer is a simple one.
It was established as a subsidiary of a residential property company that I formed in 1969 called Macedonian Securities based in Capital House Craven Road Paddington. Another company I had previously formed was called Phoenician Securities and was fund by the Bank of the Lebanon and the Middle East hence the name 'Phoenician'(Lebanon). I sold my shareholding in 1972 in Phoenician and required another company identity and thought of another ancient tribe north of Lebanon namely Macedonian (Alexander the Great) - as simple as that!

For background: I was born into aviation life as my father was RAF aircrew with 40 years service and I lived in RAF married quarters through my childhood years.
My career was focused on this military aviation background as I specialised in acquiring ex military housing leading to my direct involvement in aviation.
After leaving Bomber/Strike command my father flew Devons(Doves) and Pembrokes and one of his last postings was RAF Notholt when he regularly flew Harold Wilson whilst he was Prime Minister. As a result I was most interested in former RAF Devons/Doves and DC3 Dakatos and here is some information about my history in this sector.

Whilst living with my parents at RAF Northolt I wished to obtain a PPL. When I was just 17 years old I started a course at nearby Denham airfield Uxbridge. I soon realised that it was only for professionals as I nearly had a nasty accident on landing.
However I continued my aviation interest and purchased my first Dove 6, G-APZU c/n 04511, at the ripe old age of 24, from Lulsgate Aviation Services of Bristol airport.
Initially I leased it to McAlpine Aviation at Luton and it was placed on their Air Operator's Certificate for ad hoc charter work. A couple of my earliest contracts were in the late autumn of 1972 when we ferried Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five on their UK tour followed by Donny Osmond and the Osmonds.
Shortly afterwards I was approached by Harry Chang, a pilot of the then recently collapsed 'troop carrier' airline, Lloyds International, who had available two contracts with Conoco and The Ford Motor Company.
The first was to move offshore oil rig workers around North Sea ports and the second to convey spare parts for the recently introduced Ford Capri between Dagenham and Dusseldorf.
With these contracts I secured a bank loan and formed Macedonian Aviation and immediately established our first base at Southend airport, making Harry Chang my Chief Pilot.
In 1972 I went before the Civil Aviation Committee to obtain our own AOC and the CAA chairman at the time was Lord Boyd-Carpenter. When the AOC was granted he passed comment that "Mr Collins at only 26 years of age must be one of the youngest persons in British aviation history to be awarded with an AOC".

Dove G-APZU was relocated to Southend and I then purchased the 'workhorse' of BAE Filton, a Dakota DC-3
G-AMPO cn 33186, in 30 seat configuration which was used to fly the engineers working on Concorde production between Bristol, Filton and Toulouse.
Dove G-APZU went into service for passenger charters from Luton and Southend in the October with several flights to Hamburg, Copenhagen and Oslo. G-AMPO was put through a pre-service check with Dan Air at Lasham and resprayed at Eagle Air Services at Leavesden, as was the Dove.

DC-3 G-AMPO; copyright Ron Mak
Ron Mak photographed DC-3 G-AMPO in 1973 at Southend; Ron Mak has an extensive series of photo on my website

The Dakota crew underwent training with Dan Air at Lasham and it paid many visits to Gatwick and Southend during this period. However in September 1972 G-AMPO undertook a very eventful trip...
My business partner married an Indian diplomat's daughter at the Anglican Church in Beirut, Lebanon and a wedding party of 30 guests flew out on an MEA scheduled flight from Heathrow. The day after the wedding Palestinian terrorists murdered Israeli athletes at the Olympic games in Munich. The Israelis retaliated by attacking and besieging Beirut Airport which was closed and there were no scheduled flights to get the guests out of Lebanon!
I telephoned my pilot Harry Chang who said he would take the Dakota from Gatwick to extract the party.
Harry Chang knew Beirut airport well and advised the guests to remain on the beach by the airport which he would overfly and once he had landed to run to the aircraft and they could embark.
Some 12 hours later after refueling at Genoa and Brindisi, G-AMPO landed at Beirut airport escorted by Israeli military aircraft. The entire 30 wedding guests climbed over the perimeter fence and sprinted for the aircraft which did not shut down and it took off again within minutes for Nicosia Cyprus with the Israeli escort.
The wedding party and reception continued their celebrations at The Dome Hotel in Kyrenia (before the island was divided). The wedding guests returned to the UK with Cyprus Airways and the crew and I returned in the Dakota 2 days later to Gatwick via Genoa.
Painting by John Young of DC-3 G-AMPO
Painting by renowned aviation artist John Young; Roger wrote: " G-AMPO depicted while fleeing Beirut, en route to
Nicosia (Cyprus) on 10Sep1972, after the Israels bombed Beirut airport following the massacre of the Israeli athletes
at the Munich Olympics. It rescued me and 30 British people who were attending a wedding in Beirut.
The aircraft was escorted out of Lebanese airspace by two Israeli fighters."

Later in September 1972, after completion of crew training G-AMPO returned to Southend to commence operations. On November 5th it took its first paying passengers to Amsterdam.
The Dove G-APZU finally arrived at Southend on November 24th. Over the winter season the Dove operated a multitude of charter fights to Belgium, France, Germany and Holland. Finally the Dove G-APZU was sold to Shackleton Aviation in February 1973.
By the spring 1973 G-AMPO was busy flying almost daily to Jersey, Ostend, Brussels and Saarbrucken.
On May 3rd 1973 it flew a service to Groningen - Bergen - Birmingham - Brussels - Southend. By the summer that year the Dakota was working flat out on regular flights between Coventry - Jersey, Birmingham - Cologne, Southend - Castle Donnington - Stornoway. It also undertook many flights for Intra Airways. In November and December it was flying to Brussels, Calais, Cologne, Coventry Exeter, Geneva, Glasgow, Lisbon, Malta, Marseilles, Newcastle and Saarbrucken. During these months it was carrying various car components for the Ford Motor Company and transferring gold bullion for the UK Treasury to and from Germany, Belgium and France.
In December 1973 Macedonian commenced oil rig support business for the first time and as a result the Dakota was then relocated to Aberdeen in connection with this contract.
With this massive increase in work load, Macedonian looked for more DC-3s to buy and in March 1974 they purchased from Jersey, British Island Airway's last 3 Dakotas.
The first 2 aircraft, G-AMHJ c/n 13468 and G-AMRA c/n 26735, arrived at Southend March 8th 1974.
They were in a convertible cargo/passenger configuration and were moved to Aberdeen on April 27th 1974 for transportation of crews and equipment to Sumburgh on the Shetland Islands.
Dakota G-AMPO arrived in Aberdeen also in April, but was moved back to Southend that spring for services to Amsterdam, Belfast, Gibraltar, Hamburg, Hurn, Heathrow, Le Havre, Lisbon, Ostend, Rotterdam, Saarbrucken and Teeside.
Then in September the third ex BIA DC-3, G-AMSV c/n 32830, arrived at Southend.
In April 1974 Macedonian Aviation acquired the former Dutch Limburg Airlines route from Rotterdam to Le Havre replacing their Fokker Friendships with Dakotas.

Then during summer of 1974 I was hearing that the oil companies were going to insist on turboprop operations so he [sic] opened negotiations to acquire 3 Aer Lingus Viscounts and 6 Air Canada Viscounts or 3 Eastern Provincial Heralds.
These negotiations were not successful and having appraised the cost of running a turboprop operation, which I was sure would not be profitable, I sold the entire Macedonian Aviation as a going concern.
On November 6th 1974 all the aircraft returned to Southend and the new owners were unable to raise finance to support turboprop operations by the end of the year, they ceased all flying.
The aircraft went to Humber Airways, followed by Eastern Airways, who operated the Heathrow - Norwich - Humberside scheduled service."

History of Macedonian Aviation (1972-1974) by (Feb.2019)
Note: 'in reference to G-AMPZ 'leased from FlyBE', depicts the current name of what was then
probably known as Intra Airways (1969-1979), which went on to become Jersey European Airways (1979-
2000) and British European (2000-2002) and currently FlyBE (2000-). Period of lease is not defined.

Roger continues:
"I went without another aircraft until 1995, until I acquired my second Devon/Dove VP961, G-HBBC c/n 04211, constructed at Hawarden in 1948 and was the former personal aircraft of HRH Prince Philip in which he learnt to fly twins whilst with the Royal Flight.
HRH piloted this aircraft on 67 flights and I reintroduced it to him at RAF Northolt in 1998 and he commented on such a wonderful restoration and brought him many happy memories.
As a back up for its operations, I purchased an ex/ RNAS Sea Devon XK896, G-RNAS c/n 04473, built 1956 originally at HMS Heron RNAS Yeovilton.
Both Doves were based at Bristol Filton until 2002, when I relocated G-HBBC to Compton Abbas.
G-RNAS was stolen (!) from Filton and ended up in a quarry at Chepstow being used by a diving club... Pic
In 2001 I also acquired four Cessna 150 and 172s, which were leased to Compton Abbas airfield for flying training.

In conclusion, for almost the past 40 years [I] specialised in the purchase of former UK military property, mainly Married Quarters, but also a couple of ex RAF airfields and the former Bomber/Strike Command HQ, Bawtry Hall.
I am an RAF Brat and the CEO of the Welbeck Estate Securities Group, preceded by First State Holdings; the specialty has always been the the preservation and retention of former MOD properties which has been my stated aim since I bought my first military site at RAF Faldingworth near Lincoln in 1979.
If you visit our website: there is a wealth of information on aviation as well as military (RAF) bases we have owned over the years."

Med vennlig hilsen / Kind regards
Roger Byron-Collins FIIV

deHavilland DH.104 DOVE 8, G-HBBC c/n 04211: '14 May 2010 To Roger Charles Gawn, Trustee of:, Melton Hall, Melton Park, Melton Constable with c/r G-HBBC (DH104 DOVE 8, 04211).' Apparently still based at Compton Abbas, Dorset.'
For more:
deHavilland Dove 5, G-APZU c/n 04511: little seems to be known of its fate beyond 1973 (Shackleton Aviation), Reg Cancel Date: 1989-04-14 []. Found a 1975 photo on in Severn Airways livery. Described as De Havilland DH.104 Dove 6, G-APZU is found on pic'd 'Date Taken: 23/04/1983' & 'wfu at Exeter 3/4/89 and registration cancelled by CAA 14/4/89.' And former operator stated as RSA Parachute Club.

A few more details on my Photos by Friends & Guests #57 on Macedonian Aviation



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